Volume XII 1959

No. 1 January 7

Lead Article: The Birth Of A Movement
Review: Emissaries Of Distrust
Commentary: Man Of The Future?
Children...And Ourselves: Correspondence And Notes
Frontiers: Alone In The Lonely Crowd

No. 2 January 14

Lead Article: The Fuel And The Flame
Review: Active "Pacifism"
Commentary: The Educational Dilemma
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Repercussions

No. 3 January 21

Lead Article: The Return Of The Moralist
Review: "Americanism" And Russia
Commentary: More Impudent Than Sputnik!
Children...And Ourselves: The Heart Is The Teacher
Frontiers: The Anachronistic Agnostic

No. 4 January 28

Lead Article: What Are We Arguing About?
Review: Reflections On Individuality
Commentary: When Silence Is "News"
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Changing Attitudes

No. 5 February 4

Lead Article: Choose Your Wilderness
Review: Koestler On Kepler
Commentary: Reading Notes
Children...And Ourselves: More On Religion In The
Frontiers: A Visual Novel

No. 6 February 11

Lead Article: Where Is The Enemy?
Review: The Violated
Commentary: The Tolstoyan Imperative
Children...And Ourselves: Religion Without Dogma
Frontiers: What Price Christianity?

No. 7 February 18

Lead Article: The Decline Of The Hero
Review: Third East-West Conference
Commentary: When You Reflect
Children...And Ourselves: So Big – Too Big?
Frontiers: The Twilight Area

No. 8 February 25

Lead Article: The Middle Path
Review: "Religion Without Revelation"
Commentary: Mr. Segovia's Guitar
Children...And Ourselves: News And Notes
Frontiers: A Fond Farewell

No. 9 March 4

Lead Article: What Is Virtue?
Review: Scientists And Moral Decision
Commentary: The Issue Behind War
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Notes On Transitions

No. 10 March 11

Lead Article: Quest For Identity
Letter From England
Review: Attitudes Toward Life
Commentary: Latin American Quest
Children...And Ourselves: "What Is A True University?"
Frontiers: "The Responsibility Of Peoples"

No. 11 March 18

Lead Article: The Missing Questions
Letter From Galilee
Review: Do It Yourself Therapy
Commentary: Maverick Philosophers
Children...And Ourselves: The Gospel Of Nature
Frontiers: Comparisons Of East And West

No. 12 March 25

Lead Article: The Haters Of Metaphysics
Review: "Sutras" Of A Physicist
Commentary: A Failure In Purpose
Children...And Ourselves: "Is Democracy Possible?"
Frontiers: Our Homeopathic Charms

No. 13 April 1

Lead Article: The Illumination Of Values
Review: The Progress Of Mr. Eaton
Commentary: A Tolstoyan Principle
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Luther Versus Erasmus

No. 14 April 8

Lead Article: Perplexed Pioneers
Review: Some Tough Mystics
Commentary: On "Roots Of Heaven"
Children...And Ourselves: Correspondence And Notes
Frontiers: The Vulnerable And The Invulnerable

No. 15 April 15

Lead Article: Halves Into Wholes
Review: The Golden Horde
Commentary: Some Parallels
Children...And Ourselves: Civics Lesson
Frontiers: Two Varieties Of Non-Conformity

No. 16 April 22

Lead Article: Bottled And Other Immunities
Review: Moralisms – Good Grade
Commentary: Honoring The Dead
Children...And Ourselves: Federal Control Of Education?
Frontiers: Politics And Social Change

No. 17 April 29

Lead Article: The Chains Of Prometheus
Review: Christian Self Criticism
Commentary: New Temper In Religion
Children...And Ourselves: Notes And Quotations
Frontiers: "Good And Straightforward" War

No. 18 May 6

Lead Article: Resources For Social Change
Letter From Africa
Review: "Religious Overtones In Psychoanalysis"
Commentary: The Unchanging Oppressions
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Whose Honor, What Duty?

No. 19 May 13

Lead Article: Coming Of Age In The West
Review: A Box Of Matches
Commentary: Testament Of Courage
Children...And Ourselves: New College Information
Frontiers: Myth And History

No. 20 May 20

Lead Article: The Empty Forum
Letter From Belgrade
Review: Huxley For Discussion
Commentary: If You Live In California
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: The Work Is Not Easy

No. 21 May 27

Lead Article: Perceiving What Is There
Letter From Spain
Review: The Mindless Mood
Commentary: No Stereotype Here
Children...And Ourselves: Stories
Frontiers: The Morality Of Fun

No. 22 June 3

Lead Article: Shaken Allegiances
Review: Social Science Report
Commentary: Rebirth Of An Idea
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Cultural Criticism

No. 23 June 10

Lead Article: What Is Good For Man
Review: Intelligent "Anti-Communism"
Commentary: "Balance Of Power"
Children...And Ourselves: Notes And Quotations
Frontiers: Ordeal Of War

No. 24 June 17

Lead Article: The Good Versus The Good
Review: "The Great Car Fight"
Commentary: Limbo Of The Present
Children...And Ourselves: The College Teacher
Frontiers: South African Dilemmas

No. 25 June 24

Lead Article: The Noncomplacent Minorities
Review: An Issue Of Dissent
Commentary: Asking Too Much
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: "He," "She," Or "It"?

No. 26 July 1

Lead Article: Twentieth-Century Schisms
Review: One Of The Reluctant Great
Commentary: "The Difficulty Of Believing"
Children...And Ourselves: Perilous Adventures
Frontiers: The Disappearing "Wilderness"

No. 27 July 8

Lead Article: The Non-Sectarians
Letter From South Africa
Review: "Mechanical" Status
Commentary: One Clear Issue
Children...And Ourselves: Youth And The Neutralized
Frontiers: Some Queries On Christianity

No. 28 July 15

Lead Article: Religion And History
Letter From England
Review: "Old Army Fades Away"
Commentary: The Decline Of Moral Experience
Children...And Ourselves: Two Generations In College
Frontiers: Commonplace Of Our Age

No. 29 July 22

Lead Article: The Human Situation
Review: Science And Theology
Commentary: Two Kinds Of Filters
Children...And Ourselves: The Story Of St. John's College
Frontiers: Tv Labyrinth

No. 30 July 29

Lead Article: Metaphysics – Second Attempt
Letter From Beirut
Review: Thomas Paine – Philosopher
Commentary: Criticism In Religion
Children...And Ourselves: The Best Of Beatness
Frontiers: Perspectives On Healing

No. 31 August 5

Lead Article: To Whom It May Concern
Review: Pearl Buck And The Atom Age
Commentary: Spain – "Free" And Unfree
Children...And Ourselves: "The Fund" On Religion In The
Frontiers: A Spanish Writer Rots In Jail

No. 32 August 12

Lead Article: Time Of Longing
Letter From Geneva
Review: Religion – Science
Commentary: Reflections On Change
Children...And Ourselves: The Unsilent World
Frontiers: Heresy Hunt At Stanford

No. 33 August 19

Lead Article: Crossroads For Democracy
Review: Paperback Break-Through
Commentary: Two Moralities
Children...And Ourselves: Unnecessary Fears
Frontiers: LambarČnČ Revisited

No. 34 August 26

Lead Article: Some Editorial Wonderings
Review: "Science-Fiction" Metaphysics
Commentary: The Pessimism We Can Ignore
Letter From South Africa
Children...And Ourselves: The Quakers Are Still Busy
Frontiers: Reformers: Go Home

No. 35 September 2

Lead Article: No Issue
Review: Science Invades The "Occult"
Commentary: The Good In Eclipse
Children...And Ourselves: Good-Bye To Blue Yonder?
Frontiers: The World They Never Made

No. 36 September 9

Lead Article: Direct Encounter
Review: Search For An American Mystique?
Commentary: What Is The Issue?
Children...And Ourselves: Challenge From Russia?
Frontiers: Miscellany

No. 37 September 16

Lead Article: The Day The World Split
Review: J. Jones, The Pacifist?
Commentary: What Happened In Kerala
Letter From Pakistan
Children...And Ourselves: Child And Cosmos
Frontiers: The New People?

No. 38 September 23

Lead Article: The Sea Of Samsara
Review: Imprint Of Gandhian Non Violence
Commentary: Light From The East
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Life's Religion

No. 39 September 30

Lead Article: The Political Person
Letter From India
Review: Philosophy And Psychic Phenomena
Commentary: Second Thoughts
Children...And Ourselves: Can Morality Be Unethical?
Frontiers: A Question Of Assumptions

No. 40 October 7

Lead Article: An Open Question
Review: Judge – Judge Not
Commentary: For A "Mythology Of Adulthood"
Children...And Ourselves: Information And Issues
Frontiers: Hazards – Random Sampling

No. 41 October 14

Lead Article: The Sense In The Universe
Review: "Pride Of State"
Commentary: Barbershop Blues
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On Creativity
Frontiers: The Trap Of Abstractions

No. 42 October 21

Lead Article: What Have We Done?
Review: Tenacious Ghosts Of Colonialism
Commentary: To What Do We Belong?
Children...And Ourselves: A Letter On Beatness
Frontiers: The Soul's "Enormous Claim"

No. 43 October 28

Lead Article: The Trees, Not The Forest
Letter From England
Review: "Mirage Of Health"
Commentary: Economics Of Armaments
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: A Question Of Vigilance

No. 44 November 4

Lead Article: The Lens Of Reality
Review: The Dynamics Of Education
Commentary: Radio News
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Social Vistas

No. 45 November 11

Lead Article: The Search For Roots
Review: Notes On Zen
Commentary: Fact And Value In The Arts
Children...And Ourselves: Sports – The Sublime And The
Frontiers: The Artist's Responsibility

No. 46 November 18

Lead Article: The Fundamental "Something"
Review: "From Death-Camp To Existentialism"
Commentary: The New Humanism
Children...And Ourselves: Let Them Face It
Frontiers: The Two Sides Of Freedom

No. 47 November 25

Lead Article: How Far Back Shall We Go?
Review: Cosmopolitan Novel
Commentary: Corporate Utterance
Children...And Ourselves: Letters And Comment
Frontiers: The Scope Of Science

No. 48 December 2

Lead Article: The Meaning Of Freedom
Review: Let's Always Have An England
Commentary: Freedom For What?
Children...And Ourselves: "Metaphilosophy" And
Frontiers: Yogurt, Black Strap Molasses, And All That

No. 49 December 9

Lead Article: Always Wear A Suit And Tie
Review: Organized But Unrelated
Commentary: ''Who Am I?"
Children...And Ourselves: Discipline Vs. Adjustment
Frontiers: The Work Of Novelists

No. 50 December 16

Lead Article: Encircling Gloom
Review: "Human Nature And The Human Situation"
Commentary: Foods And Drugs
Children...And Ourselves: The "Beatness" Of Walt
Frontiers: No More Miracles

No. 51 December 23

Lead Article: The Roots Of Value
Review: Readings On "Freedom"
Commentary: In Lieu Of. . .
Children...And Ourselves: The Challenges Of Deprivation
Frontiers: An Evening With Arlo Tatum

No. 52 December 30

Lead Article: Thinking About Freedom
Review: "The Voyage Of The Golden Rule"
Commentary: "Self-Actualizing Creativeness"
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Narrow Is The Gate