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Rabbit Redux - John Updike

XXIV-52 Comments of reviewer on quoted in Lead, "The Roots of Literature"


XXVIII-40 His Gargantua and Pantagruel quoted from Dobos' Beast or Angel in Review, "'Scholarly' Resources"

Rabi, I. I. (Professor of Physics, Columbia University)

IX-4 His lecture "Science and the Humanities" quoted in Lead, "Philosophy of Man"

Rabinowitch, Eugene (Editor, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

IX-21 Quoted in Lead, "History and Science" from Symposium on "Science and the Affairs of Men"

IX-44 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Way the Wind Blows"

IX-45 Quoted Bulletin in Lead, "A Revolution in Power?"

XI-12 Quoted from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Jan. issue, from "New Years Thoughts" in Frontiers, "Nobody Knows How to Stop a War"; also quoted from Bulletin, June 1956 issue, in which he points out that the technological advances of the US are about to be lost, in same Frontiers

XXII-5 His review article on Andrei Sakharov quoted from Nov. Bulletin in Review, "The Sakharov Manifesto"

Rabow, Jerome

XIX-24 Quoted (with LaMar T. Empey) from Oct. 1961 American Sociological Review in Frontiers, "Modeling for Social Good"

Racoon John Smith - Louis Cochran (Meredith Press and Popular Library)

XXIV-8 Mentioned in Review, "Notes on Americana"

Race and Religion

V-16 Lead

Race and the American Romantics - edited by Vincent Freimarck and Bernard Rosenthal (Schocken, 1971, $12.50)

XXV-13 Quoted in re thinking of Emerson and Thoreau in Review, "The Great Moral Dilemma"

XXV-50 Quoted in Review, "Art and Politics"

"Race" Novels

V-9 Review

Race Prejudice as Self Rejection

XI-12 Review - Laurens Van Der Post's Workshop for Cultural Democracy address, Dec. 1956

Race Rock - Peter Matthiessen

XXI-48 Quoted in Review, "Some Current History"

Race to Oblivion - Herbert F. York

XXIII-38 W. K. H. Panofsky's review of quoted, July 31 Science in Lead, "The Shadow of the Virtues"

Race that Never Ran, The

VI-51 Frontiers

Races of Man, The

XIX-48 Lead

Racial Myth in English History - Hugh A. MacDougall (Harvest House, Montreal, Canada)

XXXVII-7 Reviewed, quoted in "Truth in Myth"

Racial and Cultural Mysteries

II-18 Lead

Racing Alone - Nader Khalili (Harper & Row, 1983)

XXXVI-38 Quoted in Children, "Some Unknown Sense"

XXXVI-45 Reviewed and quoted in "Geltaftan"

XXXVI-52 Quoted in Lead, "The Men and the Boys"

XXXVII-4 Quoted re his days as an undergraduate student in Children, "Sources of Modernism"

XXXVII-6 Quoted in Lead, "Unbinding Observances"

Racionero, Luis

XXVIII-22 His article in Sept. 1974 Ajoblanco reprinted as Frontiers, "What Time Is It?"

Racism's Slow Retreat

V-48 Review-South of Freedom, Carl Thomas Rowan

Racist Delusions

II-34 Frontiers

Rack, The (television drama)

VIII-22 Subject of Frontiers-how to treat POW who turned to the enemy

Rackham, Arthur

XXVI-9 Quoted from Margery Darrell's essay at beginning of Once Upon a Time-The Fairy Tale World of Arthur Rackham, in Children, "Rackham Forever"

Radcliffe, Charles

XVI-32 Quoted from May Anarchy in Children, "Notes from the Radicals"

Radcliffe Quarterly

XXV-7 Emily Townsend Vermeule quoted, Dec. 1971 issue, in Frontiers, "Two Extremes"

XXV-8 Emily Townsend Vermeule quoted from Dec. 1971 issue, in Lead, "Who is Responsible for Education?"

Radest, Howard B. (Director of American Humanist Union)

XVIII-40 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Human Presence"

Radhakrishnan, Dr. Sarvepalli

I-5 Occupies Spaulding Chair of Eastern Philosophy at Oxford-"Books on India," Review; has published Indian Philosophy and Religion and Society (essays), Oct. 1922 article International Journal of Ethics

Radhakrishnan, Dr. Sarvepalli-(Continued)

I-30 Quoted his Eastern Religions and Western Thought in Pythagoras article

I-40 Mentioned in "India in Transition"

II-40 Review of his version of the Gita

II-44 Subject of Editorial, "A Mature Statesman"-reference to his Gita and Indian Philosophy

III-4 Reference to in Frontiers, "Partisan Journalism"

III-41 Briefly quoted in Letter from England re free man of spirit

IV-47 Reference to Progressive interview, and quoted from on India in Frontiers, "The Philosophic Temper"

VI-16 Quoted in Review, "Harijan, 1953"

VI-19 Quoted re Gita in Frontiers, "Commentaries on The Bhagavad-Gita"

VI-43 Quoted from Canadian broadcast in Lead, "Mind in Search of a Purpose"

VII-2 Quoted extensively in Lead, "We Are All Very Much Alike"

VII-22 Reference to in Frontiers, "Warning from Berlin"

VII-24 Reference to frequently in Lead, "Problems of Peace Making"

VII-33 Quoted in "The Arts of Peace" from address to All-India Writers' Conference

VII-34 Quoted in Lead, "India's Great Project"

VII-37 Quoted in Editorial, "Two Views of Fear"

VIII-32 Quoted from Indian Philosophy in Lead, "The Theory of Caste-A Criticism"

IX-7 His Recovery of Faith reviewed, "Highly Recommended"

IX-14 Quoted from The Legacy of India in Frontiers, "A 'Spiritual' Problem"

IX-41 Quoted in Children (Rishi Valley contributor)

XI-22 Reference to Christian failure to heed biblican condemnation of violence in Review, "Hymns and Hypocrisies"

XI-23 Brief reference to his views on religion in Editorial, "Religion or Neurosis?"

XI-26 Discussed along with his book East and West in Review, "A Philosopher Statesman"

XI-36 His book History of Indian Philosophy discussed in Frontiers, "The Record of Buddhism"

XII-7 Review, "Third East West Conference" gives attention to his A Source Book in Indian Philosophy (edited by Dr. Charles Moore and Dr. Radhakrishnan)

XIII-26 Quoted from Asian Culture in Frontiers, "East-West Philosopher's Conference"

XIII-27 Quoted from June 29, 1960 Frontiers in Lead, "The Little Foxes"

XIII-50 His notes on his The Principal Upanishads quoted from in Frontiers, "The Unity in All Things"

XIV-45 His The Hindu View of Life quoted in Frontiers, "Thoughts on Religion"

Radhakrishnan, Dr. Sarvepalli-(Continued)

XIV-47 The Hindu View of Life quoted in Review, "The Sociology of Zen"

XVIII-2 Quoted from Dr. Samartha's Introduction to Radhakrishnan in Review, "A Philosopher- Statesman and His Work"

XIX-49 His essay from The Philosophy of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, text of Lead, "The Religion of Spirit"

XXV-12 Some Comparisons"

XXV-16 Quoted from his Eastern Religions and Western Thought in Frontiers, "Eastern Philosophic Themes"; also his East and West, on hymn from Rig Veda

XXV-52 A Brief Exploration"

XVI-14 Wrote Frontiers, "Peace Walk-India to China"

XXVI-26-35 Letter from quoted in Frontiers, "Gandhi's Views"

XXVII-11 Quoted in Lead, "Education for Peace"

XXVII-22 Quoted from The Principal Upanishads in Editorial, "The Upanishads"

XXXIV-12 Quoted from his Gautama the Buddha in Review, "Religion of Tomorrow," and in Editorial, "The Buddha's Teaching" from Indian Philosophy

XXXVI-13 Quoted re Upanishads in Lead, "The Nectar of Eternity"

XXXVI-19 Brief discussion of and quote from East and West in Review, "A Buddhist Anthology"

XXXVIII-6 Quoted passage from Eastern Religions which influenced Schumacher (crisis in human consciousness) in Lead, "Economist of Transcendence"

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Souvenir Volume

XVIII-5 Blodwen Davies' biographical essay on Richard Maurice Bucke from above quoted in Review, "Two Pioneers"

Radiation and Motivation

XIII-4 Frontiers

Radiation's Deadly Work

XXXV-1 Chapter in Primer on Nuclear Power quoted in Frontiers, "Things We Need to Know"

Radical Agriculture - edited by Richard Merrill (Harper & Row, $6.95)

XXIX-47 Richard Merrill, Murray Bookchin, John Todd, quoted from in Review, "Ecological Recolonization"

"Radical" Banker

VII-11 Editorial-Marriner Eccles

Radical Criticism

XXI-7 Editorial

Radical Humanist (Indian weekly published in Calcutta)

X-31 Editorial commented from in Lead, "Unpopular Questions" in answer to reader who contends that Prof. Arnold Toynbee is right in insisting that "democracy presupposes a religious belief"

Radical Man - Charles Hampden-Turner (Schenkman, Cambridge, Mass.)

XXIII-24 Quoted in Frontiers, "Note on Contemporary Criticism"

Radical "No," The - Evan Thomas (letters and writings of, edited by Charles Chatfield; published by Garland Library of Peace and War)

XXX-42 Quoted in Lead, "The Processes of Change"

XXX-43 Reviewed in "A Kind of Thinking"

Radical Perspectives on Social Problems - Frank Lindenfeld (collection of "readings in critical sociology, Macmillan, paper $4.50)

XXI-46 Abraham Maslow, John Horton, Frank Lindenfeld (editor) quoted in Review, "A Sociology of Value"

"Radical" Psychiatrists

VII-46 Review (Psychiatry)

Radical School Reform -- edited by Ronald and Beatrice Gross (Simon and Schuster)

XXIII-16 Harold Taylor's review of quoted from Feb. 8 N.Y. Times and Book Review in Children, "Basic and Necessary"

XXIII-51 Joseph Featherstone article in New Republic quoted from in Children, "The Infant Schools"

XXVI-25 Joseph Featherstone quoted in Children, "Solving Non-Problems"

XXX-14 Joseph Featherstone quoted from in Children, "Much Ado About Reading"

Radical Teacher

XXXI-20 Account of Frank Adams' cobbler shop as educational center, quoted from July 1977 issue, in Frontiers, "The Progressive South"

Radical Technology - Godfrey Boyle and Peter Harper, eds. (Random House)

XXXV-1 Review, "Worth the Price"

Radicals and Doctors

XIII-49 Lead


II-31 "Worth-While Radio"-Editorial about KPFA in Berkeley

Radio and Education, The

I-22 Editorial

Radio News

XII-44 Editorial

Radosh, Ronald

XXVII-12 The Shaping of American Working-Class Consciousness quoted from Feb. 2 Nation in Lead, "Questions About Revolution"

Rae, John

XVI-14 His pamphlet, "Children and the Myths of War" quoted in Children

Raebeck, Charles (Adelphi University)

XVIII-12 Wrote Lead, "Education in a World of Revolution"

Rafferty, Max (California Superintendent of Schools)

XVII-45 Quoted June 29 L.A. Times in Children, "Education and Religion"

Rage of the Soul - Vincent Sheean

V-33 Reviewed-"The Soul and Mrs. Sheean"

Rage on the Bar - Geoffrey Wagner

XII-38 Quoted in Review, "Imprint of Gandhian Non-Violence"

XII-42 Quoted in Review, "Tenacious Ghosts of Colonialism"

Raging Tide - Ernest Gann

V-14 Discussed in Children

Ragland, William White

XXX-2 Story of his school subject of Children, "Obedience to the Unenforceable"

Raid on the Reservations, The

IX-11 Frontiers, Harper's article by Dorothy Van der Mark quoted in "Imperialism at Home"

Raimi, Prof. Ralph A.

XIX-26 Briefly quoted from May Harper's in Children, "Who's Cheating Whom?"

Rain - Somerset Maugham

IX-32 Discussed in Editorial, "High Virtue in Low Places"

Rain (2270 NW Irving, Portland, OR 97210)

XXIX-43 Nancy Lee's account of Bridgehouse Voluntary School of Homesteading Arts quoted from May issue in Children, "Gift of the World"

XXX-12 Kurt Buetow subject of article in Dec. 1976 issue, quoted in Children, "Schools for Tomorrow"

XXX-14 Quoted Jan. issue in Review, "Getting to Know Better"

XXX-14 Editor's announcement; second part of Schumacher article; letter from Kirkpatrick; all quoted from Jan. issue, in Frontiers, "Another New Publisher"

XXX-40 Tom Bender quoted on electricity from May 1977 issue in Frontiers, "Until We Do"

XXX-52 Ken Bossong quoted, Oct. issue, in Frontiers, "Some Pioneers; also quoted, Francis Lappé

XXXI-8 Sim Van der Ryn quoted Nov. 1977 issue in Frontiers, "The Drift and a Vision"

XXXI-10 Lee Johnson quoted, Dec. 1977 issue in Frontiers, "Professional Independence"

XXXI-24 Tom Bender review of Food First quoted, Feb/ Mar issue, in Lead, "An Old-Fashioned Virtue"

XXXI-37 Wendell Berry's The Unsettling of America quoted from June 1978 issue in Frontiers, "On Getting Things Done"

XXXII-1 Lee Johnson's article "Stepping Stones" quoted in Lead, "Various Warnings"

XXXII-12 Quoted Karl Hess in Frontiers, "Good Things Happening"

XXXII-13 Karl Hell quoted, Nov. 1978 issue in Lead, "The Great Modern Superstition"

XXXII-17 Tom Bender's analysis of oppressive conditions quoted from Dec. 1978 issue, in Frontiers, "Resettling America"

XXXII-25 Fred Lorish quoted, Nov. 1978 issue, in Children, "Good Odds, Bad Ends"

XXXII-42 Tom Bender quoted, July issue, in Frontiers, "The Underlying, Unchanging Themes"


XXXII-47 Quoted from Steven Ames, July 1978 issue, in Children, Working with Neighbors"

XXXIII-7 Quoted from Bender's review of The Price of Defense in Frontiers, "Various Signs" (Nov. 1979 issue)

XXXIII-8 Quoted in Editorial, "Goodbye to All That" Dec. 1979 article by Lloyd Kahn

XXXIII-24 Quoted April 1980 issue from Dave McFadden article on draft and from "Open Letter to the Ecological Movement" by Murray Bookchin in Frontiers, "The Long and the Wrong Way Home"; also mentioned in Editorial, ". . .If You Give Them Time"

XXXIII-43 Quoted letter from Murray Bookchin, April 1980 issue, in Lead, "Nowhere on Earth"

XXXIII-45 May 1980 "Arts Issue" quoted book by Robert Joyce, The Esthetic Animal used in Review, "A Subjective Revolutionary"

XXXIV-2 Quoted Oct. 1980 review of Andre Gorz's Ecology as Politics in Children, "In the Magazines" by Mark Roseland

XXXIV-6 Nov. 1980 issue; quoted Karl Hess re human attitudes in U.S. in Frontiers, "A Whole Life of Self-Education"

XXXIV-23 March 1981, quoted John Ferrell, on smallscale industry in Taishan (So. China) in Frontiers, "Visits to the Far East"

XXXIV-37 Quoted "Recycling Ghettos" interview with Wendy Johns and Walter Pierce in June 1981 issue in Frontiers, "A Cosmic Principle"

XXXIV-48 Quoted Richard Merrill, Jan. 1981, in Frontiers, "Intentions and Sense" re agriculture

XXXV-15 Quoted Jan. 1982 issue, Joel Schatz's "Imagine Peace" in Frontiers, "What Makes for Peace?"

XXXV-38 Quoted May 1982 a quote from Killing Our Own in Children, "The Lives of the Young"; quoted April 1982 issue, Edward Humberger on attempt to restore Puerto Rico to economic health in Frontiers, "Ill and Prescription"

XXXV-48 Quoted interview with William Appleman Williams, Aug/Sept 1982 issue in Children, "Social Geography"; also quoted review of The Nine Nations of North America

XXXVI-20 Quoted interview with Peter Berg, Feb/Mar 1983 in Children

XXXVI-11 Quoted Dec/Jan 1983 issue, interview with D. and M. Freudenberger. Also story of Green Deserts group from editorial in Frontiers, "Papers Worth Reading"

XXXVI-23 Quoted Apr/May 1983 re Tycho Brahe and Queen Sophia in Editorial, "There Is No Difference"

XXXVII-12 Quoted 10th anniversary issue 1983 on Tilth's The Future is Abundant and story of origin of Rain by John Ferrell in Children, "Community the Goal"


XXXVII-50 July/Aug 1984 discussed quoted articles by Alfred Quarto (visit to Japan) Bill Mollison re Fukuoka in Children, "Tomorrow's Education"

XXXVIII-4 Quoted Tanya Kucak on art in everyday life and building communities, Sept/Oct 1984 issue, in Children, "Children and Community"

Rain Upon Godshill - J. B. Priestley

XXVI-12 Quoted from in Susan Cooper's J.B. Priestley-Portrait of an Author used in Lead, "Creation and Discovery"

Rainbook (editors of Rain) (Schocken, $7.95)

XXX-38 Reviewed and quoted in Frontiers, "Good Things from Oregon"

Rainbow Bridge, The - Richard Livingstone

XIII-46 Quoted in Editorial, "The Bonds of Power"

Raine, Kathleen

XXVI-51 Quoted from Blake and Tradition in Lead, "A New Genesis"

XXVII-1 Quoted from Blake and Tradition in Lead, "The Birth of Philosophy"

XXXI-36 Quoted Blake and Antiquity in Review, "The Resources of William Blake"

XXXIII-15 Her essay in Southern Review, Summer 1979, "An Essay on the Beautiful" discussed and quoted in Review, ""On the Beautiful"

XXXIII-16 Quoted from her "On Beauty" from Summer 1979 issue of Southern Review in Lead, "We Are What We See" on Plotinus

XXXIII-37 Quoted and discussed her What Is Man? in Review, "An Emerging Theme"

XXXVII-21 Quoted on Blake from Nov/Dec 1983 Resurgence in Children, "Lost Doors"

Rainer, Dachine

XVI-21 Quoted April Liberation in Editorial, "Some Good Generalizations"

Rainforests and the Hamburger Society - James D. Nations and Daniel I. Komer

XXXVI-26-35 Article in Environment, April 1983, quoted in Frontiers, "Ecological Literacy"

Rainmaker, The- N. Richard Na sh

X-14 Discussed in Editorial, "Door to Mysteries"

Raintree County - Ross Lockridge, Jr.

I-6 Book-of-the-Month selection, Feb. 1948

I-13 Philosophy similar to that in Wilder's Ides of March

Rainwater, Lee

XX-41 Quoted Sept. Trans-action in Frontiers, "Last Summer in the Cities"

XX-42 Quoted Sept. Trans-action in Frontiers, "The Face of Violence"

Raise Your Child to be a Rebel! -- Robert Lindner

IX-10 His McCall's article quoted in Children

Raja, C. Kunhan (Professor of Sanskrit)

V-46 Long quote from Swatantra article by in Lead, "East and West"

Rajagopalachari, C. (Indian political leader)

I-33 In "The Culture of India" reference to his 1914 appeal for conscription of teachers

III-6 Reference to in Editorial, "The Purple Rug"

VII-46 Reference to in Lead, "The Cosmopolitan East"

VIII-15 Quoted from Hindu Weekly Review in Review, "An 'Element of Risk'" re bomb tests

Rajan, Balchandra (Professor at University of Delhi)

XVII-26 Quoted from American Scholar, Summer 1963 in Children "Innovation and Participation"

Ram, Suresh

XXII-9 Vinoba Bhave's talks quoted from his Towards a Total Revolution, in Frontiers, "The Gandhian Movement Today"

Ramachandran, G.

XIII-40 His "The Gandhian contribution to Education" from Gandhi Marg quoted in Children, "Notes in Passing"

Ramayana -- William Buck (University of California Press, 1976, $14.95)

I-33 Reference to in "The Culture of India"

V-18 Reference to in Editorial, "Uses of 'Types'"

XXX-12 Reviewed in "The God Who Became Human"; B. A. van Nooten's Introduction to quoted in same

XXXV-13 Reference to Buck's translation and remarks of Prof. B. A. van Nooten quoted in Children, "Indian Runners"

Ramberg, Bennett (UCLA)

XXXV-18 Brief quote from in L.A. Times, April 4, 1982, re arms control in Editorial, "A Candid Historian"

Ramble on Education, A

XIX-34 Frontiers

Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official - William Sleeman

XXVIII-9 Discussed in Frontiers, "The Sources of Morality"

Ramo, Simon (President of Bunker Ramo Corporation)

XVIII-23 Quoted, Frontiers, "In Place of 'Therapy'?"

Rampant Pollution

XXXVII-12 Frontiers


XIX-33 Howard Gossage's discussion of Prof. McLuhan's Understanding Media quoted from April issue in Review, "A Sordid Boon"

Ramsbottom, Colonel (Character of Percy Nicholson)

VIII-11 Quoted in Lead, "The Political Virtues

RAND Corporation Paper

XXII-22 David Mozengo quoted from 1966 issue, in Frontiers, "The Company He Keeps"

Randall, John Herman

II-2 Reference to his Modern Mind in the Making

XXII-3 Quoted on influence of Plato on Western civilization from Summer 1968 American Scholar in Review, "Teacher of Western Man"

Randle, Michael

XXXIII-3 His review of April Carter's Authority and Democracy quoted and discussed in Children, "Kinds of Authority" from Peace News, August 1979

Randle, Lawrence

XXXIII-51 Nonformal Education on a Housing Estate, mentioned in Children, "Origins of Adult Education"

XXXIV-42 Quoted from Peace News, Aug. 31, 1979 in Lead, "The Concourse of Hierarchies" re Hannah Arendt's comment on teachers

XXXV-13 Quoted his "Defence Without the Bomb" in Frontiers, "Odd Thoughts on Waging Peace"

Random Notes on Farming

XXXI-2 Review

Random Notes on "Self-Transcendence"

XVIII-13 Review

Random Reading

XXVIII-47 Review

Random Thoughts on Words

XIX-51 Review

Ranges of Selfhood

XXXII-48 Lead

Ranganathan, G. Shankar

XXXV-38 Quoted April 1983 issue of Science for Villages on reforestation creating employment, etc. in Frontiers, "Ill and Prescription"

Ranging Mind, A

XXXIV-39 Review (Geography of the Imagination)

Rank, J. Arthur (film producer)

VIII-31 Quick commendation of his The Little Kidnappers in Children

Rank, Otto

X-30 Author of Beyond Psychology, quoted from by Dr. Progoff in book, The Death and Rebirth of Psychology in Review, "An End to Quarreling"

Rankin, J. Lee

XIX-34 Quoted from No. 3, Vol. 13, Journal of Human Relations in Review, "Journal Entry"

Rankin, Jeanette

XXXVII-46 Quote on from Emporia Gazette Dec. 10, 1941 review of her stand on war in Frontiers, "A Better Way"

Ransom, Harry

XII-36 Quoted Summer 1959 Texas Quarterly in Children, "Challenge from Russia"

Ransom, John Crowe

XXVIII-10 His contribution to I'll Take My Stand quoted in Editorial, "An Engineering Theme"

Ransom, Woody

XIX-51 Wrote Lead, "Community and Conformity"

Rao, K. Raghavendra

XXXIII-18 His article on Gandhi in Gandhi Marg, Oct. 1979, quoted in Lead, "The Root of Change"

Rao, K. Rama

I-35 Quoted from Nagpur Times in "Economics for the Millions"-wants to industrialize India

Rapaport, Dr. Ionel

XIV-20 Briefly quoted, Chicago Daily News, Nov. 11, 1960, in Children, "The Mind Cannot Be Tested"

Rapoport, Anatol

XIV-24 His review in May 13 Nation of Lewis F. Richardson's Arms and Insecurity and Statistics of Deadly Quarrels quoted in Frontiers, "The State of the Nation"

XV-23 His article (co-author, David Singer) "An Alternative to Slogans," from March 24 Nation quoted in Review, "Changes in the Peace Movement"

XVII-47 Quoted from Sept. Etc. in Lead, "Our Virtue Has A Limit"

XVIII-9 Briefly quoted in Lead, "A Responsibility of People"

XVIII-36 Quoted from Etc. in Lead, "The High Cost of Ambiguity"

XXIII-19 Anatol Rapoport's article quoted, March 1970 Etc., in Review, "Ends and Means"

XXXIV-19 Quoted Winter 1981 Daedalus in Lead, "The Failure of the Moralists" prevailing habits of mind encouraging "resignation" to war

XXXIX-44 Spring 1986 et cetera re abstract language of military strategists, "Words as Weapons"

Rappaport, Roy A.

XXIV-7 Quoted from Science Looks at Itself in Review, "Who Should Write History?"

XXVII-23 Quoted, spring 1974 CoEvolution Quarterly in Lead, "Men and Systems"

XXIX-46 Tom Bender's quote from in Environmental Design Primer given in Frontiers, "The Words of Change"

XXX-11 Quoted, Winter 1976-77 CoEvolution Quarterly in Review, "Tracking the Water Supply"

XXXI-7 Quoted from CoEvoluton Quarterly, Winter 1976-77 in Children, "Trees and People"

XXXIX-48 From Raise the Stakes, Summer 1986 re American cities in "Some Actual Peacemakers"

XL-18 Quoted on cities, Raise the Stakes, Summer 1986, in "Slightly Organized Heaps"

Rare Case, A

XXXI-46 Editorial

Rare Combination, A

XXXVIII-6 Editorial (Schumacher-Maslow)

Rare Consistent, The

V-45 Review, Nevil Shute, The Chequer Board

Rare Historical Event, A

XXXV-52 Editorial (living at the dawn of a new world)

Rare Instruction, A

XXVI-40 Lead

Rare Land, Rare Man

V-7 Review-Winds of Morning, H. L. Davis

Rarities of Health

XXIX-41 Review

Rasberry, Salli

XXIII-52 Brief quote from her How to Start Your Own School (co-author, Robert Greenway) in Children, "Elementary Readers"

XXIV-2 How to Start Your Own School discussed, quoted in Children, "On Starting a School"

Rascovich, Mark

XVI-30 His novel The Bedford Incident quoted and reviewed in Review, same title

Rasey, Dr. Marie

VI-34 Review of her It Takes Time in Children

Raskin, A. H.

XVIII-51 Quoted Feb. 14, 1965 New York Times Magazine in Editorial, "The Student Revolt"

Raskin, Marcus

XXIX-21 Quoted on principles of Federation for Democratic Reconstruction from New York Times, Dec. 28, 1975 in Frontiers, "Sprouts from Contradiction"

Raspberry, William (L.A. Times reporter)

XXXIV-42 Quoted, Jan. 21, 1981 L.A. Times on Mary Harvey re teaching low-income children, in Children

XXXVI-17 Jan. 25, 1983 Times "Should Kids Be Taught to Think?" in Children, "An Inexhaustible Subject"

XXXIX-26 Quoted from International Herald Tribune Dec. 6, 1985 interview with Desmond Tutu in "Non-Violence in South Africa"

Rathbone, Charles H.

XXIII-19 Quoted from Froebel Journal for June 1969 in Children, "Affective Learning"

Rathbun, Prof. Harry J. (Prof. of Law at Stanford University)

XIV-16 Quoted in Frontiers, "Good and Bed Generalizations"

Rather, L. J.

XII-28 His discussion of Huxley's Brave New World Revisited in Nation of Feb. 28 quoted in Frontiers, "Commonplace of Our Age"

Rational Intelligibility

VIII-6 Editorial

Rational Pacificism?

XI-25 Editorial

Rational Progress

VI-9 Frontiers-Literary Guide and Rationalist Review

Rationalism in Europe (History of) - W. E. H. Lecky

XXI-34 Quoted in Editorial, "Self-Reference"

XXVIII-16 Introduction to quoted in Lead, "Stages of Awakening"

XXXV-35 Quoted in Editorial, "New Images for Old" (form of torture ascribed to the Creator)

Rationalism-Then and Now

XVI-41 Lead

Rationality, Economics, and Culture - Henryk Skolimowski

XXXIII-49 Article in June 1980 Ecologist quoted in Lead, "We Who Dream"

Rationalizing the Power Age

V-47 Frontiers-Economics for the Power Age- Scott Nearing

Ratner, Dr. Herbert (Prof. of Preventive Medicine, Loyola University)

XV-26 Donald McDonald's interview with quoted from pamphlet Medicine in Lead, "The Clarity of the Specialists"

XXVII-7 Quoted from pamphlet, Medicine, in Review, "On Doctors and Health"

XXVIII-17 Quoted from pamphlet issued by Center for Study of Democratic Institutions in Frontiers, "On Getting Sick in America"

XL-17 Quoted in "The Bieler Book"

Rattan, Ram

XXVI-26-35 Quoted from Jan. 1973 Gandhi Marg in Frontiers, "Gandhi's Views"

Rau, Sir Benegal Narsing (author, India's Constitution, UN representative)

IV-23 Quoted in Lead, "Balance and Power" re Peiping Government

Rau, Santha Rama

I-40 Review of her Home to India

III-50 Review of her East of Home

VIII-48 Her Holiday article re Balinese art quoted in Frontiers, "Philosophy and Art"

IX-45 Quoted from Perspectives USA (re U.S. and Chester Bowles) in Frontiers, "Patterns of Anti-Culture"

Rauhut, Franz

XXVI-42 Quoted from War Resistance in Frontiers, "Questions About 'Non-Violent Revolution'"

Ravage, M. E.

I-3 Review, "Boundaries of Sanity"--The Malady of Europe

Ravaged Land, A

XXIV-24 Frontiers

Ravan, Simon

XII-27 His article from Encounter, "Perish by the Sword-A Memoir of the Military Establishment" quoted in Review, "'Mechanical' Status"

Ravenal, Earl

XXXI-38 Quoted from Nation, May 27, in Frontiers, "Why We Buy Armaments"

Ravetz, Jerome

XXV-20 Theodore Roszak's review of his Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems quoted from March 27 issue of Nation in Lead, "Reform of Institutions"

Ravi Lancers, The - John Masters (Doubleday and Pocket Books)

XXVI-48 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Two War Stories"

Ravielli, Anthony

XXIII-5 Quoted from his An Adventure in Geometry in Children, "Life Geometrizes"

XXVII-47 Quoted from An Adventure in Geometry in Children, "Minute Harmonies"

Ravielli, Anthony-(Continued

XXXVIII-11 Briefly quoted from An Adventure in Geometry in Children, "Adventures in Geometry"

Ravitch, Diane

XXXI-10 Her Review, "The Revisionists Revised- Studies in the Historiography of American Education" quoted in Editorial, "Books on Education"

XXXI-50 Her The Revisionists Revisited quoted in Children, "Confusion and Common Sense"

XXXIV-46 Quoted article on schools and education from Summer 1981 American Scholar in Lead, "On Creating the Future"

XL-46 Quoted on study of history American Scholar, Summer 1987 in "A Lost Treasure"

Raw Material, The


"Raw Material" Cosmology, The

XXIII-12 Editorial

Rawicz, Piotr

XXVIII-21 His review of Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago quoted from Jan. 18 Manchester Guardian in Frontiers, "Changes in Outlook"

Rawicz, Slavomir

XII-26 Review of his The Long Walk quoted in Children, "Perilous Adventures"

Rawlins, Ian

XXI-3 Quoted his Aesthetics and the Gestalt in Children, "Notes and Comment"

Rawson, Anne

XXX-5 Her article, "The Year Reviewed," from June/ Aug. 1976 Parents' Bulletin, text of Children, "The School in Rose Valley"

XXXII-13 Her report on Rose Valley School in Parents' Bulletin, Nov/Dec. 1977, text of Children, "Taking Stock"

Rawson, Margaret

XXI-37 Her Developmental Language Disability quoted, discussed, also Dr. Samuel T. Orton quoted from in Children, "Overcoming Language Difficulties"

XXXII-17 Her paper, "The Self-Concept and the Cycle of Growth," discussed, quoted in Children, "The Self Idea"

Rawson, Wyatt (Joint Organizing Director of the New Education Fellowship)

X-21 His book The Werplaats Adventure reviewed in Children, "A Successful Revolutionary"

Razor's Edge - Somerset Maugham

V-33 Reference to in Review of Rage of the Soul

Reach of the Mind, The - J. B Rhine (Duke University)

II-35 Discussed in Frontiers, "Aspects of ESP"

III-39 Reference to in Lead, "Time-Track of the Future," quoted

VI-47 No. VIII of "Books for Our Time," Lead

VII-17 Reference to in Review of Rhine's newer New World of the Mind

Reaches Toward Synthesis

XXVII-18 Review

Reaching Minds

IV-45 Review-The Unforeseen, Dorothy McCardle

Read, Grantly Dick

I-18 Review of his Childbirth Without Fear

XXXIV-1 Discussed Childbirth Without Fear movement in Children, "Ingredients of Eupsychia"

XXXIV-1 Discussed Childbirth Without Fear movement in Children, "Ingredients of Eupsychia"

Read, Herbert

I-32 The Grass Roots of Art mentioned in connection with Sullivan's Kindergarten Chats, in Review, "What is Architecture?"

II-42 Review of his review of Gandhi's Autobiography

IV-2 Quoted his Education Through Art in Children

IV-26 Long quote from his Education Through Art in Children

XVIII-5 Brief quote from his To Hell With Culture in Frontiers, "The Self and the Other"

XIX-25 His Selected Writings-Poetry and Criticism quoted from Jan. 1966 Art Education in Children, "Notes in Passing"

XIX-34 Education Through Art quoted in Frontiers, "A Ramble on Education"

XIX-46 Quoted in Children, "Old Myths for New"

XX-15 Quoted, Feb. 18 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "Art and Human Longing"

XXII-51 Quoted from his The Redemption of the Robot in Editorial, "Back to Plato"

XXII-53 Quoted The Redemption of the Robot in Lead, "Reservoir of Value"

XXV-1 His The Grass Roots of Art discussed, quoted in Children, "A Book by Herbert Read"

XXV-14 His two books, Anarchy and Order and To Hell With Culture, discussed and quoted in Review, "Some Redefinitions"

XXVI-11 His essay on Picasso's "Guernica" quoted from A Coat of Many Colours in Review, "Painter and Poet"; also quoted from same, some lines from Shelley

XXVI-23 Quoted from A Coat of Many Colours (on Gill) in Lead, "Sanity in Work"

XXVII-47 Quoted from The Redemption of the Robot in Children, "Minute Harmonies"

XXVIII-1 George Woodcock's comment on his Education Through Art quoted from Oct. 12 Nation in Children, "The Question of Purpose"

XXVIII-21 His essay quoted from The Black Rainbow in Editorial, "A Time of Decision"

XXVIII-49 Doctoral thesis on his conception of aesthetic education source of quotes in Children, "Lessons in Harmony"

XXIX-14 His To Hell with Culture quoted in Lead, "Reason and Rationality"

Read, Herbert-(Continued)

XXIX-22 His introduction to The Redemption of the Robot quoted in Children, "Foundation of Moral Education"

XXIX-45 His quote from Coleridge in Annals of Innocence and Experience used in Children, "A Sad Story"

XXXIII-46 His The Innocent Eye quoted in Frontiers, "Sifting Issues"

XXXV-25 Discussed his ideas from Education for Peace in Children, "Herbert Read, Lewis Mumford"

XXXVII-11 Quoted The Redemption of the Robot in Children, "Adventures in Geometry"

XXXVII-39 Quoted his remark on Trigant Burrow in Review, "Trigant Burrow"

XXXVIII-40 Anarchy and Order in "A Mysterious 'Chemical Change'"

Read the Book

XXXVII-49 Review (Martin Buber)

Reader Writes

II-14 Editorial (Hugh Teetzel letter)

Reader Writes, A

XXXVIII-37 Letter from reader on Christina Sommers

Reader's Digest

XVI-47 Rutherford Platt quoted, Sept. issue in Frontiers, "Realms Beyond the Senses"

XIX-33 Quoted briefly in Children, "Unorthodox Administrators"

XXIX-7 Isaac Asimov quoted, Nov. issue, in Lead, "What Stands in the Way?"

Reader's Dream, A

XXV-44 Editorial

Reader's Encyclopedia, The

XIV-23 Quoted on French poet, Rimbaud, in Lead, "The Anger and the Pain"

XXX-2 William Rose Benet's Preface to quoted in Lead, "A Pattern Laid Up in Heaven"

Readers in Europe and Asia

I-8 Suggestions for those who wish to receive MANAS

Reading and Writing

I-6 Truth serum, POW, scholarships for Negroes, Marshall Plan

I-7 Dos Passos, "The Failure of Marxism"

I-9 Hereafter, Church of England's report on Spiritualism

I-11 Nicola Chiaromonte "The Jesuit," U.S. News-World Report statistics on 1949 budget, Dr. Charles A. Beard

I-13 Mrs. Caroline Urie's refusal to pay taxes toward war

I-22 Fear felt by U.S.-Carey McWilliams, "What Does America Fear?"

I-23 Objection felt to "A Birth and a Death," Scott Nearing, World Events

I-28 Jewish child's view on Arabs

I-29 Stephen C. Neill in Christian Century; Dr. Bingham Dai, Shridharani

"Reading" Difficulty, A

XXIII-5 Editorial

Reading, How To - Herbert Kohl (Dutton, $5.95, 1973)

XXVI-25 Discussed and quoted in Children, "Solving Non-Problems"

XXXIX-26 Quoted in Children, "On Unused Capacities"

Reading Notes

XII-5 Editorial-Man in the Queue-Josephine Tey, William James Will to Believe; S. I. Hayakawa, "How to be Sane Though Negro"

Reading on Building

XXVIII-53 Editorial

Reading Standard (Reading, England)

XVI-30 June 4th issue quoted in Frontiers, "Shouts- Then Sits Down"

Reading Teacher, The (periodical)

XVI-11 Philip Smith quoted, Sept. 1961 issue, in Children, "Spiritual Resources"

Reading the Signals

XXXI-39 Lead

Readings in Humanistic Psychology - edited by Anthony J. Sutich and Miles A. Vich (Free Press, 19698, paper, $3.95)

XXII-30 Quoted from editors' introduction, Carl R. Rogers, A. H. Maslow, Rollo May, and Clark Moustakas, in Review, "Harbinger of Renaissance"

XXII-31 Quoted from Rollo May in Lead, "The Price of Submission"

XXII-32 Quoted from A. H. Maslow in Lead, "The Idea of Knowledge"; also quoted Carl Rogers

Readings on "Freedom"

XII-52 Review

Readings from World Religions - C. A. Watts and Company, Ltd. (London)

IV-39 Reviewed in Frontiers, "Living Religions"

Ready or Not

XV-7 Lead

Real, James (also Didi)

XIV-5 His Community of Fear (co-author, Harrison Brown) subject of N.Y. Herald Tribune article, Oct. 17, 1960, quoted in Review, of same title

XVIII-36 Reference to Didi's school in Lead, "The High Cost of Ambiguity"

XXI-4 Quoted his speech in Frontiers, "The Environment-Makers

XXVIII-10 Article about "California Hillbillies" quoted from Nov. 29 New Times in Children, "All in One Day"

Real Agriculture Problem, The

XXIX-39 Frontiers

Real and Hypothetical Evil

VII-3 Lead

Real Barbarism, The

I-11 Editorial

Real Cool Cat, A - Jerry Weil

XIII-38 Quoted in Children, "Notes on Reading"

Real Frontiers, The

XXXV-19 Frontiers (development of "poor" countries)

Real Issue, The


I-4 "The Sex Habits of American Men"-Lead

Real Issue, The-(Continued)

I-7 Lead

I-12 Socialist Leader's account of British Conscription Tribunals

IV-26 Frontiers

IV-44 Editorial

V-2 Editorial

Real Problem, The

XXXIX-7 Lead (books on war)

Real Reconstruction, The

XXI-25 Review

Real Unit-Being, A

XVII-13 Editorial

Real Villain, The

XXIII-41 Frontiers

Réalite (Paris publication)

XVII-45 The Lost Dimension," Sept. issue

Reality Is What We Create

XXXIV-44 Lead

Reality of Utopia, The - Erich Kahler

XXXIV-41 Essay in Out of the Labyrinth quoted in Review

Reality Therapy- A New Approach to Psychiatry - Dr. William Glasser

XVIII-38 Quoted in Review, "'New' Psychiatric Approach"

XIX-24 Quoted in Editorial, "Beyond the Norms"

XXIV-11 Quoted in Children, "What Makes People 'Responsible'?"

Reality Versus Romance

XXXIV-49 Editorial (Sierra Club)

Really Good Ideas, The

XXX-49 Lead

Really Listening

XXXIV-49 Editorial

Realms Beyond the Senses

XVI-47 Frontiers

Reason and Nature - Morris B. Cohen

I-23 Reference to in Editorial, "What Davidson Did"

III-17 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Not Entirely Tame Metaphysicist"

III-26 Quoted in Review of Cohen's Reflections of a Wondering Jew

XIII-47 Quoted in Lead, "Self-Deception's Strange Fruit"

XVIII-27 Quoted in Lead, "The Idea of Science"

XXIX-46 Quoted in Lead, "A Defense of Metaphysics"

XXXI-47 Quoted in Review, "Worldwide Archaic Construction"

Reason and Rationality

XXIX-14 Lead

Reason Awake- Science for Man - René Dubos

XXIII-35 Quoted from by Harison Brown, June 6 Saturday Review in Lead, "The Illusions of Power"

XXIII-37 Quoted in Lead, "The Deficiency of the Present"

Reason Versus God

V-23 Editorial

Reasons for Rereading

XXXIX-38 Editorial

Rebel, The - Albert Camus

X-44 Review of this book in Frontiers, "Man as Rebel"; also discussed in Editorial, "The Environment of Freedom"

XIV-30 Introduction to quoted in Lead, "The Focus of Consciousness"

Rebel Gun - Arthur Steuer

IX-50 Reviewed, "Another 'Gandhian' Western"

Rebel in Paradise - Richard Drinnon (University of Chicago, 1961)

XL-23 Review, biography of Emma Goldman

Rebel Without a Cause - Robert M. Lindner

III-12 Mentioned in Review of Prison Etiquette

Rebels Against War-The American Peace Movement 1941-1960 - Lawrence S. Wittner (Columbia University Press, 1969, $10.00)

XXII-29 Quoted in Review, "Modern War-Resistance"

XXXVII-48 Briefly quoted in "Is Peace 'Utopian'?"

Rebels With a Cause

III-12 Review-Prison Etiquette

Rebirth in Asia

III-2 Review-The Revolt of Asia, Robert Payne

Rebirth of a Science

VI-14 Editorial

Rebirth of an Idea

XII-22 Editorial

Rebirth of Ancient Science

XV-19 Frontiers-by John Collier

Rebirth of Katsugoro, The -Hearn

XXXIV-1 Story in Gleanings from Buddha Fields quoted in Children, "Ingredients of Eupsychia"

Rebirth of Philosophy

XXVIII-49 Review

Rebirth of Science?

XXIV-23 Lead

Rebirth of the Savior

IV-41 Lead

Rebuilding Cities - Percy Johnson-Marshall

XX-9 Briefly quoted in Review, "The Planner's Siege Perilous"

Recall to Sanity

VIII-42 Editorial

Recent Acquisitions

XV-17 Editorial

Recent Correspondence

IX-9 Frontiers

X-14 Frontiers

Recent Myth-Makers

XXIII-35 Review

Recession and the Auto Industry, The - P. S. MacDougal

VII-20 Frontiers

Reck-Malleczewen, Friedrich Percyval (Fritz Reck)

XXIV-13 His Diary of a Man in Despair discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Winds Out of Pandora's Box"

Reclaiming the American Dream - Richard C. Cornuelle (Random House, 1965)

XIX-12 Quoted in Review, "Economics for the Millions"

Recognizing Alternatives, On

XXXIV-39 Editorial

Recollected Essays, 1963-1980 - Wendell Berry (North Point, 1981)

XXXIV-37 Quoted from "Continuous Harmony" in Children, "The March of Bigotry"

XXXVI-7 Quoted end of in Lead, "Discipline of Mind"

XXXVI-17 Quoted (faith of Gideon) in Lead, "Value of a Different Kind"

XXXIX-11 From "Discipline and Hope" in Lead

XXXIX-12 Quoted above in "On Schooling and Teaching"

XXXIX-14 "Native Hill" quoted in Editorial

XXXIX-40 On "Consciousness" in Editorial

XL-43 "Discipline and Hope" review of same name

XLI-17 Quoted in "A Rare Voice"

Reconciliation International (International Fellowship of Reconciliation, non-sectarian paper committed to non-violence)

XL-22 Jim Forest, Myron Bright (Federal Judge) and other items in "The Path to Sanity?"

Reconsideration of Man

XXIX-8 Review

Reconstitution of Purpose

XXVI-21 Lead

Reconstruction in Religion (The Humanist symposium, edited by Alfred E. Kuenzli)

XVI-29 Review

Reconstruction of Reality, The

XV-21 Lead

Record of Achievement, A

XXXIII-25 Review

Record of Buddhism, The

XI-36 Frontiers

Record of Nature, The

XXVII-3 Editorial

Record of Socialization

V-30 Review-Development of Collective Enterprise, Seba Eldridge

Recourse to Emerson

XXVIII-3 Editorial

Recovery and Discovery

XXXIX-10 Review Language of the Birds, Thinking Animals

Recovery, Inc. (see Dec. 30, 1981, Frontiers)

XXXV-12 Discussion of Abraham Lowe, founder, in Frontiers, "Naive, Unsophisticated, and Unbelievable"

Recovery of Faith - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

IX-7 Reviewed, "Highly Recommended" Introduction by Dr. Ruth Nanda Anshen

Recovery of Humanity

XXIX-18 Editorial

Recovery of Man in Childhood, The - A. C. Harwood

XIV-2 Quoted in Children, "The Secret Places of Education"

Rectification of Names, The

XXXVIII-43 Frontiers (Hannes Alfven re nuclear war)

Recycling Ghettos

XXXIV-37 An article in Rain, June 1981, interview with Johns and Pierce quoted in Frontiers, "A Cosmic Principle"

Red Alert - Peter Bryant

XVII-28 Basis for Dr. Strangelove-reviewed

Red Gate, The - La Selle Gilman

VI-32 Reviewed, "More Insights from Novelists"

Red Man - J. Spencer Herz (Popular Library original, 1972)

XXVI-17 Discussed, quoted in Review, "The Qualities of Men"

Red Men's History, A

XXV-5 Review

Red Skies of Montana (Film)

V-14 Discussed in Children

Red Sky at Midnight - Robert F. Mirvish

X-11 Quoted in Frontiers, "Society of Devil's Advocates"

Redbook (Magazine)

XVI-10 Preview of Dr. Bruno Bettelheim's Dialogues with Mothers quoted, May issue, in Children, "Discussions with Dr. Bettelheim"

XVIII-1 Jessamyn West article, "Violence," quoted , Jan. 1963 issue, in Frontiers, "Where Morality Begins"

XIX-30 Dialogue between Montessori and A. S. Neill quoted Dec. 1964 Redbook, in Children, "Adults Look at the Young"

XIX-31 Mario Montessori quoted, Dec. 1964 issue, in Lead, "Does Education Require 'Administrators'?"

XX-10 Joan Baez comment quoted from Jan. Redbook in Lead, "The Modern Jungle"

XXV-37 Dialogue between Mario Montessori and A. S. Neill quoted from Dec. 1964 issue in Lead, "Musings on Education"

XVIII-8 Interview, Lord Bertrand Russell and son of a writer quoted, Sept. 1964 issue, in Children, "Two Youthful Minds"

XIX-46 Rollo May quoted on Sleeping Beauty myth, Sept. issue, in Children, "Old Myths for New"

XXI-17 March 1968 issue quoted in Children, "What 'Mysticism" is Not"

XXIV-47 Jessamyn West quoted, Jan. 1963 issue, in Children, "Reverence for Life"

XXVII-6 Interview with A. S. Neill quoted, Dec. 1964 issue, in Children, "Sic Et Non"

XXVIII-45 Jessamyn West quoted, Jan. 1963 issue in Children, "On Talking to Children"

XXXII-36 Quoted Jessamyn West, Jan. 1963 issue, in Lead, "The Uses of Truth"

XXXVII-20 Quoted Jessamyn West from Jan. 1963 issue on "death on the screen" in Children, "Virtues of Fiction"

Rediscovering the Greeks

XXXI-39 Review

Reddy, Amulya K. N. (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)

XXXIII-14 Science, J an. 11, 1980 quoted, interview with Constance Holden, in Frontiers, "Light in the East"; also mentioned in Editorial

XXXIII-4 Mentioned in Editorial, "Handwriting on the Wall"; brief discussion of his work in Frontiers, "Begin with the Trees"

XXXV-9 Quoted from Rural Technology in Frontiers, "The Inadequate and the Inaccessible"

Reddy, D. V.

X-37 Wrote Letter from India in answer to earlier one from "C.V.G."

Reddy, S. Pratap

XXXV-4 Quoted from Science for Villages, Sept. 1981 in Children, "Ignored Advice"

Redefer, Dr. Frederick L. (N.Y. University)

XV-9 Quoted from New Republic, Jan. 1, in Children, "Notes and Correspondence"

XXVII-43 Quoted July 27 Saturday Review/World in Children, "An Old Truth"

Redemption for Today

XXVI-9 Editorial

Redemption of the Robot, The - Herbert Read (Trident, 1966 Credo Series) (Simon and Schuster paperback, 1969)

XXII-51 Quoted in Editorial, "Back to Plato"

XXII-53 Quoted in Lead, "Reservoir of Value"

XXVII-47 Quoted in Children, "Minute Harmonies"

XXIX-22 Introduction to quoted in Children, "Foundation of Moral Education"

XXXVII-11 Quoted in Children, "Adventures in Geometry" (boundless working of law)

Redfield (Dean) Robert (Anthropologist, Chicago University)

I-45 Testified in Ada Sipuel case against University of Oklahoma Law School- Frontiers, "Milestones"

XI-30 His "Occasional Paper" for Fund for the Republic Talk With a Stranger quoted in Lead, "The Extended Vision"

XII-19 His The Primitive world and It s Transformations quoted in Lead, "Coming of Age in the West"

XIV-2 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "The Definition of Issues"

XV-14 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "Creeping Ethics"

XV-45 Primitive World briefly quoted in Frontiers, "Old Question, New Discussion"

XVIII-1 Primitive World quoted in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds"

XVIII-29 Quoted in Editorial, "Return to Immanent Justice"

XXI-4 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "The General Art"

XXI-36 Quoted The Primitive World in Children, "Toward New Institutions"

XXIII-41 Quoted from The Primitive World in Review, "The 'Primitive' Faith"

XXIII-52 The Primitive World mentioned in Lead, "The Roots of Social Order"

Redfield (Dean) Robert-(Continued)

XXV-3 Quoted The Primitive World in Lead, "Access to Sacralization"

XXVII-3 Briefly quoted Primitive World in Lead, "The World in View"

XXVII-48 Quoted The Primitive World in Lead, "Problem and Precedent"

XXIX-19 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "The Imperfect Parallel"

XXX-13 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "A Long Way to Go"

XXX-44 The Primitive World quoted in Lead, "The Distance Between"

XXXI-19 The Primitive World quoted in Review, "Resource for the World"

XXXI-42 The Primitive World mentioned in Editorial, "The Human Predicament"

XXXII-52 Quoted from The Primitive World in Lead, "A General Understanding"

XXXV-40 Quoted The Primitive World and Its Transformation in Lead, "One Great Philosophical Idea"

XXXV-23 Quote from The Primitive World in Lead, "The Saving Grace"

XXXVIII-11 Quoted above on ancient and primitive man in Lead, "Reviving Questions"

Redgrave, Vanessa

XIV-52 Quoted from Manchester Guardian, Nov. 30, in Frontiers, "New Alignments"

Redirection and Reconstructions

XXVII-16 Frontiers

Rediscovering the Lost Vision

XXXIX-50 Lead (by George Sibley)

Rediscovery in Religion

VI-50 Frontiers

Rediscovery of Asia

VIII-24 Lead

Rediscovery of Freedom

V-15 Lead

Rediscovery of Nature, The

XXVIII-20 Review

Redistribution of Power

XXVI-21 Review

Redressing Balances

XXII-12 Frontiers

Reducer of Rights

XXIII-5 Frontiers

Reducing Death's Sing

XIV-27 Frontiers

Re-educating Germany - Werner Richter

I-17 Quoted in Netherland Letter re statesmen who have never surrendered to the moment

Re-Education-Theory and Practice

I-9 Frontiers

Re-education of Experts, The

XXXVI-52 Frontiers (Social Work and Research Center, India)

Reece Committee Report (House Representatives Committee investigation of tax-exempt foundations, Rep. B. Carroll Reece, Tennessee)

VIII-13 Discussed in Review, "The Political Mania"

Reece, Ray

XXXII-24 Quoted from Jan. 19 Texas Observer in Review, "A Few Encouragements"

XXXII-43 The Sun Betrayed discussed in Frontiers, "A Parable by Twain"

XXXIII-26-35 Quoted The Sun Betrayed in Frontiers, "Obscuring the Sun"

Reed, John

X-1 His and Boardman's War in Eastern Europe quoted in Editorial, "Compulsions of Power"

XXVII-22 Quoted in Lead, "A Level of Planning"

Reel, Frank

II-36 Reference to his The Case of General Yamashita in Editorial, "Aftermath"

Rees, Richard

XVII-28 Editor of Selected Essays by Simone Weil, reviewed

Reese, John (Western writer)

IX-16 Review of his The High Passes, "An Odd Flavor for Westerns"

Reeves, George B.

X-33 Wrote "Letter on Anarcho-Pacifism"

Reeves, Thomas C.

XVIII-22 Quoted on Robert Hutchins in Frontiers, "The Continuing Dialogue"

Reference Guide to Convivial Tools - Valentina Borremans

XXXII-24 Reviewed and Ivan Illich preface to quoted in Frontiers, "A Tool for Finding Tools"

XXXIII-17 Noted and brief quote from in Frontiers, "Access to Things Going On"

References for Life, The

XXXII-37 Lead

References for the Good Society

XIV-14 Lead

Reflection - Jonathan Schell

XXXVII-24 New Yorker, Jan. 2/9, 1984 quoted in Review, "Another Schell Book"

Reflections - Walter Banjamin

XXXI-41 Quoted by Tod Gitlin in July 8-15 Nation in Frontiers, "Makers of the Present"

Reflections About Moral Decision

XXX-3 Lead

Reflections in a Constant Mirror - Charles Morgan

XXVII-3 van den Berg's quote from in The Changing Nature of Man given in Lead, "The World in View"

Reflections in a Golden Eye - Carson McCullers

XI-27 Reviewed and quoted in Review, "Tenderly Dreadful"

Reflections of an Amateur

XXXVIII-10 Editorial (by Frank E. August)

Reflections of a Wondering Jew - Morris R. Cohen (Beacon Press, 1950)

III-26 Review of in "A Mature Mind"

Reflections on Abraham Maslow

XXXVIII-37 Frontiers (by Richard Grossman)

Reflections on Authority - John Schaar

XXXII-3 Quoted in New American Review, Jan. 1970, No. 8 in Children, "Unearthly Reality"

XXXIII-12 Quoted in Lead, "Grounds for Suspicion"

Reflections on Authority-(Continued)

XXXIII-17 Quoted in Lead, "On Replacing the System"

XXXIV-24 Quoted in Lead, "Notes on Language" re American patterns of thought

XXXVIII-5 Quoted in "What I'm Doing Is Not Quite Right"

Reflections on Change

XII-32 Editorial

Reflections on Drugs

XXVI-19 Review

Reflections on Education in the Third World - Keith Buchanan (Spokesman Paperback, Bertrand Russell House, Gamble St., Nottingham, NG7 4ET, UK-95 pence ($2.50) incl. Postage)

XXVIII-48 Quoted in Children, "Subversive Education"

Reflections on Experimental Teaching - Frank Lindenfeld and Peter Marin

XIX-36 Lead

Reflections on Form

XXXI-38 Review

Reflections on Hanging - Arthur Koestler

XIII-50 Quoted in Review, "The Cult of Legal Murder"; Edmund Cahn's Preface also quoted

Reflections on History - Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897) (Liberty Classics)

XXXIV-16 Introduction to Liberty Classics edition by Gottfried Dietz quoted in Lead, "The Gyroscope of Life"

XXXIV-17 Combination, revision, expansion of his Renaissance in Italy (1960) and The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by his nephew, reviewed in "Nineteenth-Century Historian"; also quoted Dietze's intro quote from Niebuhr in appreciation of Burckhardt

Reflection on Individuality

XII-4 Review-Essays on Individuality

Reflections on Meaning

XXIX-22 Review

Reflections on Men and Ideas - Giorgia de Santillana (MIT, 1968)

XXXI-20 Reviewed in "Galileo in Retrospect"

XXXVII-49 Quoted in Lead, "The Meaning of Evolution" (re story of Galileo)

XXXVII-51 Quoted in Lead (on Galileo), "How Long Will It Take?"

Reflections on Nonviolence - Richard Gregg

XVI-35 Frontiers

Reflections on Technology

XIV-16 Editorial

Reflections on the Chilean Civil War

XXXIII-42 An article in Journal of the New Alchemists No. 6 by Francisco Varel, quoted in Lead, "Epistemology Matters"

Reflections on the Guillotine - Camus

XXXIV-52 Essay, quoted in Lead, "Albert Camus"

Reflections on Utopia

X-22 Frontiers

Reflections on War

XXXVI-18 Lead

Reflective Christianity

X-41 Review

Reflective Distance

XX-45 Review

Reflexive Universe, The - Arthur M. Young (Delacorte, 1976)

XXX-21 Quoted in Lead, "Science for Tomorrow"

Reform in Scientific Thinking

XXIV-36 Lead

Reform of Institutions

XXV-20 Lead

V-24 Lead

Reform of Science- Progress Report

XXXV-7 Frontiers

Reformation of War (1923) - Major General J. F. C. Fuller

II-29 Quoted in Lead, "Epochs in Conflict"

XXX-21 Quoted in Editorial, "From All the Armies"

XL-23 Quoted in "Going Into Ourselves"

Reformer- Go Home

XII-34 Frontiers

Reformers, The


Reforms Based on Human Dignity

XXXVII-16 Frontiers

Refreshing Breeze of Sanity, A

XV-50 Editorial

Refugees in America

XXV-18 Frontiers

Regdon, Mrs. Pat (Alpaugh, Calif.)

XIII-22 Her letter to MANAS quoted in Children, "Philosophy for the Young"

Regenerating Institutions

XVIII-34 Editorial-Ezekial Mphahlele

Regenerating Neighborhoods

XXXVI-9 Editorial

Region of Wholeness, The

III-10 Lead

Regional Factors in National Planning and Development (Government Document, 1935)

XXXIX-15 Quoted in Review, "Bioregionalism"

Register-Leader (Universalist-Unitarian publication)

XVII-2 Quoted in Children, "Matter for Reflection II"

Regnery, Henry

I-17 His company in Hinsdale, Ill. Publishes Human Affairs Pamphlet series. Print most intelligent thinking and criticism of our time

XVIII-5 Robert Hutchins' debate with Brent Bozell quoted from his Dialogues in Americanism in Children, "Training for Citizenship"

Rehabilitation of Natural Philosophy, The

XXVIII-25 Lead/Frontiers (Review-essay by Theodore Roszak)

Rehearsal for Ragnarok

V-31 Lead

Reich, Charles A.

XXIII-46 Quoted, Sept. 26 New Yorker in Frontiers, "The Blight and the Vision"

XXIII-48 Quoted New Yorker Sept. 26, condensation of his The Greening of America, in Editorial, "How to be a Machine"

Reich, Charles A.-(Continued)

XXIV-9 Todd Gitlin's review of The Greening of America in Feb. Psychology Today and Emile Capouya's review in Jan. 18 Nation quoted in Frontiers, "More on Reich's 'Greening'"

XXVII-23 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Men and Systems"

XXVIII-16 Quoted, June 19, 1971 New Yorker in Lead, "Stages of Awakening"

XXIX-15 Brief quote from Greening in Review, "The Biological Paradigm"

XXXI-48 Quoted his The Greening of America in Lead, "A New-Old Dilemma"

XXXVII-4 Quoted "To have just one value is to be a machine" in Lead, "Species of Common Sense" from The Greening of America

Reich, Robert (Business and Public Policy Professor, Harvard)

XXXVI-22 Quoted, March 1983 Atlantic in Lead, "Endof- the-Century Question" (re "paper entrepreneurs"-business bureaucracy)

Reich, Wilhelm (psychoanalyst)

I-6 His doctrines rallying point for socialists and anarchists

Reichard, Gladys

II-32 Brief reference to her "The Navaho and Christianity" in Lead, "Moral Power"

Reichenbach, Hans (Prof. U.C.L.A.)

X-50 His The Rise of Scientific Philosophy mentioned in Lead, "Idealists and Materialists"; reference to in Editorial, "The Airy Curve

XI-14 Lead, "Moral Law or Principle?" follow-up on "Idealists and Materialists"

XI-34 Frontiers-by Ward Shepard, follow-up on Reichenbach, "Fallacies of Ethical Nihilism"

Reichman, Eva

III-16 Reference to her Hostages of Civilization dealing with Anti-Semitism in Lead, "The World is Not a Village"

Reid, Alastair

XVI-18 Quoted, March Atlantic in Children, "On the Mystique of Childhood-and 'Genius'"

Reid, Dr. J. R.

IX-47 Gives course on "Philosophical Problems in Psychiatry" at Washington School of Psychiatry"

Reid, James

XXXIII-41 His review of Grace Rotzel's The School in Rose Valley in Parents Bulletin reviewed in "Book Reviews"

Reid, Leslie

XI-44 His Earth's Company review, "Philosophy and Ecology"

Reik, Dr. Theodore

III-40 Quoted his Listening with the Third Ear in Review, "Psychoanalysis on the Couch"

Reincarnation- A New Horizon in Science, Religion, and Society - Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams (Julian Press, 1985)

XXXVIII-18 Reviewed, quoted (Louisa May Alcott, Jung, noted H.P.B.) in "Inner Discovery"

Reincarnation- An East-West Anthology - Edited by Joseph Head and S. L. Cranston

XV-6 Preface to quoted in Review, "World Opinion on Reincarnation"

Reincarnation- The Phoenix Fire Mystery - Joseph Head and S. L. Cranston

XXXI-5 Recommended in Lead, "Material for Foundations"

XXXI-18 Quoted in Frontiers, "Ego Trip; or Transcendence?"

XXXVI-14 Quoted Huston Smith and W. Macneile Dixon in Lead, "The Abiding Point"

XLI-11 Quoted on belief of primitive peoples from Northern Tribes of Central Australia in "A Foray of Faith"

Reincarnation-The Whole Startling Story - DeWitt Miller

IX-39 Reviewed, "Immortality-Shades of Viewpoint"

Reincarnation for the Christian - Quincy Howe, Jr. (Westminister, 1974)

XXXIX-13 Noted in "Religion versus Creeds"

XXXIX-14 Quoted in "The Lost Dignity of Man"

Reincarnation in World Thought - Joseph Head and S. L. Cranson (Julian Press, 1967, $8.50)

XX-43 Franz Cumont's After Life in Roman Paganism quoted from in Review, "Exit the Antiquarians"; also quoted Alice Zimmern

XXIV-15 Mentioned in Lead, "Some Ancient Questions"

XXIV-15 Abraham Heschel, W. Macneile Dixon (from Introduction), Charles G. Jung (from Memories, Dream, Reflections) quoted from in Editorial, "Questions and Answers"

Reinchantment of Science, The - David Ray Griffin (University of New York Press, 1988)

XLI-48 Quoted in "Tomorrow's Science"; also quoted David Bohm's contribution

Reiner, Kenneth and Alice

XV-29 Their brochure on Midtown School quoted in Children, "Socratic Experiment-Seventh Grade"

Reines, Robert

XXIX-19 Discussion of his work in What Do We Use for Lifeboats? in Review, "Lifeboats or Arks"

Reinhabiting Cities and Towns- Designing for Sustainability - John Todd, George Tukel (Planet Drumm Foundation, Box 31251, San Francisco, CA 94131)

XXXVI-3 Quoted in Review, "Cities-What Is and What Might Be"

Reininger, Robert

II-50 Mention of his writing in Letter from Central Europe

Rein'l, Robert (Professor)

XVII-32 Quoted his talk, "Can Death Be Valued as a Means?" in Review, "Of Death and the Timeless Vision" of William Barrett's Irrational Man

Rein'l, Robert -(Continued)

XX-11 Wrote Children, "The Ethics of Inquiry" (first appeared in Feb. 9 issue of State Press, campus newspaper of Arizona State University

XXIII-23 Wrote Frontiers, "Academic Freedom and Revolution"

Reiser, Prof. Oliver L. (University of Pittsburgh)

I-51 Formulated new theory of evolution, Cosmecology, quoted from in Lead, "The Scientific Spirit"

II-29 "Religion and Science in Conflict" discussed in Frontiers, "Toward Scientific Religion"

II-38 The Religion of Science"

II-43 Brief mention of in "Telepathy and Evolution"

III-6 Quoted on "Pledge" for scientists from Scientific Humanism as Creative Morality

IV-42 Quoted in Lead, "Psychic Possibilities"

V-25 Quoted from Philosophy of Science article in Lead, "The World Outside"

XIII-23 Foreword to his The Integration of Human Knowledge by Giorgia de Santillana quoted in Review, "Toward a Scientific Metaphysics"

XVI-48 His Man's New Image of Man quoted in Editorial, "The Meaning of 'Scientific Humanism'"

XVIII-14 His introduction to Daniel P. Hoffman's The Coming Culture quoted in Frontiers article of same title

Reisman, David (See- Riesman - correct)
Reisner, Mark

XL-6 Cadillac Desert quoted in "Mismanaging a Continent"

Reiss, Dr. Bernard F.

II-16 Quoted briefly in Frontiers, "The Scientific Method"-started interest in ESP by hearing Dr. Rhine

Relative or Absolute Morality?"

VI-12 Editorial

Relativists, The

VI-12 Editorial

Relaxed Sell, The - Thomas Whiteside

VIII-31 Reference to in Lead, "American Self- Criticism"

Release from Anachronism

XXI-31 Lead

Relevance for Fantasy

XXIII-22 Review

Relevance of Philosophy

XV-1 Lead

Relevance of Physics, The - Stanley L. Jaki (University of Chicago Press, 1966)

XX-40 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Cloud of Certainties"

Relevant Comparison, A

XXXV-51 Frontiers (parallel between problems of India and U.S.)

Relief for Cities

XX-5 Review

Relieving Thought, A

XXIX-49 Lead

Religio Medici - Sir Thomas Browne

XXVIII-6 Sir Thomas Browne quoted in Lead, "Divided and Distinguished Worlds"

XXVIII-19 Quoted in Lead, "A Strain Above Mortality"

XXXI-5 Quoted in Lead, "Material for Foundations"

XXXI-48 Quoted in Lead, "A New-Old Dilemma"

XXXII-37 Quoted in Lead, "The References for Life"

Religion-A Philosophic Enterprise

X-3 Frontiers

Religion, Art, and Science


Religion and Charles Darwin

I-47 Frontiers, anti-evolution leaflet springboard for and appreciation of Darwin

Religion and Education

XVII-22 Children reviewing "Religion and American Society" a Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions pamphlet, referred to in Editorial

Religion and Freedom in the Modern World - Herbert J. Muller

XVII-33 Review of "Second Thoughts on the Religious Revival" a chapter which appeared in Harper's in February

Religion and History

XII-18 Lead

Religion and "Men of Affairs"

III-24 Frontiers

Religion and Morals

VIII-9 Lead-Mrs. Knight on BBC

Religion and Nothingness - Keini Nishitani (University of California, 1982)

XXXVI-47 Reviewed and quoted in "Samsara and Nirvana"; also the translator Jan van Bragt on Kyoto School

Religion and Our Schools - Liston Pope

V-23 Quoted from American Magazine article, in Lead, "The Fear of Reason"

Religion and Philosophy

IX-44 Lead

Religion and Politics

XIII-14 Editorial

Religion and Psychism

III-16 Frontiers

Religion and Religions

XXI-15 Lead

Religion and Society

XVII-22 Editorial, commenting on "Religion and Education" the current Children

Religion and "The Church"

I-15 Frontiers-refutation of Tom Johnson's letter

Religion and the Dream of Reality

XIX-20 Lead

Religion and the Future

V-20 Frontiers

Religion and the "Good"

XV-13 Frontiers

Religion and the Imagination

IX-52 Frontiers

Religion and the Modern Mind - Prof. W. T. Stace

XIII-19 Quoted in Lead, "The Unfolding Consciousness"

VIII-26 Reviewed under own title

Religion and the Press

I-42 Frontiers-more about Nation banned from NY schools and quote from letter from a Catholic

Religion and the Psyche

IX-21 Frontiers

Religion and the Ruse of Capitalism - Richard Henry Tawney (1926)

XXXIV-50 Quoted in Children, "For Children of Light"

Religion and the Schools

XV-30 Editorial

Religion and the State

IV-20 Review

Religion an the Supernormal

XXIV-9 Review

Religion as Meaning

VIII-10 Lead

Religion for a New Generation - Jacob Needleman

XXXII-7 Quoted in Review, "Two Fresh Starts"

Religion for Heroes

XVI-18 Editorial

Religion for Human Need

II-2 Lead-Christmas, 1948, no some commercial, or so it seemed

Religion in an Age of Science (Star Island Annual Conference)

IX-11 Editorial

IX-52 Dr. Henry Murray paper quoted in Frontiers, "Religion and the Imagination"

Religion in Education

VIII-5 Lead

Religion in Life (periodical)

XXIV-9 Religion's Basic Science," quoted in Review, "Religion and the Supernormal"

Religion in Novels

XIV-49 Review

Religion in Our Schools

XII-31 Several contributors to quoted in Children, "The Fund on Religion in the Schools"

Religion in Our Time

IX-51 Frontiers

Religion in Politics

II-12 Editorial-religion in Israeli constitution

Religion in the Future

XI-1 Review-Julian Huxley's "A Religious Outlook" from his book Religion Without Revelation

XXXVI-20 Lead

Religion in the Future- Jung

XI-3 Review-above Atlantic article, "God, the Devil and the Human Soul"

Religion in the Schools

VIII-11 Review

Religion of Free Men, The

VIII-46 Lead

Religion of Frustration, The

I-4 Frontiers

Religion of Man, The

XVI-2 Lead

Religion of Medicine, The

VIII-50 Frontiers


XII-32 Review

Religion of Selling, The

VIII-8 Editorial, "The Big Ball of Wax"

Religion of Solidarity - Edward Bellamy

II-33 Edward Bellamy"

VI-32 Long quote from in Lead, "The Field of Science"

VI-21 Long quote from in Lead, "Tides of Questioning"

XXV-36 Quoted in Review, "Quest for 'Real Being'"

XXVII-45 Quoted in Lead, "Another Language"

XL-23 Quoted re sense of a "second soul" in "Going Into Ourselves"

Religion of Tomorrow

XXXIV-12 Review-What Coleridge Thought, Bugbear of Literacy

Religion of the Ancients, The

XI-49 Frontiers

Religion of the Spirit, The - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

XIX-49 Lead-essay taken from The Philosophy of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Religion or Neurosis

XI-23 Editorial

Religion "Right-Side Up"

XXI-52 Editorial

Religion, Sin, and the Animals

XIII-3 Review

Religion Without God?

VIII-15 Editorial

Religion Without Priests

XIX-28 Lead

Religions of Man, The - Prof. Huston Smith

XIII-21 Reviewed, quoted in Review of same title

XVIII-18 Reviewed in "U.S. and Religion-a New Concept," quoted, David Lawrence on "Voice of America" broadcasts

XIX-1 Quoted in Review, "Christ and Anti-Christ"

XXXV-1 Quoted in Lead, "Two General Outlooks"; also see MANAS, May 25, 1960

XXXIV-43 Quoted in Lead, "A Task of Rectification"

Religion, Values, and Peak-Experiences - A. H. Maslow (Ohio State University Press, 1964)

XVII-52 Quoted in Lead, "Science and Religion- Again"

XXI-14 Quoted in Editorial, "What Are the Virtues?"

XXI-48 Quoted in Lead, "On Being Born Again"

Religion, Values, and Peak-Experiences-(Continued)

XXIV-17 Maslow quoted from new Preface to Viking paperback edition in Frontiers, "The All-or- Nothing Tendency"

XXV-42 Quoted from Viking paperback edition in Lead, "Beyond Public Truth"

XXXI-19 Quoted in Lead, "The Inherent Purpose"

XXXI-26 Quoted in Lead, "Obscurities of Balance"

XXXIII-3 Quoted from in Editorial, "What Happens to Religion"

XXXIII-11 Quoted in Lead, "Discoveries Found in Books"

XXXVI-18 Long quotations and discussion of in Review, "Self-Validating Experience"

XL-46 Re-reviewed in "Behind the Institutional Forms"

Religious Basis of the Forms of Indian Society, The - Anada K. Coomaraswamy (Orientalia, 1946)

VII-3 Quoted in Lead, "Extremes of Social Theory"

Religious Bodies Consultative Committee

IV-4 Quoted from report in Letter from England

Religious Education

XV-16 Gate Klingberg quoted, May 1959 issue, in Children, "The Individual Youth and Religion"

XVI-11 Dr. Evelyn W. Goodenough's article, "The Development of Spiritual Resources in the Young Child" quoted from Sept. 1961 issue in Children, "Spiritual Resources"

XVI-26 Erwin Goodenough article, "Myths and Symbols for Children," quoted June 1962 issue, in Children, "Quotes and Notes"

Religious Freedom

I-12 Editorial

Religious Humanism

XXII-16 Frontiers

Religious Humanism (quarterly)

XX-19 Johannes Auer, Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, Prof. Sidney Hook, quoted from Winter 1967 issue in Review, "A New Humanist Magazine"

Religious Liberty - Cecil Northcott (Macmillan)

II-31 Review (of sorts)

Religious Outlook, A - Julian Huxley

XI-1 This Saturday Review article (from forthcoming book, Religion Without Revelation) discussed in Review, "Religion in the Future"

Religious Overtones in Psychoanalysis - David C. McClelland

XII-15 Quoted in Lead, "Halves Into Wholes

XII-18 Published as Pendle Hill Pamphlet 104, "Psychoanalysis and Religious Mysticism"

Religious Psychology

V-21 Review-The Individual and His Religion

Religious Question, The

XV-49 Lead

XIII-12 Lead

Religious Revival, The

XVII-33 Review of "Second Thoughts on the Religious Revival" by Herbert J. Muller, a chapter of his Religion and freedom in the Modern World appearing in Harper's, February

Religious Traditions of the World (series) Harper & Row, 1985
Religions of Japan-H. Byron Earhart, and Religions of Africa- Thomas Lawson

XXXVIII-20 Reviewed, quoted in Children, "Religious Studies"

Religious Writings of Leo Tolstoy, The (Julian Press)

XIII-12 Tolstoy's "My Confession" quoted in Lead, "The Religious Question"

Relis, Paul

XXXV-26-35 Report of his visit to Control Data Corp. and Chairman William Norris in Frontiers, "A Perennial Solution"

XL-5 On his visit to Russia Gildea Review in Frontiers

Reluctant Metaphysics

III-13 Review-following The Wall of film, The Chips Are Down, Jean Paul Sartre

Reluctant Patience, A

VI-8 Frontiers-Against These Three - Stuart Cloete

Reluctant Theorists, The

XIV-8 Review

Remarkable Achievement

XXIII-17 Editorial

Remarque, Erich

I-2 Review of Arch of Triumph

VII-32 Review of A Time to Love and a Time to Die

VIII-27 Reference to above novel in Frontiers, "'Morale' is the Issue"

Remarque's Latest Novel

VII-32 Review-A Time to Love and a Time to Die

Remediable Injustices

IX-6 Frontiers-Review of ACLU pamphlet, The Lamp and the Law

Remedies for Cards and Cars

XXX-25 Frontiers

Remedy for Delusion, The

XXX-37 Editorial

Remedy for Social Disorders, The

XXII-50 Editorial

Remembering - Wendell Berry (North Point, 1988)

XLI-52 Quoted in "Looking Ahead"

Remington, William W.

IV-40 Reference to his case and the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of conviction in Editorial, "The Courts-Protectors of Liberty"

Remote Control - Frank Mankiewicz and Joe Swerdlow

XXXI-26 Reviewed by Maya Pines in Frontiers, "Various Scores"

Renaissance, The- Act II

XI-9 Lead

Renan, Ernest

XXVII-2 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Liberal Churches"

Renan, Ernest-(Continued)

XXXI-1 Quoted from L'Avenir de la Science in Children, "Stages of Knowing"

Renault, Mary

XX-35 Her novel Promise of Love quoted at length in Review, "Neglected Delicacies"

XXIV-48 Her book The Last of the Wine discussed in Review, "Musings on Literature"

XXXIII-53 Quoted from No. 16 Growing Without Schooling review of Kings Must Die in Children, "John Holt's Work"

Rendered Unto Caesar

XV-44 Lead (condensed version of article by Milton Mayer in Sept. Fellowship)

XXXIII-52 Lead (article by Milton Mayer first in Fellowship, Sept. 1962)

Rene Guillot's African Folk Tales

XIX-20 Quoted in Children, "African Tales"

Renewal (magazine)

XIX-20 Dick Gregory quoted, March issue, in Review, "Naming the Revolution"

XIX-39 Paul Goodman, Larry Cole, John Holt, Len Chandler, Nat Hentoff conversation with teenagers, and comments quoted, March issue, in Children, "Where Do You Go?"

XIX-52 Stephen C. Rose quoted on C. A. Doxiadis from Sept. issue in Lead, "A Germinal Solution"

XXI-6 Interview with Paul Goodman in Plastic Bag reprinted in Dec. 1967 issue, quoted in Editorial, "More Goodman"

Renewable Energy-The Power to Choose - Daniel Deudney and Christopher Flavin (Worldwatch Institute, 1983)

XXXVI-41 Quoted in Review, "What's Wrong, What May Be Right"

Renewal (Magazine)

XXXV-50 Quoted, Feb. 8, 1982 issue, James Turner (re corporate trap) in Frontiers, "Some Common Dilemmas"

Renewal of the Quest

XXII-34 Editorial

Renewing the American Dream?

XXIII-6 Review

Renner, Dr. Karl

II-4 Old Socialist leader, referred to in Letter from Central Europe, asked by Russians to form provisional government in Austria

Renner, Michael

XLI-45 From WorldWatch #88 on the automobile in "A Great Industrial Mistake"

Reno, Philip

XXV-14 Quoted in re Alan Sorkin's American Indians and Federal Aid, Feb. 21 Nation in Frontiers, "A Note on Planning"

Rensberger, Boyce

XXXI-24 Quoted N.Y. Times (Aug. 28) in Lead, "An Old-Fashioned Virtue"

XXXII-37 Quoted from N.Y. Times, April 10 in Frontiers, "Indigenous Yankees"

Renunciants, The

II-16 Editorial (Japanese who renounced U.S. Citizenship)

Repay No One Evil for Evil

XIV-6 Frontiers


XII-2 Frontiers-follow-up on Kathryn Larson essay on civil disobedience

Repetto, Robert

XXXIX-40 Quoted The Global Possible in "The Obligations of Consciousness"; also quoted from World Enough and Time written to summarize The Global Possible in Lead

Replacing the Warrior - William A. Myers (Pendle Hill)

XXXIX-14 Quoted in "A Perverse Metaphor" (cultural ideal of the warrior)

Reply to Kenneth Patchen

XI-17 Frontiers-Reply to Alex Wayman

Report from a Hospital

XVIII-9 Editorial

Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace (Dial Press, 1967)

XXI-9 Transaction discussion of quoted in Lead, "All-or-Nothing Morality"

Report from Minnesota!

XXXIV-36 Editorial (old ladies and poverty)

Report from the Publishers

IX-8 Editorial

Report of the Arid Region of the United States (1878) - John Wesley Powell

XXXVI-46 Discussed in "Organs of Culture"

XXXVII-45 Quoted his intentions from River No More in "Water is Life"

Reportof (the International Fellowship of Reconciliation) IFOR

XXXVII-37 Spring 1984 quoted Hannes de Graaf on his 30 years visiting the Soviet Union, in Frontiers, "Notes of Technology, China, Russia"

Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders

XXII-2 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "Notes on 'Race'"

Report on Blacklisting - John Cogley (Fund for the Republic Work)

IX-35 Review, "Compounded of Fear and Shame"

Report on China

XXIX-9 Review

Report on the Cities

XXIV-42 Editorial

Report on Indonesia

VII-35 The Fabulous Experiment" by Cameron Hawley

Report on Institutions

XXI-12 Frontiers

Report on Spanish Anarchists

XXX-16 Review

Report to Subscribers

II-1 Editorial (summarizing the first year)

Report to Supporters

XXX-1 Editorial

Report to Writers

VI-8 January 1953 Report noted in Children

Reporter (magazine)

VII-34 Review, "Dwight Macdonald in the Reporter"

VII-40 Quoted from William Lee Miller article, "Piety Along the Potomac" in Frontiers, "Progress in Religious Thinking"

VII-44 Review, "Two Perspectives" concerns Reporter articles (Commager review of Marshall book)

VIII-13 Brief quote from William Lee Miller in Lead, "Transition in Religion"

VIII-16 Max Ascoli quoted in Review, "Scanning Some Periodicals"

VIII-27 Quoted re opposition to army in Germany in Frontiers, "'Morale' in the Issue"

VIII-29 William Lee Miller's article, "America's Most Successful Protestant Minister" re Norman Vincent Peale in Lead, "Is It 'Religion'?"

IX-18 Hannah Lee's article from quoted in Children, on subject of the Senior High

XIII-11 Article by Walter Schneir for Oct. 1, 1959 issue, quoted from in article by Richard Groff in Frontiers, "Searching Questions"

XV-49 William Lee Miller quoted, Aug. 17, 1954 issue, in Lead, "The Religious Question"

Reporter in Search of God, A - Howard Whitman (Collier's, March 31, 1951)

IV-19 II"

Reports from Overseas

XXXVI-7 Frontiers (nuclear indoctrination)

Repression and Industrial Dialectics - Dr. Walter A. Weisskopf

XIX-13 Lead reprinted from Sept. 1965 Review of Social Economy

XIX-14 Second part of above used as Frontiers article

Reprisal - Arthur Gordon, 1950

V-9 Quoted from in Review, "'Race' Novels"

Reps, Paul

XI-45 His Zen Flesh, Zen Bones reviewed in "Adventures in Zen"

Republic, The - Charles A. Beard

XXVIII-1 Reviewed in "The Art of Citizenship"

Republic - Plato

I-2 In Children

I-15 Quoted in Children

I-25 Reference to Books V and VII in Lao Tze story

I-27 In 10th Book places responsibility on individual

I-36 References to in Great Reformers on Plato

IV-2 Quoted on causes of war in Frontiers, "Causes of War"

IV-7 Quoted about den and shadows, and one who returns to cave-in Lead, "Another Life"

XIII-41 Brief quote from Prof. Cornford's translation in Editorial, "The Great Minority"

XIII-50 Brief quote in Children, "Liberal Experiments in Education"

XV-17 Quoted in Children from Book II, "Discussion on Non-Meat Diets"


XVIII-15 Quoted Book IV in Lead, "The Chances for Utopia"

XIX-35 Quoted by Eric Havelock in Children, given in Editorial, "The Autonomous Individual"

XXII-19 Quoted from Book IX in Lead, "The Platonists" and Book IV

XXV-11 Northrop Frye quoted in re to in Review, "Books on Utopia

XXV-37 Quoted VII in Lead, "Musings on Education"

XXV-45 Quoted from IX Book in Lead, "Steps in Transition"

XXVII-13 Quoted from VII in Editorial, "A Higher Mathematics"

XXVIII-41 Quoted in Lead, "To Be, Or Not To Be"

XXIX-14 Herbert Read's quote from, in Lead, "Reason and Rationality"

XXX-2 Brief quote from Book 9 in Lead, "A Pattern Laid Up in Heaven"

XXX-23 Quoted in Lead, "The Vocabulary of Technics"

XXXII-18 Quoted in Lead, "The Ordeal of Thinking"

XXXIII-4 Discussed in Lead, using N. Frye's work , in Editorial, "Guardians, not Guards"

XXXIII-43 Long quote from Book IX (practical vs. ideal life in world) in Lead, "Nowhere on Earth"

XXXIII-51 Quoted "realm of choicelessness" in Editorial, "A Hard Choice"

XXXIII-52 Quoted from Book VII in Review, "Better than Ten Thousand Eyes"

XXXIV-52 Quoted in Review, "The New Enlightenment"

XXXVII-9 Quoted in Lead, "Moonshine and Sunlight" ("in every soul an organ. . .")

XXXVII-11 Quoted in Lead, "On Taking Charge"

XL-5 The Myth of Er and Plato's remarks on the good life quoted in "What Determines Our Decisions?"

XL-11 7th book quoted in "Like Men In a Dream"

Republic and the Person, The - Gordon Keith Chalmers (Henry Regnery, 1952)

VI-5 Reviewed

VI-7 Quoted in Children

VI-9 Quoted in Editorial, "Morality in Transition"

VI-22 Quoted in Children

IX-12 Quoted re moral awakening which followed World War II in Lead, "What Is Happening to Man?"

Republic of Reason, The-The Personal Philosophies of the Founding Fathers - Norman Cousins (new title of In God We Trust) (Harper & Row, 1988)

XLI-43 Reviewed in "What Our Founders Believed"

XLI-48 Adams and Jefferson in "Without Technology"

Requiem for Economists

XXXVI-12 Lead

Requiem for the Renaissance

XXXVII-22 Review (Gilbert Highet, etc.)

Requiem for the Wild Blue Yonder

XVII-47 Review

Required Reading

XXXVIII-9 Lead (Thoreau)

Required Reading on Energy

XXIX-50 Frontiers

Requirement of Change

XXIX-20 Editorial

Requirements of Change

XXXIV-1 Editorial

Requirements of Synthesis

XXXI-7 Frontiers

Requirements of Health, The

XXIV-2 Lead

Requirements of Human Beings

XI-37 Editorial

Requirements of Peace

VI-16 Editorial

Requirements of the "Good Society"

XIII-4 Review

Rescue Party - Arthur Clark

V-18 Quoted in Review, "Science Fiction"

Research Exchange on Prevention of War

VII-8 Quoted from Bulletin of in "The Arts of Peace"

Research Has Been Done, The

XXXVIII-40 Lead (survey of problem areas)

Research in Psychotherapy (published by American Psychological Association, Washington)

XXVII-9 Dr. Eugene T. Gendlin quoted from Vol. 3 in Children, "Reflective Attending"

Research Society for Creative Altruism (Harvard Group) - Pitirim A. Sorokin, Founder

X-51 Papers of discussed in Frontiers, "Against the Grain"

Resek, Carl

XLI-26 Quoted on Bourne in "The Way Changes Come About"

Reservoir of Value

XXII-53 Lead

Resettling America

XXXII-17 Frontiers

Residence in London - Wordsworth

XVII-51 Quoted in Review, "Philosophical Approach to Alienation"

Resistance - April 1951 (magazine)

IV-25 Quoted from by David Dallinger re sending children to public schools, Frontiers, "The Institutional Dilemma"

VII-10 Feb. 1954 issue, quoted from David Weick article in Frontiers, "They Would Not Listen"

VII-46 Frontiers, "The Anarchist Contribution"

Resistance, Rebellion, and Death -- Albert Camus (Modern Library)

XX-14 Discussed and quoted in Review, "Albert Camus"

XXXIX-9 Quoted in "The Essayist's Power" (the aim of art)

XXXIX-4 Letters of a German friend in "Contrasting World Views"

XLI-1 Extensively quoted, "At the Foot of the Mountain"

Resistance to Questioning

XIV-49 Editorial

Resistance to Peace

III-21 Lead

Resnick, Joseph (N.Y. Congressman)

XIX-30 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Plea for Delta Refugees"

Resolves Against Fear-and War

XIV-39 Review

Resolving Social Conflicts - Kurt Lewin

III-44 Reference to (chapter on "The Background of Conflict in Marriage") in Frontiers, "The Missing Factor"

Resonances of Mind

XXIV-41 Lead

Resource for the World

XXXI-19 Review

Resources and the American Dream - Samuel Ordway

VII-2 Quoted in "The Arts of Peace"

Resources for Social Change

XII-18 Lead

Resources of the Age, The

XXVIII-43 Lead

Resources of William Blake, The

XXXI-36 Review

Response to "Community"

XX-23 Frontiers

Response to the Food Crisis - Ed Lazar

XXVIII-18 Frontiers

Responsibilities of the Free, The

VIII-14 Editorial

Responsibilities of Idealists, The

X-32 Lead

Responsibilities of the Individual

XVIII-40 Lead

Responsibilities of Knowledge, The

VII-39 Lead

Responsibility for Government

III-38 Frontiers (comments from correspondent in Alaska on our review of Power)

Responsibility for What?--To Whom?

XVII-10 Editorial

Responsibility of People, A

XVIII-9 Lead

Responsibility of People, The

XXVIII-38 Frontiers

Responsibility of Peoples - Dwight Macdonald

I-8 Points out no specific individual fully accountable for war crimes-Lead, "The Mechanical Man"

I-16 Mentioned in review of The Dark Side of the Moon

III-35 Reference to in Lead, "A New View of Man"

IV-24 Long quote from in Lead, "Virtues in Decline" re Negroes on Mare Island"

IV-48 Reviewed-"Collective Responsibility"

V-3 Long quote from in Review, "It 's Almost Funny"

VI-41 "Books for Our Time"

Responsibility of Peoples-(Continued)

XII-17 Mentioned in Frontiers, "Good and Straightforward War"

XX-15 Quoted in Review, "The Question of 'Blame'"

XX-25 Quoted in Lead, "Business As Usual"

XXI-38 Quoted in Lead, "The Rules of Criticism"

Responsibility of Peoples (English magazine) (Pentre Ifan, Felindre Farchog Crymych (Dyfed), Walkes, U.K.)

XXII-14 Article by E. F Schumacher reprinted from Sept/Oct 1968 issue text of Lead, "The New Economics"

XXII-33 Article by E. F. Schumacher reprinted, Jan/ Feb 1969 issue as Lead, "Buddhist Economics"

XXIII-39 Interview between Vinoba Bhave and Kumar Satish quoted from July/Oct 1969 issue (reprinted in Peacemaker, Aug. 15, 1970) in Lead, "The Initiative in Growth"; also in Editorial, "More from Vinoba"

XXIV-41 E. F Schumacher's paper quoted from July/ Aug. issue in Frontiers, "Elementary Economics"

XXIV-45 E. F. Schumacher quoted, July/Aug. 1971 issue in Lead, "The Meaning of 'Progress'"

XXV-39 Discussion of Blueprint for Survival in Economist quoted from Mar/Apr issue in Frontiers, "The 'Business' of Growth"

XXVII-8 Interview between Vinoba Bhave and Satish Kumar first appearing in July/Oct 19698 issue, then in Peacemaker, Aug. 15, 1970, subject of Lead, "Toward Actual Self- Government"

XXVII-14 E. F. Schumacher quoted, Nov/Dec issue in Editorial, "In Addition. . ."

XXVII-21 Vinoba Bhave's essay on Basic Education discussed, quoted in Children, "Vinoba's Basic Education"

XXVII-22 Vinoba Bhave's essay on Basic Education discussed in Children, "Vinoba's Basic Education"

XXVIII-3 Robert Waller and John Seymour quoted, Sept/Oct issue in Frontiers, "The Roots of Restoration"

XXVIII-4 Henryk Skolimowski quoted, Sept/Oct issue in Frontiers, "He Fitted in. . ."

XXVIII-13 Quoted in Lead, "What Is Intermediate Technology?"

XXVIII-15 Satish Kumar quoted from introductory note to joint issue of and Ecologist in Frontiers, "Energy and Control"

XXVIII-43 Leopold Kohr quoted, May/June issue, in Children, "Unengaging Reflections"

XXVIII-43 Response to Illich's Medical Nemesis quoted from May/June issue in Frontiers, "Elaboration of Common Sense"

XXVIII-46 E. F. Schumacher quoted, May/June issue, in Frontiers, "Our (Presently) Inaccessible Ills"

XXIX-3 John Seymour quoted from Fall 1974 issue in Frontiers, "The Ring of Truth"

Responsibility of Peoples-(Continued)

XXIX-25 E. F. Schumacher quoted in Lead, "The Push of Necessity"

XXIX-38 Geoffrey Ashe, Hilary Peters, Ivor Browne and Simon O'Donohoe quoted, May/June issue, in Frontiers, "Gardens, Trees, and Other Good Things"

XXIX-51 E. F. Schumacher quoted, May/June 1975 issue in Lead, "Nature's Bureaucracy"

XXX-3 John Papworth's "Statement of Intent" quoted from first issue in Review, "A Resurgence Reader"

XXX-10 E. F. Schumacher quoted Nov/Dec. issue in Frontiers, "Our Friends the Arabs"

XXX-12 John Papworth quoted from first issue (May 1966) in Lead, "On the Human Condition"

XXX-38 E. F. Schumacher quoted from May/June 1975 issue in Lead, "The Design Factor"

XXX-40 John Seymour quoted in Lead, "The Facts of Life"

XXX-46 E. F. Schumacher's "City Patterns" quoted from May/June issue in Frontiers, "The Common Foundation"

XXX-51 Leopold Kohr's memorial appreciation of Schumacher quoted in Frontiers, "E. F Schumacher"

XXXI-10 E. F. Schumacher article on Tanzania quoted from July/Aug 1977 issue in Lead, "The Condition of Moral Renewal"

XXXI-17 Rudolf Rocker article on Greece quoted from Nov/Dec 1977 issue in Children, "Some Social Studies"

XXXI-17 John Seymour quoted, Jan/Feb issue in Frontiers, "Tensions of the Times"

XXXI-40 Review of John Seymour's Bring Me My Bow quoted from Mar/Apr issue in Review, "Upsurge and Decline"

XXXI-44 June Miller's review of Christine Beel's The Childbirth Book quoted, July/Aug issue, in Children, "Reason for Reading and Schooling"

XXXI-46 Schumacher quoted May/June 1975 issue in Frontiers, "A Simple Answer"

XXXII-47 Quoted letter from Brian John in June 1979 issue in Frontiers, "The Inevitable Myths"

XXXII-52 Small is Beautiful"

XXXIII-17 Time Running Out, the best of ten years of Resurgence discussed in Lead, "Replacing the System"

XXXIII-24 Quoted May/June 1975 issue, "The Critical Question of Size" by Schumacher in Lead, "The Other America"

XXXIII-42 Quoted Vinoba Bhave from Jan. 1974 issue in Editorial, "Comfort for the Ignorant"

XXXIII-44 Discussed and quoted article by Schumacher in Lead, "Unfriendly Structures"

XXXIII-47 July/Aug 1980 quote from Englishman re W. Berry in Frontiers, "Both Food and Meaning"

Responsibility of Peoples-(Continued)

XXXVIII-37 Intro to The Forgotten Arts quoted from Jan/ Feb 1985 in "The Decent Elite"; also Sigmund Kvaloy, Oct/Sept 1984 re difference between modern and old houses

XXXVIII-50 Helena Norbvergf-Hodges re Ladakhis May/ June 1985 in "For High Schoolers"

XXXIX-4 Sir Martin Ryle, Sept/Oct 1985 re war, Frontiers

XXXIX-6 Schumacher, May/June 1975 in "The Sources of Morality"

XXXIX-20 Schumacher, May/June 1975 in "An Outgrown Institution"

XXXIX-39 Brian Keeble's review of Pandaemonium 1160-1886

XXXIX-42 Schumacher (1975) in "The Wisdom of Schumacher"

XXXIX-43 May/June 1986 Colin Tudge and Anil Agarwal in "The Causes of Worldwide Hunger"

XXXIX-48 Sept/Oct 1986 in "The English Project"

XL-1 Kirkpatrick Sale, Sept/Oct 1986 with Berry in Children

XL-51 May/June 1975 Schumacher on organizations in "Accustoming Ourselves to Thinking"

XLI-6 Vinoba Bhave on teaching, J an. 1974, also Time Running Out in "The Human Undertaking"

XLI-20 Satish Kumar on the small school in Children

XLI-25 Schumacher on "size" in "The Ethical Sense"

Responsibility of Peoples, The

XII-10 Frontiers

Responsibility of the Press, The

XIV-35 Editorial

Responsibility of Readers

XVIII-8 Editorial

Responsibility of Scientists, The

IX-12 Lead

Responsibility of the Artist

X-34 Editorial

Responsibility to Truth

V-45 Editorial

Responsible Reader, A

XXI-31 Review

Restak, Richard

XXX-7 Quoted from Nov. 27, 1976 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "Mayhem in Review"

Restitution Program of Justice (see Challeen)
Restive Press, The

XX-4 Editorial

Reston, James (New York Times)

X-23 Quoted from in C. Wright Mill's The Power Elite which was quoted in Review, "The Challenge to the Individual"

XI-22 Quoted by Roy Kepler in Lead, "What Are We Going to Do?"; also quoted from N.Y. Times on pacifism, same Lead Quoted re Quincy Wright study of war

Reston, James-(Continued)

XI-44 Quoted in Frontiers, "Back to the Wall" re power of president in matters of war

XIX-47 Quoted from Pasadena Star-News for Oct. 18 in Frontiers, "The 'Service' Society"

Reston, Peter

XXI-46 Quoted Dec. 1967 Anarchy 82 in Children, "Experiment in Scotland"-account of R. F. Mackenzie's work at Braehead School

Restored Heritage, A

XXII-40 Editorial

Restored Portrait of Cagliostro

XXI-6 Review

Restoration of Reason, The

XXXII-43 Lead

Restoring the Fields

XXVII-41 Review

Resultless Thinking

XXIX-49 Editorial

Resurgence Reader, A

XXX-3 Review

Resurrection - Tolstoy

I-4 Quoted in Letter from England

Rethinking Philosophy

X-14 Frontiers

Rethinking Religion

VI-14 Frontiers

Retracking America - John Friedmann (Anchor, 1973)

XXX-52 Quoted in Lead, "A Voice from the Wilderness"

XXXI-1 Quoted from Jefferson's letter to Joseph C. Cabell in 1816 in Frontiers, "A Good Book on Planning"

Retreat to Innocence - Doris Lessing

XII-24 Mentioned in Editorial, "Limbo of the Present"

XII-35 Quoted in Frontiers, "The World They Never Made"

"Retreat" to Philosophy

VII-33 Frontiers


II-16 Review (foreign film Day of Wrath)

Retrieval (published every two months, 266 Gore St., Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia - $2.00)

XXVII-3 Discussion of pamphlet published by London Haslemere Group quoted from Sept/Oct 1973 issue in Frontiers, "More on the 'Green Revolution'"; also quoted from same source, Marvin Harris article (first appeared in June 1972 Natural History, in same Frontiers)

Retrospect and Prospect

XXVIII-46 Lead

Return from Enlightenment - Forest K. Davis (Adamant Press, Adamant, VT)

XXVII-48 Quoted from in Children, "Vacuum and the Filling"

XXVIII-6 Quoted in Editorial, "What is Man?"

Return of Christ, The

VI-23 Review-You the Jury, Mary Borden

Return of the Egghead, The

VII-27 Review

Return of the Essay

XXXII-45 Review

Return of the Golden Age?

XXI-16 Editorial

Return of the Moralist, The

XII-3 Lead

Return the Innocent Earth - Wilma Kykeman (Signet, 1974)

XXVIII-2 Quoted in Lead, "A Level of Inquiry

Return to Immanent Justice

XVII-29 Editorial

Return to Integrity - Edgar Ansel Mowrer

VIII-8 Saturday Review article, discussed in Lead, "Revival of Individualism"

Return to Learning (Issued by Fort Wayne Indiana Folk School)

XXVII-17 Eliot Watson report on "Why Students Don't Think" quoted from in Children, "Toward Paideia"

Return to Metaphysics?

XVIII-34 Review (Huston Smith, "The Death and Rebirth of Metaphysics" from Process and Divinity

Return to Paradise - James A. Michener

IV-22 Long quote from in Review, "The Michener Era"

Return to Tibet - Heinrich Harrer (Schocken, 1985)

XXXVIII-52 Quoted in "Tibet-Then and Now"

Returned to Print

XXX-10 Review

Returning to Plato

XL-15 Review

Reuchlin, John (Father of the Reformation)

I-6 Reformer who taught self-reform

I-50 John Reuchlin"

II-22 Referenced to his opposition t o anti- Semitism

XXXIX-9 Noted in Editorial re Mirandola's influence in "The Role of Humans"

Reunion - Merle Miller

XV-7 Quoted in Review, "An Unusual Movie and a Good-Try Book"

Reuther, Walter (President of Auto Workers)

III-41 Review "The Things That Make for Peace" based on his Progressive suggestions for "A total Offensive for Peace"

V-26 Reference to in Editorial, "Impartiality is Difficult"

Revealing Trend, A

XL-24 Editorial (Kohl on teen suicides)

Revel, Jean-Francois

XXIV-35 Quoted from extracts of his Without Marx or Jesus in July 24 Saturday Review, Frontiers, "The Need of the Times"

XXIX-44 Without Marx or Jesus quoted in Frontiers, "Beyond the Orthodoxies"

XXXI-4 Without Marx or Jesus quoted in Lead, "Kindergarten Days"

Revelation in Wood and Stone

IV-52 Lead

Reversing A Destructive Process

III-9 Frontiers-review of They Came Here First, D'Arcy McNickle

Reversing Africa's Decline - Lester R. Brown (Worldwatch #65)

XXXVIII-50 Quoted in "Africa's Disaster"

Review of "Etc."

XIV-37 Frontiers

Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry

XVIII-1 Herbert Spiegelberg article quoted from Winter 1964 issue in Children, "The 'I Am Me' Experience"

XVIII-39 William Lynch quoted from Fall 1964 in Review, "Search for an Authentic Ethic"

XX-17 Brief quote from Herbert Spiegelberg article from Winter 1964 issue in Children, "The Golden Age"

XXI-2 John O. Stevens' paper quoted from Fall 1967 issue in Editorial, "The Law of Self- Reference" and in Frontiers, "Freedom and/ or Necessity"

XXI-40 Dr. Herbert Spiegelberg's article quoted from Winter 1964 issue in Lead, "The Shy Dignities" (taken from Jean Paul Richter and Richard Hughes)

XXIII-24 Article by George W. Morgan quoted from Fall-Winter 1969 issue in Frontiers, "Note on Contemporary Criticism"

XXIII-25-34 Same quote as above used in Lead, "The Precious Uncertainties"

XXXIX-22 Dr. Herbert Spiegelberg from Winter 1964 in "Our Uncertain Identity"

Review of National "Growth," A

III-31 Frontiers

Review of Review

XXXI-15 Review

Review of Review

IV-40 Review policy stated re earlier review of From Here to Eternity, Sept. 5, 1951

Review of Reviews

III-51 Editorial-about MANAS review policy

Review of Social Economy

XIX-13 Dr. Walter A. Weisskopf's article from Sept. 1965 issue in Lead, "Repression and Industrial Dialectics"

XXVIII-40 Kendall P. Cochran quoted from Oct. 1974 issue in Frontiers, "Economists on Economics"

XXIX-4 Kendall Cochrane quoted, Oct. 1974 issue in Lead, "Musings on Identity"

Review Policy

I-47 Editorial

Reviewer's Delight

XVII-20 Review

Reviewers and Writers

VII-49 Review

Revisionists Revisited, The-A Critique of the Radical Attack on the Schools (Basic Books, 1978)-Diane Ravitch

XXXI-50 Quoted from in Children, "Confusion and Common Sense"

Revival of Individualism

VIII-8 Lead

Revival of "Morality," The

XX-5 Lead

Revival of Religion? -- Alfred Reynolds

XIX-21 Frontiers

Revival of Slavery

II-31 Lead

Revivals of Buddhism

XXVI-40 Editorial

Revivifying Myths

XVIII-6 Editorial

Reviving Questions

XXXVIII-11 Lead (What Am I?, etc.)

Revolt Against the Experts

VII-28 Frontiers

Revolt from the Center - Niels I. Meyer, K. Helveg Petersen, Villy Sorenson (Marion Boyars, paper, 1978, America, 1983)

XXXVI-36 Quoted in Lead, "Plateau of Vision" (good signs)

Revolt in 2100 - Robert Henlein

XIII-4 Story "Coventry" quoted in Review, "Requirements of the 'Good Society'"

Revolt of Asia - Upton Close (1927)

III-2 Reference to this book in Review of Payne book of same title

VII-20 Quoted in Lead, "Focus in Asia"

Revolt of Asia - Robert Payne (John Day, 1947)

II-11 Quoted on Indonesia in Lead, "The Current of History"

II-20 Third of Payne book devoted to Indonesian Revolution

II-29 Objections to by Dutch reader quoted in Lead, "Epochs in Conflict"

III-2 "Rebirth in Asia"

VII-26 Quoted on Sjahrir in Editorial, "Eastern Example"

VII-35 Review, "Report on Indonesia"-quoted from

VIII-1 Quoted in Frontiers, "We Asians"

Revolt of the Masses - Ortega (Norton paperback, $1.25)

I-25 Reference to in Lao Tze story; mention of in Review of Ortega's Dehumanization of Art

II-2 Reference to in Review, "Men of Stable Mind"

II-5 Reference to in Review, "The Five Brothers" (title of book)

II-21 Classed with works of Hutchins and Laski in Review, "Lucid Prose"

II-22 Juenger's The Failure of Technology should be on shelf beside Ortega book-Lead, "The Quick and the Dead"

II-48 Reference to in review of Nock book on education

III-6 Quoted in Lead, "The Coming Generation"

III-14 Brief reference to in Children

VIII-49 Quoted in Lead, "Socrates for Europe

XVI-18 Briefly quoted in Lead, "The Emptiness at the Center"

XVI-20 Quoted in Lead, "The Lost and the Free"

Revolt of the Masses-(Continued)

XVI-23 Quoted in Editorial, "In Behalf of Excellence"

XVII-7 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Dilemmas of the Holists"

XVIII-32 Quoted in Lead, "The Great Shakedown"

XX-6 Quoted in Frontiers, "Historical Camouflage"

XXI-17 Quoted in Lead, "The Language of Value"

XXIII-40 Quoted in Lead, "The Meaning of Knowing"

XXV-46 Quoted in Lead, "The Height of the Times"

XXVI-25 Quoted in Lead, "Equality and Excellence"

XXVII-25 Quoted in Lead, "The Art of the Philosopher"

XXIX-36 Quoted in Lead, "The Art of the Philosopher"

XXIX-44 Quoted in Lead, "Unfinished Business"

XXX-1 Quoted in Lead, "The Leap of Metaphor"

XXXII-41 Quoted in Lead, "A Sense of Direction"

XXXII-20 Briefly mentioned in Lead, "Signs of a New Civilization"

XXXIV-2 Quoted in Lead, "At the Foot of the Mountain"

XXXV-8 Quoted in Review, "Science in the Human Interest"

XXXV-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Lost and the Saved"

XXXV-15 Quoted in Lead, "On 'Indirect Action'"

XXXVII-21 Quoted in Lead, "A Needed Inquiry"

XXXIX-47 On "aristocratic" interpretation of history

Revolution and Equilibrium - Barbara Deming (Grossman, 1971, $8.95)

XXIV-41 Quotations from in re Peace Walk, Dr. Earle Reynolds' findings in Hiroshima, Frantz Fanon, in Review, "The Making of Pacifists"

Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century - James and Grace Lee Boggs (Monthly Review Press, 1974, $10.00)

XXVII-37 Quoted in Frontiers, "Changes in Social Thought"

XXVII-40 Several quotations from in Lead, "Currents of Change"

Revolution at Berkeley - Calvin Trillin

XVIII-52 Mario Savio, John Searle, Paul Goodman

XX-20 Quoted in Children, "We Really Believe It"

Revolution in the Arts

XIII-43 Frontiers

Revolution in Power?, A

IX-45 Lead

IX-49 Answer to in Lead, "Politics Revisited"

Revolution in Seattle - Harvey O'Connor

XVIII-6 Quoted in Review, "Nostalgic Recollections"

Revolution in the Making, A (pamphlet) (People's Action, 223 Rouse Ave., New Delhi, 110001, India-2 Rupees)

XXIX-11 Mentioned in Review, "The Uphill Road of Vision"

Revolution of Hope, The - Erich Fromm

XXIII-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Land and the Law"

Revolution or Restoration?

XXIV-14 Lead

Revolutionary Catechism, The - Sergei Nechayev and Bakunin

III-20 Reference to and quote from in Lead, "The Iron Age"

Revolutionary Claim, A

XX-24 Review

Revolutionary Situation, The

XVIII-3 Lead

Revolutions of Civilization

VI-38 Frontiers

Reward for Integrity

III-37 Editorial re University of California and Loyalty Oath

Rexroth, Kenneth (San Francisco poet and critic)

VIII-48 Quoted re Henry Miller from Nation in Review, "Magazine Notes"

X-34 Quoted re in review of book of Baudelaire's letter in Nation, July 20, in Review, "In Defense of Desperation"

X-44 Quoted in re his In Defense of the Earth by M. L. Rosenthal in Nation, Sept. 28, in Lead, "Anger Without an Object"-on Dylan Thomas

X-46 Quoted his review in Nation, Oct. 12, on volume of prose poems by Rimbaud in Frontiers, "Criticism in the Nation"

X-52 Quoted passage in Nation, Nov. 23, re contemporary book about the horrors of World War II, in Lead, "The Things That Matter"

XI-21 Quoted his tracing the inroad of True Believing to the Texas grassroots in Editorial, "Just As You Say, Sir!"

XII-45 Quoted on modern writing in Lead, "The Search for Roots"

XIII-20 Quoted his "The Students Take Over" from July 2 Nation in Editorial, "Rexroth on Youth"

XVII-53 Quoted Nov. 23 Nation in Review, "A View of the Nation"

XVIII-5 Brief repeat quote from above in Editorial, "Tasks for Education"

XX-50 His review-essay on War and Peace quoted, Nov. 11 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "On Tolstoy"

XXI-21 His comment on Tolstoy quoted in Lead, "The Mixed Blessings of Sophistication"

XXV-10 His discussion of Walt Whitman quoted, Sept. 6, 1966 Saturday Review in Children, "Tasks of Education"

XXX-44 The Buddhist Writings of Lafcadio Hearn, collection of essays he edited, reviewed in "An Artist Philosophizes"

Rexroth on Youth

XIII-30 Editorial

Reymert, Martin L.

XI-25 He edited Feelings and Emotions, quoted in Frontiers, "Science and Moral Values" (Trigant Burrow)

Reynolds, Alfred (the London Letter)

XVII-23 Quoted his Pilate's Question in Lead, "What Is a Man to Do?"

XVII-24 Quoted at length in Lead, "Which Things Are True?"

XVII-33 Wrote "Pillars of Society" a Frontiers on the evils of our thought-patterns and how they support our institutions

XVII-36 Pilate's Question quoted in Lead, "A Language of Synthesis"

XVII-39 Quoted, Mar/Apr 1963 issue of London Letter in Lead, "A Tender Hope"

XVII-41 Again"

XVII-41 His letter text of first portion of Frontiers, "On Compassion"

XVIII-18 Wrote Frontiers, "Political Action"

XIX-21 His article from Nov/Dec 1965 London Letter used as Frontiers, "Revival of Religion?"

XIX-42 Wrote Frontiers, "The Inner Emigration"

XX-16 Wrote Frontiers, "The Need for Tolerance"

XX-36 Wrote Frontiers, "The Great Contempt"

XXI-34 Wrote Frontiers, "About Religion"

Dr. Reynolds "Not Guilty"

XIV-15 Editorial

Reynolds, Earle L. (Skipper of Phoenix)

XI-51 Discussed in Lead, "From Its Own Ashes"

XXIV-41 Barbara Deming's discussion of his findings in Hiroshima quoted from her Revolution and Equilibrium in Review, "The Making of Pacifists"

Reynolds, Lloyd J.

XXI-38 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Time for Amateurs"

Reynolds, Reginald (English Pacifist)

III-6 Treatment of this English advocate of Indian independence when he returned to England after visiting Gandhi in Editorial, "The Purple Rug"

VI-20 Quoted from Peace News dialogue between Tribunal of Conscience and army-minded boy in Lead, "Historical Perspective"

VI-25 Reference to in Review, "The Invisible Island"

VI-31 Reference to in Editorial, "A Difficult Requirement"; his Peace News discussed in Frontiers, "Counter-Terror in Kenya"

VII-33 Lead, "The Inadequacy of Fear" by him

VII-47 Quoted from Antioch Review article

IX-46 Quoted from Aryan Path in Review, "Dilemma Worth Pondering"

X-16 Quoted from Aryan Path in Children, "Quaker Education"

X-25 C.V.G. answers criticism of India's policy in the dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir by Reginald Reynolds in Letter from India

XI-1 Quoted his article in Aryan Path on "The Need for Propaganda Analysis" in Children, "Notes and quotations"; Editorial reference to sea serpents

Reynolds, Reginald-(Continued)

XI-43 Author of Frontiers, "All Things Common"

Reynolds, Richard

XX-8 Quoted from L.A. Times, Sept. 18, 1966, in Children, "The Fetish of Grades"

XXVI-52 Quoted L.A. Times, Sept. 18, 1966, in Lead, "How Will They Understand?"

Rhea, Buford

XXXV-35 Pioneer of Things to Come"

Rhetoric of Righteousness, The

XXXVII-39 Lead (misuse of religion)

Rhine, Dr. J. B. (Duke University)

I-3 Frontiers, "Biology and Politics"

I-4 Demonstrated non-physical transmission of human thought-Lead, "Psychological Currents"

I-12 Sober Psychologists fear his Arabian Nights' world. Quoted re implications of ESP- Review, "Metaphysics"

II-11 He piles up facts on ESP instead of arguing "how it works"-discussed in Frontiers, "World of Mind?"

II-16 Got Bernard F. Reiss started on ESP- Frontiers, "The Scientific Method"

II-35 Discussion of his book The Reach of the Mind in Frontiers, "Aspects of ESP"

III-1 Reference to his work with Parapsychology with William McDougall in Frontiers, "Psychology and Literature"

III-6 Frontiers discusses his editorial on "Relationships between Parapsychology and General Psychology"

III-16 Quoted his article "The Question of Spirit Survival" I Frontiers, "Religion and Psychism"

III-39 Reference to in Lead, "Time-Track of the Future"-reference to his The Reach of the Mind

IV-21 Quoted re spirit survival in Lead, "Triple Alliance"

VI-11 Frontiers, "What Psychic Research Has Found Out" quotes his paper, "A Scientific Approach to the Problems of Religion"

VI-47 The Reach of the Mind No. VIII of "Books for Our Time"

VI-52 Reference to experiments indicating children and cats have capacity for telepath-in Children

VII-16 Reference in Frontiers to his Journal of Parapsychology article, "The Pattern of History in Parapsychology"

VII-17 Review-"Dr. Rhine's Big Book"-New World of the Mind

VII-33 Reference to in Frontiers, "'Retreat' to Philosophy"

VII-48 Quoted Journal of Parapsychology in Lead, "A Mood in Scientific Thought"

VII-49 Reference to in Review, "Reviewers and Writers"

Rhine, Dr. J. B. -(Continued)

VIII-10 His and Ducasse's symposium in Journal of Philosophy, "Psychical Research and Philosophy," in Review, "A Surprising Philosopher"

VIII-14 Quoted Reader's Digest article, "Do Dreams Come True?" in Review, "Physical and Psychical Research"

X-13 Reference to in Lead, "Conventions in Science"

X-29 Quoted his chapter "What Next in Parapsychology?" in book Beyond the Five Senses in Review, "Beyond the Five Senses"

X-52 His Parapsychology-Frontier Science of the Mind reviewed, quoted in Review, "Frontier Science of the Mind"

XI-7 His article "Science Looks at Life After Death" from L.A. Examiner (American Weekly, Dec. 8) quoted in Review, "Survival After Death?"

XIII-35 His and J. H. Pratt's Parapsychology- Frontier Science of the Mind quoted from in Review, "Notes on Parapsychology"

XIV-50 His letter to MANAS quoted in Lead, "The Role of Science"

XVI-32 Parapsychology-Frontier quoted in Lead, "New Perspectives in Psychology"

XVIII-51 Quoted in Frontiers, "Science as Consensus"

XXIII-43 Quoted from Dr. Louisa E. Rhine's Mind Over Matter in Review, "Parapsychological Research"

XXIV-22 Quoted from book he edited Progress in Parapsychology in Review, "Parapsychological Research"

XXV-11 His quotation from William McDougall in Sept. 1971 Journal of Parapsychology in Frontiers, "A Comment on ESP"

XXXVI-21 Mention of his work and books in Review, "Two Transitions"; also in Editorial, "Psychic Phenomena"

Rhine, J. B.- On the Frontiers of Science - J. Ramakrishna Rao, ed. (McFarland & co. 1982)

XXXIX-16 Rao quoted, life of Rhine and wife in "Extra- Sensory Perception"

Rhine, Dr. Louisa E.

VIII-33 Journal of Parapsychology article on previsions in Frontiers, "Visions of the Night"

XV-2 Her Hidden Channels of the Mind quoted in Review, same title

XX-50 Quoted Sept. Journal of Parapsychology in Lead, "From Problems to Principles"

XXIII-43 Dr. J. B Rhine quoted by her in Mind Over Matter and used in Review, "A Complete Reversal"

XXXVII-17 Her Something Hidden reviewed, quoted in "Anything Like a Spirit in Man"

Rhoads, Grace

VI-52 Fellowship article on Bruderhof quoted in Frontiers, "A Home of the Free"

Rhodes, Eric

XIII-10 His discussion of film The Savage Eye in Sight and Sound, Winter 1959-60, quoted in Frontiers, "The Truths We Know"

Rhodes, James (former Governor of Ohio)

XXXVI-38 His ideas on education noted in Lead, "Servile Education in America" (Alternative to a Decadent Society)

Rhyne, R. F.

XXVII-44 Quoted Fields Within Fields (V. I, 1972) in Lead, "What Sort of Awakening?"

Rhythms of a Himalayan Village - Hugh R. Downs (Harper & Row)

XXXIII-47 Quoted, discussed in Editorial, "An Obscure Comparison" and in Frontiers, "Both Food and Meaning"

RIBA Journal (British publication)

XXVI-45 Percival Goodman's article which appeared in July issue quoted, Aug. 17 Peace News in Frontiers, "Now, and Now as 'Then'"

Ribicoff, Sen. Abraham (Conn.)

XXIII-37 Quoted from Aug. 22 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "Important to Millions"

Ricci, Matthew

VII-2 Quoted from China in the Sixteenth Century in Lead, "We Are All Very Much Alike"

Riccio, Lawrence

XXXIX-15 From Contemporary Education Fall 1985 on IQ Tests in "Population...Home Schooling"


XVI-13 War and "Delinquency" discussed and quoted in Review of same title

Rice, Elmer

IX-5 Saturday Review article, "American Theatre and the Human Spirit" quoted in Review, "The Business of Little Minds"; reference to in Editorial, "Ancient Religion"

Rice, John Andrew

III-5 His work at Black Mountain College discussed as described in Adamic's My America in Children

VI-20 Quoted on Black Mountain College from Harper's 1937 in Children, "Questions, Answers"

XXX-45 Quoted in Review, "Processes and Goals"

Rice, Pat

XXXIV-14 Irish exile in Venezuela writing in Dawn quoted on changing attitudes in Latin America in Frontiers, "The Long Road"

Rice-Pereira, Irene

XXVII-38 Quoted by Betty Roszak in her Review article, "The Two Worlds of Magic"

Rich, Alan (Music Director KPFA, Berkeley)

XI-48 Quoted from KPFA Folio in Frontiers, "Some MANAS Exchanges"

Rich, Henry (West Coast Advertising man)

XI-33 Quoted, July issue, Western Advertising in which he attacks the idea of sales promotion as it is used in our foreign policy in Editorial, "Uncommon Sense"

Richard III - Shakespeare

XXXVI-10 Quoted, "What do I Fear? Myself?" in Lead, same title

Richard, Jerry

XXXI-47 Quoted from in New Directions in Teaching, Summer 1978 issue, in Children, "A Splendid Impossibility"

XXXIII-8 Quoted, New Directions in Teaching in Children, "The Teaching Profession"

XXXIII-17 Quoted New Directions in Lead (same issue as above) on attitudes of Blacks in '60s in Lead, "On Replacing the System"

Richard Strauss and Romain Rolland- Correspondence (edited by Rollo Meyers)

XXI-43 Romain Rolland quoted from review in Sept. 12 London Times Literary Supplement in Frontiers, "Art and Home"

Richards, George W.

I-15 Christian Century, Feb. 25, 1948, points which all Christian churches accept

Richards, I. A.

XVIII-45 His essay quoted from Structure in Art and in Science in Lead, "Before the Storm"

Richards, John

XXXVIII-26 Quoted his "Global Patterns of Land Conversion" from Nov. 1984 Environment in Children, "History and Ecology"

Richards, Lindsay

XXIV-47 Quoted on chemical and biological weapons from Oct. 11 Nation in Frontiers, "'Unthinkable' or Obscene?"

Richards, Mary Caroline

XX-15 Quoted her Centering in Frontiers, "Art and Human Longing"

XX-27 Centering discussed, quoted in Children, "Nourished by Living Sources"

Richards, Rev. Robert

V-34 Won Olympic pole-vault championship and didn't find Russians so bad-in Review, "My Son, My Son!"

Richards, Vernon

XVIII-24 His volume on Errico Malatesta discussed in Frontiers, "The Anarchist Vision"

XXXVII-2 Editor of Why Work? Quotes from his selections in Review, "Some Anarchist Writers"

XL-14 Quoted from Freedom Oct. 1986 in "An Honorable Century"

Richardson, Beatrice Q.

XV-46 Her letter last part of Frontiers, "Community of Fear"

Richardson, Boyce

XXVI-22 Quoted James Bay-The Plot to Drown the North Woods in Frontiers, "Ecological Issue in Canada"; also quoted from pamphlet, "Save James Bay"

Richardson, Carol

VI-342 Author (not named) of Frontiers, "Loyalty to What?"

Richardson, Carroll (retired professor)

XXXV-13 His letter protesting nuclear "limited" war quoted in Editorial, "It's About Time. . ."

Richardson, Elwyn S.

XXIII-12 Ivor Kraft's review of his In the Early world quoted from Feb. 16, 1970 Nation in Children, "Books and Other Things"

XXIV-9 In the Early World discussed and quoted in Children, "New Zealand Schoolhouse"

XXIV-19 In the Early World mentioned in Children, "New Meanings for Art"

XXVII-8 Review of In the Early World quoted from New Schools Exchange Newsletter, Dec. 15, 1973, in Children, "Miscellany"

Richardson, Lewis F.

XIV-24 Review of his Arms and Insecurity and Statistics of Deadly Quarrels by Anatol Rapoport in May 13 Nation quoted in Frontiers, "The State of the Nation"

Richardson, Robert

XL-25-34 Reviewed his Thoreau-A Life of the Mind in Lead

XL-45 Brief quote from above on what nature taught Thoreau in "Human Destinations"

Richer by Asia - Edmond Taylor (Houghton-Mifflin, 1947)

I-4 Quoted as filler in Review, "Periodicals- Random Notes"

I-11 Several paragraphs about in Lead, "The New Intelligence"; Taylor had profound conviction that place for moral orientation is within one's self

I-23 Mentioned in Review, "World Without Credo"

I-24 Quoted (We have made ourselves the ancestors of the end of the world) in Lead, "World Organization or World Trust"

I-32 Referred to in connection with Dr. Bidhan Roy's "Non-Violence for Modern Man"

I-35 Reference to in "Economics for the Millions"

I-40 Mentioned in "India in Transition"

II-6 Editorial, "Americans Don't Lose Locomotives"

II-13 Recommended reading for parent in Children

II-29 Quoted in Lead, "Epochs in Conflict" re difference in attitudes between Britishers and Americans re imperialism vs. democracy

II-34 Reference to in Review of Vincent Sheean's Lead Kindly Light

III-4 Long quote from on broadness of Hinduism in Frontiers, "Partisan Journalism"

V-4 Quoted in Frontiers, "Life Looks at Asia"

V-34 Quoted in Review, "My Son, My Son!"

VI-24 Subject of "Books for Our Time IV"

VIII-15 Quoted re atomic tests in Review, "An 'Element of Risk'"

XI-21 Quoted in Frontiers, "The International Buddhists"

XI-44 Quoted in Editorial, "The Sphere of Life"

XIII-10 Quoted in Editorial, "Notes on Responsibility"

Richer by Asia-(Continued)

XIV-32 Briefly quoted in Review, "Jack Schaefer's Program"

XV-5 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Meaning of the World"

XVI-38 Quoted in Review, "The Indian Within Us"

XVII-53 Quoted in Frontiers, "Animal Machines"

XVIII-46 Quoted in Lead, "the Quest for Synthesis"

XXIII-18 Quoted in Frontiers, "Permissible Self- Criticism"

XXIV-41 Quoted in Lead, "Resonances of Mind"

XXVII-37 Quoted in Editorial, "Blurred Issues"

XXXIII-22 Quoted in Editorial, "The Crossbow Stage"

XXXIV-44 Quoted in Lead, "Reality is What We Create"

XXXVII-21 Quoted in Children, "Lost Doors" (failure to develop soul-values)

Richer, Paul

IX-37 Subject of Pageant's article, "Would You Want This Man to Teach Your Children?" discussed in Children

Riches of Necessity, The

XXXI-8 Review

Riches of Our Time

XXXII-40 Lead

Richman, Victor

XVI-21 Quoted from April Liberation in Editorial, "Some Good Generalizations"

Richmond, Kenneth

XXV-22 Quoted from Socrates and the Western World in Children, "What Socrates Might Say"

Richter, Conrad

VIII-43 His The Mountain on the Desert quoted in Frontiers, "Authority on Child-Rearing"

Riches of Necessity, The

XXXI-8 Review

Riches of Our Time

XXXII-40 Lead

Richman, Victor

XVI-21 Quoted from April Liberation in Editorial, "Some Good Generalizations"

Richmond, Kenneth

XXV-22 Quoted from Socrates and the Western World in Children, "What Socrates Might Say"

XXXV-51 Quoted from Socrates and the Western World in Lead

XXXIX-42 Quoted from Growing Without Schooling No. 50 in "After Fifty Issues"

Richoux, Donna (co-editor of Growing Without Schooling)

XXXVIII-11 Quoted No. 41, re textbooks for home use, etc., in Children

Richter, Conrad

VIII-43 His The Mountain on the Desert quoted in Frontiers, "Authority on Child-Rearing"

Richter, Edward

XIX-16 Quoted from Venture in Lead, "The Politics of Vision"

Richter, Hans

I-51 Editorial, "It Never Occurred to Him" based on Richter article in Christian Century, July 15, 1944

Richter, Hans-(Continued)

II-8 Quoted in Letter from Germany

XIX-32 Quoted July 16, 1944 Christian Century in Lead, "The Spaces of Freedom"

Richter, Jean Paul

XXI-40 Quoted from Winter 1964 Review of Existential Psychiatry in Lead, "The Shy Dignities"

XXXVI-4 Quoted in Lead, "Simply as a Man"-("I am 'me'")

Richter, Werner

I-17 Re-educating Germany quoted in Netherlands Letter-speaking of statesmen who have never surrendered

Rickert, Charles

II-21 Non-registrant, Editorial, "The Finger of Shame"-Larry Gara, teacher, imprisoned for upholding Rickert's stand

Ricketson, Daniel

XXXIV-3 Quoted his remarks on Thoreau from A Thoreau Iconography in Review, "If We Had Been Left Alone"

Ricketts, E. F. (biologist)

III-34 Quoted his and Steinbeck's Sea of Cortez

XVIII-24 Quoted Sea of Cortez in Lead, "Systems and the Man"

Rickover, Admiral Hyman

XI-25 Brief reference to in Children, "Russian Education-I" (let children stretch their capacities rapidly as possible)

XVI-17 His article, "The Decline of the Individual," March 20 Saturday Evening Post quoted in Lead, "The Service of Man"

XXXV-35 Quoted from Santa Barbara News Press, Jan. 29, 1982, in Frontiers, "The Outspoken Admiral"

XXXV-51 Quoted report on his departure from Ecologist, May/June 1982

Rico, Gabriele

XXXVI-22 Writing the Natural Way quoted Northrop Frye's The Education of Imagination used in Children, "On Writing"

Riddle, Oscar

IX-15 A. J. Carlson's review of Riddle's The Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought quoted in Lead, "The Trembling Earth"

Riddle of Life, The - William McDougall (Methuen, London, 1938)

III-3 He quotes Ludwig von Bertalanffy on problem of organization

XXXVII-15 Quoted in Lead, "Trials of Strength" (on Darwin's theory)

XXXVII-16 Quoted on Huxley in Lead, "The Will to Be Oneself"

XXXVIII-51 Quoted in "The American Garden" (on Huxley)

Ride With the Sun - collection of folk tales and stories from all countries of the United Nations

XII-21 Quoted from in "Stories" in Children

Ridenour, Dr. Louis N.

III-33 Mention of his discussion of radioactive "sand" in "The Eighteenth-Century Spell"

XII-20 Quoted in Lead, "The Empty Forum"

Ridgeway, James

XXII-15 C. West Churchman's review of his The Closed Corporation-American Universities in Crisis quoted from Feb. 14 Science in Children, "Vision Versus 'Problem-Solving'"

XXXIII-10 Quoted his Energy-Efficient Community Planning in Frontiers, "A Social Restoration"

Rieff, Philip

XV-28 Quoted from June Encounter in Lead, "The Struggle Against Prematurity"

XXIII-52 Mention made that John H. Schaar quotes him in New American Review article quoted in Lead, "The Roots of Social Order"

XXVI-16 Quoted in Lead, "The Passing of Agnosticism"

Riesman, David

IV-22 Quoted re movie producers and race relations in Lead, "The Humane Temper" from Progressive article by Nathan Glick

V-36 Review of his "The Lonely Crowd"

VI-9 Review, "The Ambiguity of Leisure " on his Antioch Review article

VII-22 Quoted from Antioch Review in Children

VIII-24 Review of his Individualism Reconsidered in "Man versus the Mass"

VIII-25 Individualism Reconsidered quoted at length in Children

IX-51 Quoted from American Scholar in Review, "Threats to Individuality"

X-7 Reference to his Constraint and Variety in Lead, "The Number One Question"

X-22 Brief quote from his article, "A Philosophy for 'Minority' Living" in Commentary, Nov. 1948 in Frontiers, "Reflections on Utopia"

X-28 Rollo May quoted on Riesman in Review, "Canadian Institute on Public Affairs"

XI-23 Quoted from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in Review, "Facts and Values"

XII-25 His "Private People and Public Policy" from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists quoted in Lead, "The Noncomplacent Minorities"

XIV-5 His article, Nov. Encounter, quoted in Children, "The Pessimistic Young Crowd"

XIV-47 His article, Oct. 2 New Republic, quoted in Frontiers, "War, Sociology, and History"

XV-13 His introduction to Edgar Friedenberg's The Vanishing Adolescent quoted in Children, same title

XVI-38 Quoted June Council for Correspondence Newsletter in Lead, "Notes on War and Peace"

XVII-12 His Cold War Dairy quoted, May 1963 Council for Correspondence Newsletter in Review, "Miscellany"

Riesman, David-(Continued)

XVII-22 Reference to "autonomous man" and The Lonely Crowd in Lead, "The Acquirement of Individuality"

XVIII-3 Quoted from Individualism Reconsidered in Children, "Some English Critics"

XIX-9 His Abundance for What? discussed, quoted in Review of same title

XXI-9 Quoted with Christopher Jencks from Feb. Atlantic in Review, "Available and Palpable Target"

Riesman, Paul

XVI-50 Frontiers, "Art and Anthropology" composed of portions of his paper

XX-12 Quoted from Sign, Image, Symbol in Lead, "Coming of Age in the World"

XXXVIII-2 Quoted from Sign, Image, Symbol in Children, "Passages of Transition" (symbols and modern man)

Rifkin, Jeremy

XXXIII-47 His Entropy (with Ted Howard) discussed, quoted in Review, "An Intermediate Outlook"

XXXIV-5 Quoted Entropy-A New World View in Lead, "A Distinctive Morality"

XXXIV-10 Pages in Entropy devoted to agriculture noted, and quoted in Children, "Individuality in Community"

XXXVIII-42 Quoted "Algeny" re the universe in "How We Think" (chapter in Smith's book)

XXXIX-8 Quoted in "Helping...Hereticking"

XL-52 Quoted from Harper's symposium on "new" medical techniques in "What Is Good for Humans?"

Rifkin, Susan

XXXIX-1 Her contribution to AT Reader re Chinese health care in "The Spread of Appropriate Technology"


VII-41 Quoted in Lead, "Two Traditions"

XXI-23 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "Measures of Meaning"

XXV-14 Hymn, "There was not death. . ." quoted in Editorial, "The Primordial Mystery" (related to Unamuno)

XXV-16 Radhakrishnan quoted from his East and West on hymn (X, 129) in Frontiers, "Eastern Philosophic Themes"

XXV-52 A Brief Exploration"

Right Answer, The - Barbara Tuchman

XXXVII-24 Editorial

Right Livelihood, Work, and Appropriate Technology - Yudelson and Nelson

XXXI-25 Reviewed in "On 'Natural Systems'"

Right Sort of Minority, The

XXXV-18 Frontiers (arms control, peace)

Right Thing, The

XXXVI-18 Editorial-good sense in the world (Gandhi, Maslow, etc.)

Right Thing to Do, The

XXXV-5 Frontiers (prison)

Right to a Choice, The

XXII-15 Frontiers

Right to be Human, The- A Biography of Abraham Maslow - Edward Hoffman (Jeremy Tarcher, 1988)

XLI-39 Lead, "Maslow's Legacy"

XLI-40 Reviewed in "Irrepressible Vision"

Right to Decide, The

XXXVIII-14 Editorial (Brownowsky's poor judgment)

Right to Dream, The - Gaston Bachelard (Orion, 1971)

XXV-45 Quoted in Lead, "Steps in Transition"

XXVI-12 Quoted in Lead, "Creation and Discovery"

Right to Heresy, The -- Stefan Sweig (Viking, 1936)

XXXVI-19 Quoted on John Calin from in Lead, "The Neglected Capacity of Humans"

Right to Human Behavior

XXII-8 Editorial

Right of the People, The - Justice William O. Douglas

XVI-14 Quoted in Review, "Free Expression" by Douglas

Right to Be Wise, The

XVI-6 Lead

Right to Love, The - Markoosha Fisher

X-45 Quoted in Children

Right to Useful Unemployment, The - Ivan Illich (London- Marion Boyard, 1978)

XXXI-39 Quoted in Lead, "Reading the Signals"

Rights and Duties

II-30 Editorial-Benedetto Croce in United Nations World

Rights of Man, The - Thomas Paine

II-8 Written in answer to Edmund Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution

XXXVI-19 Quoted in Lead, "A Discipline of Mind"

Rigorous Requirement

XXXVIII-16 Editorial (institutions and war)

Rikhoff, Jean

XV-28 Quoted in regard to The Quixote Anthology in Review, "Article of Dissent"

XXVII-16 Novel Buttes Landing discussed, quoted in Children, "The Vision of Reality"

Rikka (Canadian quarterly, Box 6031, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W, Canada)

XXX-3 Lowell Naeve's account of settling in Canada from Fall 1976 issue in Frontiers, "Community Thinking and Practice"

Rilke, Rainer-Maria (Poet)

X-48 His Letters to a Young Poet quoted in Children, "A Poet Educates"

XXVII-26-35 Quoted from "Worpswede" in Lead, "Invitation to Learning"

XXX-5 Quoted from "Worpswede" in Lead, "An Extraordinary Consensus"

XXXII-24 Quoted above in Lead, "A Brief Comparison"

Rimbaud (French poet)

XIV-23 Quoted from The Reader's Encyclopedia in Lead, "The Anger and the Pain"

XX-01 Briefly quoted from A Season in Hell in Frontiers, "Change and Changing Things"

Ring, The (film)

V-48 Reference to in Review, "Racism's Slow Retreat"

Ring, Kenneth

XXXIII-45 His Life at Death quoted in Editorial, "An Interesting Convergence"

XXXIII-53 Life at Death reviewed, quoted in Review, "Undying Memories"

XXXIX-39 Review of Heading Toward Omega in "The Experience of Dying"

XL-40 Quoted his talk for Institute of Noetic Sciences in Lead, "An Opening Door"

Ring, Ray (Forester)

XXXIX-15 His talk quoted from High Country News, Nov. 11, 1985, in "The Trees of Arizona"

Ring of Return, The

XL-11 Lead (Arendt)

Ring of Truth, The

XXIX-3 Frontiers

Ringside Seat on Revolution - Ethel Edwards Morriss (Psyche Press, 3608 Duluth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220)

XXVII-50 Reviewed in "Utopian Publishing"

Riordan, Michael, ed.

XXXV-52 The Effects of Nuclear War, quoted in Frontiers, "Some Supposings"

Rise and Decline of Urban Civilization, The -- Elaine Morgan

XXX-17 Review of quoted from Freedom, Dec. 4, 1976, in Frontiers, "A Season of Growing"

Rise and Fall of "Scientific Socialism," The - Arthur R. Mendel

XXXIV-45 Article in Foreign Affairs, Oct. 1966 quoted in Lead

Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe - Lecky

II-2 Reference to in Review, "Men of Stable Mind"

Rise of Liberalism, The - Harold Laski

VI-26 Quoted in Lead, "An Unpopular Analysis"

Rise of Modern Industry, The - J. L. and Barbara Hammond

III-33 Quoted from in Letter from England

Rise of Rationalism in Europe, The - W. E. H. Lecky (1884)

XL-48 The rise of ideas in "Become What You Are"

Rise of Scientific Philosophy, The - Hans Reichenbach

X-50 Discussed as the most inclusive its statement of the materialistic view in Lead, "Idealists and Materialists"

Rise of Silas Lapham, The - William Dean Howells

XXVIII-53 Quoted in Review, "The Need for Roots"

Rise of the Self-Employed?, The

XXXV-41 Frontiers

Rishi Valley School, Andhra, South India

IX-41 Headmaster, F. G. Pearce, wrote Children

Rising from the Plains - John McPhee

XXXIX-42 Donna Richoux's review in Growing Without Schooling No. 50 quoted

Rising Star of India - Anup Singh (Nehru)

I-5 Review, "Books on India"

"Risk" Science Versus "Safe" Science

XXIII-39 Review

Risser, Dr. Joseph C. (Orthopedic surgeon of Pasadena, CA)

III-9 Quoted in Lead, "First Things First" about probable cause of polio-food has been tampered with

Ritchie-Calder, Lord(See Calder) Ritter, Archbishop Joseph E.

I-6 Threatened with excommunication members of Catholic Parents Association of St. Louis who wished to keep Negro children out of white parochial schools-"Reading and Writing"

Ritter, Paul and Jean

XV-3 Their book The Free Family quoted in Children, "Self-Regulation for Children"


XXVIII-14 Robert G. Greenway foreword t her book Dwelling quoted in Review, "Mind Structures-Home Structures"

River Line, The - Charles Morgan

V-20 Reviewed, "A Doubtful Absolution"

River of the Sun - James Ramsey Ullman

IV-4 Review-"The War Process"

XX-11 Quoted in Review, "This Century's Dishonors"

River No More, A - Philip L. Fradkin (University of Arizona, 1984, paperback)

XXXVII-45 Reviewed in "Water is Life"

Rivers, Patrick

XXXV-1 His interview with Peter van Dresser in Radical Technology quoted in Review, "Worth the Price"

Rivers, W. H. R. (English psychologist and anthropologist)

II-13 Reference to his essay describing influence of Biblical characters on 19th century ethnology

VII-16 Reference to in Frontiers, "The Liberation of Science"

IX-20 Reference to in Lead, "The Fear of Loose Ends"

Rivers, William

XXIV-14 His book The Adversaries quoted in Editorial, "Decisions About News" and in Frontiers, "Government and the Press"

XXIV-18 Quoted from The Adversaries in Children, "Miscellany"

Road Ahead, The- America's Creeping Revolution- John T. Flynn (Devin-Adair)

II-50 Mention of in Editorial, "Roots of 'Drift'"

III-4 Reviewed "Old Argument, New Chapter"

Road in the Wilderness

XXXIX-51 Lead (Rex Tremlett)

Road is Better Than the Inn, The

XVII-7 Editorial

Road Less Travelled, The - Dr. M. Scott (Simon and Schuster, 1978)

XXXIV-15 Quoted in Lead, "Untouched by Numbers" (re Catholic girl struggling to manage own life)

Road Not Taken, The

XXX-45 Lead

Road to Ophir - Rex Tremlett (London- Hutchinson, 1956)

XXV-4 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Man of the Country" and in Editorial, "Lost Arts?"

XXIX-43 Quoted in Lead, "A Matter of Tropism"

XXXVI-21 Quoted on "bigness" in Lead, "A Society that Fits"

XXXVII-47 Quoted in Review, "Moral Recovery" (keeping silent about a "big" find)

XXXIX-51 Discussed, quoted in above Lead

XLI-9 Extensive quotation in "Story of a Man"

Road to Survival - William Vogt

I-50 Reference to in "Front Against Disaster"

II-20 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "One Man's Meat"

III-52 Reference to in Frontiers, "Distance Perspective"

XXVII-7 Quoted in Frontiers, "We Had Reason to Know Better"

Roazen, Matthew

XXXII-40 His article in Westfield MA Evening News, June 1, quoted in Children, "The Social World"

Robbe-Grillet, Alain

XXV-10 His essay quoted from Herbert Kohl's The Age of Complexity in Review, "A Book on 'Modern Philosophy'"

XXVII-49 Quoted in Review, "About Metaphors"

Robbins, Dr. William J. (Professor of Botany at Columbia University)

III-3 Frontiers quotes his Scientific Monthly article on problems of organic growth"

Roberts, Dr. Catherine

XXI-17 Her book (a collection of essays) The Scientific Conscience, discussed and quoted in Review, "More Than Scientific Humanism"

XXI-18 Quoted from The Scientific Conscience in Lead, "There Is Really Something There"

XXIII-11 Quoted from The Ark (English publication) in Review, "Problems of Trust"

XXV-19 Quoted from The Scientific Conscience in Lead, "Two Views of Man"

XXVIII-26-35 Quoted Scientific Conscience in Editorial, "What Is Character?"

XXXIII-38 Quoted, discussed her Science, Animals and Evolution and Scientific Conscience in Review, "The Role of Humans"

XXXIV-5 Quoted Science, Animals and Evolution in Review, "Survivors or Transcenders?"

XXXIV-15 Her definition of Greek word areté ("every living organism human and nonhuman possess a potential of supreme excellence characteristic of the group to which it belonged) in Lead, "Untouched by Numbers"

Roberts, Dr. Catherine-(Continued)

XXXIV-39 Quoted from Independent and Gazette, April 22, 1981 re University of California is past and now, in Children, "The Example of Socrates"

XXXV-17 Quoted from Science, Animals and Evolution in Review, "Are We 'Evolving'?"

XXXV-23 Quoted Winter 1982 Perspectives in Biology and Medicine in Frontiers, "Changes in Thought and Action"

XXXV-49 Quoted re "arete" in Editorial, "The Coming 'Morality'"

XXXVI-9 Lead, "Insight in Science and in Plato" written by her

XXXVIII-15 Quoted Science, Animals and Evolution on man's spiritual uniqueness in Lead, "The Next Step"

XXXIX-5 From National Anti-Vivisection Society Bulletin Spring 1985 on unrestrained science and technology

XXXIX-12 Wrote Review, "Our Circle of Compassion"

XLI-13 Her article used for Review, "Vedic Vision"

Roberts, Dorothy James

VI-50 Review of her The Enchanted Cup, story of Tristam and Isolde, in Children

VII-1 Reference to her Enchanted Cup in Lead, "An Intensity of Life"

Roberts, Dorothy M.

V-45 Her leadership of Teen-Age Groups discussed in Children

Roberts, Elizabeth Madox

XXI-42 Her The Great Meadow discussed and quoted in Review, "Weaving a Destiny"

XXIV-8 Quoted in Review, "Notes on Americana"

XXIV-44 The Great Meadow mentioned in Review, "A Mixed Bag"

XXVI-47 Quoted The Great Meadow in Frontiers, "The New Frontiers"

XXVIII-36 Brief quote from The Great Meadow in Lead, "The Second Phase"

Roberts, Hugh (ed.)

XXXV-47 Quoted John Jeavons from Intensive Food Production on a Human Scale in Children, "Social Geography"

Roberts, Marc J.

XXVII-49 Quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "The War of Ideas"

Roberts, Morley

XVIII-21 His The Behavior of Nations quoted in Review

Roberts, Oral (TV faith healer)

IX-13 Mentioned in Editorial, "Culture in Flux"

Roberts, Owen J. (Former Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court)

V-13 Condemned as "compurgatorial" all loyalty oaths-Frontiers, "Dangerous Definitions"

Robert, Rex

XXVIII-39 His Your Engineered House reviewed in "For Builders and Planners"

Roberts, Stephen H.

I-26 Reference to his The House that Hitler Built (1938) in Review, "The German Problem"

Roberts, Spencer E.

XXV-38 His translation of Vasily Rozanov's Dostoevsky and the Legend of the Grand Inquisitior quoted in Review, "Very Old Questions"

Roberts, Wallace

XXIII-6 His editorial quoted, Dec. 27 Saturday Review, in Review, "Renewing the American Dream?"

XXIV-12 His course description quoted from CIDOC catalog in Children, "Alternative Education in Cuernavaca"

Robertson, Constance

II-14 Review of her The Unterrified

Robertson, J. M.

IV-4 Reference to his A Short History of Christianity in Letter from England

Robertson, James

XXXI-40 His The Sane Alternative quoted in Lead, "Equilibrium Regained"

XXXIII-6 Discussed Sane Alternative in Review, "Instead of Collapse"

Robertson, Nathan

I-10 Progressive statistics on corporate profits- Editorial, "Corporate Morals-and Ours"

Robertson, Priscilla

V-41 Discussion of her Harper's article, "What Shall We Tell the Children?" in Children

XI-53 Humanist article re colloquium on "Religious Faiths and World Ethics" quoted in Frontiers, "Miscellany"

Robertson, Seonaid M.

XXXVIII-22 Reviewed, quoted her Rosegarden and Labyrinth in Review, "Modeling, Drawing, Painting"; noted in Editorial, "The Cause of Sectarianism"

XXXVIII-23 Rosegarden quoted, used as basis for Lead, "Teacher at Work"; Editorial, "Wearing Away at Institutions"

XXXVIII-25 Subject of essay-quoted Rosegarden; also quotations and discussion in Children, "Working with Clay"

Robertson, Thomas A.

I-36 Review of his A Southwestern Utopia

II-43 Brief reference to his book in Review of book on Henri Lasserre

Robeson, Paul (also Mrs. Paul Robeson)

I-20 Says no color discrimination in USSR- Lead, "They Built a Railroad"

I-27 African Journey in Review, "South African Story"

III-1 Remarks on Mrs. Robeson's book in Letter from Africa and in Editorial

XII-8 Reference to in Editorial, "Mr. Segovia's Guitar"

Robey, Dr. Ralph (economic adviser to National Association of Manufacturers)

X-5 Quoted in Lead, "Are We Asking Too Much?"

Robie, David

XL-35 Reviewed Eyes of Fire in "Some Heroic Adventures"

Robinson, Boardman

X-1 Reference to his and John Reed's War in Eastern Europe in Editorial, "Compulsions of Power"

Robinson, George Tanguay

III-47 Quoted from Freeman re President Harding's address to the U.S. fleet-"by the eternal...what is righteously our own, and is yet so much someone else's that we have to have the biggest navy on earth to haul it home for us"-in Lead, "The Good Die Young or Barely Live"

Robinson, Jack

XXXI-51 Quoted from Freedom, July 22, 1978, in Frontiers, "Psychological Frontier"

Robinson, Jackie (Negro baseball player-first)

II-43 Brief mention in Lead, "How Are Things in Tanganyika?"

Robinson, James M.

XXVII-25 His paper quoted in Frontiers, "New and Old Critiques of Orthodoxy"

Robinson, James Harvey

II-3 Quoted from his Mind in the Making

IV-27-36 Quoted from Mind in the Making re man in "state of nature being only a presupposition, no traces, but forced upon us by compelling evidence, conjectural and inferential though it is" in Frontiers, "Facts and Theories"

X-41 Quoted his Mind in the Making in Lead, "A Troublesome Inheritance"

XXXIV-21 Quoted Mind in the Making in Lead, "One Kind of Change"

XXXVII-15 Quoted Mind in the Making in Lead, "Trials of Strength"

Robinson, Joan

XXVII-40 E. F. Schumacher's contribution to book she edited, Beyond Keynes, quoted in Editorial, "Why Should We Do It?"

XXVIII-26-35 Quoted from Freedom and Necessity in Children, "The 'Discipline' of History"

XXVIII-44 Her definition of social science given in Frontiers, "Some Social Science"

Robinson, Dr. John (Bishop of Anglican Church)

XVI-19 Quoted, March 17 London Observer in Lead, "The Principle of Human Survival"

XVI-33 His Honest to God reviewed and quoted in Review of same title

Robinson, Dr. Marie

XI-40 Quoted her article in This Week for Aug. 31 on young girls cared for in the El Retino school for delinquents in San Fernando, CA in Frontiers, "The Need for Love"

Rochdale Principles (which guide co-ops)

I-49 Listed in Review, "What Are We Waiting For?"

Roche, John Francis

VII-35 Confessed to killing that another had been convicted of-Editorial, "Built-In Danger"

"Rockall" Forever!

IX-11 Review-Milton Mayer, John Steinbeck

Rockefeller, John D.

XXIX-45 Quoted on "survival of the fittest" in Editorial, "Science and Society"

Rockefeller, Nelson A.

XIII-23 His article, "Purpose and Policy" in Foreign Affairs for April 1960, quoted in Lead, "What Will People Do?"

XIII-28 Stanley Meisler's summary of his Foreign Affairs article, June 11 Nation quoted in Frontiers, "The Unpreparedness of Our Time"

Rockefeller Report

XI-35 Quoted from on problem posed by the great latitude of the modern high school curriculum in children, "Criticism on 'The Russian Story' II"

XI-40 Quoted on problem of keeping the quality of our education high while handling the increase in quantity

Rocker, Rudolf

XXXI-17 Article on Greece quoted, Nov/Dec 1977 Resurgence in Children, "Some 'Social Studies'"

Rockwell, Margaret

XIX-3 Quoted from Poems of War Resistance (WRL Peace Calendar, 1966) in Frontiers, "Anti-War Poems"

Rococo to Cubism - Wylie Sypher

XXII-3 Quoted in Lead, "World Without Drama"

Rocky Mountain Institute (P.O. Drawer 28, Old Snowmass, CO 81654)

XXXVI-19 Statement of Institute (started by Amory and Hunter Lovins) in Frontiers, "Project of the Twentieth Century"

Rocky Mountain Institute Newsletter

XXXVIII-27-36 Richard Heede's report in "The Nuclear Subsidy"

XXXIX-3 Latest newsletter (1985) re arms control; Hal Harvey's security program in "The Path to Peace"

XLI-20 Nov. 1987 on visit to the RMI in Europe in "A Think Tank on the Right Side"

Rodale, J. I.

III-50 Publisher of Organic Gardening, Organic Farmer, Prevention-mentioned in Frontiers, "The 'Natural' Revolution"

XXIII-37 Quoted from The Healthy Hunzas in Frontiers, "Important to Millions"

XXIX-39 His article on rice quoted from June Prevention in Frontiers, "A Few Encouraging Signs" (see Robert Rodale)

Rodale, Robert

XXIX-39 His article as above in J. I. Rodale

XXX-17 Quoted, Jan. Prevention in Editorial, "Defense of 'Organic'"

Rodger, William

XXXIII-17 Quoted his article on Alger Hiss (a review of a film and a book in Harper's, Mar. 1980) in Lead, "On Replacing the System"

Rodell, Fred

VIII-39 His Progressive article on the Supreme Court discussed in Lead, "Canons of Criticism"

VIII-47 Reply to in Frontiers, "Communications"

Rodman, Hillary (Attorney for Children's Defense Fund)

XXVII-25 Quoted from Harvard Educational Review in Children, "Education and the Law"

Rodman, Selden

I-7 With Alfred Bingham founded Common Sense in 1931 in Review, "Periodicals in Transition"

Roe, Dr. Anne

IV-38 Reference to in Erling Eng Antioch Review article quoted in Children

Rogat, Yosal

XV-7 His article on the Eichmann trial in March 1962, "The Second Coming" quoted in Editorial, "What Do People Learn From?"

Rogers, Arthur

XVI-9 His A Student's History of Philosophy quoted in Lead, "Problems of the Free Soul"

XXXV-52 Brief quote from A Student's History of Philosophy in Lead, "Several Kinds of Sense" re Plato

Rogers, Carl (University of Chicago, 1959, University of Wisconsin)

IX-44 Brief reference to in Review, "The Fully Functioning Personality"

XI-23 Children reprints article of his on teachinglearning process

XIII-7 Quoted on "classroom approaches" in Lead, "A Question of Permission"

XIV-34 Quoted, his lecture at University of Florida, Jan. 1961, in Review, "The Partisan Pathology"

XIV-36 Quoted from lecture at University of Wisconsin, March 13, 1960, in Review, "Moments of Understanding"

XV-3 Quoted in Frontiers, "Positive Philosophy in Psychotherapy"

XV-5 His On Becoming a Person quoted in Review, same title

XV-7 Quoted On Becoming a Person in Lead, Ready or Not"

XV-43 Quoted on "differences of opinion" in Children, "Notes and Quotes"

XVI-15 His essay, "Place of the Person" quoted in Review, "Intellectualizing War"

XVI-16 "Place of the Person" quoted in Frontiers, "Behavioral Science"

XVI-18 Quoted, Dec. 1960 Psychologia in Review, "Notes on 'Self-Realization'"

Rogers, Carl-(Continued)

XVII-2 Quoted from Psychotherapy, Aug. 1963, in Frontiers, "'Fate or Free Will'-as of 1964"

XVII-2 Quoted in "Toward a Science of Man" from Fall 1963 Journal of Humanistic Psychology

XVII-38 His article A Therapist's View of Personal Goals (Pendle Hill pamphlet) quoted in Editorial, "The Politics of Health"

XVIII-12 His paper, "Freedom and Commitment," quoted in Frontiers, "The Deepest Issue"

XVIII-18 Quoted from NEA Journal, "Learning to be Free" in Nov. 1964 Trans-Action review, in Review, "'Conformity' and 'Freedom'- Again"

XVIII-27 A Passionate Statement")

XVIII-28 Quoted in Frontiers, "Being and Becoming"

XVIII-32 Quoted in Lead, "The Great Shakedown"

XVIII-37 Quoted from ETC., "Freedom and Commitment" in Review, "Psychoanalysis and 'Responsibility'"

XIX-1 His discussion with B. F. Skinner quoted in Children, "Education and Behavioral Science"

XIX-17 Quoted in Frontiers, "Toward a Vocabulary of Being"

XIX-47 Quoted in Review, "The Long Way Home"

XXI-40 Quoted conversation with Martin Buber in Lead, "The Shy Dignities"

XXII-30 His paper quoted from Readings in Humanistic Psychology in Review, "Harbinger of Renaissance"

XXII-32 Quoted from Readings in Humanistic Psychology in Lead, "The Idea of Knowledge"

XXII-40 Quoted in Review, "From Doctor to Teacher"

XXVI-47 Quoted in Children, "Teaching or Taoism?"

XXIX-50 Quoted in Lead, "The Psychological Virtues"

XXXI-39 Quoted, Winter 19558, Improving college and University Teaching in Children, "Humanistic Psychology"

XXXII-41 Quoted in Editorial, "The Content of Morality"

XXXIV-51 Discussed, quoted A Way of Being in Review, "Books by Teachers"

XXXV-12 Quoted in Lead, "Unanswered Questions" (self-reliance)

XXXVI-4 Quoted conversation with Martin Buber in Lead, "Simply as a Man"

XXXVI-7 Quoted Fall 1982 Journal of Humanistic Psychology on communication by language in Children, "Pictures-No Book"

XXXVII-4 Quoted re Skinner's ideas in Lead, "Species of Common Sense"

Rogers, Fred

XXVII-8 Interview with in re TV for children quoted from Jan. Intellectual Digest in Children, "Miscellany"

Rogers, Joel

XXXV-16 His review (Jan. 1982 in democracy) of Corporate Control, Corporate Power quoted in Review, "Utopia Gone Wrong"

Rogers, Lindsay

VII-40 Quoted his review of Slessor book, Strategy for the West in Review, "The New Pacifism"

Rogers, Maria

VII-50 Editor, Autonomous Groups Bulletin, reviewed in Children

VIII-19 Quoted in Frontiers, "Autonomy and Autonomous Groups"

VIII-42 Reference to in Lead, "Three Principles of Democracy" which discussed the Winter 1955-56 Bulletin

Rogers, Raymond

VII-50 Behind "A Modest Proposal"-Editorial

VIII-12 His query brought out Lead, "The Parent Dilemma"

VIII-15 Wrote Letter from a Friend, "A Share of the Responsibility; wrote material for Frontiers, "About Little Issues"

VIII-21 Did Frontiers, "Check Your Mind Outside"; "Concerning Cookies" from him

IX-8 Editorial, "Report from the Publishers"

XX-30 His Coming Into Existence discussed, quoted in Review, "More Work-in-Progress"

XX-33 Coming Into Existence quoted in Lead, "Back to the Farm"

XX-41 Coming Into Existence quoted in Lead, "Nature's Voice Has Changed"

Rogers, Vincent

XVIII-12 His article, "Classroom Problems Test" (coauthor Bruce Burnes) quoted, Oct. 1964 Phi Delta Kappan in Children, "Education and Religion"

XXVIII-52 Quoted Supporting the Learning Teacher in Children, "Teacher Centers"

XXIX-9 His chapter from Studies in Open Education quoted "Educational Cornucopia"

Rogers, Virgil M. (Dean of the School of Education at Syracuse University)

X-41 Quoted his article from Christian Century, Sept. 11, "Are the Public Schools Godless" in Review, "Reflective Christianity"

Rogo, Scott

XXXV-17 Quoted Minds and Motion in Frontiers, "Experts on Death...and Life" (duplicate physical system with the body)

Rohlen, Thomas P.

XXXIX-19 From American Scholar Winter 1985-86 in "Learning from Japan"

Rokich, Paul

XXIX-7 Story about his tree-planting experience quoted from National Wildlife (Oct/Nov. 1975) in Frontiers, "Trees, Trees, Trees"

Roland, Madame

XIX-28 Quoted from her Memoirs in Lead, "Religion Without Priests"

Role of Art, The

XVIII-2 Editorial

Role of God, The

VII-17 Frontiers-Alan Paton in Christian Century

Role of Humans, The

XXXIII-38 Review

XXXIX-9 Editorial

XLI-5 Review

Role of Imagination, The

XXXIX-12 Lead (H20 and the Waters of Forgetfulness)

Role of Institutions, The

VI-24 Editorial

XVII-52 Editorial

XX-16 Lead

XXV-8 Editorial

Role of Liberal Ideals, The

V-33 Frontiers

Role of Liberal Ideals, The

V-33 Frontiers

Role of Man, The

XI-7 Lead

Role of the Press, The

XV-4 Editorial

Role of Psychology, The

XI-22 Lead

Role of Religion

V-6 Lead

Role of the Remnant, The

XV-48 Editorial

Role of Science, The

XIV-50 Lead

Role of Science in Civilization, The - R. B. Lindsay

XVIII-17 Quoted in letter from Joaquin Murrieta in Frontiers, "The Tool-Maker's Dilemma"

Role of Slogans, The

VII-5 Review

Rolf, Ida

XXXII-45 Quoted her essay in Explorers of Humankind (Hanna) in Review, "Return of the Essay"

Role of the Novelist, The

IX-2 Editorial

Roll Back the Sky - Ward Taylor

XV-35 Quoted in Review, "Quotes from Novels"

Rolland, Romain (1868-1944)

XXI-43 Correspondence from Sept. 12 London Times Literary Supplement in Frontiers, "Art and Home"

XXXVII-21 Letter from Tolstoy to printed by Ronald V. Sampson quoted in Frontiers, "Forms of Self- Help" (1887)

Rolleston, T. W.

XXXVI-3 Editor of The Teaching of 'Epictetus. . . quoted in Lead, "Simply as a Man'; also see Editorial, "Some Sort of 'Alliance'"

Rolph, C. H.

XV-8 J. W. Freeman's foreword to his Hanged by the Neck (co-author Arthur Koestler) quoted in Review, "To Abolish Execution"-also quoted book

Romance in Anthropology

VIII-47 Lead

Romanyshyn, Robert D.

XXXVII-1 His Psychological Life-From Science to Metaphor quoted, reviewed in "Metaphors and Monads"; briefly quoted in Editorial, "Metaphors of Change"

Rome and China - Frederick J. Teggard (University of California Press, 1939)

VIII-12 Quoted in Editorial, "The Best Laid Plans..."

XIX-9 Quoted in Lead, "From History to Metaphysics"; also Pearl Buck quoted in regard to

XX-18 Quoted in Lead, "The Examined Life"

XX-25 Quoted in Lead, "Business As Usual"

XXI-15 Quoted in Lead, "Religion and Religions"

XXVI-47 Quoted in Editorial, "The Uses of History"

XXX-3 Quoted in Lead, "A Historian's Prescription"

XXXIII-46 Quoted preface in Lead, "A Historian's Prescription"

XXXVII-13 Quoted on simultaneous appearance of great teachers in Lead, "The Acts of Individuals"

XXXVII-20 Quoted in great religious movements of 6th century B.C. in Review, "They Don't Kill Anyone"

XXXVII-37 Noted remarks on uprisings in world during Roman times due to "unknown" causes in those days, in Review, "Diagnosis and One Cure"

Romulus - Gore Vidal (play adapted from the German)

XXXIII-24 This play discussed in Editorial, ". . . If You Give Them Time"

Romulus the Great - Friedrich Duerrenmatt

XXXIII-24 As adapted by Gore Vidal, discussed in Editorial, ". . . If You Give Them Time"

Romm, Ethel

XXVII-47 Quoted, Sept/Oct Humanist in Frontiers, "Are the Cults 'Occult'?"

XXVII-48 Quoted, Sept/Oct Humanist in Children, "The Vacuum and the Filling"

Ronalds, Nicholas

XXXIII-2 Quoted his story in Wall Street Journal in Frontiers, "Confronting Absurdities"

Ronan, Colin A.

XXXII-49 Quoted from his abridgement of Needham's The Shorter Science and Civilization in China in Review, "Chinese Attainments"

Room at the Top - John Braine

XI-53 Reviewed in Children, "Another 'Generation' Writer"

Room of His Own, A

VIII-30 Editorial

Room to Grow - Mrs. Caroll Davis (University of Toronto Press, 1966)

XX-38 Quoted in Children, "The Hopes and Fears of Parents"

Roosevelt, Eleanor

II-42 Her "My Day" column mentioned banning of Blanshard book and Nation dropped from two-thirds of papers which carry her column

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

X-17 The Age of Roosevelt by Arthur M. Schlesinger, reviewed by Richard L. Strout for New Republic, quoted in Review, "The New Republic-Sample Issue"

XXVI-8 Dwight Macdonald's pairing of quotations from Hegel and quoted from The Root is Man in Lead, "Threads of Continuity"

XXVIII-13 Quoted on TVA in Review, "A Conception of Public Service"

Roosevelt, Theodore

II-8 Called Thomas Paine "a filthy little atheist"; backed Gifford Pinchot in conservation program for the US

II-39 Quoted his Winning of the West and The Strenuous Life in Lead, "Epochs in Conflict"

IV-43 Quoted his The Strenuous Life in Lead, "Another World"

XL-12 "The Strenuous Life" re responsibilities of U.S.

Root and Blossom - Peter Abbs (London- Heineman)

XXIX-24 Quoted in Children, "Cross-Section"

Root and Branch (quarterly)

XVI-3 David Horowitz article, Winter 1962, "The Question About Meaning," quoted in Frontiers, "Twentieth-Century Mysticism"; opening editorial also quoted

Root Ideas, The

XIX-10 Lead

Root is Man, The - Dwight Macdonald

I-28 Reference to in "The Socialist Dilemma"

II-9 Definition of "radical" quoted in Frontiers, "Psychiatry and Social Reform"

III-35 Discussed in Lead, "A New View of Man"

VI-41 VII"

VI-44 Quoted in Review, "'The Hope of the World"

VII-28 Quoted in Editorial, "Opening Questions and in Frontiers

VIII-13 Quoted in Frontiers, "Deceptive Nostrums"

IX-36 Quoted in Children

XIII-48 Chapter, "The Question of Marxism" quoted in Lead, "Justice to Marx?"

XVII-36 Quoted in Children, "'Anarchism' and Education"

XVII-37 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Theseus in the Labyrinth"

XVIII-21 Quoted in Review, "The Behavior of Nations"

XVIII-40 Quoted in Lead, "The Responsibilities of the Individual"

XVIII-49 Quoted in Children, "The 'Radical'-Some Definitions"

XIX-30 Quoted in Lead, "After Ideologies?"

XX-20 Quoted in Lead, "Unquiet Desperation"

XXI-28 Quoted in Lead, "The Opposite Pole"

XXIII-1 Essay by Andrea Caffi quoted from in Children, "Education for Tomorrow"

XXVI-8 Pairing of quotations from Hegel and Franklin Roosevelt quoted from in Lead, "Threads of Continuity"

Root is Man, The-(Continued)

XXIX-39 Andrea Caffi essay quoted from in Lead, "Confirming Voices"

XXXVI-39 Quoted in Editorial, "For Love of the World" on the "radical" and "progressive"

XXXVI-40 Quoted on "ought" and "should" in Lead, "Hardly Welcome Allies"

XXXVII-43 Quoted in Review, "On Political Classification"

XXXVIII-38 Casey Blake from Nation in "A Good Man"

Root of Change, The

XXXIII-18 Lead

Root of Freedom, The

XV-6 Frontiers article by Eleanor Woods

Roots, The (Mexican film)

X-46 Robert Hatch on quoted in Frontiers, "Criticism in the Nation"

Roots of American Culture, The - Constance Rourke (Harcourt, Brace, 1942)

I-30 Quoted in Review of Music Education Source Book

III-37 Quoted in Lead, "American Culture"

XXXIII-49 Quoted extensively in Review, "A Worthy Exploration" re American Culture

XL-7 Quoted in "Art in America"

XL-37 Quoted preface by Van Wyck Brooks and Rourke in "Art in Early America"

XLI-21 Subject of Lead, "Art in America" quoted Brooks

Roots of Character, The

XXVI-17 Lead

Roots of Conviction, The

III-45 Lead

Root is Man, The

XXXI-6 Lead

III-31 Review

Roots of "Drift"

II-50 Editorial-about John T. Flynn, As We Go Marching and The Road Ahead, America's Creeping Revolution

Roots of Economic Growth - E. F. Schumacher

XVI-16 Quoted in Lead, "Science with Human Ends"

XXIV-20 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Text on Economics"; quoted in Editorial, "An Abnormal Phenomenon"

XXIV-22 Article, "Help to Those Who Need it Most," quoted in Lead, "The Meaning of Progress"

XXXVIII-48 Quoted extensively in "Limitation is Liberation"

Roots of Faith, The

XIII-52 Editorial

Roots of Gandhi's Thought, The

XXVI-51 Review

Roots of Heaven, The (film)

XII-10 Reference to in Lead, "quest for Identity" and in Editorial; mentioned in Review, "Attitudes Toward Life"

XII-14 Editorial, "On 'Roots of Heaven'"

Roots of the Good Life

V-52 Editorial

Roots of Literature, The

XXIV-52 Lead

Roots of Power, The

XXII-8 Lead

Roots of Restoration, The

XXVIII-3 Frontiers

Roots of Social Order, The

XXIII-52 Lead

Roots of Value, The

XII-51 Lead

Rooum Donald

XL-48 His paper in Decade of Anarchy (what he learned from his arrest) in "Utopian Common Sense"

Roper, Christopher

XXVI-36 Quoted from book he edited, Latin America Review of Books, in Frontiers, "Literature on Latin America"

Roper, Elmo (well-known pollster)

XV-22 Quoted in Lead, "Problems of Righteousness"

Rorty, James

IX-13 Quoted from Antioch Review article, "The Harassed Pocket-Book Publishers," I Review, "What is Obscenity?"

Rosanes-Berrett, Dr. Marilyn B.

XXVII-26-35 Her book Do You Really Need Eyeglasses? discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Notes on Self-Reliance"

Roschine, A.

XVIII-25 Quoted from Moscow Literary Gazette in Frontiers, "Decline of Ideological 'Science'"

Rose, Barbara

XXVI-15 Her discussion of Black Mountain College quoted from Feb. 5, 1973 New York Magazine in Children, "Black Mountain- Another Review"

Rose, Graham

XXIX-18 His report on Verghese Kurien quoted from Jan. 4 London Times in Frontiers, "Energy, Food, Agriculture-Abroad"

Rose, Mason

XVIII-34 His experimental approach to education discussed in Children, "One Kind of Higher Learning"

Rose, Stephen C.

XIX-19 Who's Killing the Church? (edited by him) quoted in Frontiers, "The Anti-Clerical Clerics"

XIX-52 Quoted from on C. A. Doxiadis, Sept. Renewal, in Lead, "A Germinal Solution"

Rose Tatoo, The - Tennessee Williams

XXVII-24 Quoted from introduction to in Review, "Critical Ramble"

Rose Valley School (Pennsylvania)

XVIII-52 Bulletin from quoted in Children, "Education and Dr. Maslow"

XXIII-44 Bob Kay's review of Urie Bronfenbrenner's Two Worlds of Childhood quoted in Review, "Problems of Social Order"

Rose Valley School -(Continued)

XXVII-1 Grace Rotzel quoted, June 1967 Bulletin of in Children, "Theory and Practice" (Parents Bulletin)

XLI-22 Grace Rotzel and others on the beginning and student's memories, Fall 1987, "A School Made by Parents"

Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? -- Kenneth Koch (Random House, 1973)

XXVIII-10 Quoted in Children, "All In One Day"

Rose, William

XV-28 Wrote Frontiers, "A Voice of Europe in America"

Rosegarden and Labyrinth - Seonaid M. Robertson (Gryphon, 38 Prince Edward Road, Lewes, Sussex, UK)

XXXVIII-22 Reviewed, quoted in Review, "Modeling, Drawing, Painting"; noted in Editorial, "The Cause of Sectarianism"

XXXVIII-23 Quoted, discussed in Lead, "Teacher at Work"

XXXVIII-25 Quoted in Editorial, "Nonexistent Program"; also extensively discussed and quoted in Children, "Working with Clay"

Roseland, Mark

XXXIV-2 His review in Oct. 1980 Rain of Andre Gorz's Ecology as Politics, quoted in Children, "In the Magazine"

Roseman, Norman

XX-5 Quoted, Nov. 1966 Parents' Bulletin of Rose Valley School in Moylan, Pa., in Children, "Against the Spirit Prevailing"

Rosemary Tree, The - Elizabeth Goudge

XXV-36 Quoted in Review, "Quest for 'Real Being'"

Rosen, Dr. Harold

XII-35 Quoted from Chicago Daily News, June 11, on hypnosis in Review, "Science Invades the 'Occult'"

Rosen, Jay

XXXV-37 Quoted his et cetera editorial, Fall 1981, in Lead, "A Long Hard Road" (Public Opinion polls, etc.)

XXXVI-25-36 Quoted Winter 1982-83 et cetera on television in Children, "Appropriate Mockeries"

XXXVII-52 Quoted Summer 1984 et cetera on 1984 (issue devoted to Orwell) in "Orwell and Thoreau"

Rosen, Seymour

XXI-14 Quoted from catalog for exhibit at LA County Art Museum, Sept. 1966, I Children, "'Natural' Environment"

Rosen, Sumner

XXIX-4 Quoted from Essays on John Maynard Keynes in Lead, "Musings on Identity"

Rosen, Walter

XLI-51 On biodiversity, New Alchemy Quarterly, Summer 1988

Rosenberg, Bernard

XII-7 His Dissent article, "Rebellious Orgmen and Tame Intellectuals," quoted in Lead, "The Decline of the Hero"

XII-22 His Liberation article, "The Universality and the Corporation" quoted in Review, "Social Science Report"

XIII-16 Quoted from Dissent (Winter 1960) article, "The Rigged Society" in Lead, "Political and Economic Delusions"

XXI-36 Quoted July-August Dissent in Review, "Anatomy of Contempt"

Rosenberg, George

XIII-32 His summary of Dr. Allen E. Banik's Hunza Land in NY Mirror Magazine of June 1, quoted in Children, "Living Close to Nature"

Rosenberg, Harold

XVIII-42 His The Anxious Object-Art Today and Its Audience discussed, quoted in Review, "The Anxious Audience"

XIX-18 His Tradition of the New quoted in Lead, "A Good Human Life"

XXII-32 Quoted from Tradition of the New in Lead, "The Idea of Knowledge"

XXIII-18 Quoted from Tradition of the New in Editorial, "Keeping the Record Straight"

XXVI-6 Quoted Tradition of the New in Lead, "The Metaphors of Certainty"

XXXV-50 Quoted The Tradition of the New in Children, "A Self-Taught Teacher"

XXXIX-20 The Tradition of the New quoted in Lead

XL-19 Quoted above (popularization) in "On the Artist"

Rosenberg, John S. (Stanford graduate student-now Washington based critic)

XXII-21 Quoted from Spring American Scholar in Review, "Was the Civil War A 'Good' War?"

XXIX-5 Quoted in re Ralph Nader Congress Project from Dec. Progressive in Frontiers, "Before and Beyond the Law"

Rosenberg, Lilli Ann Killen

XXV-49 Quoted from her Children Make Murals and Sculpture in Children, "Two Books"

Rosenberg (executed for spy activities)

VI-37 Discussed by German correspondent in Frontiers, "What Paper Do You Read?"

VI-46 Discussed in Editorial, "A Questionable Secret"

Rosenblatt, Roger

XXIX-50 Quoted Fall 1976 Daedalus in Review, "Hazards of Definition"

XXXVI-51 Quoted his Spring, Yale Review article in Editorial, "The Best Revenge" (1984)

Rosenfeld, Isaac

V-46 Quoted re Weil's Need for Roots in Review, "Criticism for Critics"

VII-37 Commentary article on Josette Frank's Your Child's Reading Today discussed in Children

IX-2 Quoted re "conventionality" in Review, "Symposium on 'The American Novel'"

Rosenfeld, Paul

XXXII-7 Quoted from in Lead, "The Art of Tomorrow?"

Rosenfeld, Stephen S.

XXXV-5 Quoted on Nuclear War from Manchester Guardian, Oct. 25, 1981 in Lead, "Levels of Decision"

Rosenfield, Harry N.

II-27 Quoted from Antioch Review article on fallacy of leaving important human decisions to "experts"

Rosengarten, Theodore

XXVIII-26-35Wendell Berry's review of his book "All God's Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw," reprinted as Lead, "Admirable As He Is," from Mar. 1 Nation

Rosenthal, Bernard

XXV-13 Book he edited with Vincent Freimarck, Race and the American Romantics, discussed, quoted in re thinking of Emerson and Thoreau, in Review, "The Great Moral Dilemma"

XXV-50 Quoted from Race and the American Romantics in Review, "Art and Politics"

Rosenthal, M. L.

X-44 Quoted from an editorial on Kenneth Rexroth's In Defense of the Earth in Lead, "Anger Without an Object"

Rosenthal, Raymond

XIX-48 Quoted Oct. 24 New Leader in Review, "Some Magazines" on work of Iris Murdoch

Rosenthal, Robert (Harvard psychologist)

XXI-49 Quoted his Pygmalion in the Classroom (coauthor Lenore F. Jacobsen) in Children, "In the Schools, In the World"

Roshomon (Japanese film)

V-49 Reference to in Review, "The Writer"

Roshwald, Mordecai

XXXV-23 Quoted his novel on "push-button" war in Lead, "Defeat Is Indivisible in Nuclear War" (Level 7)

Ross, Floyd H. (University of Southern California)

IV-46 His Addressed to Christians discussed in Lead, "Some Admirable Heretics"

VI-50 Review of his The Meaning of Life in Hinduism and Buddhism in Frontiers, "Rediscovery in Religion"

Ross, Harold (Founder and long-time editor of New Yorker)

V-12 References to in Lead, "The Long Adolescence"

Ross, Nancy Wilson

III-17 Review of her I, My Ancestor

XI-13 Quoted her article in Mademoiselle, "What Is Zen?" in Review, "The Contemporary Buddha"

Ross, Sir Ronald (research worker on malaria)

VIII-51 Quoted in Frontiers, "Notes on the Healing Arts"

Ross, T. J.

XII-15 Quoted on his review of J. P. Donleavy's The Ginger Man in New Republic in Frontiers, "Two Varieties of Non-Conformity"

XII-36 His article, "Education for an Elite" July 13 New Republic quoted in Children, "Challenge from Russia?"

Rossett, Joshua (Columbia)

V-50 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Psychological Mystery"-on alcohol

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

XXX-37 Hearn's discussion of his poem on sea-shell quoted in Lead, "What Is It To Know?"

Rossi, Alice S.

XXX-47 Her essay on family quoted from Spring Daedalus in Children, "Looking at Life"

XXXII-2 Quoted Spring 1977 issue Daedalus in Frontiers, "Champions of the Home"

Rossi, Mario

XIX-45 His series of article from Christian Science Monitor used as text of Lead, "Vietnam- Views of the Future"

Rossi, Nora

XXVI-7 Discussion and quotes from her translation of Letter to a Teacher in Children, "A Place That Deserves Fame"

Rossiter, Mrs. Ralph

XII-34 Her letter to N.Y. Times quoted in Lead, "Some Editorial Wonderings"

Rosten, Leo

VIII-46 His Look articles on religions discussed in Review, "Believers and Agnostics"

X-43 His Harper's article, "The Easy Chair" (Oct. discussed in Frontiers, "Listener Sponsored Radio"

XVI-50 His Captain Newman, M.D. discussed and quoted in Review, "A 'Best Seller' You May Read"

XVII-7 Captain Newman, M.D. quoted in Frontiers, "What Perspectives are 'New'?"

Rossman, Michael

XXIX-20 His On Learning and Social Change quoted in Children, "Autonomous Learning"; also quoted in Editorial, "Requirement of Change"

Rostow, Eugene (Dean of Yale Law School)

X-33 Quoted his article, "A Rational Security Program" in July Harper's in Frontiers, "Not Just McCarthy"

Rosy Crucifixion, The - Henry Miller

XV-46 Quoted, Summer-Fall Paris Review in Lead, "Synanon-Its Best May Come Last"

Roszak, Betty

XX-6 Wrote Review, "A Martha Graham Book"

XXI-16 Wrote Lead, "The Dream of Dr. Moreau"

XXVII-38 Wrote Review, "The Two Worlds of Magic"

XXVII-46 Her quotation from the Zohar given in Frontiers, "More Convergence in Science"

Roszak, Dr. Theodore

XIV-28 His article in Nation, June 3, quoted in Children, "The War Corps-and Some Words to Youth"

XVI-2 His discussion, "The Historian as Psychiatrist," from Nov. 24, 1962 Nation quoted in Frontiers, "Strange Currents"

XVI-16 Quoted from Changeover-the Drive for Peace (collection of writings edited by Virginia Naeve) in Review, "Peace Spectrum"

XVIII-2 His article, "Direct Action for Social Change" from Peace News reprinted as Lead

XVIII-3 Brief quote from same article as above in Lead, "The 'Revolution Situation'"

XVIII-9 Quoted, Oct. 9 Peace News in Lead, "A Responsibility of People"

XVIII-12 His review of two books by Denis de Rougement quoted from Jan. 11 Nation in Review, "Is There the Ego?"

XVIII-25 Quoted Peace News in Lead, "Peace and Justice" (quotations from Theodore Olson)

XVIII-30 His conversation with Hauser and Ballentine, "The Roots of Violence" briefly quoted in Frontiers, "Means to Peace"

XVIII-43 Quoted from March 1962 Liberation in Lead, "Beginnings Are More Timeless Than Endings"

XIX-13 Quoted from 1964 Peace News in Review, "Defining the City's Needs"

XIX-22 Wrote Review, "The Frog in the Well"

XX-23 Quoted March 31 Peace News in Editorial, "Nirvana Comes at the End"

XX-26 Quoted Oct. 9, 1964 Peace News in Lead, "The Burdens of the Specialists"

XXI-2 Quoted from New American Review in Children, "They Do Not Want Power"

XXI-35 Quoted from The California Revolution (edited by Carey McWilliams) in Review, "Great But Undeveloped Country"

XXI-5 Wrote Lead On Lewis Mumford, "Scholar, Poet, Prophet"

XXII-16 Quoted from back issue (2 years) of Peace News in Children, "The Good in Institutions"

XXII-41 His The Making of a Counter Culture discussed and quoted in Review, "Against Madness and Absurdity"

XXIII-11 Quoted from Sept. 1, 1969 Nation in Frontiers, "The Law of Schism"

XXIII-24 Quoted March 31, 1967 Peace News in Lead, "The Question of Identity"

XXIII-47 Quoted Masculine/Feminine in Review, "The Compassionate Virtues"

XXIV-21 His article, "Educating Contra Naturam," quoted from Gross and Osterman's High School discussed, quoted in Children, "Schools Against Nature"

XXIV-49 Quoted in Lead, "How Shall We Define 'Knowledge'?"

Roszak, Dr. Theodore-(Continued)

XXIV-50 Quoted briefly in Lead, "The Everyday Things"

XXV-6 Discussion of and quotes from his Sources in Review, "Counter Culture Essays"

XXV-20 His review of Ravetz's Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems quoted, March 27 Nation in Lead, "Reform of Institutions"

XXV-37 Quoted from The Dissenting Academy in Lead, "Musings on Education"

XXV-38 Passage from his Where the Wasteland Ends quoted from San Francisco Fault (Aug.) in Lead, "Birth Pains"

XXV-42 Quoted from Where the Wasteland Ends in Editorial, "Finding 'Alternative Realities'"

XXV-44 quoted the Wasteland in Lead, "A Shadowy Frontier"

XXV-50 Quoted Where the Wasteland Ends in Lead, "At the Edge of Tomorrow"

XXV-51 Quoted the Wasteland in Lead, "Science and Myth"

XXVI-2 Quoted Wasteland in Lead, "Some Ancient Echoes"

XXVI-4 Interview with Nicholas Wade quoted, Dec. 1, 1972 Science in Frontiers, "A Look at 'Science'"

XXVI-22 Quoted in re Whole Earth Catalog, April 12, New York Times in Lead, "Octaves of Awareness"

XXVI-52 Quoted his introduction to Schumacher's Small is Beautiful in Review, "Economics for Everybody"

XXVII-3 Quoted from Cal. Winu Indian taken from The Making of a Counter Culture, used in Lead, "The World in View"

XXVII-13 His Frontiers, "Beyond the Wasteland" reprinted from Trends for Jan/Feb

XXVII-18 His play Pontifex discussed in Review, "Reaches Toward Synthesis"

XXVII-23 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Men and Systems"

XXVII-44 His paper quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "What Sort of Awakening?"

XXVII-44 Nicholas Wade's report on Daedalus article quoted in Editorial, "From Information to Meaning" from Sept. 13 Science

XXVII-45 Quoted from Where the Wasteland Ends in Children, "The Romantic Poets"

XXVII-46 Quoted in Lead, "Symbol and Myth"

XXVII-49 Quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "The War of Ideas"

XXVII-51 Quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "Nature Without Man"

XXVIII-25 His review-essay of L. L. Whyte's The Universe of Experience reprinted from Feb. 22 Nation as Lead and Frontiers, "The Rehabilitation of Natural Philosophy"

XXVIII-53 Quoted from Peace News in Lead, "All of a Sudden"

Roszak, Dr. Theodore-(Continued)

XXIX-8 His The Unfinished Animal reviewed in "Reconsideration of Man"

XXX-18 Quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "What Needs to be Done?"

XXX-42 Quoted from San Francisco Bay Guardian, Jan. 20, in "The Processes of Change"

XXX-49 His review of Schumacher's Guide for the Perplexed quoted from L.A. Times, Sept. 11, in Review, "A Life and a Book"

XXXII-5 Person/Planet quoted in Lead, "Progress Report"

XXXII-10 Wrote Lead, "Skeptics and True Believers"

XXXII-15 Quoted from Person/Planet in Children, "Beyond Technique"

XXXII-20 Quoted from Ecology Center Newsletter, Oct. 1978, in Children, "Revival of Gaia"

XXXII-22 Interchange with Steven Weinberg quoted from Summer 1974 Daedalus in Lead, "No Precise Programming"

XXXII-23 Quoted further on mass suicide in Guyana in Lead, "Not Matters of Belief"

XXXIII-1 Quoted from Newsletter of Assn. of Humanistic Psychology in Frontiers, "Some Basic Ideas"

XXXIII-40 His article "On the Contemporary Hunger for Wonders" in Summer Michigan Quarterly Review, 1980, quoted and discussed in Editorial, "Where Criticism is Needed"

XXXIII-48 Quoted talk in 1977 in Vancouver in Lead, "The Environment of Meaning"

XXXIII-49 Mentioned growth of his work, The Making of a Counter Culture; Where the Wasteland Ends; Unfinished Animal; Person/Plant and quoted essay in Michigan Quarterly Review, Summer 1980, in Lead, "We Who Dream"

XXXIV-6 Quoted Michigan Quarterly Review, Summer 1980, in Lead, "The Theory of the Monads"

XXXIV-18 Quoted Harper's reprint of (Jan. 1981) "On the Contemporary Hunger for Wonders" from Michigan Quarterly Review, Summer 1980, in Lead, "Character and Will"

XXXV-24 Wrote Lead, "Where Is Evolution Going?"; mentioned above in Editorial, "An Early Evolutionist"

XXXVI-23 Quoted Masculine/Feminine in Editorial, "There Is No Difference"

XXXVII-2 Quoted his introduction to Small Is Beautiful" in Lead

XXXVII-16 Quoted from Rethinking Liberalism in Review, "Conflicting Trends"

XXXVII-43 Quoted his L.A. Times review, Sept. 11, 1977, on Schumacher's Guide for the Perplexed in Lead, "Counter Currents"

XXXVII-52 Quoted The Unfinished Animal re Pico's statement on the human condition in Lead, "Two Views of Evolution"

XXXIX-16 Unfinished Animal in "The Need for Heroes"

XXXIX-40 Reviewed The Cult of Information

Roszak, Dr. Theodore-(Continued)

XL-50 Quoted on the 60s San Francisco Focus, June 19877; also from Where the Wasteland Ends

XLI-3 His review of Guide for the Perplexed quoted in "What is to Come?"

XLI-8 From High School in "Time for a Change"

XLI-19 His preface to Small is Beautiful in "Sustaining Inspiration"

XLI-23 Where the Wasteland Ends (regulatory principle in nature) in "What Are Your Needs?"; Editorial, "Man's Higher Qualities"


XXXVI-16 Extensive quotation from Dec. 1982 issue re Schweitzer's Children's Garden in Children, "Schweitzer, Holt, Postman"

Roth, Philip

XXII-16 Quoted from March 1 New York Times in Children, "The Good in Institutions"

Roth, Walton T.

XXXII-13 Introduction to his Core Concepts (coauthored with Paul M. Insel) quoted in Review, "Death is Not the Enemy"

Rothchild, Fritz

XIII-12 His Between God and Man quoted in Lead, "The Religious Question"

Rothman, David (Columbia University, history)

XXVIII-11 His discussion of prison systems quoted from Dec. 21, 1974 Nation in Frontiers, "Toward Social Self-Understanding"

Rothman, Dr. Esther

XXV-17 Her book, The Angel Inside Went Sour discussed and quoted in Lead, "School and Society"

XXV-18 The Angel Inside Went Sour discussed and quoted in Children, "A School in Brooklyn"

XXVII-16 Quoted from Angel in Lead, "Awareness in America"

XXIX-19 Angel Inside quoted in Children, "Paying Attention to Children"

XLI-2 Quoted Angel Inside Went Sour in "A School in New York"

Rotting Hill - Wyndham Lewis (Regnery, 1952)

V-15 Reviewed

Rotzel, Grace

XXX-19 Wrote Children, "An Unaffluent Beginning"

XX-28 Quoted from Twelve Turnings in Children, "Event in Monrovia"

XX-51 Wrote material taken from Oct. 15 Parents' Bulletin used as text for Children, "An Early Experiment with Reading"

XXIV-38 Her book, The School in Rose Valley-a Parent Venture in Education, discussed and quoted in Children, "Adventure Story"

XXIV-44 The School in Rose Valley discussed, quoted in Children, "What Teachers Find Out"

XXV-16 Quoted from The School at Rose Valley, in Children, "Social Studies at Rose Valley"

XXVII-1 Quoted June 1967 Bulletin (of School in Rose Valley) in Children, "The Child is the Book"

Rotzel, Grace-(Continued)

XXXIII-41 Review by James Rein in Parents' Bulletin of the School in Rose Valley quoted in Children, "Book Reviews"

XXXIII-41 Review by James Rein in Parents' Bulletin of her The School in Rose Valley in Children, "Book Reviews"

XXXVII-42 Her death at 94 noted from Parents' Bulletin; also quoted The School in Rose Valley in Children, "Reports from Canada"

XLI-22 The School in Rose Valley's beginnings from Parent's Bulletin Fall 1987 in "A School Made by Parents"

Rough Beast (Editor-Gary Potter, published 10 times a year at 1522 Conn. Ave. N.W., Washington, $6.00/12 issues)

XXV-11 Quoted from in Children, "The Way We Die Now"

Round River - Aldo Leopold (eight essays posthumously published and included in new edition of Sand County Almanac)

XXIV-4 Quoted from in Frontiers, "A Penalty of Ecological Knowledge"

XXXVIII-25 Quoted re penalties of an ecological education in Review, "A Needed 'Shift of Attention'"

XXXIX-12 Quoted re Arendt's view of Eichmann in Review by Catherine Roberts, "Our Circle of Compassion"

Round the Bend - Nevil Shute (Morrow)

IV-16 Discussion of book in Lead, "The Psychic Ferment"

IV-37 Reference to above in review of Household's The High Place

VII-13 Reference to in connection with Ullman's Sands of Karakorum

Round-the-Clock Experts, The

XXX-50 Frontiers

Rourke, Constance

I-30 Her The Roots of American Culture quoted in Review of Music Education Source Book

III-37 Quoted her book in Lead, "American Culture"

III-49 The Roots of American Culture quoted in Review, also Van Wyck Brook's comments on (story of Junius Brutus Booth quoted from book)

XL-37 Quoted in "Art in Early America"

XLI-21 Quoted The Roots of American Culture in Lead

Rourke, Thomas

VI-6 Review of his Man of Glory (Simon Bolivar) in Frontiers, "Ascent to Myth"

Rouse, W. H.

III-20 Reference to his translation of Homer's Iliad in Review, "The Greeks Had No Word for It"


III-14 Reference to in English letter on General Elections

III-29 Quoted from his Social Contract in Lead, "Days of the Iconoclasts"


VIII-13 Quoted from Three Thousand Years of Educational Wisdom in Children

VIII-42 Discussed by George Sabine in quotation in Lead, "Three Principles of Democracy"

XIX-48 Quoted in Children, "What Is the Child?"

XXII-13 Quoted in Review, "The Green and Pleasant Land"

XXVII-4 Brief quote from Social Contract by McClintock in Children, "A View of 'Privacy'"

XXVII-26-35 Quoted in Lead, "Invitation to Learning"

XXVIII-46 Quoted in Lead, "Retrospect and Prospect"

XXIX-16 Robert McClintock's essay on quoted from Fall 1975 History of Education Quarterly in Review, "Nothing Short of Miraculous"

Rousseau and Romanticism - Irving Babbitt

VIII-45 Quoted in Lead, "Dubious 'Success Story'"

XX-3 Quoted in Frontiers, "Concerning Arguments About LSD"

Rousseauists and Prometheans

XVII-6 Lead

Rousset, David

I-16 The Other Kingdom reviewed together with The Dark Side of the Moon

II-31 Reference to in Lead, "The Revival of Slavery" (by mistake called "Green" Kingdom instead of Other)

Roussopoulos, Dimitrios

XVII-9 Quoted from Dec. 1963 Our Generation Against Nuclear War in Frontiers, "The Human Spirit at Bay"

XXI-44 Quoted from Vol. 6, Nos. 1 and 2, Our Generation, in Lead, "The Modern Self- Consciousness"

XXVII-37 Quoted from his The Case for Participatory Democracy in Frontiers, "Changes in Social Thought"

XXXVIII-9 Editor (with Marsha Hewitt) of 1984 and After, quoted their introduction in Review, "Orwellian Echoes"

Rovers, Richard

V-32 Brief quote from New Leader comment on Nation's Civil Liberties issue in Lead, "Great Questions"

X-31 Quoted from New Republic in Review, "The Trial of Arthur Miller"

XII-5 His Encounter article, "The Last Days of Joe McCarthy" reviewed in Frontiers

Roving Correspondent -- Paul Johnson

XVII-2 Wrote Letter from Beirut

Roving South - Willard Price (John Day, 1948)

III-30 Reviewed in Frontiers

Rovit, Earl

XXI-36 Quoted from Summer American Scholar in Frontiers, "Has Self a Role?"

XXXII-50 Quoted from Nation, March 1979, in review on Emerson by Joel Porte in Children, "Some Variety"

Rowan, Carl Thomas

V-48 Review of his South of Freedom, in "Racism's Slow Retreat"

Rowan, Helen (Editor of Carnegie Corporation of NY Quarterly)

XI-6 Quoted her explanation of the Beberman technique on making math an adventure in Children, "Notes and Quotes"

XX-26 Quoted from June Atlantic in Lead, "The Burdens of the Specialists"

Rowe, J. Stan

XXXIII-50 Quoted his letter to American Scientist in Frontiers, "The 'Moral' Authorities of Progress"

Rowe, Stan (University of Saskatchewan, plant ecology)

XXXVII-19 Quoted University Forum (on "atomized" knowledge of universities) in Lead, "Question for Our Time"

Rowe, Jonathan A.

XXVI-52 His letter in re to Harvard appears in Children, "Some Letters"

Rowland, L. W. (University of Tulsa)

II-33 Reference to in Frontiers, "The New Witchcraft"

Rowland, Stanley Jr. (reports religious news for NY Times)

IX-15 Quoted from Nation on "Religion on the Campus" in Lead, "The Trembling Earth"

IX-34 Nation article, "Suburbia Buys Religion" quoted in Lead, "Toward Individuality"

Roy, Dr. Bidhan Chandra (Prime Minister of West Bengal, for years Gandhi's personal physician)

I-32 Quoted his NY Herald Tribune Forum on "Non-Violence for Modern Man"

Roy, Sanjit

XXXVI-52 Quoted his Listener (July 7, 1983) article on Social Work and Research Center in India, in Frontiers, "The Reeducation of Experts"

Royal Vultures - Sam Koman (pseudonym) in collaboration with Hillel Black

XI-47 Briefly reviewed in Children

Roybal, Edward R. (Community Service Organization, member of Los Angeles City Council)

V-5 VII"

Royce, David

XVIII-3 His The Encapsulated Man quoted in Frontiers, "Going and Coming"

Royce, Josiah (American teacher of philosophy, 1855-1916)

III-27 Reference to briefly in Frontiers, "The Contribution of Science"

IX-43 Quoted his Gifford Lectures, The World and the Individual in Frontiers, "Science and Mysticism"

XXI-17 Quoted from The World and the Individual in Children, "What 'Mysticism' Is Not"

XXXIII-45 Quoted in Review, "A Subjective Revolutionary"

XXXIII-51 Quoted The World and the Individual in Review, "American Philosopher"; discussed also in Royce's Voyage Down Under by Oppenheim in same Review

Royce's Voyage Down Under - Frank M. Oppenheim (University of Kentucky Press, 1980)

XXXIII-51 Reviewed, quoted in Review, "American Philosopher"

Royster, Vermont (Ed. emeritus of Wall Street Journal)

XXXVI-25 His American Scholar, Spring 1983, article quoted in Children, "The Art of Balancing" (re modern education)

Rozanov, Vasily

XXV-26-35 Quoted from Dostoevsky and the Legend of the Grand Inquisitior in Review, "Books on Literature"

XXV-38 Quoted from his Dostoevsky and the Legend of the Grand Inquisitor in Review, "Very Old Questions"

Rozental, Dr. Alek A.

XIII-26 His May Harper's article, "The Strange Ethics of the Ethical Drug Industry" quoted in Lead, "The Cause of Alienation"

Ruark, Robert C.

V-49 Discussion of his Pasadena Independent story on "The Age for Shouting Instead of Spanking" in Children

Rubin, Arthur (Chicago, Ill.)

XV-12 His letter quoted (unnamed) in Lead, "A Pre- Political Program"

Rubin, Gayle

XXIII-47 Quoted from Roszak's Masculine/Feminine in Review, "The Compassionate Virtues"

Rubin, Louis D.

XXVIII-10 Quoted from introduction to new edition of I'll Take My Stand in Editorial, "An Engineering Theme"

Rubin, Lillian

XXII-2 Quoted Sept. 1967 Trans-action in Frontiers, "Notes on 'Race'"

Rubin, Morris (Editor, Progressive)

I-7 Mentioned in "Periodicals in Transition"

III-47 Reference to in Lead on Progressive, "The Good Die Young-or Barely Live"

IX-49 His Progressive article quoted on Soviets in Frontiers, "Report on Russia'

Rubinoff, Lionel

XXV-47 His The Pornography of Power discussed, quoted in Review, "Critique of Scientific Humanism"

Rubinstein, S. Leonard

IX-38 His The Battle Done reviewed, in "His Brother's Keeper"


XXV-1 James McCawley's article, Nov. 1971 issue, on revival of sailing ships, mentioned in Frontiers, "Power from Sun and Wind"

Rudikoff, Sonya

XXIX-3 Quoted from Autumn 1975 American Scholar in Lead, "Matrices of Change"

Rudisill, George Jr.

XII-35 His article, "Homogenized History" in Nation, May 9, quoted from in Children, "Good-Bye to Blue Yonder"

Rudofsky, Bernard

XXI-35 Quoted from exhibition catalog Architecture Without Architects in Frontiers, same title

XXXIV-7 Quoted from above in Review, "A Concept of History"

Rudolph, Kurt

XXXVII-42 Quoted his Gnosis, especially comments on Gospel of Thomas in Review, "The Gnostic Teachers"

Rudy, Paul (Headmaster of the Stillwater Cove Ranch School)

X-37 His school for boys discussed in Children

XV-2 His letter to a parent on bomb or fallout protection quoted in Children, "Notes in Passing"

Ruesch, Hans

V-1 Review of his Top of the World

Rugg, Harold

II-5 Reference to his That Men May Understand in "The Project of Education"

Rukeyser, Muriel

VII-6 Her "A Pane of Glass" quoted in Children

Rule of Explanation

VI-6 Editorial

Rule of Social Progress, The

XXIII-25-34 Editorial

Rule or Reason?

III-13 Editorial (Loyalty Oath)

Rules for Peace

III-15 Frontiers-Neumann book, Science News Letter, Huxley book, Science, Liberty and Peace

Rules for Religion

XI-5 Lead

Rules of Criticism, The

XXI-38 Lead

Ruling Class, The - Gaetano Mosca

XXII-8 Quoted in Lead, "The Roots of Power"

XXVIII-14 Quoted in Lead, "A Motive Almost Forgotten"

XXXIII-19 Quoted in Lead, "At the Height of Our Time"

XXXV-13 Quoted in Lead, "Deciding What To Do"

XXXVI-20 Quoted in Review, "All of a Piece" (moral and intellectual aristocracy)

XXXVI-51 Quoted on the generous spirits of each generation in Review, "Counting Our Blessings"

XXXIX-4 Quoted in "How to be Sensible"

Rumbold, Richard

XII-7 Brief quote on Zen Buddhism in Review, "Third East-West Conference"

Rummell, Frances V.

X-18 Quoted her article in Together magazine, March, in reference to Enid Larson in Children, "Teachers Who Break the Mold"

Rumor of Angels, A- Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural - Peter L. Berger (Doubleday, 1969)

XXXIX-12 Quoted re Arendt's view of Eichmann in Review by Catherine Roberts, "Our Circle of Compassion"

Runes, Dagobert (deceased)

VIII-2 Edited Treasury of Philosophy reviewed in Lead, "Cavalcade of Philosophers"

XIV-50 His The Art of Thinking quoted in Children, "On 'The Process of Education'"

XXXVI-52 Quoted from Philosophical Dictionary (new ed. in Review, "Three Books"

Running Away from Myself - Barbara Deming (Grossman, 1969)

XXIII-42 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Strutters and Fretters"

Running of the Tide, The - Esther Forbes

I-45 Reviewed

Running Target - Steve Frazee

XII-33 Quoted in Review, "Paperback Break- Through"

Runyon, Damon

II-19 Reference to "Little Miss Marker" in Children

Runyon, Tom

VII-14 Review of his In for Life

Rupp, Becky

XL-5 Quoted re home school, Country Journal,, Dec. 1986, in Children

Rural Industrialization in Sri Lanka - Ton de Wilde (Institute at 41 Lumbini Ave. Ramalana, Sr Lanka (Sarvodaya)

XXXV-10 Quoted in Review, "In Eastern Lands"

Rural Rides - William Cobbett (Penguin paperback)

XXXII-18 Reviewed in "Cobbett and His Heirs"

Rural Technology - ed. by A. K. N. Reddy (Indian Academy of Sciences, ASTRA)

XXXV-9 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Inadequate and the Inaccessible"

Rush, Benjamin

IX-28 Reference to in Lead, "The Duties of Free Men"

XXV-49 Quoted from A. O. Hansen's Liberalism and American Education in the Eighteenth Century in Lead, "Have 'Nations' Any Future?"

XXVIII-17 Briefly discussed and quoted in Editorial, "Improver of Nature"

Ruskin- A Brief Exploration

XXVI-48 Lead

Ruskin's Economics

XXVI-48 Editorial

Ruskin, John

I-1 Letter from England

I-34 Warned English about war-Review, "Notes on 'Cultural Lag'"

I-40 William Morris put Ruskin's idea to work- Lead, "The Case for Private Initiative"

II-49 Quoted on population question in Letter from England

V-3 Quoted in Editorial, "If Only. . ." from his remarks addressed to the women of England

XI-48 His influence on Gandhi discussed in Thought article quoted in Frontiers, "Some MANAS Exchanges" (Ruskin's Unto This Last particularly influential)

Ruskin, John-(Continued)

XXVI-48 A Brief Exploration"

XXVI-48 Quoted from Unto This Last in Editorial, "Ruskin's Economics"

XXXVI-5 Quoted re "possessions" and its effect on Gandhi

XXXVI-26-35 Quoted Unto This Last in "The Origin of Capital"

Russell, Bertrand

I-5 Quoted materialistic dogma not set up by men who loved dogma, but by men who felt nothing less definite would enable them to fight religious dogmas they disliked, in Frontiers, "The Pattern of Life"

I-6 Would counsel America to submit t Russia. Must be ruthless in pursuit of peace-Lead, "The Kinship of Man"

I-8 Education and the Good Life quoted about child who wondered what he was doing when Pyramids were built, in Children

I-21 Quoted from Introduction to Lange's History of Materialism

I-32 Certain of war with Russia-we need one more war to establish single international government-Lead "No Compromise"

I-38 Reference to Horizon article in Letter from England

I-45 Quoted from pamphlet, "Can Foreign Policy Be Democratic?"-Lead, "Questions-Not for Experts"

II-2 Quoted, Jan. 9, 1937 Nation in Review, "Men of Stable Mind"-about 19th century writers

II-7 Agarwal quotes from in pamphlet on Gandhian Plan, in Lead, "Comprehensible Economics"

II-17 Quoted about materialism and dogmas from introduction to History of Materialism

II-23 Quoted in Lead, "The Future's Cutting Edge" re man's being product of causes with no prevision of end to be achieved. Everything destined for extinction

II-47 Nov. UN World article quoted-what he would have as symbol of unity-Lead, "What Do People Think?"

III-3 Reference to as spokesman for modern philosophy in Lead, "The Locus of Power"

III-8 Reference to essay Icarus, or the Future of Science; long quote from introduction to Lange's History of Materialism

III-8 Hegel"

III-28 Reference to in Letter from England

III-30 Quoted from Reith Lectures, over BBC, from Atlantic in Lead, "The Age of Tantalus"; mentioned in Editorial

III-39 Quoted in Letter from England-said four with more power than others were Buddha, Christ, Pythagoras, and Galileo

Russell, Bertrand-(Continued)

III-41 Quoted in Letter from England from Education and the Social Order

IV-38 Quoted his Introduction to Lange in Lead, "The Bondage of Controversy"

IV-45 His A Free Man's Worship quoted in Lead, "Great Questions"

IV-51 Quoted in Children re propaganda

V-26 Letter from England devoted to

VI-4 Quoted in Lead, "The Inner Life" from UN World article, "How to be Happy" (1953)

VII-40 Quoted from Saturday Review article, "A Prescription for the World" in Review, "The New Pacifism"

VIII-18 Quoted on Immortality in Lead, "The Question of Survival"

VIII-46 Quoted in Review, "Believers and Agnostics"

IX-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Idea of Progress"

X-4 His introduction to Lange's History of Materialism quoted in Lead, "A Troublesome Inheritance"

XI-42 Brief quote in Review on war novel

XIV-24 His review of Herman Kahn's On Thermonuclear War in April 3 New Republic quoted in Children, "Grounds for Objection-and Active Youth"

XIV-43 Briefly quoted in Frontiers, "In Honor of Bertrand Russell"

XV-14 Briefly quoted from his introduction to Lange's History of Materialism in Lead, "Creeping Ethics"; also from another of his early writings

XV-28 His introduction to Frederick Lange's History of Materialism quoted in Lead, "The Struggle Against Prematurity"

XVI-41 His introduction to above quoted in Lead, "Rationalism Then and Now"

XVIII-2 Quoted from same as above in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds"

XVIII-8 His interview with young son of a writer quoted from Sept. 1964 Redbook in Children, "Two Youthful Minds"

XVIII-38 Quote from An Outline of Philosophy in Don Benson's Lead, "Beyond 'Rational' Progress"

XIX-16 Quoted in Frontiers, "Seeds of Liberation"

XIX-37 Quoted in Editorial, "Moody Questions"

XIX-42 Quoted in Lead, "Affirmations, Questions, Denials"

XIX-48 Briefly quoted in Lead, "The Races of Man"

XXI-25 His introduction to Lange's History of Materialism quoted in Frontiers, "An Abstract Concession"

XXII-30 Quoted from 1902 essay and from Nation, Jan. 9, 1937, in Lead, "Lost Allegiances"

XXII-40 Quoted in Lead, "The Strength of the Good"

XXII-49 Quoted from Education and the Good Life in Children, "The Promise of the Very Young"

XXIV-4 Quoted, Jan. 9, 1937 Nation in Children, "Moral Education"

Russell, Bertrand-(Continued)

XXIV-9 Briefly quoted his Introduction to History of Materialism in Editorial, "What Opens Mind?"

XXVI-16 Quoted Jan. 9, 1937 Nation in Lead, "The Passing Agnosticism"

XXVII-44 Quoted from History of Materialism and from A Free Man's Worship in Lead, "What Sort of Awakening?"

XXVIII-36 Quoted, Jan. 9, 1937 Nation in Lead, "The Second Phase"

XXIX-15 Briefly quoted his introduction to History of Materialism in Review, "The Biological Paradigm"

XXIX-24 Quoted in re son's beliefs from Education and the Good Life in Lead, "The Composition of Opposites"

XXX-42 Quoted, Jan. 9, 1937 Nation in Children, "A Hundred Years Ago"

XXXII-23 Quoted from Nation as above in Lead, "Not Matters of Belief"

XXXIII-48 Quoted from A Free Man's Worship in Lead, "The Environment of Meaning"; Introduction to History of Materialism quoted, same Lead

XXXIII-50 Brief quote re dogma in Lead, "A Science of Man?"

XXXIV-5 Quoted 1925 statement re dogmas in Editorial, "What Is 'Natural' for Humans?"

XXXIV-39 Quoted intro. to Lange's History of Materialism in Lead, "Feelings We Can't Ignore"'; also article in Nation, Jan. 9, 1937

XXXIV-50 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Long Road" from Nation, Jan. 9, 1937

XXXV-17 Quoted re "materialism" in Review, "Are We 'Evolving'?"

XXXV-40 Quoted from Education and the Good Life in Lead, "One Universal Philosophical Idea"

XXXVI-2 Quoted Nation 1937 re God in Lead, "Minds Seeking Freedom"

XXXVI-17 Quoted ("extinction inevitable") in Lead, "Value of a Different Kind"

XXXVII-2 Quoted on "work" from Why Work? in Review, "Some Anarchist Writers"

XXXVII-12 Quoted on "change in opinion" from Nation 1937 in Lead, "The Weight of Orthodoxy"

XXXVII-51 Quoted from introduction to History of Materialism in Lead, "How Long Will It Take?"

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Russell, George (A.E.)

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Russia- Recent Reports On

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Russian Reading Habits

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Russians and Americans

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