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H20 and the Waters of Forgetfulness - Ivan Illich (Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

XXXIX-12 Quoted in Lead, "The Role of Imagination"

Habe, Hans

XXII-18 Quoted his Christopher and His Father in Children, "Guilt and Atonement"

Haber, Barbara and Alan

XXII-50 Quoted from The New Left (collection of essays) in Review, "A Chasm Not a Gap"

XXXIV-42 Quoted (report on conference of Radicals in the Professions) from The New Left in Lead

Haberer, Joseph

XXVI-14 Quoted from Nov. 17, 1972 Science in Editorial, "The Guides of Current Science"

Habits and Attitudes

XXXV-51 Editorial (California Tomorrow)

Habits and Values

XXI-33 Review

Hachiya, Dr. Michihiko

XIV-38 His Hiroshima Diary quoted in Review, "The Long, Bad Story"

Hack Writer Looks Around, A

III-51 Review - Philip Wylie-Opus 21

Hacker, Andrew

VII-36 Review of his Antioch Review article, "The Specter of Predictable Man"

XVII-12 His Introduction to The Corporation Take- Over quoted in Lead, "Hungers of the Heart"

XXXVI-19 His The Corporate Take-Over quoted in Lead, "The Neglected Capacity of Humans"

Hackett, Allen

XII-38 His review of Joan Bondurant's Conquest of Violence quoted from Christian Century in Review, "Imprint of Gandhian Non-violence"

Haddow, Professor Alexander (England)

VII-19 Quoted from London Times re use of atomic power in Lead, "The Health of the State"

Hadlow, Alexander

VII-47 Reference to in Lead, "Men in Torment" (he had pleaded for conference by UN on Hbomb)

Haenke, David

XXXVI-49 Quoted from Fourth World News Supplement, April 1983 on Ozarks Bioregion in Frontiers, "What Is a Bioregion?"

XXXVII-10 Quoted on bioregionalism in Frontiers (by Kirkpatrick Sale), "Bioregionalism"

Hagan, Roger

XV-37 Quoted Spring 1962 Dissent in Children, "New Directions on the Campus"

XVI-11 Quoted from Feb. 2 Nation in Lead, "Moral Man and Amoral Society"

Hagedorn, Mermann

IV-20 His Prophet in the Wilderness basis for discussion of Albert Schweitzer in Frontiers, "Great in Goodness"

Haggard, Dr. H. W.

I-16 Quoted re Swedenborg

Haggart, Bruce

XXVII-11 A Choice of Reading"

Haggerty, Joan

XXIII-7 Her Please Can I Play God? discussed, quoted in Children, "It's Hard to be a Teacher"

Hagiwara Family (Japanese family of San Francisco)

IV-52 Their story told in Frontiers, "The Story of a Garden"

Hahn, Kurt

VI-6 Founder of various schools for boys, discussed in Children, "Outward Bound Trust"

XIV-6 Quoted from Year Book of Education, 1957 in Children, "Courage and Discipline"

Hahn, Otto (1944 Novel Prize winner in chemistry-Lise Meitner his laboratory assistant)

I-7 Refused during war to aid Nazis with his knowledge of nuclear physics, 1939 discovered secret of uranium fission-Lead, "The Real Issue"

III-49 Mentioned in Frontiers, "The Use of Power"-he could have turned his efforts to Nazi war effort, but did not; rather he made public his findings for all scientists

VII-47 Reference to in Lead, "Men in Torment"

IX-12 Reference to in Lead, "The Responsibility of Scientists"

XXXIV-38 Reference to in Lead, "A Preface to "Scientific Literacy" (refused to serve the Nazis)

Hahnemann - Martin Gumpert (Fischer, 1945)

XXVIII-7 His quote from August Bier used in foreword to, given in Editorial, "For Better or For Worse?"

XXXVIII-8 In "Ways to Change" Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines and his life-story

XXXVIII-13 His work discussed from Health and Healing in "A Reviving Healing Art"

XL-51 Homeopathy and Hahnemann in "Homeopathic Medicine" Dan Ullman's Homeopathy-Medicine for the 21st Century

Hahnemann (Founder of homeopathy)

III-41 His influence on Edward Bach referred to; his work was Organon - Frontiers, "New Ideas at Work-IV"

XXVII-2 Arthur Green's quote from James Tyler Kent on, in Review, "This and That"

Haig-Brown, Roderick L.

III-14 Reference to his books On the Highest Hill and Timber in Children

Haight, Henry H.

II-27 Governor of California who fought against landed might of railroads (Henry George fought with him) -Lead, "Great Reformers- Henry George"

Hail and Farewell

XXXIV-44 Review (Peter Abbs, Tract)

Haimowitz, Morris L.

XIX-5 Quoted from Human Development- Selected Readings in Children, "What is a Good Child?"

Hain, Peter

XXXIV-3 His The Crisis and Future of the Left quoted in Lead, "Comprehending the Confusion"

Haines, William Wister

I-1 Review of his Command Decision in Review, "War Literature"

II-7' Review of Command Decision in Review, "Some Recent Movies"

V-20 Quoted from MANAS in review of Morgan's The River Line in Review, "A Doubtful Absolution"

XIV-21 Brief quote from Command Decision in Lead, "Problems of Moral Judgment"


XXXVI-37 Discussed from Britannica and "The Magic Orange Tree" and Other Haitian Tales in Review, "Keeping the Country Virtuous"

Haldane, Professor J. B. S.

II-49 Suggested human species could survive atomic war in which 10th of species were exterminated - Letter from England

III-8 Quoted from essay "Daedalus, or Science and the Future" in Editorial, "Inglorious, Subordinate"

Hale, Dennis

XIX-37 Quoted from introduction to The New Student Left (co-editor, Mitchell Cohen) in Review, "The Student Movement"

Hale, Leslie (British M.P.)

VIII-16 Waging Peace (by him and others) discussed in Frontiers, "A Brave Proposal"

XV-10 His Hanged in Error quoted in Review of same title

Halevy, Jacques

XI-21 His quotation cited on virtues being more dangerous than vices in Review, "The Dangerous Virtues"

Half A Show

XXIII-42 Editorial

Half the House - Herbert Kohl (Dutton, 1974, $7.95)

XXVII-40 Quoted in Lead, "Currents of Change"

XXVII-51 Quoted in Frontiers, "Trigant Burrow- Pioneer Psychologist"

XXVIII-3 Quoted in Lead, "The Universal Expedients"

XXXIX-18 In Lead (acts of complicity)

XXXV-18 Quoted in Children, "Cabbages, Kings and Poonharps"

Half Truths and Whole Truths

XIV-21 Frontiers

Hall, Captain Basil

V-23 Quoted re San Martin in Frontiers, "Patriot and Liberal"

Hall, Dr. Bernard H.

XVI-32 Quoted from Spring Menniger Quarterly in Review, "It's Hard To Be Private"

Hall, Edward T.

XVI-46 His The Silent Language discussed, quoted in Frontiers, "Alienation Through Culture"

XLI-41 Quoted from Crisis on "Human Needs and Inhuman Cities" in Lead, "How Responsibility Is Developed"

Hall, Elton

XXII-34 Wrote Lead article, "The Art of Living"

Hall, Fielding

I-5 The Soul of a People-Review, "Books on India"

II-9 Reference to above book in Lead, "The Appeal to Reason"

III-10 Reference to punishment as considered in Burma, in Children

XX-13 Quoted from The Soul of a People in Lead, "Principles of the Polis"

XX-41 Quoted The Soul of a People in Review, "On Truth and 'Power'"

XX-46 Quoted The Soul of a People in Lead, "Various Confessions"

XXII-39 Quoted The Soul of a People in Review, "New But Hardly Brave World"

XXIII-40 Quoted on role of Buddhist monks in Burma in Editorial, "Fuller's Dream"

XXIV-50 Quoted on life in Burmese villages in Lead, "The Everyday Things"

XXX-20 The Soul of a People quoted in Lead, "The Subtle Art"

XXXIII-22 Quoted The Soul of a People in Lead, "The Blessings of Inefficiency"

Hall, Harry S.

IX-12 Quoted from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in Lead, "The Responsibility of Scientists"

Hall, James Norman

IV-18 Review of his The Far Lands in Children

Hall, Lawrence Sargent

XVI-11 His Stowaway quoted in Review, "'Westerns' and Violence"

Hall, Martin

VII-5 Quoted from Nation in Review, "The Role of Slogans"-re book burnings

Hall, Mary Harrington

XXI-19 Her interview with Viktor Frankl quoted from Feb. Psychology Today in Review, "Faint Praise, Some Gratitude"

XXI-43 Quoted from interview with from Sept. Psychology Today in Review, "One Sort of Psychologist"

Hall, Robert T.

XXIX-49 Quoted from Moral Education in Theory and Practice in Children, "Progress and Default"

Hall, Ross Hume

XXXI-44 His "Nutrition by Number" quoted from New Ecologist May/June 1978 in Frontiers, "How Do They Fool Us? Let Us Count the Ways"

Hall, Willie

XIX-10 Brief quote from 1844(?) Phi Beta Kappa address in Editorial, "Puzzles of Human Nature"

Halle, Louis J.

XIV-47 Quoted from Oct. 23 New Republic in Lead, "Cart-Before-the-Horse Philosophy"

XV-1 Quoted from Nov. 29 New Republic in Frontiers, "No Human Sound"

XVI-45 His Men and Nations discussed and quoted in Editorial of same title

XVII-1 Men and Nations quoted in Review, "Philosophy and Diplomacy" and in Editorial, "Time to Set a Precedent"

XVIII-21 Encounter article reviewed, "The Behavior of Nations"

XVIII-46 Frontiers, "The Conceptual Roots of War and Genocide" re his Radio Free Europe Broadcast

XIX-49 His Sedge discussed, quoted in Review, "Sedge is for the Sedgians"

XX-29 Quoted June 10 New Republic in Editorial, "A Use for Abstract Science"

XX-49 Quoted from Autumn Virginia Quarterly Review in Review, "What is Really Going On?"

XXI-17 Quoted on problem of contemporary historians in Lead, "The Language of Value"

XXI-31 His letter printed in Frontiers, "Why Is There No Voltaire?"

XXII-6 Quoted from Men and Nations in Lead, "A Small Amount of Truth"

XXII-42 Quoted Autumn 1967 Virginia Quarterly Review in Lead, "The Uses of Allegory"

XXIII-3 Wrote Review, "The Brothers Karamazov"

XXIV-47 Quoted Oct. 16 Saturday Review (in re Lincoln's Gettysburg Address) in Lead, "Call Them 'Ancestors'"

XXV-2 His The Ideological Imagination discussed, quoted in Review, "The Fraud in Ideology"

XXVIII-44 Quoted from his Review, "The Brothers Karamazov" in Review, "The Uses of Criticism"

XXIX-8 His Men and Nations quoted in Lead, "To Set It Right"

Halle, Louis J.-(Continued)

XXIX-17 Briefly quoted from Autumn, 1967 Virginia Quarterly Review in Frontiers, "Signal from Spain"

XXXI-8 Men and Nations quoted in Lead, "Line and Circle"

XXXI-39 Quoted Autumn, 1967 Virginia Quarterly Review in Lead, "Reading the Signals"

XXXII-12 Quoted quote from Men and Nations in Lead, "A Consensus of Two"

XXXII-37 Men and Nations quoted in Lead, "The References for Life"

XXXIII-6 Quoted Men and Nations in Lead, "A Modest Pursuit of Reality"

XXXIII-49 Quoted Cicero from Men and Nations in Lead, "We Who Dream"

XXXIV-35 Brief discussion on Men and Nations in Review, "How to Read a Book"

XXXIV-37 Quoted The Search for an Eternal Norm-as Represented by Three Classics in Lead, "The Glory of Our Species," also quote from Men and Nations

XXXV-9 Quoted from The Search for an Eternal Norm in Lead, "Moral Development and Education"

XXXV-25 Wrote Lead (from Spring Virginia Quarterly Review), "The Historian's Vocation"

XXXVI-1 Quoted The Search for an Eternal Norm in Lead, "A Thread of Self-Knowledge"

XXXVI-17 Quoted The Search for an Eternal Norm in Lead, "Value of a Different Kind" (lifestyles)

XXXVI-23 Quoted The Ideological Imagination in Lead, "The Saving Grace" (forms of "covering up")

XXXVII-7 Quoted from The Ideological Imagination in Lead, "Books about Marxism"

XXXVI-24 Quoted from The Ideological Imagination in Lead, "A Legitimate Individualism Noted in Editorial, "The Social Mystery"

XXXVI-26-35 Quoted from The Ideological Imagination in Review, "The Origin of Capital"

XXXVI-40 Quoted from The Ideological Imagination (on responsibility for oneself) in Children, "On Peace and Honor"

XXXVII-5 Poetry and Prose" written by; noted in Editorial, "Note on Nostalgia"

XXXVIII-42 From Men and Nations ("the line") in Lead, "How We Think"

XXXIX-12 Quoted above in Lead, "The Role of Imagination"

XXXIX-24 Quoted The Search re intelligence of Socrates and Hamlet in Lead, "Heroes- Known and Unknown"

Halleck, Prof. Seymour L.

XIV-44 Reprint of his remarks from Nov. 1960 Psychiatry in Journal of A.M.A., Sept. 12, quoted in Children, "Correspondence and Notes"

XXI-9 Quoted from Feb. Progressive in Review, "Available and Palpable Target"

Halliday, E. M.

XII-30 His "The Ghost of Tom Paine" quoted in Review, "Thomas Paine-Philosopher"

Halliday, James L.

II-49 Quoted (statistics) from his Psychosocial Medicine, A Study of the Stick Society, in Frontiers, "The New Medicine"

Hallie, Philip

XXXII-36 Quoted from Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed in Lead, "The Uses of Truth"

Hallmarks of Mankind - F. Wood Jones (Frederic) (Williams and Wilkins Co., 1948, Baltimore)

II-13 Reference to in Frontiers, "The Evolution Controversy"

II-46 Review, "Man-Forerunner of the Apes"

III-43 Quoted in Review of Kon-Tiki

IV-26 Quoted in Lead, "Great Questions-III"

X-4 Quoted in Lead, "A Troublesome Inheritance"

XX-3 Quoted in Review, "On the Side of the Angels"

XXVI-52 Quoted in Editorial, "Subtlety in Tennessee"

XXXIV-21 Quoted from re ape-men in Lead, "One Kind of Change"

XXXV-4 Quoted re primate forms in Lead, "Deciding on Importance"

XXXVI-2 Quoted, discussed in Lead, "Minds Seeking Freedom"

Hallowell, John H.

XVIII-21 Quoted in Lead, "The Filing Dreams" from American Political Science Review, Aug. 1954

Halprin, L. S.

XVI-6 Quoted from No. 7, Vol. II, Audit in Review, "The Failure of Western Socialism"

Halsey, Dr. Edwin (Claremont Graduate School)

XIII-44 Quoted July-Aug. Liberation in Lead, "The Promise of Autonomous Man"

XXVI-21 Quoted from Liberation in Lead, "Reconstitution of Purpose"

XXIX-3 Quoted from Liberation (from College Student Life-Pomona, 1960) re national purpose in Lead

Halstead, Rodger

XXXVIII-16 Monterey Peninsula Herald, story on his class in "War and Peace" quoted in Lead, "The Reformers"

Halton, Matthew (European correspondent Canadian Broadcasting Corp.)

III-52 Quoted in Letter from England re conditions in Germany

Halverson, Jileen (Downtown Women's Center, L.A.-Director)

XXXIV-36 Quoted her story in St. Paul Pioneer Press, Oct. 28, 1980, re old ladies and poverty, in Lead, "Report from Minnesota!"

Halves Into Wholes

XII-15 Lead

Hamada, Soji

XXXII-1 Quoted his foreword to Blake and Whitman by Soetsu Yanagi in Review, "Crafts of Japan"

Hamaker, John D. (112 S. Nelson, Potterville, Mich 48876)

XXXIII-50 Quoted re food supply in Frontiers, "The 'Moral' Authorities of Progress"

XXXV-51 Quoted from The Survival of Civilization in Lead, "A Question of Relevance"; also from Global 2000

Hamburger, Michael

XIII-45 War poem from his review article, "No Hatred and No Flag" in Oct. Encounter, quoted in Frontiers, "Psychopathology and National Defense"

Hamill, John

I-41 Quoted re Hoover, whom he vilified

Hamilton, A. E. (child educator)

XI-41 His Psychology and the Great God Fun discussed and quoted in children, "Psychology and Fun"

Hamilton, Alexander

I-24 Referred to (Federalist Papers XV and XVI) with comment by L. P. Jacks in Lead, "World Organization or World Trust"

II-41 Reference to with Prince Metternich in Review, "Symptoms of a Change"

II-51 Quoted in Freda Utley's The High Cost of Vengeance re Nuremberg trials

XXXVI-2 Quoted from Federalist Papers No. 6 in Children, "The Uses of History"

Hamilton, Andrew

XX-6 Quoted Dec. 1965 PTA Magazine in Children, "The Tutoring Movement"

Hamilton, Charles

XXIX-21 His Introduction to Franz Oppenheimer's The State quoted in Review, "Historic Aberration"

Hamilton, Edith

VII-43 Her The Greek Way quoted in Frontiers, "In God's Name"

IX-42 Review, "Christ and Socrates"-her Witness to the Truth

X-10 "Edith Hamilton Preview"-The Echo of Greece

X-19 Briefly quoted in children, "The Debate on Disarmament"

X-27 Her The Echo of Greece quoted in Review of same title

XVI-21 Her Witness to the Truth quoted in Review, "A Platonist on Christ"

XVII-37 Quoted from Mythology in Lead, "Theseus in the Labyrinth"

XVIII-14 Quoted Mythology in Review, "The Power of Greek Tragedy"

XXX-9 Comments on the Timaeus quoted in Lead, "Platonic Symmetries"

XLI-7 The Greek Way in Lead, "A Slow Evolution"

Hamilton, William

XVIII-21 Quoted from Nation on Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Lead, "The Failing Dreams"

XIX-15 His comments on Bonhoeffer's Letterts and Papers from Prison quoted in Lead, "Images and Iconoclasts"

Hamlet - William Shakespeare

III-48 Subject of Review, "Shakespeare and his Symbols"

XXVIII-7 Quoted and discussed in Review of Goddard's Alphabet of the Imagination in "The Deeper Springs"

XXIX-8 Louis Halle comments on, in unpublished essay, quoted in Lead, "To Set It Right"

XXXII-9 Quoted in Editorial, "What is Man?"

Hamlet and Macbeth

IV-43 Review, Roy Walker, The Time is Free

Hamlet's Mill - Giorgia De Santillana

XXVI-51 Quoted in Lead, "A New Genesis"

XXX-21 Quoted in Review, "Fragments of a Lost Whole"

XXXI-47 Quoted in Review, "Worldwide Archaic Construction"

XXXI-48 Quoted in Lead, "A New-Old Dilemma"

XXXIV-8 Quoted in Lead, "Is 'Nature' Dual?"

XXXVII-23 Quoted on Plato and "archaic myths" in Lead, "Missing in Modernism"

Hammett, Dashiell

I-22 His and Raymond chandler's books typical of "objective" brutishness of modern detective stories

II-47 His fiction would not have appealed in 1910

Hammond, Allen L.

XXX-45 His comments on Amory Lovins quoted from Science, May 27, in Lead, "The Road Not Taken"

Hammond, J. L. and Barbara

I-31 Their The Village Labourer discussed in Review, "Monopoly"

I-48 Reference to their The Bleak Age in Letter from England

III-33 Quoted from The Rise of Modern Industry in Letter from England

Hammond, Kenneth R.

XXX-3 Quoted Oct. 22, 1976 Science in Lead, "Reflections About Moral Decision"

Hampden-Turner, Charles

XXIII-24 Quoted his Radical Man in Frontiers, "Note on Contemporary Criticism-

XXVII:21 A Radical Critique"

XXVII-42 Quoted from From Poverty to Dignity in Lead, "Vision and Necessity"

XXVIII-1 Quoted on Equality in Review, "The Art of Citizenship"

XXIX-42 Quoted on fallacies of Pop Psych from July/ Aug. UCLA Monthly in Children, "Odds and Ends"

Hampden-Turner, Charles-(Continued)

XXIX-46 His Sane Asylum reviewed in "Acts of Love"

XXXIV-23 Quoted, discussed Maps of the Mind in Review, "Quest for Ideal Balance"

Hampshire, Stuart

XII-48 Review of his Thought and Action in July 30 Manchester Guardian, quoted in Review, "Let's Always Have an England"

XXX-15 His essay on Spinoza quoted from Paul Kashap's Studies in Spinoza in Review, "The Paths of Reason"

Hamrum, Charles L. Editor

XXXVII-13 Quoted from Darwin's Legacy in Review, "Darwin-After a Century"

Hanan, Mack

XIV-14 Quoted from New Haven Register, Jan. 3, in Children, "Reading"

Hanauer, Ned (West Germany)

XXXVII-12 Quoted from Not Man Apart, Nov. 1983, in Frontiers, "Rampant Pollution" re acid rain in Germany killing forests

Hancock, Ralph

VII-15 Quoted his Baja California in Children

Hand, Douglas

XXXIV-35 Quoted from Country Journal, April 1981, re housing in Bronx in Frontiers, "Building Community"

Hand, Judge Learned

V-52 Reference to in Lead, "Philosophy and Politics" and quote from Progressive article Reference to his The Spirit of Liberty in Lead

Handbook for Satyagrahis - Manual prepared by Narayan Desai, dist. by Movement for a New Society, 4722 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa 19143)

XXXIV-2 Quoted from foreword by George Willoughby in Frontiers, "A still Living Testament"

Handbook of Federal Indian Law - Felix Cohen

IV-13 Reference to in Lead, "Colonialism at Home"

XXI-27 Nathan R. Margold Introduction to quoted in Editorial, "The Indian Tribes"

Handbook of Socialism Theory - Lawrence Kolhlberg (Goslin, Rand McNalley, 1969)

XXVIII-50 Quoted in Lead, "The Measure of Progress"

Handbook on Nonpayment of War Taxes (The Peacemaker, Box 627, Garbverville, CA 95440)

XXXIX-23 Noted in Frontiers

Handful of Blackberries, A - Ignazio Silone

VII-1 Reviewed, "More Bread and Wine"

Handicaps of Consciousness

XXV-43 Editorial

Handler, Harry (Superintendent of Schools, L.A.)

XXXIX-12 Quoted re reading words and reading in Children, "On Schooling and Teaching"

Handler, Philip (President, National Academy of Sciences)

XXIX-40 His remarks concerning Copernicus quoted from The Nature of Scientific Discovery in Lead, "Science and Consciousness"

Handlin, Oscar Professor

IV-12 Quoted his Atlantic article, "Yearning for Security" in Lead, "What is the Treatment?"

XXV-43 His commencement address quoted, June 1, New York Times, in Children, "Some Wandering Thoughts"

Handmade - Drew and Luise Langsner (Harmony Books, 1974)

XXXI-51 Quoted in Review, "New Science-Two Levels"

Handmade Houses - Art Boericke and Barry Shapiro (Scrimshaw Press, San Francisco, 1973, $12.95)

XXVI-43 Mentioned in Editorial, "Doing the Impossible"

Handspiegel (Hand-Mirror) - Pfeffercorn

I-50 John Reuchlin"

Handwriting on the Wall

XXXIV-4 Editorial

Handy Guide to Grownups, A - Jennifer Owsley (Random House, 1950)

IV-10 Children

Hanfmann, Eugenia

XXX-8 Lives in Turmoil, reviewed in "In Spite of Everything"

Hanged by the Neck - Arthur Koestler and C. H. Rolph

XV-8 J. W. Freeman's foreword to quoted in Review, "To Abolish Execution"; also quoted book

Hanged in Error - Leslie Cale

XV-10 Quoted in Review, same title

Hanged in Error

XV-10 Review

Hangman and the Judge, The (1833) - Edward Gibbon Wakefield

VII-33 Reference to in Lead, "The Inadequacy of Fear"

Hanighen, Frank

I-17 His Human Events published in Washington, one of the most successful of newsletters- Review, "Channels of Free Expression"

Hanley, Paul

XXXVIII-14 Structurist article on Richard St. Barbe Baker in Frontiers, "An Epic Life"

Hanna, Thomas

XXXII-45 Essays by scientists Explores of Humankind edited by, discussed in Review, "Return of the Essay"

XXXIV-41 Quoted from Bodies in Revolt in Lead, "Thoughts on Getting Things Done"

XXXV-5 Review, quoted The Body of Life in "How Life Is Known"

Hansch, Erick

XXI-51 Quoted his paper in Editorial, "Access to Land"

Hansel, C. E. M. (British psychologist)

XX-24 Sir Cyril Burt's quote from given from March issue Journal of Parapsychology in Review, "A Revolutionary Claim"

Hansen, Allen O.

II-6 Quoted from his Liberalism and American Education in the Eighteenth Century in Lead, "The American Heritage"

III-37 Reference to above book in Lead, "American Culture"

V-24 Quoted from above in Lead, "The Reform of Institutions"

X-18 Quoted his Liberalism and American Education in Lead, "New Gospels"

XVI-29 Quoted in Lead, "The Long Way Home"

XXV-49 Quoted from Liberalism and American Education in Lead, "Have 'Nations' Any Future?"

XXXIII-17 Discussed briefly in Lead, "On Replacing the System"

XXXIV-39 Quoted from Liberalism in Children, "The Example of Socrates" re scientific attitude, thinking of Richard Price

XXXIX-20 Quoted on opinions of Samuel H. Smith, in Lead, "An Outgrown Institution"

Hansen, Dan

XVII-13 Quoted in Children, "Transvaluation for the Colleges"

Hansen, Wayne

XXII-20 Quoted from East Coast Avatar in Children, "A Youth Anthology" (Jesse Kornbluth's Notes from the New Underground)

Hanson, Christopher

XXXI-23 Quoted from April Progressive in Frontiers, "Amnesty-A Good Institution"

Hanuman (mythical Monkey King of the Ramayana)

I-33 Reference to in Review, "The Culture of India"

Hapgood, Fred

XXX-21 Quoted March Atlantic in Lead, "Science for Tomorrow"

XXXVI-12 Quoted from Man and the Environment re science's victory over nature in Review, "Man and the Environment" Noted, quoted in Editorial, "What 'the World Wants'"

Happy Man, Unwounded Earth

XXIV-47 Review

Haputa, Judy

XXXII-41 Her report quoted from May-June Betterway in Children, "Cheerful Places in Ohio"

Harawitz, Ellie (Founder of Welfare Rights Org., Oakland)

XVIII-17 Quoted in Lead, "A Society Worth Having"

Harbinger of Renaissance

XXII-30 Review

Hard Choice, A

XXXIII-51 Editorial

Hard, Hard Time, A

XXIV-15 Frontiers

Hard Question, A

XXXIV-50 Editorial re letter from reader re "evil" of individual and his actions

XLI-52 Review ("Why Study History?")

Hard School, The

XXVII-39 Editorial

Hard Sell, The - David Delman

XXI-47 Quoted in Review, "Cosmopolitan Novel"

Hard Way to Peace, The - Amitai Etzioni

XVI-13 Quoted in Review, "War and 'Delinquency'"

Hardeman, Mildred (New School for Social Research)

XXXII-44 Her dialogue with Maslow in Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Winter 1979, quoted in Lead, "Two Transformations"

Hardie, Professor C. D.

I-16 Background to Modern Thought, 1947, mentioned in Letter from England

Hardie, Keir (Hero of International Labor Party)

V-28 Reference to with ref. to Howard Spring's Fame is the Spur

X-36 Lead, "Keir Hardie," quoted his article in the Labour Leader, Mar. 25, 1915, and in article by Ramsay MacDonald and Bernard Shaw, also book by Emrys Hughes, Keir Hardie discussed

XXII-47 Quoted from Denis Hayes Conscription Conflict in Lead, "Conscription Accounting"

Hardin, Garrett

XIV-37 Quoted from April ETC. in Frontiers, "Review of ETC."

XXXI-9 Quoted from Science, Dec. 2, 1977, in Frontiers, "The Troubles of Transition"

XXXVI-25 Quoted from Tragedy of the Commons," Science, Dec. 13, 1968, in Lead, "Systems of Infrastructure"

Harding, Colin

XXVI-36 Quoted from book he edited, Latin America Review of Books in Frontiers, "Literature on Latin America"

Harding, Jim

XXXIV-9 Quoted his Dec. 1980 article in Not Man Apart (re nuclear power plants) in Frontiers, "An Interesting Decision"

Harding, Victor (History teacher at Spelman College, Atlanta)

XXII-17 Quoted March Progressive in Frontiers, "There Will Be Black Studies"

Harding, Vincent (Head of Institute of the Black World)

XXIV-15 Quoted from Institute publications, Black Papers, in Frontiers, "A Hard, Hard Time"

Harding, Walter

XXXVII-8 Editor of Thoreau's In the Woods and Fields of Concord quoted his introduction in "Thoreau's 'Juxtaposition'"

Harding, President Warren G.

I-41 Reference to in Review of Hoover book by Eugene Lyons

Hardly Welcome Allies

XXXVI-40 Lead (Arendt)

Hardwick, Elizabeth

XIV-17 Quoted from Partisan Review, Summer 1960, in Frontiers, "Unusual Requiem"

XXXVI-21 Quoted from Winter 1982/83 Daedalus on literacy, in "Forty-Ninth in Literacy"

Hardwick, Peter

XXXVII-23 Quoted from Permaculture on planting in Australia in Frontiers, "Learning and Teaching"

Hardy, Prof. A. C. (Oxford, President, Zoological Section, British Assn. Advancement Science)

II-40 Quoted re telepathy and implications on evolution

II-43 His declaration for telepathy discussed further in Frontiers, "Telepathy and Evolution"

IV-26 III"

IX-33 Quoted re telepathy in Lead, "What Is Happening to Man?"

Hardy, Dennis

XXXIII-20 His Alternative Communities in Nineteenth Century England quoted in Review, "Past Communities-Here and Abroad"

XXXVIII-26 From Alternative Communities in Review

Hardy, Shirley-Anne

XXXVI-3 Her The Land in Question mentioned and brief quote re Henry George in Frontiers, "The Program of Henry George"

Hargarve, Roy

XX-6 Quoted by Betty Roszak in her Review article "A Martha Graham Book"

Hargreaves, Major Reginald

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I-5 Books on India-Review

I-14 Feb. 1, 1948 issue discussion of khadi, reviewed in Lead, "Home Economics-East and West"

I-32 Quoted in Lead, "No Compromise"

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II-13 Editorial, "Impartial Judge" quotes from re judge who differed from colleagues as to guilt of men who were executed in Tokyo

VI-16 Review, "Harijan, 1953"

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IX-14 Sardar K. M. Pannikar's address re the false conception of Indian culture quoted in Frontiers, "A 'Spiritual' Problem"

IX-23 "L'Envoi"-Harijan folds

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Harkness, Georgia

V-28 Definition of "Secularism" from her book, The Modern Rival of Christian Faith, An Analysis of Secularism in Lead, "The New 'Enemy'" Secularism"

Harlin, Mary Edge

X-43 Her First Steps in A Grown Up World quoted from in Children

Harman, Willis

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XXXI-25 Quoted in Review, "On 'Natural Systems'"

Harman, Willis-(Continued)

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XXXIX-19 Mentioned in Review, "The Experience of Dying"

XLI-24 Global Mind Change discussed in Review, "Vision for America and the World"

XLI-42 Self and Other" in Lead, "Can Society Be Reframed?"

Harmer, Ruth Mulvey

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Harmon, Lewis

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Harmonia Mundi - Kepler (pub. 1619)

XXXVI-52 Discussion in Kepler on this book quoted in Review, "Three Books"


VII-44 His History of Dogma quoted in Frontiers, "Philosophical Religion"

Harper, Peter

XXXV-1 Co-ed., with Godfrey Boyle, of Radical Technology, reviewed in "Worth the Price"

Harper, Elsa Crooks

XL-35 An Enchanted Childhood at Raven Rocks in Frontiers

Harper's (Magazine)

II-18 Review of April 1949, he Gold Peace," and "What the War Cost"

II-20 Editorial, "The Misrepresentative Press" speaks of April 1949 articles calling attention to slanted reporting in Time and from German. Mentioned May issue

III-47 Discussion of centennial issue in Review, "The Industrial Revolution-Again"

V-37 Discussion of "Going Broke on $10,000 a Year," in Lead, "When Patience is Not a Virtue"

VII-46 Quoted from French Catholic priest article on "What I Saw in Red China" in Editorial, "Another Letter on 'The East'"


IX-4 Printed a "Southern" point of view in magazine-Frontiers, "Aspects of Desegregation"

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XIV-36 Eric Larrabee quoted, June issue, in Children, "The Education of the Ego"

XIII-24 Summary by Time, April 18, of article, "Why Waste Our Five-Year-Olds?" by Virginia Simmons, April issue, quoted in Children, "Do I HAVE to Play?"

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XXII-8 A Kind of Man"

XXII-21 Jeremy Larner quoted, May issue, in Lead, "Buried by 'Insights'"; also quoted Peter Schrag on Malcolm X

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XXIII-25-34 John Fischer article subject of comment by reader and quoted in Review, "A Never- Ending Struggle" Willie Morris article in June issue, "Yahoo. . . Notes on Survival" discussed in same Review

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XXIV-48 Richard Barnet's "Game of Nations" quoted, Nov. issue, in Lead, "The Forms of Credulity"

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XXV-41 William Irwin Thompson quoted, Sept. issue, in Lead, "Authority and Power"

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XXVIII-12 Frances Moore Lappe's article in Feb. 1975 issue, discussed, quoted in Frontiers, "Facts About Food"

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XXIX-6 Reference to Horace Judson, March and June articles, in Frontiers, "The Institutional Fix"

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XXXIII-9 Article "Coddled Criminals"-Nathan, quoted in Lead, "A Characteristic State of Mind," (Jan. 1980)

XXXIII-11 Quoted from Lewis Lapham in Lead, "Discoveries Found in Books" from last year re "Scientific Technique"

XXXIII-17 Article, March 1980 issue, by Richard Whalen re inflation in Lead, "On Replacing the System" Also noted second article by Michael Mooney re "national security" and article by Earl Shorris, and William Rodgers in same Lead; also Barry Lopez, Robert Watson, and editor Lewis Lapham quoted

XXXIII-22 April 1980 issue quoted article by Conor Cruise O'Brien (Irish Ed. of London Observer) in Frontiers, "A Friendly Visitor" Also quote from May 1980 issue article by Walter Karp in Lead, "Some People Have Begun"

XXXIII-22 Quoted Walter Karp, May 1980 issue in Editorial, "In Some Sense Possible"

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XXXIII-26-35 Quoted from issue early in year, article by the editor on the Presidential campaign in Lead

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XXXVII-22 Feb. 1984 issue noted on number of books published in Review, "Requiem for the Renaissance"

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XXXVIII-50 Aug. 1985 Frederick Turner, in Frontiers

XXXVIII-52 Implementing Turner's suggestion (above article) in Lead, "A Contradiction in Terms"

XXXIX-1 Sept. 1985 Lapham on terrorism in Lead, also this issue on sports (various commentators) and Ralph Beer from "Holding to the Land"

XXXIX-4 Oct. 1985 AIDS-symposium in Lead, "How To Be Sensible"

XXXIX-22 Feb. 1986 various people on education reform in Children, "An Almost Futile Inquiry"; also F. Turner in Lead, "Our Uncertain Identity"

XXXIX-41 June 1986 Walker Percy on novel as diagnostic tool in Lead, "The Hazards of Transition"

XXIX-45 Feb. 1986 Albert Shanker, etc. on schools and education in Lead, "A Difficult Subject"

XXXIX-47 Quoted above article (on teaching kids to think) in Lead, "Questions Lacking Certain Answers"

XXXIX-50 Dec. 1986 David Quammen in Editorial, "Sanctuary"

XL-15 April 1987 Christopher Lash on Martin Luther King in Editorial, "Understanding Recent History"


XL-37 Erwin Chargaff, May 1980, institutionalization of intellectual activities in Children, "A Man to Read"

XLI-23 Wendell Berry, Mar. 1988 (pleasure in work)-Lead, "What Are Your Needs?"

XLI-48 Sept. 1988 Wendell Berry word processors in Lead

Harrer, Heinrich

XII-34 Go Home"

XXXVIII-52 Return to Tibet in Review, "Tibet-Then and Now"

Harriman, Job

II-43 Referenced to his Llano colony in review of book on Henri Lasserre

Harrington, Alan

VII-27 Reference to his Discovery story, "The Revelations of Dr. Modesto" in Review, "The Return of the Egghead"; also long quotation

XXIX-1 His Life in the Crystal Palace quoted in Children, "More on Character Education"

Harrington, Rev. Donald

II-47 Editorial, "Long Ago-Not Far Away" discussed his support of Larry Gara, and N.Y. Times "explanation"

X-26 Quoted from his comments on "Baby Doll" and "The Ten Commandments" in Review, "The 'Unconventional' Pictures"

XXXVII-47 Quoted his foreword to new edition of The Small Community in Lead, "The Small Community"

XXXVIII-37 From Community Service Newsletter, Mar/ Apr 1985 on effect of modern communication on small communities- Children, "Critics. . . Admirers"

Harrington, John

XXXVI-38 The Dance of the Continents quoted in Review, "African Farm and After" (scientific research)

Harrington, Michael

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Harris, A. M.

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Harris, David (Stanford student body president)

XIX-25 Briefly quoted in Children, "Notes in Passing"

XXII-48 Quoted, Oct. 24 Peace News in Frontiers, "Farewell Address"

XXIII-50 Quoted in leaflet On the Resistance in Frontiers, "Wars Will Cease"

Harris, George

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Harris, George (Editor of Look)

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Harris, Dr. Irving D.

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Harris, Lawren (Canadian painter)

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Harris, Mark

XII-38 Quoted from Saturday Review, July 17, in Children, "You Can Start at the Top"

Harris, Marvin

XXVII-3 Discussion of his article first in June 1972 Natural History, quoted from Sept/Oct Retrieval in Frontiers, "More on the 'Green Revolution'"

Harris, Michael

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Harris, Morgan

XV-17 His letter quoted in Frontiers, "The Promise of World Law"

Harris, Dr. R. J. C.

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Harris, Robert T.

XXXV-14 The Culture and Commerce of Publishing quoted in Review, "The Ailing Arts"

Harris, Sydney (News columnist, Chicago Daily News)

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Harris, Sydney -(Continued)

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Harris, William T. (First U.S. Commissioner of Education)

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XXX-3 Quoted in Editorial, "Law of Community?"

Harrison, Alton Jr.

XXXIX-7 His "Why Educational Reform Eludes Us" from Contemporary Education, Summer 1985, in Children

XXXIX-22 Quoted above in Children, "An Almost Futile Inquiry"

XXXIX-45 Quoted above re self-deception in education in Lead, "A Difficult Subject"

Harrison, Charles Yale

I-51 Review of his Nobody's Fool, in Review, "Of Men and Systems"

II-38 Reference to in Lead, "The Man Betrayed"

Harrison, Gordon

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XXIV-49 Extract from his book, Earthkeeping, quoted from Nov. 6 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "Evolutionary Action"

XXIV-50 Extract from Earthkeeping quoted, Nov. Saturday Review in Lead, "The Everyday Things"

Harrison, Ross G. (Yale)

II-15 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Problem of 'Organization'"

IV-49 Quoted from Science article in Lead, "A Neglected Mystery on gene theory

XI-41 Quoted from Science, April 16, 1937, on gene theory in Lead, "Clouded Certainties"

Harrison, Ruth

XVII-53 Her Animal Machines quoted in Frontiers of same title

Harrison High - John Farris

XII-52 Quoted in Children

Harsch, Joseph C.

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XX-46 Quoted Oct. 13 Christian Science Monitor in Lead, "Various Confessions"

XXIV-22 Quoted Oct. 13, 1967 Christian Science Monitor in Lead, "The Meaning of Progress"

Harsch, Joseph C.-(Continued)

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XXXII-46 Quoted in Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 25, 1979, in Frontiers, "The Spectrum of Change"

Hart, C. W. L.

II-17 Brief quote from about labor being human and can't be considered strictly from economic viewpoint.

Hart, Dr. H. H. (Hornell Hart, Duke University)

II-33 Reference to in Frontiers, "The New Witchcraft"

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XIV-44 His Enigma of Survival quoted in Review, same title

Hart, John Fraser

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Hart, Joseph K.

I-40 Reference to his book Light from the North (re Danish folkschools)

Hart, Leslie A.

XXII-23 Quoted April 19 Saturday Review in Lead, Paul Goodman on Education"

XXII-45 Quoted his book The Classroom Disaster in Children, "The Master-Teacher's Vision"

XXVI-7 Quoted from Sept.-Oct K-Eight in Children, "Form Follows Function"

XXXI-37 Quoted from Phi Delta Kappan, Feb. 1978, in Children, "Teaching and Testing"

XLI-5 Classroom Disaster quoted in Children

Hart, Liddell (B. H. Liddell Hart)

I-20 Review of Why Don't We Learn from History

I-34 Quoted from New Statesman and Nation reviewing his book on 2nd World War

VI-43 Quoted from Why Don't We Learn from History in Frontiers, "Psychiatrists Replace 'Intellectuals'"

VII-40 Review of his Strategy, "The New Pacifism"

VIII-19 Quoted in Review, "Matters of Survival"

XXIV-19 George Lakey's quote from in Jan. 1971 Gandhi Marg in Review, "Magazines from Abroad"

XXXIV-10 Discussion of and his Why don't We Learn from History? Also mentioned in Editorial, "a Poet's Theory of Progress"

XXXIV-22 Quoted from 1944 article in Lead, "Behind the Web" (re learning from history)

XXXVII-38 Why Don't We Learn from History? In Review, "A Socratic Inquiry"

Hartke, Wolfgang (of Munich)

XXXVII-44 Quoted his contribution to Creativity and Context in Children, "What Is Creativity?"

Hartley, Anthony

XIV-8 His review of Chester Bowles' The Coming Political Breakthrough in Sept. 16 London Spectator quoted in Frontiers, "Notes on 'Foreign Affairs'"

Hartman, Hyman

XXXIII-13 Quoted from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Dec. 1979 issue from Einstein on occasion of birthday of Max Planck, in Frontiers, "Science Reconsidered"

Hartman, Robert

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XIV-13 Quoted from MANAS Review (XIV-12) in Lead, "Criterion of Greatness"

Hartmann, Dr. George W.

I-42 "Religion and the Press" reviews treatment he received as leader of Peace Now movement

I-48 Further data on his case in "Civil Rights Summary"

IV-49 Quoted his results of survey on "feelingtone" of words in Lead, "A Neglected Mystery"

VI-50 Quoted from above survey in Lead, "Problems of Maturity"

Hartmann, Mary

XXXIX-7 Her contribution to Bearing Witness, Building Bridges re Sandistas in Lead, "The Real Problem"

Hartner, Prof. Willy

XV-45 Quoted in Children, "Youth Then and Now"

Hartshorne, Charles

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Harvard Alumni Bulletin

XIV-24 Quoted in Children, "Grounds for Objection-and Active Youth"

Harvard Business Review

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Harvard Education Review

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XXX-45 Pierce Reconsidered" discussed, quoted in Children, "Religion, School, and State"

Harvard Education Review-(Continued)

XXXI-21 Stephen Aron's discussion of Court ruling in re Amish community quoted, Feb. 1976 issue, in Lead, "The Emerging Consciousness"

XXXII-3 A. H. Maslow quoted, in Fall 1968 issue, in Lead, "Paradox and Objectivity"

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Harvard Lectures on the Revival of Learning - John Sandys (Cambridge University Press, 1905)

XXVII-8 Discussed and quoted in Review, "The Florentine School"

Harvard Report (see General Education in a Free Society)
Harvard Magazine

XXXVII-50 Quoted Robert L. Holmes, May/Apr 1983 issue, on folly and irrationality of nuclear war in Frontiers, "The Only Way"

Harvard Strike, The (Houghton Mifflin, 1970)

XXIII-45 Quote from in Frontiers, "The Integrity of Student 'Confusion'"

Harvey, Andrew

XXXIX-21 A Journey to Ladakh in Review, "A Number of Books"

Harvey, Arthur (publisher)

XXVIII-4 Quoted from back cover of pamphlet Use of Poor Means in Helping the Third World, in Children, "The Road Back?"

XXXV-13 From a paper on nonviolence in Frontiers

Harvey, Dr. Ethel Brown (Princeton biologist)

II-15 Reference to in Frontiers, "The Problem of 'Organization'"

III-36 Quoted in Lead, "A Living Universe"

Harvey, Hal

XXXIX-3 Rocky Mountain Institute's security program in Editorial, "The Path to Peace"

Harvey, Mary

XXXIV-42 Story on her two-year study of teaching low income children quoted, Jan. 21, 1981 L.A. Times report by William Rasberry in Children, "Three Clippings"

Harwood, A. C.

XIV-2 His The Recovery of Man in Childhood quoted in Children, "The Secret Places of Education"

Has History a Meaning?

I-26 Lead

Has It Occurred to Us? (MANAS series, every other week)



IV-39 Last appearance

Has Self a Role?

XXI-36 Frontiers

Has Will a "Social Basis"?

V-50 Editorial


I-43 Mention of his The Good Soldier Schweik

Hasem, Toshio

XXXIV-42 His March 1981 Environment article quoted in Frontiers, "Two Kinds of Champion" on Japan's "progress"

Haslan, Gerald

XXIII-19 His article, "Korzybski's Quest" quoted from March 1970 ETC in Review, "Ends and Means"

Hassan, Riffat

XXXVI-6 Quoted from Teachers College Record, Fall 1982 (why Education for Peace cannot succeed) in Lead, "Optimism or Pessimism?"

Hassinger, Dr. Hugo (University of Vienna)

IV-39 Mention of him in Letter from Central Europe

Hassler, Alfred

VII-6 Review of his Diary of a Self-Made Convict in "Unusual Prisoner" Mentioned in Editorial, "Preoccupation with Symptoms"

XI-1 Quoted his Diary of a Self-made Convict from a comment from a correspondent on the article "Theology Re-Visited" in Frontiers, "What To Do About 'Names'?"

XVI-15 Briefly quoted in Editorial, "The Fellowship of Reconciliation"

Hassler, Dorothy (Membership Secretary of FOR)

XVII-12 Her letter briefly quoted in Children, "Toward Nonviolence"

Hastings' Encyuclopedia of Religion and Ethics

V-6 Quoted in Lead, "The Role of Religion"

XXI-17 Quoted in Children, "What Mysticism Is Not"

Hatch, John

VI-16 Quoted from his The Dilemma of South Africa in Frontiers, "South African Religious Politics"

Hatch, Dr. Robert (Nation critic)

VIII-25 His Review of Hiroshima quoted in Editorial, "The Cost of 'Security'"

X-17 Quoted from his Nation review on Lindbergh story in Frontiers, "America's 'Public Relations'"

X-44 Quoted his article "Cornerstones for a Conservation Ethic" from the Atlantic Naturalist in Children

X-46 Quoted from Nation editorial on the motion picture The Roots in Frontiers, "Criticism in the Nation"

XIII-18 His review of Kingsley Amis' New Maps of Hell, Mar. 19 issue of Nation quoted in Frontiers, "Toward Freedom"

Hate Merchant, The - Niven Busch

VII-31 Reviewed "Novel Notes"

Haters of Metaphysics, The

XII-12 Lead

Hatfield, Sen. Mark O.

XX-30 Quoted July Saturday Review in Lead, "Images, Polls, and 'Reality'"

Hathaway, Ronald (Temple University, ed. of Simone Weil's Two Moral Essays)

XXXV-15 His editing discussed in Review, "Western Insight, Chinese Wisdom"

Hatley, Kathleen

XL-3 Quoted from Growing Without Schooling No. 53, "Classics and Myths," in Children

Haugard, Erick Christian

XXVI-6 His book, The Little Fishes, discussed, quoted in Children, "Three Books"

Hauser, George M. (Executive Director, American Committee on Africa)

X-13 Quoted from in Frontiers, "Recent Correspondence"

Hauser, Richard and Haphzibah

XVIII-30 Their The Fraternal Society quoted in Frontiers, "Means to Peace" Richard Hauser conversation with Roszak and Balletine, "The Roots of Violence" also quoted

XVIII-33 Review, "The Fraternal Society"

Hausknecht, Murry

XIII-16 Quoted from Dissent (Winter 1960), "The Rigged Society" in Lead, "Political and Economic Delusions"

XXI-45 Quoted from Sept/Oct Dissent in Lead, "Entering Into Life"

Have "Nations" Any Future?

XXV-49 Lead

Have We Ceased to Believe"

XXIV-36 Frontiers

Havlick, Spenser W.

XL-12 From Environment, Nov. 1987 re shanty towns in Lead

Havelock, Eric

XIX-35 His Preface to Plato discussed and quoted in Children, "Book Notes"

Havelock, Eric-(Continued)

XX-8 Preface to Plato quoted in Review, "The Platonic Quest" Also in Editorial, "The Philosophic Discipline"

XX-9 Preface to Plato quoted in Children, "Everybody's Task"

XX-32 Preface to Plato quoted in Editorial, "Platonic Mysticism"

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XXII-35 Quoted from Preface to Plato in Lead, "The Services of History"

XXIV-16 Quoted from Preface to Plato in Lead, "A Power of Mind"

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XXVI-19 Preface to Plato quoted in Editorial, "The Philosophic Spectacle"

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XXVIII-38 Quoted introduction to his translation of Prometheus Bound in Lead, "The Shadow Terrain"

XXVIII-47 Quoted from Prometheus Bound in Lead, "The Ambiguous Gods"

XXVIII-48 Quoted from Preface to Plato in Review, "The Words of the Greeks"

XXIX-13 Prometheus Bound quoted in Lead, "The Last Dramatic Questions"

XXIX-18 Preface to Plato quoted in Lead, "Lost and Found Meanings

XXIX-42 Prometheus Bound quoted in Lead, "Thomas Jefferson-Then and Now"

XXIX-44 Preface to Plato quoted in Review, "Footnote to Plato"

XXX-4 Preface to Plato quoted in Lead, "The Myths We Live By"

XXXI-4 Preface to Plato quoted in Lead, "Kindergarten Days"

XXXII-6 Preface to Plato quoted in Editorial, "A Thinking Self"

XXXIII-8 Preface to Plato quoted in Lead, "The Present and the Long View"

XXXII-17 Preface to Plato quoted in Children, "The 'Self' Idea"

XXXIV-16 Quoted his Prometheus in Lead, "The Gyroscope of Life" (contrasting "forethought and afterthought," maturity, etc.)

XXXV-47 Prometheus bound, trans. By and essay on briefly discussed in Review, "The Ancient Greeks"

XXXVI-15 Quoted in Lead (Preface to Plato) re Arabs, "Poets and Collectors"

XXXVII-4 Quoted Prometheus re the machine in society in Lead, "Species of Common Sense"

XXXVII-26-35 Quoted Prometheus in Lead, "As It Were" (Treaty of Versailles)

XXXVIII-52 Preface to Plato on poets in Lead

Havelock, Eric-(Continued)

XXXIX-16 Prometheus Bound in Lead, "The Need for Heroes

XLI-1 Preface to Plato on poetry in Lead, "The Poet's Art"

XLI-49 Quoted above on the term "art" in Lead, "The Imperfect Creator"

Havens, Joseph

XVIII-43 His Pendle Hill pamphlet The Journal of a College Student quoted in Children, "Philosophic Free Enterprise"

Have We Tried Everything?

IV-3 Lead

Havemann, Dr. Robert Hans Guenther

XVII-24 Through Peace News, the story of his action for free thought in East Berlin, Humboldt University

Haven, Richard

XXVI-11 Quoted on Coleridge from Introduction to Patterns of Consciousness in Review, "Painter and Poet"

XXVI-12 Quoted from Patterns of Consciousness in Lead, "Creation and Discovery"

Havenga, Mr. (Head of Afrikaaner party in South Africa)

II-15 Reference to in Letter from South Africa

Havighurst, Robert

I-45 His and Davis' Scientific Monthly arguments for Environment in "Questions-Not for Experts"

III-13 Quoted his and Davis' Father of the Man in Children

Hawaiian Lessons in Democracy

XIII-52 Frontiers

Hawken, Paul

XXXVI-16 Quoted from Country Journal, April 1982, by Wes Jackson in Frontiers, "Technological Goliath" (reversal of population from country to city)

XXXVI-16 Quoted from Country Journal, April 1982, by Wes Jackson in Frontiers, "Technological Goliath" (reversal of population from country to city)

XXXVI-41 Quoted, discussed The Next Economy in Lead, "Preachers and Pragmatists"

XXXVI-43 Review, quoted the Next Economy in "Economics for Citizens" Noted in Editorial on "Yankee ingenuity" in "Wants and Values"

XXXV-26-34 His review of Seven Tomorrows from Spring 1982 CoEvolution Quarterly quoted in Children, "Miscellany"

Hawkes, Glenn

XXXVII-46 Quoted from "What About the Children?" in Review, "What Would Thoreau Say?"

Hawkes, Jacquetta

III-5 Quoted in Mrs. Lundberg's Lead, "The Aimless Ones" (from No. 37 of Penguin New Writing series)

V-20 Reference to her book A Land quoted in Letter from England

Hawkes, Jacquetta-(Continued)

IX-18 Her A Land quoted in Frontiers, "The Land, the Earth, the Planet"

IX-20 Man on Earth quoted in Editorial, "Tempered Criticism"

XIII-18 Her comment on Carleton Coon's History of Man in Feb. issue of History Today quoted in Frontiers, "Toward Freedom

XIII-19 Brief quote from above in Lead, "The Unfolding Consciousness"

XVIII-43 Quoted from Oct. Harper's in Frontiers, "For Continuance of Mind"

XVIII-52 Quoted in Frontiers, "'The City'-through Mumford's Eyes"

XXV-13 Quoted from her lecture at University of Washington in Lead, "In Defense of Reason"

XXV-43 The Priestley"

XXV-52 A Brief Exploration"

XXX-46 Quoted from lecture at University of Washington, 1971, in Lead, "Not a Dumb Question"

XXXI-42 Quoted from Journey Down a Rainbow in Review, "The Sources of Stability"

Hawkins, David

XXIV-18 His essay quoted from Creativity and Learning in Review, "The 'X' Factor of Creativity"

XXIV-20 Quoted from series of Occasional Papers in Children, "Liberal Education for Young Children"

XXVIII-11 The Informed Vision discussed, quoted in Children, "A Useful, Demanding Book," and in Editorial, "More of David Hawkins"

XXXIII-42 Quoted his "Messing About in Science" in Children, "Honoring Mary Boole"

Hawkins, Ward

XIII-42 His Kings Will Be Tyrants quoted in Frontiers, "War is an Outmoded Idea"

Hawley, Cameron

VII-35 The Fabulous Experiment" discussed in Review, "Report on Indonesia"

IX-33 Author of Executive Suite and Cash McCall quoted from Saturday Post, "Our Tax Laws Make Us Dishonest" in Frontiers, "Morality at the Post"

Hawley, Lowell

VI-2 Collaborator with James T. Fisher on A Few Buttons Missing in Children, discussion

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

V-3 Quoted in Lead, "The Good in Man" re Brook Farm

XI-36 Quoted on getting a new observation on new standpoints in Lead, "The Way the World Is"

XV-10 Briefly quoted in Frontiers, "It's Not All Nonsense"

XVI-27 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Crisis and Response"

Hawthorne, Nathaniel-(Continued)

XVIII-3 Briefly quoted in Lead, "The 'Revolutionary Situation'"

XVIII-35 Letter from Merman Melville to quoted from Leo Marx's The Machine in the Garden in Lead, "The Para-Pastoral Ideal"

XXXIII-47 Brief quote re unreality of the "reformist" state of mind in Lead, "Nowhere on Earth"

Hazardous Products

XXXVIII-25 Frontiers

Hazards of Transition, The

XXXIX-41 Lead

Hay, John

XXXV-46 Quoted from The Undiscovered Country in Children, "Teacher at Work"

Hay, Dr. William Howard

XXXII-24 Quoted from Nov-Dec 1978 New Ecologist in Review, "A Few Encouragements"

Hayakawa, Dr. S. I.

IX-44 Quoted from ETC. in Review, "The Fully Functioning Personality"

XI-37 Quoted from his analyses of automotive "psychology" from two articles in Spring issue of A Review of General Semantics in Review, "Automobiles and the American Psyche"

XII-5 His Contact article, "How to be Sane Though Negro"

XIII-27 Quoted ETC, Winter 1960, in Lead, "The Little Foxes"

XV-27 Quoted Feb. ETC in Children, "High School Readings-and English Teaching"

XV-28 Quoted from above in Children, "High School Reading and English Teaching"

XV-52 His introductory essay to Gyorgy Kepes' The Language of Vision quoted in Lead, "The Age of Dilemmas"

XIX-16 Quoted Dec. 1965 ETC in Review, "Packaged 'Enlightenment'"

XIX-48 Quoted June 1966 ETC in Children, "What is the Child?"

XXVI-21 Quoted Winter 1960 ETC in Lead, "Reconstitution of Purpose"

XXIX-24 His Language in Thought and Action quoted in Children, "Cross-Section"

XXXI-13 Quoted Jan. Harper's in Lead, "What Comes Next?"

Hayden, Tom

XV-21 Quoted Spring 1962 Activist in Lead, "The Reconstruction of Reality"

XVI-4 Quoted from Oct. 1962 Newsletter in Lead, "Anti-Human Powers That Be"

XVIII-1 Quoted Oct. 1964 Our Generation Against Nuclear War in Frontiers, "Where Morality Begins"

Haydn, Hiram (Editor of American Scholar)

XIX-7 Quoted Winter 1965-66 American Scholar in Lead, "The Language of the Inner Life"

Haydn, Hiram-(Continued)

XXXVII-51 Quoted Words and Faces (on selecting books for publication) in Review, "Counting Our Blessings"

XXVIII-40 His Words and Faces reviewed in "'Scholarly' Resources"

Haydon, Dr. Glenn G.

XIII-21 His letter commenting on remarks on Dr. Shinn quoted in Children, "Compulsory Education"

XVII-16 His letter quoted in Lead, "The New Thinking About Man"

Hayek, Friedrich

II-7 Quoted from his Individualism and the Economic Order in Lead, "Comprehensible Economics"

XIV-3 Quoted from Scientism and Values by Ludwig von Bertalanffy (Van Nostrand, 1960) in Lead, "The Problem of Knowledge"

Hayes, Denis

XXII-47 F. S. Oliver, Keir Hardie, Fenner Brockway quoted from his Conscription Conflict in Lead, "Conscription Accounting"

XXIV-26-34 His article about Highway Trust Fund quoted from June 5 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "Urban Ills"

Hayes, Helen

V-34 In My Son John, discussed in Review

Haynal, André (Psychiatrist, University of Geneva)

XXXVI-17 Co-author of Fanaticism quoted, reviewed in "A Much-Abused Word"

Haynes, Elliot

V-49 Reference to his United Nations World article on visiting industrialists from Europe in Lead, "Free Enterprisers"

Hayter, Teresa

XXVI-36 Quoted from Latin America Review of Books in Frontiers, "Literature on Latin America"

Haywood, "Big Bill" (I.W.W. figure)

II-33 Reference to in Review of Ralph Chaplin's Wobbly

Hazard, Paul

XIX-23 His Books, Children, and Men quoted in Children, "In Behalf of Fantasy"

XXV-43 Quoted from Books, Children, and Men in Children, "Some Wandering Thoughts"

XXX-2 Quoted on Vico in Editorial, "Vico's Secret"

Hazards in Psychology

XI-31 Lead

Hazards of Definition

XXIX-50 Review

Hazards of Success, The

XXVI-13 Frontiers

Hazards-Random Sampling

XII-40 Frontiers

Hazlitt, Henry

II-36 Reference to his use of Governor Bradford quotation in Newsweek in support of private enterprise

Hazzard, Shirley

XXV-15 Her The Bay of Noon discussed, quoted in Review, "Two Good Books"

XXXVI-9 Her article in N.Y. Times Book Review, Nov. 14, 1982, discussed, quoted, "The Writer's Role"

He Fitted In. . .

XXVIII-4 Frontiers

"He," "She," or "It"?

XII-25 Frontiers

He Who Gets Caught

V-12 Editorial

Head, Bessie

XXIII-20 Her book When the Rain Clouds Gather discussed, quoted in Review, "African Tale"

Head, Joseph (Co-editor with S. L. Cranston of Reincarnation- An East-West Anthology)

XV-6 Above book quoted in Review, "World Opinion on Reincarnation"

XXXI-5 The Phoenix Fire Mystery recommended in Lead, "Material for Foundations"

XXXI-18 The Phoenix Fire Mystery quoted in Frontiers, "Ego Trip or Transcendence?"

Heading Toward Omega - Kenneth Ring

XXXIX-39 Reviewed in "The Experience of Dying"

Headon, Deirdre

XXXV-46 Her text from Knights quoted from publicity sheet in Frontiers, "Some Comparisons"

XXXVI-11 Extensively quoted Knights and value of mythic lore in Children, "A Lancelot or Two"

Healer's Lost Art, The

XXXIV-47 Lead

Healing in Community

XXI-28 Editorial

Healing Journey, The

XL-3 Review (book of same name)

Healing Journey, The - Marc Barasch (manuscript in progress)

XL-3 Review, quoted re cancer and healing

Healing Ourselves

XXXVI-48 Lead

Healing Power of Herbs, The - May Bethel (Wilshire Book Co., 1970, North Hollywood, $2.00)

XXVII-37 Quoted from in Review, "Herbal Lore"

Healing the Split

V-35 Lead

Health- A Medical Mystery

XXIX-42 Review

Health-A Positive View

XXX-4 Review

Health and Growth

XXIII-16 Lead

Health and Healing - Andrew Weil (Houghton Mifflin, 1983)

XXXVIII-23 Quoted in Review, "A Reviving Healing Art"

Health Care

XXXVI-52 Editorial (Kramer and Health Care-Which Way to Go)

Health Care-Which Way to Go - ed. by Abhay Bang, M.D. and Ashvin J. Patel, M.D. (Medico Friend Circle Group, Anant Phadki, Convenor, Medico Friend Circle, 50 L.I.C. Quarters, University Road, Pune 411016, India)

XXXVI-52 Discussed in Editorial, "Health Care"

XXXVII-15 Quoted extensively, discussed in Children, "Health Education in India"

Health for the Land

XXV-7 Review

Health in Us, The

XVI-10 Lead

Health Is For People - Michael Wilson (Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd., 85 Gloucester Rd., London SW7 4SU, U.E., $3.00 + postage)

XXX-4 Reviewed in "Health-A Positive View"

XXX-5 Quoted in Lead, "An Extraordinary Consensus"

Health Is Not a Commodity

XXV-17 Frontiers

Health Letter - Dr. Sidney Wolfe, ed.

XXXIX-48 Dr. Wolfe and Dr. F. Fuller Torrey in Frontiers, "Useful Health Information" (2000 P St., Washington, D.C. 20036)

Health Measure

III-44 Editorial (Polio more certain where children have been vaccinated against whooping cough, diptheria, or both)

Health of the Artist, The

XXXI-14 Editorial

Health of the Land, The

XXXI-3 Lead

Health of the Landscape, The

I-18 Frontiers-The Earth's Surface and Human Destiny

Health of MANAS, The

XX-1 Editorial

Health of the State, The

XXXIX-48 Lead - Randolph Bourne

Health of the State, The - Roy C Kepler

VII-19 Lead

Health or "Health Services"?

XXIX-6 Review

Healthy Hunzas, The - J. I. Rodale (Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA, 1948)

XXIII-37 Quoted in Frontiers, "Important to Millions"

Healthy Seeds

XL-5 Editorial (Ecology Action catalogue)

Healy, Leo (prosecuting attorney)

VII-35 Quoted on capital punishment in Lead, "The worth of Human Life"

Healy, Robert M.

XVII-44 His book Jefferson on Religion in Public Education quoted in Children, "Religion and Education"

Heaps, David

VII-35 Quoted from Progressive in "Arts of Peace" re problems of undeveloped countries

Heard, Gerald

I-37 The Third Morality, 1937, quoted on breathing exercises

Hearn as Teacher

XXXII-19 Editorial

Hearn, Lafcadio

I-23 Contemporary writing should be judged by standards of Tolstoy and Hearn

I-42 His definition of art in Review, "Notes on Art"

II-10 Influenced by philosophy of Herbert Spencer

II-35 Quoted from essay "Faces in Japanese Art" from Gleanings in Buddha Fields in Review, "Stories for Children"

III-42 Subject of Letter from Japan

VI-27 Reference to his "Within the Circle" in Lead, "Wonders of Memory"

IX-17 Reference to his "The Rebirth of Katsugoro" in Ducasse lead on life after death

X-17 Quoted from lecture to Japanese students in Frontiers, "America's 'Public Relations'"

X-20 Quoted on Tolstoy's theory of art in Frontiers, "What is Art?" from his Talks to Writers

XV-28 Briefly quoted in Editorial, "Education in Limbo"

XX-26 Quoted from Talks to Writers in Frontiers, "Dedicated to Pasternak"

XX-50 Quoted from Talks to Writers in Frontiers, "On Tolstoy"

XXI-21 His statement on Tolstoy's What is Art? quoted in Lead, "The Mixed Blessings of Sophistication"

XXI-25 Quoted from Talks to Writers in Children, "The Practice of an Art"

XXI-50 Quoted from Exotics and Perspectives in Frontiers, "Buddhist Inscriptions"

XXII-31 Quoted on Tolstoy's What is Art? from Talks to Writers in Lead, "The Price of Submission"

XXIV-40 Quoted from Talks in Editorial, "Lafcadio Hearn"

XXIV-43 Gleanings in Buddha Fields discussed, quoted in Children, "Hearn as Teacher"

XXVIII-44 Quoted re Tolstoy's What Is Art? in Review, "The Uses of Criticism"

XXVIII-46 Quoted from A History of English Literature in Children, "Uses of Literature" John Erskine's introduction to Talks to Writers also quoted

XXVIII-50 Quoted from A History of English Literature in Children, "Teaching Literature"

XXIX-4 History of English Literature quoted in Review, "The Progress of the Artist"

XXIX-4 Talks quoted in Lead, "The Ability to Perceive Wholes"

XXX-44 The Buddhist Writings of Lafcadio Hearn reviewed in "An Artist Philosophizes"

XXXI-19 John Erskine's introduction to Talks to Writers quoted in Children, "A Hard Time Writing"

Hearn, Lafcadio-(Continued)

XXXI-26 The Stone Buddha quoted in Review, "The Business of the Sun published in Out of the East

XXXI-1:40 Quoted Talks to Writers in Children, "An Old Exploration" Also quoted lecture on Tolstoy's What Is Art?

XXXII-7 Quoted in Lead, "The Art of Tomorrow"

XXXIII-11 Quoted from Gleanings in Buddha-Fields (1897) in Children, "Hearn Comes First"

XXXII-12 The Art and Thought of Lafcadio Hearn quoted in Review, "Lafcadio Hearn-An Appreciation"

XXXII-12 Quoted from above book in Editorial, "One Man's Success"

XXXII-16 Quoted in Lead, "The Garments of Mystery"

XXXII-19 Talks to Writers quoted in Editorial, "Hearn as Teacher" and mentioned in Children, "Report from Connecticut"

XXXII-25 Quoted on What is Art? in Lead, "Tolstoy's Theory of Knowledge"

XXXIII-1 Mentioned his Blake and Whitman discussed the foreword by Shoji Manada in Review, "Crafts of Japan"

XXXIII-7 Quoted Gleanings in Buddha Fields in Lead, "Religion, Art, and Science"

XXXVIII-22 "The Relation of Life and Character in Literature" in Lead, "What Is Morality?" Also from talks to writers

XXXVIII-24 From Buddhist Writings in Lead, also remarks on Buddhism in "A Powerful Attraction"

XXXIV-1 Quoted story, "The Rebirth of Katsugoro" from Gleanings in Buddha Fields, in Children, "Ingredients of Eupsychia"

XXXIV-12 Discussion of his Talks to Writers in Lead, "Words Without End"

XXXIV-14 Boutimar, The Dove from Stray Leaves from Strange Literature reprinted as Review, same title

XXXIV-15 Quoted History of English Literature re Shakespeare in Review, "On Reading Gandhi"

XXXIV-18 Quoted from Gleanings re difference between Western and Japanese drawing, in Review, "The Less and More of Art"

XXXIV-50 Quoted Kaiwdan, also from Cambridge Natural History in Review, "Some Indian Wisdom"

XXXV-17 Quoted from Exotics and Retrospects in Lead, "A Larger Audience"

XXXVI-7 Discussed Talks to Writers in Editorial, "The Matter of Rules"

XXXVI-16 Subject of Review, "A Greek Irish Artist in Japan" quoted Lafcadio Hearn by McWilliams, also quoted In Ghostly Japan Long quote from Gleanings in Editorial, "The Grand Concourse"

XXXVI-17 Quoted re reading literature in Lead, "Value of a Different King"

Hearn, Lafcadio-(Continued)

XXXVI-52 Quoted Gleanings in Lead, "The Men and the Boys" on moral perfections reverse order in daily life based on physical perfections, etc.

XXXIX-38 In Ghostly Japan in Lead, "On Books Worth Rereading"

XXXIX-47 Gleanings in Buddha Fields on "living gods" and on Hearn in Review, "A Cultural Puzzle"

XL-11 Gleanings in Buddha Fields about faces in Review, "Man and Nature"

XLI-11 On Japanese drawing in Review, "The Art of China and Japan"

XLI-12 Quoted in Review, "A Living Mind"

Hearn, Lafcadio - Vera McWilliams (Houghton- Mifflin, 1946)

XXXI-40 Quoted in re reception of his The History of English Literature in Children, "An Old Exploration"

XXXIII-11 Quoted from Gleanings in Buddha Fields (1897) "Hearn Comes First-Children

XXXVI-16 Quoted in Review, "A Greek Irish Artist in Japan"

Hearn, Lafacadio

XXIV-40 Editorial

Hearn, Lafcadio-An Appreciation

XXXII-12 Review

Hearne, James Van Buren

XXIII-19 Wrote Frontiers, "Are Giants Necessary?"

XXIV-5 Wrote Frontiers, "Can Craftsmanship Compete?"

XXVII-7 Quoted from MANAS Frontiers article, Feb. 3, 1971, in Lead, "The Complexities of Change"

Hearst, William Randolph

I-17 His "accidental" virtues not ignored by Villard in The Disappearing Daily-Review, "Channels of Free Expression"

I-22 You don't expect him to hire a man like Gandhi as editorial director-Editorial, "The Radio and Education"

IV-43 "You furnish the pictures, I'll furnish the war," mentioned in Lead, "Another World"

Heart is the Teacher, The - Leonard Covello

XII-3 Quoted in Children

Heart of Man, The - Erich Fromm

XVIII-20 Reviewed under own title

XVIII-40 Quoted in Review, "Streetcorner Research"

Heart of Philosophy, The - Jacob Needleman (Knopf, 1982)

XXXVI-14 Reviewed, quoted in "New Beginning in Philosophy"

XXXVII-14 Quoted (the dual nature of man, etc.) in Review, "In Action and Repose"

XXXIX-42 Quoted preface (paperback, 1986) in Review

Heart of Philosophy, The

XXXIV-42 Review of above

Heart of the Constitution, The

XXVII-21 Review

Heart of the Matter, The - Graham Greene

I-51 Subject of Review (with Nobody's Fool, by Charles Yale Harrison)

Heart of the Matter, The-(Continued)

VII-15 Reference to in Editorial, "Concerning Deception"

X-19 Mentioned in Lead, "The Object All Sublime"

Heart Politics - Fran Peavey (New Society, 1985)

XXXIX-5 Reviewed in "A Life of Inquiry"

Hearth and Home

XL-39 Frontiers

Heath, Spencer (Science of Society Foundation)

X-40 His Citadel, Market, and Alter quoted in Lead, "Changing Allegiances"

Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers, The - Carl L. Becker (Yale University Press, 1932)

II-50 Mentioned and quoted in Review, "Climate of Criticism"

VI-5 Quoted in Frontiers, "More Than a Choice of Reading"

IX-3 Quoted in Lead, "The Disenchanters"

X-5 Quoted in Lead, "Are We Asking Too Much?"

X-6 Quoted in Lead, "The Meaning of Salvation"

XVII-16 Quoted in Lead, "The New Thinking About Man"

XVIII-18 Quoted in Lead, "The Mists of Objectivity"

XIX-2 Quoted in Lead, "Time to Think"

XIX-7 Quoted in Lead, "The Language of the Life"

XXIV-21 Quoted in Lead, "Men and Their Times"

XXVII-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Unchanging Question"

XXVIII-8 Quoted in Lead, "A Course We Cannot Foresee"

XXVIII-51 Quoted in Lead, "Learning from Nature"

XXVIII-52 A Diagnosis"

XXIX-11 Quoted on Locke in Lead, "What is 'Morality'?"

XXIX-44 Quoted in Editorial, "A Better Enlightenment"

XXXI-1 Quoted in Lead, "Ways of Turning Around"

XXXII-51 Quoted in Lead, "Going to Work or Home?"

XXXIII-49 Quoted in Lead, "We Who Dream"

XXXVII-23 Quoted from on an indifferent universe in Lead, "Missing in Modernism"

XXXVII-51 Quoted in Lead, "How Long Will It Take?"

XXXIX-37 On changes brought by assumptions in Children

XL-40 Quoted on conclusions of science in Lead, "An Opening Door"

Heavenly Discourses - Charles Erskine Scott Wood

XVII-40 A MANAS reader selected quotation from in Editorial, "Correspondence"

Heavenly Prospect, The

V-8 Editorial

Heavy Drinking-The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease - Herbert Fingarette (University of California Press, 1988)

XLI-21 Editorial, "Something to Give"

XLI-27-36 Quoted in "Changes in Our Thinking"

Hebb, D. O. (McGill University)

XVIII-32 Quoted from Humanistic Viewpoints in Psychology in Lead, "The Great Shakedown"

Hebb, D. O.-(Continued)

XXVIII-42 Quoted in Frontiers, "Psychology in Transformation"

Hechinger, Fred M. (Education Editor, N. Y. Herald Tribune)

I-9 Mentioned his Feb. 1948 Harper's article on re-education in Germany, in Frontiers, "Re- Education-Theory and Practice"

VII-46 Quoted re delinquency, in Children

IX-51 Quoted his Perspectives USA in Children, "American Higher Education"

XV-1 His review of Tomorrow's Illiterates in N.Y. Times, Nov. 5, 1961, quoted in Children, "Notes in Passing"

XVII-3 Teen-Age Tyranny (co-author, Grace Hechinger) quoted in Children, same title

XXXI-50 Quoted Sept. 16, 1978 issue of Saturday Review, in Lead, "A Collection of Symptoms"

XXXV-42 His review in This World, June 27, 1982, of No Particular Place to Go quoted in Children, "The Issue of Success"

Hecht, Ben

XIV-49 His The Sensualists quoted in Review, "Religion in Novels"

Heck, Captain Michael J.

XXVI-7 His views on Vietnam war briefly quoted from L.A. Times, Jan. 12, 1973, in Editorial, "Declarations Against War"


II-14 Reference to his Epidemics of the Middle Ages in Lead, "Man Against Orthodoxies"

II-22 Quoted from above book on persecution of Jews in Frontiers, "Theology Has Consequences"

Hecker, Hellmuth

VII-21 Quoted from Eastern World article in review of that magazine

Heckman, Charles W.

XXXVIII-17 From Ecologist 4th issue 1984 on professional ethics in Frontiers, "The Price of Institutions"

Heckscher, August

III-35 Quoted in Review in response to "Sex in the Post" debate in Saturday Review of Literature

XIV-26 Quoted Summer 1961 American Scholar in Lead, "The Dilemma and the Coming Vacuum"

XIX-47 Quoted Autumn 1966 American Scholar in Frontiers, "The 'Service' Society"

Hedden, Worth Tuttle

V-9 Quoted his The Other Room in Review, "'Race' Novels"

Hedgehog and the Fox, The - Isaiah Berlin (Essay on War and Peace)

X-33 Reviewed in Review, "The Hedgehog and the Fox"

XXII-2 Quoted in Review, "The Uses of Ignorance"

XXXII-45 Quoted in Lead, "The Records of Men"

XLI-8 Quoted in Review, "Tolstoy's 'One Big Thing'"

Hedley, George (Chaplain at Mills College)

X-3 His Harper's, "Frontiers of Religion," discussed in Frontiers, "Religion-A Philosophic Enterprise"

Heede, Richard

XXXVIII-27 Rocky Mountain Institute report (June 20, 1984) in Editorial, "The Nuclear Subsidy"

Heely, Allan

VI-7 Quoted his Why the Private School? in Children

Hefner, Hugh

XVII-35 Mentioned in Leo Macarow's "Forms of Social Schizophrenia"

Hefner, William

II-1 Quoted from Grapevine, October 1945, about prisons, in Frontiers, "Institutional Reform"

Hegel, George William

II-5 Quoted his Philosophy of Law, and reference to his Philosophy of History

II-10 His dialectic led him to sanctify German constitutional monarchy and Lutheran Protestantism as final synthesis of historical achievement

III-18 "Men with Ideas" subject

III-24 Reference to in John McTaggart article in "Men with Ideas" series

III-28 Reference to in Letter from England

V-13 Reference to in Lead, "Pattern Thinking"

XI-3 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Canons of Criticism"

XI-9 Briefly quoted by Macdonald in Review, "In Defense of Poetry"

XIX-11 His Lectures on the Philosophy of History quoted in Lead, "A Measure of Progress"

XX-15 Quoted his The Philosophy of Law in Lead, "The Missing Factor"

XXVI-8 Dwight Macdonald's pairing of quotations from and Franklin Roosevelt, quoted from The Root is Man in Lead, "Threads of Continuity"

XXIX-24 Philosophy of History quoted in Lead, "The Composition Opposites"

XXXI-14 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Ends and Means"

XXXIV-13 Quoted from Philosophy of History in Lead, "The Priority of Mind"

Heidegger, Martin

XXVIII-19 Nietzsche reviewed in "An Uneven Report"

Heidel, William A.

VI-49 Discussion"

XII-18 Quoted from The Heroic Age of Science in Lead, "Resources for Social Change"

XV-47 The Heroic Age of Science quoted in Frontiers, "What Can We Make of Confusion?"

XXII-3 Quoted from The Heroic Age of Science in Children, "A Diet of Wonder"

Heideman, Bernie and Judy

XXIX-20 Their gardening experiences quoted from North Fork Times in Frontiers, "Commercial Organic Farming"

Heierli, Urs

XXVIII-16 His paper published by CIDOC discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Low Energy Economics"

Heights of the Times, The

XIV-1 Review

XIX-23 Review

XXV-46 Lead

Heilbroner, Robert

III-27 A New Ideal" on low standard of living in highest personal income time-from Harper's, June 1950

XIII-40 His The Future as History quoted from Review, "The Passing of Political Optimism"

XXVII-39 Quoted The Future as History in Lead, "Historic Possibilities"

XXVII-39 His The Human Prospect discussed in Editorial, "The Hard School"

XXIX-41 Victor Lebow's review of his Business Civilization in Decline quoted from July 17 Nation in Lead, "Motives or Methods?"

XXIX-49 The Future as History quoted in Lead, "A Relieving Thought"

XXXI-15 Article on "Business" quoted from N.Y. Review of Books, Feb. 9, in "Review of Review"

XXXI-20 Quoted from An Inquiry Into the Human Prospect in Lead, "The Double Consciousness"

XXXV-10 Quoted from The Future as History and the Human Prospect in Lead, "the Lost and the Saved"

XXXV-13 His idea discussion on American pessimism in Lead, "Deciding What to Do"

XXXVIII-18 On estranging ourselves from history in Review, "Inner Discovery"

Heilbur, Anthony

XXXVI-26-35 Quoted his Exiled in Paradise in Lead, "As It Were" (re Hannah Arendt, German emigres)

Heilman, Prof. Robert B. (University of Washington)

XIV-5 Reprint of his article from Summer 1960 issue of Texas Quarterly in Nov. Current quoted in Lead, "Who Has Done These Things?"

XIV-14 Above again quoted in Editorial, "A Mere Man of Talent"

XXXII-2 Quoted from Texas Quarterly, Summer 1960, in Lead, "The Esemplastic Power"

Heimfahrt - Franz Tumler

IV-23 Discussion of this book in Letter from Central Europe

Heinberg, Richard

XXXVIII-46 Wrote Lead, "How Peace Was Discovered"

Heine- Confession-Tolstoy- A Confession - Peter Heinegg (Joseph Simon, Box 4071, Malibu, CA 90265)

XXXV-38 Reviewed, quoted, "Both Great in Their Way"

Heine, H. G.

XIV-8 Review by Christopher Jencks in Jan. 2 New Republic of his The Vital Sense quoted in Review, "The Reluctant Theorists"

Heine, Heinrich

I-34 Century ago foresaw kind of Europe Europeans were making-Review, "Notes on Cultural Lag"

XXXV-38 A Confession in Review, "Both Great in Their Way"

Heinegg, Peter

XXXV-38 A Confession reviewed in "Both Great in Their Way"

Heinrich, Willi

X-25 Quoted his The Cross of Iron in Review, "Last Days of the Wehrmacht"

Heisenberg, Werner (Heisenberg principle of uncertainty)

VIII-27 Reference to in Lead, "New Climate of Opinion"

IX-31 Referred to in Frontiers, "Science and Philosophy"

XI-29 Quote his article, "A Scientist's Case for the Classics" in Review, "An Issue of Harper's"

XIII-1 His article "From Plato to Max Planck" in Nov. Atlantic quoted in Frontiers, "The Future of Science"

XXIX-24 His contribution to The Nature of Scientific Discovery quoted in children, "Cross- Section"

XV-50 His On Modern Physics quoted by Dennis Lewis in his Frontiers article, "The Egocentric Predicament"

XXIX-40 Quoted from Nature of Scientific Discovery in Lead, "Science and Consciousness"

XXX-9 Quoted from The Nature of Scientific Discovery in Lead, "Platonic Symmetries"

XXXV-11 Quoted in Lead, "Beyond Dispute" from Philosophical Problems of Nuclear Science

XXXVI-20 Quoted in Editorial, "Mathematical Metaphysics" (re Plato)

Held for Ransom

IV-44 Lead

Held, Richard

XVIII-45 Quote from his "Object and Effigy" in Structure in Art and in Science given in Lead, "Before the Storm"

XXI-2 Quoted from Structure in Art and in Science in Review, "The New Classicism"

XXI-34 Quote from his "Object and Effigy" in Structure in Art in Lead, "Promethean or Epimethean Progress?"

XXXI-14 His contribution to Sturcture in Art quoted in Lead, "Ends and Means"

XXXIII-16 Quoted from his paper in Structure in Art in Lead, "We See What We Are"

Held, Virginia

XVI-13 Robert Kirsch's review of her The Bewildered Age quoted from L.A. Times, Feb. 3, in Frontiers, "The Search for Meaning"

Helfeld, David M.

II-24 His and Emerson's "Loyalty Among Government Employees" quoted in Lead, "Men and Idea Systems"

Helias, Pierre-Jakez

XXXII-16 Quoted from The Horse of Pride in Lead, "The Garments of Mystery"

Hell with Culture, To - Herbert Read

XVIII-5 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "The Self and the Other"

Hellas Revisited - W. Macneile Dixon

V-17 Reference to in Review, "The Norman conquest"

IX-50 Quoted in Lead, "Problems of Human Association" re necessity for all Greek citizens to concern themselves with affairs of state

XXIV-48 Quoted in Review, "Musings on Literature"

XXVI-38 Quoted in Lead, "Democracy and Peace"

XXXVI-20 Briefly discussed in Review, "The Ancient Greeks"

Heller, Alfred

XXXV-51 One of the founders of California Tomorrow Plan quoted in Editorial, "Habits and Attitudes"

Heller, Julek

XXXV-46 Quoted from Knights (a forthcoming book from Schocken) in Frontiers, "Some Comparison"

Heller, Marcia

XL-47 From Santa Barbara News Press on homeschooling

Hellman, Lillian

XXIX-39 Garry Wills' introduction to her Scoundrel Time quoted in Lead, "Confirming Voices"

Help (New English magazine)

XXI-30 Article on Scott Bader commonwealth quoted from in Review, "The Fruits of Vision"

Help for Costa Rica

XLI-51 Frontiers (ANAI)

Help for Danilo Dolci

XV-29 Frontiers

Help for Koinonia

X-36 Editorial

Help for Subsistence Farmers

XL-23 Frontiers

Help for Synanon

XIV-20 Editorial

Help for the Shoshone

XLI-4 Frontiers

Help for Various Kinds

XVII-21 Notices of "Magazines from a friend in the United States. . ." Indian readers' fund, Spanish Refugee Aid

Help from Geometry

XXXV-50 Editorial (quoted William Q. Judge, etc.)

Helping. . . Hereticking

XXXIX-8 Review (How Can I Help?)

Helping Children Accept Themselves - Helen L. Gillham (Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1959)

XIX-52 Discussed and quoted in Children, "Teachers at Work"

Helping Children Grow Through Play - Joan Cass (Schocken 1973)

XLI-6 Quoted in Children, "The Role of Play"

Helping Your Teen-Age Student - Marvin Cohn (Dutton, 1979)

XXXIII-17 Discussed and quoted in Children, "Instead of Ceremonies"

Helstein, Ralph (President, United Packinhouse Workers of America)

XVII-30 Conversation between him, Gerard Piel, and Robert Theobald quoted in Lead, "The Logic of Technology"

Helton, Roy

I-39 Brief quote from Dec. 1941 Harper's

Hemingway, Ernest

XXV-46 William Barrett's quote from his Farewell to Arms in Time of Need given in Lead, "The Height of the Times"

Hemley, Cecil

XIII-48 His The Experience quoted from in Review, "Two Empty Shrines"

Hemmed In - American Council on Race Relations pamphlet

I-45 Reference to in Frontiers article "Milestones"

Hemming, James

XXVIII-4 Richard Acland's quote from in The Next Step used in Review, "A New Spirit in Socialism"

Hemmings, Ray

XXVI-24 His book about Summerhill, Children's Freedom, discussed quoted in Children, "The Story of A. S. Neill"

Hempel, Lamont c.

XXXV-25 His The Original Blueprint for a Solar America" in Environment (Mar. 1982) in Review, "Back in 1833. . ." Quoted in Editorial, "Etzler's Mistake"

Hempstone, Smith

XVIII-36 Quoted in Editorial, "Qualification and Addition" His Africa-Angry Young Giant reviewed in Frontiers, "The New History-Makers"

Hendel, Charles W.

XVII-39 His "An Exploration of the Nature of Authority" quoted by Ralph Pomeroy from Nomos I or Authority in Review, "Authority"

Hendershot, Ralph

XI-26 Reference to his book, The Grim Truth About Life Insurance in Frontiers, ". . . within Our System"

Henderson, Carter

XXXII-46 Quoted his chapter Appropriate Technology and the Structure of Economic Enterprise in Appropriate Technology Form in Review, "Past, Present and Future"

Henderson, Elmer W.

III-28 Mention of his fight to abolish segregation of Negroes in dining cars-Editorial, "Progress Report"

Henderson, Harry

VIII-2 Reference to in Review, "Meeting Great Changes"

Henderson, Hazel

XXIX-16 Quoted Nov. 28, 1975 Science in Frontiers, "A 'Philosophic' Warning"

XXXI-22 Her Creating Alternative Futures reviewed in Frontiers, "Diagnosis and Prescription"

XXXIII-7 Her introduction to The Sane Alternative quoted extensively in Review, "Instead of Collapse"

XXXIV-48 Review of her The Politics of the Solar Age-Alternatives to Economics in "Stages of Vision," quoted extensively

XXXVIII-20 Her foreword to Alternative Americas in Frontiers, "Two Life Stories"

Henderson, Joseph L.

XVII-22 Reference to "initiation" and Myths of Death, Rebirth, and Resurrection in Lead

XVII-29 Myths of Death, Rebirth and Resurrection, with Maud Oakes, reviewed

XVII-36 Wisdom of the Serpent quoted in Lead, "A Language of Synthesis"

XVIII-18 Quoted from Myths-Editorial

XX-40 His Thresholds of Initiation quoted in Review, "The Crisis in Religion"

XX-43 Quoted from Thresholds of Initiation in Review, "Exit the Antiquarians"

XXII-14 Briefly quoted from Thresholds in Frontiers, "On 'Structuralism'"

Henderson, Lawrence J.

II-40 His The Fitness of the Environment quoted in Lead, "The Human Situation"

XXX-16 Fitness of the Environment quoted in Lead, "In Quest of Balances"

XXXIII-38 Quoted from The Fitness of the Environment in Lead, "Levels of Disclosure"

XXXIII-48 Discussed in Lead, "The Environment of Meaning" re his The Fitness of the Environment

Henderson, Lewis

XVII-8 Quoted from book Alternatives to War and Violence in Lead, "Toward Vertical Man"

Henderson, Oran (Director, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency)

XXXV-4 Quoted from Three Mile Island in Frontiers, "Little Tiny Accident"

Henderson, Randall

II-36 Reference to one of his articles in Desert Magazine in Lead, "Moral Education"

Hendin, Dr. Herbert

XXX-19 Quoted from N.Y. Times, Aug. 26, 1976, in Children, "Sources of Alternative Culture"

Hendrick, Kimmis

XXX-19 His article from Christian Science Monitor quoted in Children, "Friendship Day Camp"

XXI-27 Quoted from Christian Science Monitor (June 5) in Frontiers, "Crossroads for the Indians"

Hendrickson, Faith M.

XXXV-19 Quoted by ed. Mildred Loomis in Green Revolution (her Midwifery in 10,000 Easy Steps) Dec. 1981 issue, in Children, "Projects in Self-Determination"

Hendrix, Kathleen (reporter, L.A. Times)

XXXV-6 Quoted her Oct. 30, 1981 Times re "peacemaking delegation of Russians to Los Angeles, in Lead, "For Improvisers of Peace"

Henle, Rev. Robert

VIII-19 Quoted from Time re Einstein speculating about God in Lead, "Set Free or Set Loose?"

Henlein, Robert A.

XIII-4 His story "Coventry" from Revolt in 2100 quoted in Review, "Requirements of the 'Good Society'"

XXVII-47 His Stranger in a Strange Land discussed by Brian Aldiss in quote in Review, "History of Science Fiction"

Henley, Arthur

XXIII-10 His book Demon in My View (story of Adelio Montanari) discussed, quoted in Children, "Problems without Solutions"

Hennacy, Ammon

I-32 Tolstoyan of Arizona who refused to pay taxes-Lead, "No Compromise"

VII-29 Review of his Autobiography of a Catholic Anarchist in "One Man Revolution"

XXI-17 His The Book of Ammon discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Wisecracking Saint"

Henne, Frances (Associate Professor of the School of Library Service at Columbia University)

X-4 Her Saturday Review article on "Helping Johnny and Janie to Read" discussed in Children

Henniger, Daniel

XXII-15 His article on "Indian Schools" quoted from Feb. 15 New Republic in Frontiers, "The Right to a Choice" Hennnin, Pat (Founder and teacher at Shelter Institute)

XXIX-46 Quoted from May Yankee in Children, "Some Information, Some History"

Henningsen, Paul

XIV-7 Quoted in Frontiers, "Off-Beat and Beat"

Henri, Robert

XVI-25 His The Art Spirit discussed and quoted in Review, "The Art Spirit"

XVI-26 Quoted from letter to a student in Children, "Quotes and Notes"

XXXII-23 Quoted from Less Is More in Review, "On Affordable Reforms"

Henrich, Christopher

XXVI-8 Quoted from SSRS Newsletter for Oct. 1972, in Frontiers, "Even the Government is Interested"

Henry, Beverly

XV-40 Wrote second portion of Frontiers, "Action for Peace"

Henry, Burton (Prof. of Education at L.A. State College)

XIII-12 Report of his talk on Human Relations discussed in Editorial, "Aren't There any People?"

XIII-27 I"; also quoted from "The Fourth R-Human Relations" in same

Henry, Charles P.

XXXI-41 Paper quoted from Spring 1978 Alternative Futures in Lead, "The Invisible Treasure"

Henry David Thoreau

XV-37 Lead article by Henry Miller (taken from Stand Still Like the Hummingbird)

Henry E. William

XIX-48 Quoted in Frontiers, "The Air Gets a Conscience"

Henry, Granville C. Jr.

XXII-9 Quoted from January 1969 Blaisdell Institute Bulletin in Lead, "A Cost Accounting"

Henry, Jules

XVI-50 Stanley Edgar Hyman's review of his Culture Against Man quoted from Nov. 11 New Leader in Editorial, "A Bitter, Brutal Vision"

XVIII-10 Quoted in Children, "Education and Violence"

XXVIII-36 Quoted his Pathways to Madness in Lead, "The Second Phase"

XXVIII-44 Pathways to Madness quoted in Frontiers, "Some Social Sciences"

Hensen, Allen O.

XXXIX-20 Quoted on opinions of Samuel H. Smith, in Lead, "An Outgrown Institution"

Hentoff, Margot

XXIII-43 Quoted Sept. 19 Saturday Review in Children, "A Store of Common Sense"

Hentoff, Nat

XIX-39 His comments on conversations with teenagers quoted from March Renewal in Children, "Where Do You Go?"

XX-3 May V. Seagoe's review of his Our Children Are Dying quoted from Dec. 18 L..A. Times Calendar section in Children, "Question, Answers"

XXI-4 Quoted from Dec. 1967 Atlantic in Children, "Growing Up Into Life"

XXI-45 His story, I'm really dragged but nothing gets me down, discussed, quoted in Review, "Unfamiliar Maturities"

XXIII-42 His article, "The Schools We Want" quoted from Sept. 19 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "The Long-Range Question"

Hentoff, Nat-(Continued)

XXXVII-22 From Feb. 1984 Progressive on textbooks and their mediocrity in Review, "Requiem for the Renaissance"

Heraclitean Fire-Sketches from a Life before Nature - Erwin Chargaff (Rockefeller University Press, 1978)

XXXVII-44 Quoted, discussed in Lead, "What Makes a Scientist?"

XXXVII-45 Quoted on youth in Vienna, in Children, "Things Teachers Can't Arrange"

XXXVIII-5 Quoted on the future scientist in Lead, "The Essence of Man"

XXXVIII-10 Quoted re stress on mechanisms in Lead, "The Age of Experts"

XL-37 On effect of discovery of nuclear energy, Children

Heraclitus (born about 540 B.C.)

XXXIII-49 Discussed, quoted from Fragments in Lead, "We Who Dream"

Herald of Change, A

XIX-34 Lead

Herald Tribune (New York)

XVIII-18 Comments by David Lawrence on Jan. 11, 1965 and discussed in "U.S. and Religion- A New Concept"

Herbal Lore

XXVII-37 Review

Herber, Lewis

XV-49 His Our Synthetic Environment quoted in Review of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

XVI-31 His talk over N.W. Pacific radio station quoted in Lead, "Toward Unconditioned Man"

XX-4 Quoted Nov. 1966 Anarchy 69 in Lead, "Ecology Plus"

XX-8 Quoted Jan. 25 MANAS Lead in Children, "The Fetish of Grades"

XX-14 Quoted Anarchy article in Lead, "The Measure of Progress"

XX-41 Quoted Anarchy 78 (Aug. 1967) in Lead, "Nature's Voice Has Changed"

Herbert Hoover-American Liberal

I-41 Review, Our Unknown Ex-President-A Portrait of Herbert Hoover, Eugene Lyons

II-13 Recommended reading for parents in Children column

Herbert, Lord of Cherbury (1583-1648) (called father of Deism)

XXXVI-16 Brief quote from ("the still small voice within") in Lead, "An Earlier 'Transition'" and quote from De Veritate

Herberg, Will

IX-41 Reference to his Protestant, Catholic, Jew in Frontiers, "Spiritual Dilemmas"

Herbs and the Earth - Henry Beston (Doubleday 1935, Anchor 1973)

XI-8 Quoted in Review, "The Web of Life"

XXXVIII-10 Extensively quoted in Children, "Ways of Saying"

Herbst, Josephine

IX-19 Quoted from Nation in Lead, "The Price of Freedom"

Herby, Peter

XXXV-16 Quoted from IFOR (with Jim Forest) on nuclear states (Hollanditis) in Frontiers, "The Nuclear States Are. . . Dinosaurs"

Herder-Man of Our Time

XXIX-48 Review

Here. . . and There

XXXV-43 Editorial (George Sibley's Lead discussed)

XXXVIII-26 Frontiers

Here and There

XXXV-22 Editorial (the Falklands)

Here and/or Hereafter

XL-14 Review (Berry's Continuous Harmony)

Here, Mr. Splitfoot - Robert Somerlott (Viking, 1971)

XXIV-9 Mentioned in Review, "Religion and the Supernormal"

Heresy Hunt at Stanford

XII-32 Frontiers

Herford, Oliver (American wit)

III-46 Said Waldorf-Astoria brought exclusiveness to the masses

Heringman, Sue

XXI-15 Quoted from Verde Valley School Review (#17) in Children, "Children's Writing"

Heritage - Anthony West

X-11 Reviewed, "The Claim on the Wind"

Heritage of Metaphors

XXXV-18 Lead (books, poetry)

Herman, A. L.

XXVII-1 His translation of the Bhagavad-Gita briefly discussed in Lead, "The Birth of Philosophy"

Herman, Edmund (MANAS subscriber)

IV-23 Author of Frontiers, "Strategy for Victory"

Herman, Edward

XXXV-16 His Corporate Control, Corporate Power reviewed in democracy by Joel Rogers quoted in Review, "Utopia Gone Wrong" (Jan. 1982 issue)

Herman, Sondra R.

XXII-48 Her Eleven Against War discussed, quoted in Review, "Three Out of Eleven"

XXIV-11 Eleven Against War quoted in Review, "Fifty, Sixty, Seventy Years Ago"

Hermanns, Dr. William

VIII-26 He and others visited Einstein to ascertain his belief in a personal God-Frontiers, "Delusions of Belief"

XXXVI-45 Quoted his Einstein and the Poet in Children, "Einstein as Teacher"

XXXVII-9 Quoted his conversation with Einstein in 1930, in Lead, "Moonshine and Sunlight"

Herndon, James

XXV-17 His The Way It Spozed To Be discussed, quoted in Children, "School and Community"

XXXI-52 His How to Survive in Your Native Land quoted in Children, "Great Odds and High Ends"

Herndon, William (Lincoln's law partner)

XXXIII-47 Quoted his address on Lincoln in The Face of Lincoln used in Children, "An Eloquent Face"

Hernstein, Richard J. (Prof. Psychology-Harvard)

XXIX-39 Quoted in Review, "Where Does Intelligence Come From?"

Hero, The

XXV-52 Editorial

Hero, The - Millard Lampell

V-1 Mention of film based on this book in Frontiers, "The Spoils of Sport"

V-29 Reference to in Frontiers, "Psychology and Athletics"

Hero and Victim (Einstein)

VIII-19 Editorial

Hero With a Thousand Faces, The - Joseph Campbell

IV-50 Reviewed, "The Story is Always the Same"

V-5 Quoted from preface in Review, "The Forgotten Language"

IX-21 Quoted in Frontiers, "Religion and the Psyche"

X-5 Quoted in Children, "Reading and Philosophy"

X-13 Referred to in Review, "Psychological Maturity"

XI-11 Quoted in Children, "Discussion of a Generation-IV" re the need for youth to have the mythology of the hero

XI-17 X"


XIII-9 Quoted in Review, "Mythos and Ethos" Briefly in Children, "The Best on Delinquency"

XIV-6 Quoted in Children, "Courage and Discipline"

XIV-15 Quoted in Review, "Beyond Theology"

XV-13 Briefly quoted in Review, "Discussion of 'Self-Actualization'"

XVI-24 Quoted in Children, "The Christian Bible"

XVI-32 Quoted in Lead, "New Perspectives in Psychology"

XVI-48 Quoted in Children on Halloween

XVII-41 Quoted in Children, "Religion and the Republic"

XVIII-6 Quoted in Editorial, "Revivifying Myths"

XX-12 Quoted in Lead, "Coming of Age in the World"

XX-19 Quote in Lead, "The Imperfect Parallel"

XXXII-42 Quoted in Review, "Various Abstractions"

XXXIII-1 Mentioned and used in Lead, "The Method of the Essayist"

XXXIII-17 Quoted in Children, "Instead of Ceremonies"

XXXIX-16 In Lead, "The Need for Heroes"

XL-3 Quoted on the journey and its results in Review, "The Healing Journey"

Heroes-Known and Unknown

XXXIX-24 Lead

Heroes and Hero-worship - Carlyle (1840)

XXXVII-13 Quoted (On history is history of great men) in Lead, "The Acts of Individuals"

XXXIX-16 Quoted in Lead, "The Need for Heroes"

Heroes Are Scarce

II-27 Review-Dwight Macdonald on further remarks on Responsibilities of Peoples-in Student Partisan

Heroic Age of Science, The - William A. Heidel

VI-49 Quoted in Children, "Books for Our Time- Discussion"

XII-18 Quoted in Lead, "Resources for Social Change"

XV-47 Quoted in Frontiers, "What Can We Make of Confusion?"

XXII-3 Quoted in Children, "A Diet of Wonde4r"

Heroic Assignment

XIX-48 Editorial

Heroic Conception of Man, The

XXII-5 Lead

Heroic Exaltations

XXV-43 Arthur Livingston's translation of as given by Giorgio de Santillana in The Age of Adventure, source of quotations in Lead, "Times of Awakening"

Heroic Men and Women in Exile

XXXIV-2 Editorial

Heroic Task, A

XXI-13 Frontiers

Heroism of Jean-Paul Sartre, The

XX-37 Frontiers

Heroism or Common Sense?

XXXI-15 Lead

Heroism- The Lost Dimension

XVII-45 Lead

Herr, Paul

XV-18 His novel Journey Not to End quoted in Review, "Significant Puzzles"

XV-20 Journey Not to End quoted in Children, "Hannah Arendt on Education"

Herrick, Scott

XXXIII-41 His letter in July/Aug 1980 Fellowship quoted in Frontiers, "Souls Controlled by Technology. . . and Geography"

Herrigel, Eugen

IX-41 Reference to his Zen in the Art of Archery in Lead, "Psychology-East and West"

Herrigel, Gustie L.

XXII-14 Her Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement discussed and quoted in Review, "Zen in the Art of. . ."

Herring, Horace (Editor, Whole Earth)

XXXI-45 Quoted March 1978 Whole Earth in Frontiers, "Words from England"

Herron, Patricia

XV-36 Her letter to Editors quoted in Children, "Correspondence and Notes"

Hersey, John

I-7 Hiroshima-in Review "Periodicals in Transition"

I-34 Reference to Hiroshima in "Notes on 'Cultural Lag'"

III-13 Review of his The Wall, "Philosophy in Extremis"

IX-12 Reference to his story of "Connecticut's Committee for the Gifted" in Children

XI-19 His Hiroshima reviewed in Review, "Last Salute to the Warriors?"

XIII-19 His The War Lover quoted in Review, of same title

XIV-36 His A Single Pebble quoted in Review, "Moments of Understanding"

XXXIII-52 Discussed, quoted Hiroshima, also Atlantic, Oct. 1980 article "The Triumph of Numbers" in Review, "Better Than Ten Thousand Eyes"

Hersh, Seymour

XXXVI-8 Quoted from Dec. 1982 Atlantic on American intervention in Chili in Lead, "A Long Way to Go"

Hershey, Lewis B. (General)

III-32 Quoted as saying we need new group of "killers" for this war, in Editorial, "Situation Normal"

VII-3 Draft Director quoted in Children on fact that intelligent man does not make a "good" soldier

Hertz, Dr. R. F. (British psychologist)

VIII-37 Quoted in Children on similarity of children in different countries as to complaints about parents

Hertz, Richard

II-42 Quoted his Man on a Rock in Lead, "Sectarianism in Religion and Science"

V-35 Quoted from Man on a Rock (re work interpreted as spiritual discipline) in Lead, "Healing the Split"

V-42 Quoted in Children re European education

IX-19 His Man on a Rock quoted in Review, "Captive Artists"

XIV-2 Man on a Rock quoted in Lead, "The Definition of Issues"

XV-40 Man on a Rock quoted in Lead, "Questions About Ends"

XVIII-1 Man on a Rock quoted in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds"

XXI-4 Man on a Rock quoted in Lead, "The General Art"

XXI-36 Quoted from Man on a Rock in Children, "Toward a New Institution"

XXV-3 Quoted Man on a Rock in Lead, "Access to Sacralization"

XXVIII-18 Quoted from Man on a Rock in Lead, "The Work of Humans"

XXVIII-23 Quoted from Chance and Symbol in Lead, "The Fateful Question"

XXX-51 Man on a Rock quoted in Lead, "A Choice of Origins"

Hertz, Richard-(Continued)

XXXI-52 Man on a Rock quoted in Review, "Vacuum and Revolution"

XXXII-50 Quoted Man on a Rock in Review, "Learning from Work"

XXXVI-42 Quoted (work as spiritual discipline) in Editorial, "An Inescapable Likeness"

Hertzberg, Alvin

XXV-2 His Schools Are for Children (co-author, Edward F. Stone) discussed, quoted in Children, "Learning from the English"

Hertzberg, Sidney

I-17 Uncensored, Washington weekly of news commentary, issued during the war- Review, "Channels of Free Expression"

Hertzog, General

II-7 Reference to in Letter from South Africa

Herz, Alice

XVIII-19 Mentioned in Viginia Naeve's "A Plea for Grandmothers"-protest against Viet-Nam policy

XVIII-20 Mentioned in Editorial, "Acts of Commitment"

Herz, J. Spencer

XXVI-17 His Red Man discussed, quoted in Review, "The Qualities of Men"

Herzberg, Alexander

XVII-39 His The Psychology of Philosophers quoted in Review, "The Death and Rebirth of Philosophy"

Herzberg, Joseph

XVIII-41 His report on Michael Polanyi's group quoted from N.Y. Times (Aug. 30) in Review, "The Issue of 'Reductionism'"

Herzen, Alexander (Russian revolutionary)

XXVI-7 George Steiner quoted on memoirs of from Feb. 8, 1969 New Yorker in Review, "The Paradox of Consciousness"

XXVIII-7 George Steiner quoted on in Lead, "The Most Difficult of Things"

XXIX-41 George Steiner quoted in re his Memoirs from Feb. 18, 1969 New Yorker in Lead, "Motive or Methods?"

XXXII-7 George Steiner quoted from Feb. 8, 1969 New Yorker in Lead, "The Art of Tomorrow"

Heschel, Dr. Abaraham J.

XIX-21 His Who Is Man? discussed, quoted in Review, "Philosophy for the Mature"

XXIV-15 Quoted from text appearing at beginning of Reincarnation in World Thought in Editorial, "Questions and Answers"

XLI-14 Quoted Who Is Man? in "The Enigma of Being Human"


XXVII-19 Quoted in Lead, "Polarities of Mind"

Heskin, Allen

XXVI-20 Quoted from March American Institute of Planners Journal in Review, "The Common Element in Change"

Hesperian Foundation (Box 1692, Palo Alto, CA 94302)

XXXII-50 Report on health care in Western Mexico quoted in Children, "Some Variety"

Hess, Hannah

XXVII-15 Her The Third Side of the Desk discussed and quoted in Children, "Success Story"

XXVII-16 Quoted from Third Side of the Desk in Lead, "Awareness in America"

Hess, John

XXXIV-24 His May 16, 1981 Nation article on Adam Smith quoted discussed, in Editorial, "What's Wrong with Adam Smith?"

Hess, Karl

XXIX-3 Quoted from Nation in Children, "On Libertarian Education"

XXIX-15 Quoted from Jan. Mother Earth News in Children, "Tomorrow's Schools?"

XXIX-21 Quoted on Washington, D.C. group, Community Technology, in Frontiers, "Sprouts from Contradiction"

XXIX-41 Quoted on Community Technology, Inc. in Frontiers, "Theory and Practice"

XXXII-6 Quoted from North Country Anvil, Fall 1978, in Frontiers, "Vision and Vigilance"

XXXII-12 Quoted from Rain in Frontiers, "Good Things Happening"

XXXII-13 Quoted from Nov. 1978 Rain in Lead, "The Great Modern Superstition"

XXXII-21 His story of a neighborhood quoted from Stepping Stones in Frontiers, "At the Heart of the Country"

XXXII-40 His Community Technology quoted in Lead, "Riches of Our Time"; also quoted in Editorial, "The Most Powerful Point"

XXXII-47 Quoted from Community Technology in Frontiers, "The Inevitable Myths"

XXXIV-6 Quoted Nov. 1980 Rain on human attitudes in the US, Frontiers, "A Whole Life of Self- Education"

XXXVII-19 Quoted from What Will It Take to Prevent Nuclear War? in Review, "A Little List"

Hesse, Hermann

VIII-5 Quoted his Siddhartha in Review of Sesame books

X-44 Review of Siddhartha in Review, "Symbolic Pilgrimage"

Hessel, Eugene A.

II-36 Reference to his Christian Century article, "Let the Judges Do the Hanging!" in Editorial, "Aftermath"

Hessian Hills School (New York)

III-18 Mention of august 1949 Woman's Home Companion article on cooperative run by children, in Children

Heuer, Kenneth

XLI-13 On Loren Eisely in Lead, "Like Crusoe"

Hewes, Thomas

I-31 His Decentralize for Freedom (Dutton) mentioned in "Monopoly" story

Hewett, Edgar L.

XX-42 His Ancient Life in the American Southwest quoted in Lead, "Toward an Unmanaged Future"

XXII-42 Quoted from Ancient Life in Children, "Accessible New History"

XXVII-16 Quoted from Ancient Life in Lead, "Awareness in America"

XXIX-3 Ancient Life in the American Southwest quoted in Frontiers, "The Ring of Truth"

XXIX-21 Ancient Life quoted in Review, "Historic Aberration"

XXXI-3 Ancient Life quoted in Review, "The Anarchists of Spain"

XXXVIII-26 Ancient Life impact of whites on Indians in Children, "History and Ecology"

Hewett, Fritz

XXXII-40 His report on Common Ground Restaurant quoted from May/June New Roots in Frontiers, "Success Stories"

Hewitt, Marsha

XXXVIII-9 Editor (with Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos) of 1984 and After quoted in Review, "Orwellian Echoes"

Heyday of a Wizard - Jean Burton

I-37 Life of Daniel D. Home

Heyerdahl, Thor

III-43 Review of his Kon-Tiki

XXIV-45 Cleveland Amory's report of talk with quoted from Oct. 9 Saturday Review (on pollution) in Frontiers, "Where Reform Should Begin"

Heynen, Jim

XXXVIII-38 You Know What Is Right stories of farmboys in Review, "Boys in Iowa"

Heywood, Rosalind

XV-17 Her Beyond the Reach of Sense quoted in Review of same title

Hiatt, Dr. Howard (Dean, Harvard School of Public Health)

XXXV-17 Quoted briefly re "prevention being the only resource" to atom bombs in Frontiers, "Experts on Death. . . and Life"

Hibbert Journal (Magazine)

X-31 Quoted article by John Campbell Graham, Oct. 1938 and Jan. 1939 re problem of persuading young men of intelligence to enter the Church, and on examination of the doctrine of incarnation, in Frontiers, "The Meaning of 'Christian'"

XIV-22 Col. T. B. Luard article, "Why I Do Not Go To Church," April 1937 issue, quoted in Lead, "Problems of Communication"

XXI-52 Col. T. B. Luard quoted, April 1937, in Editorial, "Religion 'Right-Side Up'"

Hickel, Walter J. (former Secretary of the Interior)

XXIV-45 Quoted from his book, Who Owns America? in Frontiers, "Where Reform Should Begin"

Hickenlooper, Senator

IX-12 Quoted briefly in Lead, "The Responsibility of Scientists"

Hicks, Granville

IX-45 Quoted from American Scholar in Lead, "A Revolution in Power?" and quoted re Eric Fromm

XII-6 Quoted his Saturday Review review of The Violated by Vance Bourjaily in Review

Hicks, Wynford

XVI-32 Quoted May Anarchy in Children, "Notes from the Radicals"


VI-4 Reference to in Letter from Mexico

Hidden Assumptions, The

XXXII-25 Editorial

Hidden Channels of the Mind - Dr. Louis E. Rhine

XV-2 Quoted in Review of same title

Hidden Channels of the Mind

XV-2 Review

Hidden Identities

XXIX-48 Lead

Hidden Language, A

XLI-49 Editorial (the Arts, symbols)

Hidden Order of Art, The - Anton Ehrenzweig (University of California Press, 1967)

XXXI-5 Quoted in Children, "What Children Can Do"

XXXI-7 Quoted in Review, "It Can't Be Done"

Hidden Persuaders, The - Vance Packard

X-39 Reviewed in "Partisan Portrait" (David McKay, 1957), also discussed in Editorial, "Crypto-Collectivists"

XII-7 Reference to in Rosenberg quote in Lead, "The Decline of the Hero"

Hidden Remnant, The - Gerald Sykes

XV-47 Quoted in Editorial of same title

XV-48 Quoted in Editorial, "The Role of the Remnant"

XVI-8 Quoted, discussed in Review, same title

XVIII-20 Quoted in Lead, "Problems of the Righteous"

XIX-14 Quoted in Lead, "The Quest for Para- Religion"

XXII-11 His quote from Ortega quoted in Lead, "The Greatest Public Need"

XXXVII-44 Quoted in Lead (on the "technical revolution"), "What Makes a Scientist?"

XXXVII-51 Long excerpts in Review, "Counting Our Blessings"

XXXVII-52 Brief discussion of in Review, "Counting Our Blessings" Excerpts on "The Hidden Remnant"

Hidden Truths, The

XXX-11 Lead

Hidden Wound, The - Wendell Berry (Houghton Mifflin, $4.95)

XXIII-45 Discussed, quoted in Review, "On 'Race'- and Much More"

XXIII-46 Quoted in Lead, "The Accessible Remedies"

XXIII-49 Quoted in Lead, "A Question of Goals"

XXIII-51 Quoted in Lead, "The Age of Preoccupations"

XXIV-6 Quoted in Frontiers, "No Longer Hidden Wound"

Hidden Wound, The-(Continued)

XXIV-10 Mentioned in Review, "The Shaping of Culture"

XXXII-16 Quoted from The Hidden Wound (1970) in Lead, "The Garments of Mystery"

XXXIII-14 Discussed in Children, "Why Did We Forget All This?"

Hierarchical Structures - ed. By Lancelot L. Whyte, Albert C. Wilsonn, Donna Wilson (Elsevier, $12.50)

XXIV-10 Ronald G. Jones paper quoted in Lead, "Processes of Change"

XXXIV-42 Quoted from L. L. Whyte in Lead, "The Concourse of Hierarchies"

Higgins, Dick

XXI-49 Quoted from Spring-Summer 1968 Arts in Society in Frontiers, "Art and Ecstasy"

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

XX-44 Quoted from Howard Meyer's Colonel of the Black Regiment in Frontiers, "A Man of His Time"

XXXVIII-7 Brief discussion in his life and work in Lead, "A formidable Assignment" (also quoted on from Speaking for Nature)

High and Low

XXX-26-35 Review

High and the Mighty, The - Ernest Gann

VI-27 Reviewed, "Book of the Month"

High Calling

V-28 Frontiers (Royal W. France, American lawyer, liberal, college professor) as told in Fellowship

High Country News

XXXIX-15 Ray Ring, Nov. 11, 1985, in Frontiers, "The Trees of Arizona"

XL-5 Article on rivers, Oct. 17, 1986 in Frontiers, "Periodicals of Interest"

XL-16 Jan. 19, 1987 Steve Hinchman on uranium mill in Frontiers, "How to Poison a Large Region"

XXXVI-46 Quoted in Frontiers, "Organs of Culture" (Three Mile Island)

XXXVII-10 Quoted in Lead, "A Change of Heart" (re gullibility of reporters)

XXXVIII-7 Oct. 1, 1984 issue used in Lead, "A Formidable Assignment" (National Parks)

High Cost of Ambiguity, The

XVIII-36 Lead

High Cost of Vengeance, The - Freda Utley (Henry Regnery)

II-51 Reviewed "Injustice is Blinder"

High Issues (published by Fellowship of Reconciliation)

XVII-12 Quoted in Children, "Toward Nonviolence"

High, Mighty and Casual

XIII-39 Editorial

High Noon-Now Ready

XXXVII-12 Editorial (Fuentes pamphlet)

High Passes, The - John Reese

IX-16 Reviewed "An Odd Flavor for Westerns"

High Place, The - Geoffrey Household (Little, Brown, 1950)

IV-37 Reviewed-"Angry Utopians"

High Plateau

X-35 Review of Richard Gregg's A Compass for Civilization

High Priests of Waste, The - Ernest Fitzgerald (Norton)

XXVI-44 James Cypher's review of quoted, Sept. 17 Nation, in Lead, "Wide, Unopened Spaces"

High School - Ronald Gross and Paul Osterman (collection of articles, Simon and Schuster, 1971, $7.95)

XXIV-21 "Educating Contra Naturam" by Theodore Roszak discussed, quoted in Children, "Schools Against Nature"

XXIV-22 Article by Theodore Roszak quoted in Lead, "The Meaning of Progress"

XLI-8 Roszak quoted in Children, "Time for a Change"

High Virtue in Low Places

IX-32 Editorial (Rain - Jeanne Eagels)

High Water - Richard Bissell (Little, Brown 1954)

XXXVI-3 Quoted in Children, "Miscellany" (re small towns)

High, Wide and Lonesome - Hal Borland (Popular Library)

XXIV-44 Discussed and quoted the foreword in Review, "A Mixed Bag"

High Wind in Jamaica, A - Richard Hughes

XVIII-1 Quoted in Children, "The 'I Am Me' Experience"

XXXI-46 Quoted in Lead, "Not On the Couch"

Higher Creativity - Willis Harman (Tarcher, 1984)

XXXVIII-12 Quoted in Review, "An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

XXXVIII-13 Quoted on mechanistic acceptance of science in Lead, "Where Responsibility Lies"

Higher Education- Demand and Response - edited by W R. Niblett (London, Tavistock, 1969)

XXIII-17 Mr. Niblett quoted in Children, "The Ideal University" Also quote from Northrop Frye's contribution

XXXII-18 Quoted in Lead, "The Ordeal of Thinking"

Higher Education in the Ancient World - M. L. Clarke (University of New Mexico Press, 1971)

XXV-51 Quoted in Children, "A Good Story, Ancient School"

Higher Ground, A

VI-40 Editorial

XVI-49 Editorial

Higher Learning in America - Robert M. Hutchins

II-21 Quoted in Review, "Lucid Prose"

III-49 Quoted in "Men with Ideas" article on Hutchins

VI-29 No. V of Books for Our Time

XIII-23 Brief quote from in Oliver Reiser's The Integration of Human Knowledge in Review, "Toward a Scientific Metaphysic"

XIX-4 Quoted in Children, "Religion and State- Synthesizing Perspectives"

XXXI-44 Quoted in Lead, "A Not Yet Settled Controversy"

Higher Levels of Human Growth, The - Elizabeth Drews (Philosophical Library, posthumously published, 1978-79, $11.95)

XXXIII-6 Quoted in Children, "Talent and Greatness"

Higher Life, The

XVII-43 Editorial

Higher Mathematics?, A

XXVII-13 Editorial

Highet, Gilbert

VII-42 His The Art of Teaching reviewed in Children

VII-43 Above quoted in Children

XXIX-18 Quoted on Joyce's Ulysses and T. S. Eliot in Lead, "Lost and Found Meanings"

XXX-38 His Man's Unconquerable Mind quoted in Children, "Some Verities"

XXXVI-2 Quoted essay from Explorations on Ezra Pound in Review, "Literary Puzzle"

XXXVII-22 Quoted on literature of Middle Ages and Renaissance from The Classic Tradition in Review, "Requiem for the Renaissance"

Highlander Folk School Report

XIV-38 Quoted in Children, "In Support of . . ."

Highlights for Children (Magazine)

VI-5 Discussed in Children

VI-17 Discussed in Children

Highly Recommended

IX-7 Review (Recovery of Faith, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan)

Highway Action Coalition (Suite 731, 1346 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036)

XXIV-26-34 Letter issued by quoted in Frontiers, "Urban Ills"

Highway and the City, The - Lewis Mumford

XVI-20 Quoted in Lead, "The Lost and the Free"

Hilborn, James

XXVII-6 Quoted from Vol. 9, No. 3 Our Generation in Children, "Sic Et Non"

Hildebrand, Joel H. (President, American Chemical Society)

IX-12 Quoted Lewis Mumford in paper printed in American Scientist in Lead, "The Responsibility of Scientists"

IX-20 Quoted from Key Reporter in Review, "White House Conference on Education"

IX-22 Discussed in Children

Hildyard, Nicholas

XXXV-41 Editor of Ecologist, quoted from Jan/Feb 1982 issue (re appropriate technology and ecology) in Lead, "The Pain of Change"

XL-41 Ecologist No. 1, Vol. 17, Review, "A Former Soldier Returns"

XL-43 Ecologist on poisonous chemicals in Rhine River

Hilgard, Ernest R. (Stanford University-Psychology)

XXXIV-19 Quoted his Preface to Mesmerism in Review, "Anton Mesmer"

Hill, Derek

XIII-36 His article, "The Habit of Censorship" from July Encounter quoted in Frontiers, "Notes on Censorship"

Hill, Gladwin (N.Y. Times writer)

IX-15 Quoted on Mississippi in Frontiers, "Freedom Road"

Hill, Joe (IWW song writer and martyr)

IV-5 The Wallace Stegner book, The Preacher and the Slave about him, quoted in Frontiers, "Parisans All"

Hill, Lewis

XIX-40 Quoted in Lead, "Toward Unbribable Man"

Hill to Begin With, A

XXXI-43 Frontiers

Hillbillies, Beatles and a Moral or Two

XVIII-16 Review

Hill-Trout, Dr. Charles

II-3 Reference to this British anthropologist in "Early Man, the Unknown"

Hillyard, Paddy

XXXVII-11 Quoted his contribution to Northern Ireland. . . . in Review, "The Ulster Plantation"

Hilprecht, H. V. (Assyriologist)

XXXV-42 His dream from The Dream World quoted in Editorial, "Discipline in Subjective Inquiry"

Hilsman, Roger

XXVIII-38 His The Crouching Future reviewed in "What Will Shape the Future?"

Hilton, Alice Mary

XVII-48 Quoted August Liberation in Frontiers, "What is the Challenge of Cybernation?"

XXV-42 Quoted August Newsletter of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science, in Frontiers, "Issues Behind Defects"

Hilton, James

XX-52 Quoted his Nothing So Strange in Lead, "On Changing the World"

Himmelfarb, Gertrude (History Professor)

XXXV-4 Quoted from American Scholar (on Darwinism) Autumn 1981, in Lead, "Deciding on Importance"

Hinchman, Steve

XL-16 On uranium mine at Church Rock, High Country News, Jan. 19, 1987, in Frontiers, "How to Poison a Large Region"

Hind Swaraj (Indian Home Rule) Gandhi - (pub. 1908)

I-5 Review, "Books on India"

I-35 Mentioned in "Economics for the Millions"

XXI-46 Gandhi quoted from in Editorial, "The Exacting Emotion"

XXIV-50 Quoted in Editorial, "Gandhian Primer" Discussion of by t. K. Mahadevan quoted from Gandhi Marg for July, in Frontiers, "'Quintessence' of Gandhi"

XXVIII-4 Quoted in Lead, "Of Various Persuasions"

XXVIII-41 Long quote from in Frontiers, "Could He Have Said More?"

XXXI-15 Quoted in Lead, "Heroism or Common Sense"

XXXIII-39 Noted in Editorial, "Gandhi's Counsel"

XXXVI-18 Brief discussion of and ideas in Lead, "Reflections on War"

XXXVI-37 Quoted (1909) plight of workers in Lead, "The Victims of Development"

Hind Swaraj-(Continued)

XXXVII-22 Quoted from Gandhi on villages in Lead, "Toward a Better World" (now available from Greenleaf Books, Weare, NH 03218)

XXXVIII-27-36 Quoted (1909) on England in India in Lead, "The Matter of Reading"

Hinden, Rita (Editor, Socialist Commentary)

XII-9 Quoted from her Nation article, "The Golden Age of Misery," in Frontiers, "Notes on Transitions"

Hindmarsh, Prof. Albert E. (Harvard)

I-48 Quoted from The Basis of Japanese Foreign Policy in Children

V-40 Quoted from above in Frontiers, "The Proposition is Peace"

Hindu Medicine - Henry Zimmer (John Hopkins, 1948)

XXIX-43 Quoted in Lead, "A Matter of Tropism"

XXXI-47 Quoted in Lead, "Some Inconclusions"

Hindu View of Life, The - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

XIV-45 Quoted in Frontiers, "Thoughts on Religion"

XIV-47 Quoted in Review, "The Sociology of Zen"

Hinduism Invades America - Wendell Thomas (1930)

I-37 Reference to

Hindu Weekly Review (Indian Newspaper)

VII-46 Quoted from Hindu review of Panikkar's book in Lead, "The Cosmopolitan East"

VIII-15 C. Rajagopalachari article quoted re bomb tests in Review, "An 'Element of Risk'"

VIII-17 Quoted in Editorial, "A Country of Villages," on crime rates

Hindus, Maurice

I-20 Reference to him in review of The Silent People Speak-spirit in Yugoslavia today same as he found in Russia in early years after Revolution

I-43 Mentioned in Editorial, "That Yugoslavian Railroad"

Hindustan Review

I-33 Reviewed in "The Culture of India"

Hindustan Times

XXII-10 Excerpts from Dr. Vikram Sarabhai's address at Indian Institute of Technology quoted from Jan. 19 issue in Frontiers, "Sources of Social Theory"

Hingorani (author?)

XIV-27 To the Students quoted in Lead, "Beyond Politics"

Hingston, R. W. G.

X-51 His Instinct and Intelligence discussed in Editorial, "Time Cut"

XXIII-42 Mention of Instinct and Intelligence in Lead, "The Decline of the 'Official'"

XXIX-23 Instinct mentioned in Lead, "The Human Dilemma"

XXXVIII-51 From Instinct and Intelligence (began as act of reason) in Lead, "The American Garden"

Hinton, J. M.

V-16 Quoted for his NAACP address in Lead, "Race and Religion"

Hintze, Naomi

XXIX-3 What Can You Believe? reviewed in "Unless They Philosophize"

Hired Hand - Alan Sharp (Bantam)

XXIV-23 Discussed and quoted in Review, "Stories of Sea and Land"

Hiroshima (film)

VIII-23 Quoted from Nation review of an Editorial, "The Cost 'Security'"

Hiroshima - John Hersey

XI-19 Reviewed in Review, "Last Salute to the Warriors?"

XXXIII-52 Mentioned in Review, "Better Than Ten Thousand Eyes"

Hiroshima - John Hersey

I-7 New Yorker - relieved reader from making up any conclusions of his own-Lead, "The Real Issue"

I-34 Comparison with Walt Whitman in "Notes on 'Cultural Lag'"

IV-40 Discussion of ideas on of high school students in Children

Hiroshima Diary - Dr. Michihiko Hachiya

XIV-38 Quoted in Review, "The Long, Bad Story"

Hiroshima Peace Pilgrims

XV-20 Editorial

Hirsch, Dan

XXXI-21 Quoted in Frontiers, "In a Day's Mail" from a page sent in by Ellory Foster

Hirsch, E. D. Jr.

XXXVI-25 Quoted his article from Spring 1983 issue of American Scholar re curriculum in Children, "The Art of Balancing"

XXXVI-43 Quoted Spring 1983 American Scholar on reading, writing and teaching in Children, "Part of the Act of Living"

XXXVII-46 Quoted Summer American Scholar (1984) re teaching of literature and English in Children, "Why Schooling Is Going Wrong"

XXXVIII-5 Quoted American Scholar (Summer 1984) on policies of educational administrators in Children, "School and State"

Hirsh, Reuben (co-author Philip Davis)

XXXVI-20 The Mathematical Experience quoted in Editorial, "Mathematical Metaphysics"

Hirschfeld, Dr. Gerhard

XVIII-321 His foreword to Education and the Idea of Mankind quoted in Review, "Council for the Study of Mankind"

Hirst, Erci

XXVII-39 His booklet, Energy Use for Food in the United States discussed and quoted in Frontiers, "Energy and Food"

His Brother's Keeper

IX-38 Review, S. Leonard Rubinstein's The Battle Done

Historian, Poet, Philosopher

XXX-2 Review

Historian's Diagnosis, A

XXII-45 Review

Historian's Prescription, A

XXXIII-46 Lead

Historian's Vocation, The

XXXV-25 Lead (Louis J. Halle wrote)

Historic Aberration

XXIX-21 Review

Historic Possibilities

XXVII-39 Lead

Historical Amnesia

XXXVI-44 Review (Lebanon, Fuentes, security of U.S.)

Historical Anthropological, Sociological and Spiritual Roots of the Village as Solar Energy, The - first section of The Village as Solar Ecology (published by The New Alchemy Institute)

XXXIV-11 Quoted contribution by Mary Catherine Bateson in Frontiers, "Molecular Changes"

Historical Background

VI-44 Editorial

Historical Camouflage

XX-6 Frontiers

Historical Criticism

II-10 Review (The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It - Richard Hofstadter)

Historical Initiative, The

XVI-12 Editorial

Historical Note, A

XXVI-19 Frontiers

Historical Novel-Top Quality

VII-3 Review (Elliott Arnold, The Time of the Gringo)

Historical Perspective

VI-20 Lead

Historical Process, A

XXI-39 Lead

Historical Renewal

XXIX-43 Review

Historical Signs and Stages

XXIX-38 Review

Historically. . . in the Middle

XXX-1 Frontiers

Historicity of Jesus

II-28 Frontiers

History and the Individual

XV-30 Lead

History and Sciences

IX-21 Lead

History and Social Intelligence - Harry Elmer Barnes

VIII-46 Quoted in Lead, "The Religion of Free Men" showing Founding Fathers not professing Christians

XIII-45 Sermon printed in Albany Advertiser (1831) quoted in Lead, "T he Genius of Human Beings"

XXXVI-23 Brief quote from re Founding Fathers not Christians in Lead, "The Saving Grace"

History as a System - Ortega y Gasset (Norton paperback)

XXI-20 Quoted in Lead, "The Failure of the Specialists"

History as a System-(Continued)

XXV-24 Quoted in Lead, "Lost Resonances"

XXV-51 Quoted in Lead, "Science and Myth"

XXVI-42 Quoted in Lead, "Thought and Language"

XXVI-48 A Brief Exploration"

XXVII-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Unchanging Question"

XL-40 In Lead, "An Opening Door" (scientific "truth")

XLI-5 Quoted in Review, "The Role of Humans"

History in Service to Hope

XXI-24 Editorial

History in Shadow

IX-40 Editorial

History of Civilization in England - Henry T. Buckle (1857-61)

I-8 Quoted in Letter from England

XV-8 Quoted in Lead, "What Can Be Done With Words?"

XXI-13 Quoted in Lead, "The Unearned Securities"

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XXXI-15 Briefly quoted in Lead, "Heroism or Common Sense?"

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XXXVII-2 Re acceptance of ideas after a few generations Lead, "Keeping Ideas Alive"

XXXIX-17 Quoted in Lead, "How Opinions Are Formed"

History of Dogma - Harnack

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History of Education (Magazine)

XVII-21 Quoted from "Thoreau and Education" March 1962

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History of Educational Thought - Dr. Frederick Mayer

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History of Educational Thought - Robert Ulich (American Book Co., 1945)

V-7 Discussed in Children

V-32 Reference to in Children

History of Engish Literature - Lafcadio Hearn

XXVIII-46 Quoted in Children, "Uses of Literature"

XXVIII-50 Quoted in Children, "Teaching Literature"

XXIX-4 Quoted in Review, "The Progress of the Artist"

XXXIV-15 Quoted in Review, "On Reading Gandhi" re Shakespeare

History of European Morals -- Lecky

I-12 Doesn't suggest man needs a personal God- Lead, "Pantheistic Religion"

II-2 Reference to in Review, "Men of Stable Mind"

History of European Morals-(Continued)

III-28 Quoted on Stoicism in Lead, "Death and Rebirth"

V-52 Long quote from in Frontiers, "Immortality-Again"

XXX-24 Quoted in Lead, "Ideas and Beliefs"

XXXIV-22 Quoted in Lead, "Behind the Web" (motives for action, etc.)

History of Freedom of Thought, A - J. B. Bury (1913)

I-29 Quoted in Letter from England

History of Greece - Myers

I-30 Pythagoras"

History of Ideas, The

XV-10 Lead

History of India - Dutt

I-14 Statistics from on hand-weaving in Lead, "Home Economics-East and West"

History of Indian Philosophy - Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

XI-36 Briefly discussed in Frontiers, "The Record of Buddhism"

History of Magic - J. C. Colquhoun (London 1851)

VI-30 Quoted re Mozart in Review, "A Curious Clarity"

IX-52 Quoted re Mozart in Frontiers, "Religion and the Imagination"

History of Magic - Enemoser (Pub. in English by Bohn's Scientific Library, 1854)

II-14 Reference to briefly in Lead, "Man Against Orthodoxies"

V-25 Reference to in Editorial, "The Psychic Factor"

History of Magic and Experimental Science - Lynn Thorndike

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History of Man - Carleton Coon

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History of Materialism - Frederick Lange (Harcourt, Brace, 1925)

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I-26 Quote from showing that contribution to knowledge of ancients did not come from materialists, in Frontiers, "Philosopher Scientists"

II-49 Quoted from in Einstein Lead

II-52 Quoted on Aristotle in Lead, "The Spark-Gap of Decision"

IV-25 Quoted in Lead, "Problems of the True Believer"

IV-38 Quote from Russell's introduction to in Lead, "The Bondage of Controversy"

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IX-14 Quoted in Lead, "Scientific Inspiration"

History of Materialism -(Continued)

XIII-47 Quoted in Lead, "Self-Deception's Strange Fruit"; also briefly quoted in Editorial, "What is Demonstrable?"

XV-28 Bertrand Russell's introduction briefly quoted in Lead, "The Struggle Against Maturity"

XVI-41 Bertrand Russell's introduction quoted in Lead, "Rationalism-Then and Now"

XVII-13 Briefly quoted in Isaac Newton in Lead, "Toward a Redefinition of Science"

XVIII-1 Introduction by Russell quoted in Lead, "The Sacred Bonds"

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XXVII-51 Quoted in Lead, "Nature Without Man"

XXVIII-36 Quoted in Lead, "The Second Phase"

XXIX-15 Russell's introduction quoted in Review, "The Biological Paradigm"

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XXXII-23 Quoted in Lead, "Not Matters of Belief"

XXXIII-48 Introduction by Russell quoted in Lead, "The Environment of Meaning"

XXXIV-39 Quoted Russell's introduction in Lead, "Feelings We Can't Ignore"

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XXXVIII-4 Quoted on materialism as a dogma in Lead, "Is There Moral Law?"

XXXVIII-43 Quoted re "chains" of illusions from preface in Lead, "A Cumulative Force"

History of Militarism, A - Alfred Vagts

IV-26 Brief quote from in Frontiers, "The Real Issue"

XI-12 Quoted in Frontiers, "Nobody Knows How to Stop a War"

History of Modern Philosophy - Bertrand Russell

III-18 Quoted from in Hegel, "Men with Ideas"

History of Nature, The - C. F. von Weizsacker

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History of Pantheism - Dean Plumptre

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History of Philosophy - Fuller

III-11 Quoted re use of term "God" by Spinoza in "Men with Ideas"

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History of Philosophy - Julian Marias (Dover, $2.75)

XX-20 Discussed and quoted in Review, "A Matter of Sovereignty"

History of the Conflict Between Science and Religion - John W. Draper

XVIII-4 Quoted from in Lead, "Before the Storm"

History of the Rise of Rationalism in Europe - W. E. H. Lecky
History of Rationalism - W. E. H. Lecky

I-12 Doesn't suggest man needs a personal God- Lead, "Pantheistic Religion"

V-44 Quoted from Introduction in Lead, "Toward a New Enlightenment?"

VIII-27 Above quoted in Lead, "New Climate of Opinion"

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XXVII-2 Quoted in Lead, "A Look at Rationalism"

History of the Renaissance (1867) Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897)

XXXIV-14 Combined, organized by his nephew into Reflections on History, subject of Review, "Nineteenth-Century Historian" (with The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy)

History of Science Fiction

XXVII-47 Review

History of Socialism in England - Max Beer

I-31 Reference to in story on "Monopoly"

History of the Inquisition - Lea

I-12 Doesn't suggest men need a personal God- Lead, "Pantheistic Religion"

History of the Jews - Graetz

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History of the Pelopenesian War - Thucydides

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History of the Supernatural - William Howitt

II-14 Reference to in his book in Lead, "Men Against Orthodoxies"

V-25 Reference to in Editorial, "The Psychic Factor"

History of the Warfare of Science with Theology - Andrew D. White

I-12 Doesn't suggest men need a personal God- Lead, "Pantheistic Religion"

II-2 Reference to in Review, "Men of Stable Mind"

VI-25 Reference to in Lead, "A Dubious Unity"

IX-11 Reference to in Editorial, "Religion in an Age of Science"

History Today (British monthly)

XIII-18 Jacquetta Hawkes' comment on Carleton Coon's History of Man in Feb. issue, quote in Frontiers, "Toward Freedom"

Hitler, Adolf

II-51 Because of pacifist sentiment in 1933 Hitler had to publicly abjure war

H. M. S. Ulysses - Alistair MacLean

XXX-1 Quoted in Lead, "The Leap of Metaphor"

Hoagland, Hudson

XII-47 Quoted from Sept. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in Frontiers, "The Scope of Science"

XX-52 Quoted Oct. Council Journal in Children, "World Education"

Hoagland, Hudson-(Continued)

XXI-9 Briefly quoted in Review, "Available and Palpable Target"

Hoax of Government, A

XXII-39 Editorial

Hobsbawn, Eric

XXXVII-7 Quoted from The Foreward March of Labour Halted (Lead essay originally in Marxism Today, 1978) in Lead, "Books About Marxism"

Hobsen, Laura Z.

XIX-27 Her First Papers discussed and quoted in Review, "A Nation's Riches"

XXIV-11 First Papers mentioned in Review, "Fifty, Sixty, Seventy Years Ago"

Hochbaum, Godfrey M.

XIII-11 His article in Children used by George Weinstein in This Week, Jan. 24, in "Why Don't They Let Us Teach?" and quoted in Children

Ho Chih-minh (Indochina)

VII-20 Reference to in Lead, "Focus in Asia"

Hochstraten, Jacob (Inquisitor-General)

I-50 Greatest enemy of John Reuchlin

Hocking, William Ernest

VIII-16 His Christian Century article, "Reconception Reconsidered" quoted in Review, "Scanning Some Periodicals"

XI-28 Quoted his The Coming World Civilization on the limits of science in respect to man in Lead, "Maturity in Religion"

Hodes, Aubrey

XXIV-37 His book Martin Buber-An Intimate Portrait discussed, quoted in Review, "A Zaddik for All"

Hodge, Helena Norberg

XXXVIII-4 Her story about the Ladakhis in Resurgence, July/Aug. 1984 quoted in Children, "Children and Community"

XXXVIII-5 From Resurgence, May/June 1985 mistake to copy the West in teaching, in Children, "For Highschoolers"

Hodges, Harold M.

XXVI-24 Quoted on Dr. Robert Coles from Conflict and Consensus (which he edited) in Lead, "The Uses of Sociology"

Hodgins, Eric

III-45 His Blandings' Way subject of Review, "Currents in Fiction"

Hodgson, Godfrey

XXVI-20 Quoted March Atlantic in Children, "Miscellany"

Hoe, Susanna

XXXII-19 Her The Man Who Gave His Company Away (biography of Ernest Bader) reviewed in "Ounces of Practice"

Hoedemaker, Dr. Edward D.

XI-49 Quoted from Psychiatry in Frontiers, "The Religion of the Ancients" re desire for selfdiscipline by patients

Hoffer, Eric (San Francisco longshoreman)

V-10 Quoted his The True Believer in Lead, "The Power of Memory"

VII-52 Mentioned in Editorial, "Grounds for Hope" Frontiers, "The Bystander" has quotes from his The Passionate State of Mind, from Harper's

XII-4 His The True Believer briefly quoted in Children

XXIV-52 The True Believer discussed in Editorial, "The Cult of Toughness"

Hoffman, Banesh

XIV-20 Quoted from Harper's for March in Children, "The Mind Cannot Be Tested"

XXVI-6 His book Albert Einstein-Creator and Rebel discussed, quoted in Review, "Encounter with Greatness"

Hoffman, Daniel P.

XVIII-14 Quoted from The Coming Culture in Frontiers of same title

Hoffman, Edward

XLI-39 The Right to Be Human in Lead, "Maslow's Legacy"

Hoffman, Elinor Gene (Mrs. Hallock Hoffman)

XII-27 Her article reprinted from Friends Journal in Frontiers

XVIII-29 Children, "Evolution for the Family" by her



Hoffman, Hallock

VIII-48 Progressive article, "My Wife and the Tax Assessor" quoted in Review, "Magazine Notes"

X-51 His pamphlet Loyalty by Oath quoted and discussed in Review, "Failures of 'The Oath'"

XV-25 Quoted from commentary over Los Angeles Pacifica station KPFK in Frontiers, "Principle of Survival"

XV-45 Quoted from broadcast over KPFK in Children, "Youth Then and Now"

XV-49 His comments on KPFK program quoted in Review, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

XV-50 Wrote Lead, "The Control of National Policy"

XVI-24 Quoted from recent radio talk in Lead, "Aspects of Peace-Making"

XVI-26 Quoted from KPFK commentary, May 19, in Frontiers, "In and Out of History"

XVI-42 Wrote Lead, "The Uses of Crisis"

XVII-2 Quoted KPFK commentary, Nov. 24, in Lead, "Politics, the State, and Free Men"

XVII-31 Children composed of extract from his April 26 KPFK commentary, "The Quick and the Dead"

XVII-51 Quoted Aug. 30, 1964 KPFK program in Children, "Education and Violence"

XVIII-9 Quoted from Pacifica broadcast in Lead, "A Responsibility of People"

XVIII-39 The Problems of Survival"

Hoffman, Hallock-(Continued)

XIX-10 Quoted in Editorial, "Puzzles of Human Nature" Quoted by Arthur Morgan in Frontiers, "The Way Things Are"

Hoffman, Jeanne

XI-18 Quoted her column in L.A. Times, March 15, in re tennis star Jack Kramer touring Russia this year, in Review, "Notes on the News"

Hoffman, Paul G. (Chairman of Board, Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic)

IX-35 His notation on Cogley's Report on Blacklisting in Review, "Compounded of Fear and Shame"

XVIII-22 Reference to in Frontiers, "The Continuing Dialogue"

Hofman, Armin

XXIX-14 Quoted Sept. 1975 Journal of Architectural Education in Frontiers, "Colbert's 'Reform'"

Hofman, Hans F.

XX-43 Quoted from Sept. Council Journal in Lead, "Toward Inclusive Simplicities"

XX-45 Quoted in Review, "Reflective Distance"

Hofstadter, Richard (Professor of History, Columbia University)

II-10 Review of his The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It in "Historical Criticism"; reference also to his Social Darwinism quoted

II-51 Reference to Social Darwinism in American Thought in Frontiers

VIII-38 American Scholar article, "The Pseudo- Conservative Revolt" quoted in Lead, "The New Study of Motives"

XVI-1 His article, "The Child and the World" Summer 1962 Daedalus quoted in Children, "Note on Dewey and Education"

XVI-25 Quoted from The American Political Tradition in Frontiers, "The Invisible Term"

XIX-2 Brief quote from The Paranoid Style in American Politics in Review, "The Tasks of Intellectuals"

XXIV-8 Quoted from introduction to The American Political Tradition in Lead, "Changing American Attitudes"

XXXII-13 The American Political Tradition quoted in Editorial, "The Uses of Truth"

Hog Butcher - Ronald L. Fair (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1966)

XXVI-17 Briefly discussed in Review, "The Qualities of Men"

Hogan, Paul

XXXII-4 Quoted from Ways to Play in Children, "Sweet-Sour Reflections"

Hogben, Lancelot

II-13 Reference to his Science for the Citizen in Frontiers, "The Evolution Controversy"

III-33 Reference to in Letter from England

Hoggett, David (Englishman)

XI-51 Anonymous author of Frontiers, "Shaping Ideas"

Hogue, Fred

II-19 Quoted from L.A. Times, 1937, as approving efficiency of Germany in her program of sterilization

Hohenemser, Christoph

XXVI-42 Quoted July/Aug Environment in Children, Making Science Relevant"

XXXII-3 Quoted Environment, Sept. 1978 issue, in Frontiers, "Causes Obscure, Effects Evident"

Hohenemser, Kurt

XXXII-11 Quoted from Environment, Nov. 1978, in Frontiers, "Questions Without Answers"

Holbrook, David

XIV-2 His article, "The Secret Places of Education," Nov. 17, 1960, Manchester Guardian, quoted in Children, same title

XIV-9 Quoted Jan. 5 Manchester Guardian in Children

XXXVI-43 Quoted from Teacher's College Record Spring 1983 on teaching "unpromising children" in Children, "Part of the Act of Living"

Holden, Constance

XXXIII-14 Her article in Science, Jan. 11, 1980 re Amulya K. N. Reddy and ASTRA quoted in Frontiers, "Light in the East"

Holden, William

VII-7 Mentioned in Frontiers, "Philosophy Is Where You Find It" with reference to film, "Escape from Fort Bravo"

Holdgate, Martin W.

XXXIX-38 From Mar. 1986 Environment re Worldwatch Institute papers in Children, "Future Problems"

Holdren, John P.

XXIV-36 Quoted Aug. 7 Saturday Review in Frontiers, "A Better Abundance"

XXXIII-15 Quoted from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Jan. 1980, re nuclear energy, Three Mile Island, in Frontiers, "A Good Example"

Holiday (Magazine)

VI-5 Discussion of in Children

Holiday with Holliday

IX-8 Review-Doc Holliday, James Myers

Holifield, Chet (Chairman, Special Radiation Subcommittee for Joint Committee on Atomic Energy)

X-37 Quoted from his article in Saturday Review on the tactics of the AEC in Frontiers, "The Dust Hasn't Settled"

Holism in Medical Theory

XIX-35 Review

Holistic Education Network Newsletter

XXXVII-18 Quoted Robin Beebe, Nov. 1983, re asking questions, in Children, "Miscellany"

XXXVII-23 Quoted Robin Beebe from above on asking questions by the young in Children, "The Human Mind"

Holladay, Wiliam (Dean of Vanderbilt College of Arts and Sciences)

XXIX-42 His address quoted in Christian Science Monitor used in Children, "Odds and Ends"

Holland, Glen A.

XVIII-45 His Fundamentals of Psychotherapy quoted in Frontiers, "What is 'Psychotherapy'?" Holland Stuart (Member of Parliament)

XXXVIII-12 From Manchester Guardian Nov. 4 on famine in Ethiopia in Lead, "Our Problem is One of Attitude"

Hollander, Jean

XXXIII-23 Quoted her article in the Scholar, Spring 1980 issue (on policemen studying Shakespeare) in Children, "Periodical Review"

Hollenbach, James

XXXI-6 His article on use of language quoted, Contemporary Education, Fall 1977, in Children, "Toward Paideia"

Holliday, John Henry ("Doc")

IX-8 Western "bad man"-Review, "Holiday with Holliday"

Hollingsworth, Professor Leta S. (associated with Lewis Terman)

VII-45 Reference to in Children, review of The Gifted Child

Hollins, Elizabeth Jay

XXI-5 A Reader for Laymen, in Frontiers, "Seven--League Boots?"

Hollomon, J. Herbert

XX-31 Quoted July 1 Saturday Review in Lead, "Principles and Specifics"

XXVII-7 Quoted Saturday Review, July 1, 1967, in Lead, "The Complexities of Change"

XXXI-20 Quoted Saturday Review in Lead, "The Double Consciousness"

Holloway, Sterling

VI-8 Narrator of "Lambert, the Sheepish Lion," ref. in Children

Hollywood Revival

VI-14 Review of theatres in Hollywood

Hollywood Ten, The

III-35 Reference to in Review, "Education and a Free Press"

IV-27-36 Reference to in Children

Holm, Anne

XXVI-17 Her North to Freedom reviewed in Children, "Two Stories"

Holmes, Edmond (Edward?)

I-5 The Creed of Buddha-Review, "Books on India"

V-52 Quoted in Frontiers, "Immortality-Again"

VI-12 Quoted in Frontiers review of The Holy Heretics, "Free-Thinkers of Christendom"

VIII-3 Creed of Buddha quoted in Lead, "Point of Decision"

XI-36 Creed of Buddha quoted, passage which throws light or the attractions of Buddhism to Western thinkers, in Frontiers, "The Record of Buddhism"

XVIII-12 The Creed of Buddha quoted in Review, "Is There the Ego?"

Holmes, Edmond-(Continued)

XXII-38 Quoted The Creed of Buddha in Editorial, "Some Old Good Books"

XXIV-8 Quoted from The Creed of Buddha in Lead, "Changing American Attitudes"

XXIV-15 Creed of Buddha quoted in Lead, "Some Ancient Questions"

XXVIII-4 Creed of Buddha quoted in Lead, "Of Various Persuasions"

XXXVIII-8 What Is and What Might Be in Review, "A Desirable Synthesis"

Holmes, Horace

IV-7 Reference to his work in India as agricultural adviser in Frontiers, "So Much from So Little"

Holmes, Clellon (John C.)

VI-6 Reference to in Children, N. Y. Times Magazine article contending that "This is the Beat Generation"

XI-11 IV"

XI-12 V"

XI-13 VI" Reference to in Editorial, "The Long Shadow of Dr. Faustus"

Holmes, John Haynes

I-6 Separated himself from religious orthodoxies of his time-Frontiers, "What Is 'Conversion'?"

I-7 Writer for Progressive-Review, "Periodicals in Transition"

I-12 In 1919 declared sectarianism in Christianity was an anachronism in this epoch-Lead, "Pantheistic Religion"

I-18 Review of his The Affirmation of Immortality

II-47 Rev. Donald Harrington, who considered himself as guilty as Larry Gara is successor of Holmes as pastor of Community Church in NY City-Editorial, "Long Ago-Not Far Away"

XIII-11 His I Speak for Myself quoted in Lead, "Schizoid Man, Schizoid World"

XIII-47 His Affirmation of Immortality quoted in Lead, "Self-Deception's Strange Fruit"

XXIV-15 Affirmation of Immortality quoted in Lead, "Some Ancient Questions"

XXVIII-53 The Affirmation of Immortality quoted in Frontiers, "At Time of Death"

XXXI-46 Quoted on death in Lead, "Not On the Couch"

XXXIII-45 Quoted from The Affirmation of Immortality in Lead, "A Pivotal Inquiry"

Holmes, Lawrence Richard

IX-16 Quoted from Poetry Public (of which he is director) in Editorial, "The Pain of Judgment" and in Frontiers, "Shop Talk"

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

XXVIII-17 Quoted on Benjamin Rush in Frontiers, "On Getting Sick in America"

Holmes, Robert (Rochester University, Philosophy)

XXXVII-50 Quoted from Harvard Magazine re folly and irrationality of nuclear war in Frontiers, "The Only Way" (Mar/Apr 1983)

Holmes, Stewart

XV-31 His essay in Anthology of Zen quoted in Frontiers of same title

Holquist, Michael

XXVII-51 His essay quoted in ref. to Charles Dodgson from The Child's Part in Children, "The Story as Emancipator"

Holt, John

XVIII-35 His How Children Fail subject of Children

XVIII-42 His paper, "The Dignity of Children" subject of Children

XVIII-44 His "Education and Peace" text of Children, also quoted How Children Fail

XIX-23 Quoted in Lead, "Institutions and Human Equilibrium"

XIX-39 His conversation with teenagers quoted, March Renewal, in Children, "Where Do You Go?"

XX-29 How Children Fail quoted in Children, "Grades and Other Signs"

XX-40 Quote from Sept. 1 Time preview of How Children Learn in Children, "The Principle of Reform"

XXI-27 How Children Learn quoted in Children, "How Children Learn"

XXII-2 Quoted from How Children Learn in Children, "A Child-Watcher"

XXII-9 Quoted from How Children Learn in Children, "Babies at Work"

XXII-32 His book, The Under-Achieving School discussed, quoted in Children, "The Only Practical Problem"

XXII-50 Briefly quoted in Lead, "What Price 'Communications'?"

XXIII-6 The Underachieving School quoted in Children, "Learning from Children"

XXIII-9 Quoted in Lead, "The Obligations of Schools"

XXIII-42 Briefly quoted from How Children Learn in Children, "Discipline and Delight"

XXIII-42 His answer to student quoted in Frontiers, "The Long-Range Question"

XXIII-46 His What Do I Do Monday? quoted in Children, "A Trouble with Schools"

XXIII-50 Quoted from introduction to latest edition of Julia Weber Gordon's My Country School Diary in Children, "One-Room Schoolhouses"

Holt, John-(Continued)

XXIV-20 Quoted from How Children Learn in Children, "Liberal Education for Young Children"

XXIV-26-34 Quoted May 1 New Schools Exchange in Children, "No Solution for Mass Problems"

XXIV-41 Lilian Weber's review of his What Do I Do Monday? in Saturday Review Aug. 21, quoted in Children, "For the Library"

XXIV-48 Quoted in Editorial, "A Book About Paine" and from his How Children Learn in Children, "Incidental Learning"

XXV-6 Briefly quoted in Children, "The Problem and the Ideal"

XXV-7 His comment re Letter to a Teacher quoted in Children, "A Place that Deserves Fame"

XXV-21 Briefly quoted How Children Fail in Lead, "The Quality of Men"

XXV-23 Quoted his Freedom and Beyond in Children, "A Change of Subject"

XXV-37 Freedom and Beyond discussed, quoted in Children, "Holt's New Book"

XXVI-52 Letter on teaching at Harvard appears in Children, "Some Letters"

XXVII-12 Quoted from Oct/Dec WRL Newsletter in Lead, "Questions About Revolution"

XXVII-12 Quoted from The Underachieving School in Children, "On Truth as Correspondence"

XXVII-15 Quoted The Underachieving School in Editorial, "Pedagogic Verity"

XXVII-17 Quoted his "Open Letter" to CIDOC in Children, "Toward Paideia"

XXVII-22 Quoted in Lead, "A Level of Planning"

XXVII-22 Letter to former student quoted in Children, "Vinoba's Basic Education"

XXVII-36 Quoted from Escape from Childhood in Children, "John Holt Writes Again"

XXVII-38 Escape from Childhood quoted in Lead, "Unprogress Report"

XXVIII-9 Letter to student quoted in Lead, "The Raw Material"

XXIX-35 Letter in New School's Exchange Newsletter, Mar. 31, 1976, quoted in Children, "On Counting Practice"

XXIX-47 Quoted Instead of Education in Children, "Reversing Gresham's Law"

XXX-9 Letter on marketing of books quoted in Review, "The Nerves of Community"

XXX-14 John Holt quoted, Dec. 1976 New Schools Exchange Newsletter in Children, "Much Ado About Reading"

XXX-18 His letter to editor quoted in Children, "What Is a School?"

XXX-38 How Children Fail quoted in Children, "Some Verities"

XXX-40 Briefly quoted in Children, "Notes on the Arts"

XXXI-4 Quoted from paper he publishes, Growth Without Schooling, in Children, "Instead of Facts"

Holt, John-(Continued)

XXXI-11 Letter to editor quoted and also What Do I Do Monday? in Children, "Numbers Are Like Maps"

XXXI-12 Quoted from Growing Without Schooling (second issue) in Children, "A Heroic Minority?"

XXXI-18 Escape from Childhood quoted in Children, "Looking at Children"; also quoted How Children Learn

XXXI-20 The Underachieving School quoted in Lead, "The Double Consciousness"

XXXI-42 Quoted from Introduction to Roland Betts' Acting Out in Children, "We Are in the Dark Ages"

XXXI-51 Quoted in Growing Without Schooling, No. 4, in Children, "Great Odds, High Ends"

XXXII-5 Quoted his paper Growing Without Schooling in Children, "This and That, Here and There"

XXXII-10 His Never Too Late quoted in Review, "A Mellow Book by John Holt"

XXXII-18 No. 7 of Growing Without Schooling quoted in Children, "Health and Horror"

XXXII-23 Quoted from April 8, 1974 Christian Science Monitor in Children, "A Couple of Islands"

XXXII-24 Report on mail received after TV program quoted from Growing Without Schooling, No. 8, in Children, "Birth of a Movement"

XXXII-40 Growing Without Schooling given attention in Children, "The Social World"

XXXIII-1 Quoted letter re essay-making from The Under-Achieving School in Lead, "The Method of the Essayist"

XXXIII-4 Quoted from unpublished letter in Children, "A Change of Taste" re reading and writing

XXXIII-14 Discussed his Growing Without Schooling in Children, "Why Did We Forget All This?"

XXXIII-37 Quoted from Plowboy Interview in Mother Earth News, July/Aug 1980, in Children, "Learning Is the Result Of . . ."

XXXIII-48 A Modest Defense"; also letter from Holt quoted

XXXIII-53 Growing No. 16 quoted in Children, "John Holt's Work"

XXXIV-13 His work mentioned in Children, "Approach to Paidea"

XXXIV-14 Work mentioned in Children, "When Everyone Is Responsible"

XXXIV-15 Mentioned in Editorial, "On 'Growing Up'," also in Children, quoted from Growing, No.

XXXIV-21 Discussion of work and ideas, reasons for using so much in MANAS in Children, "Various Matters"

XXXIV-40 Quoted from Teach Your Own in Editorial, "Do No Harm"

XXXIV-41 Quoted from MANAS, May 27, 1981, in Lead, "Thoughts on Getting Things Done"

Holt, John-(Continued)

XXXIV-41 Quoted Growing, Padraic Column's introduction to Grimm's Fairy Tales, in Children, "Extracts," Edward Abbey in Desert Solitaire, and Holt himself quoted

XXXIV-46 Discussed, listed his books, in Lead, "On Creating the Future"

XXXIV-49 Extensive review, discussion of in Review, "The Laws of Social Change"

XXXV-7 Quoted Teach Your Own in Lead, "America, the Unpredictable"

XXXV-15 Quoted in Lead, "On 'Indirect Action'" (re "Leaders")

XXXV-16 Growing Without Schooling, letters to, quoted in Children, "Parents' Voices" (piano lessons)

XXXV-19 Quoted March 1982 Progressive in Children, "Projects of Self-Determination" (saving the public schools)

XXXVI-1 Letters and reports quoted from Growing Without Schooling in Children, "Home (Un)schoolers"

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XXXVII-2 Quoted On Teaching in Lead, "Keeping Ideas Alive"

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XXXVII-8 Tools or Weapons"

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Holt, John-Educational Reform

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Holt, Robert R..

V-42 Quoted from Menninger Clinic Bulletin by him and Lester Luborsky in Frontiers, "Psychiatry for the Psychiatrists"

VI-2 Reference to in Review, "A Worthy Institution"

Holt, Learning from

XL-45 On how to treat children, in "Working with Children"

Holton, Prof. Gerald (Harvard Physicist)

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VI-12 Reviewed in Frontiers, "Free-Thinkers of Christendom"

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Holyoake, George Jacob

V-28 Secularism"


XXXVIII-7 See Witness

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Home, D. A. (medium)

I-37 Reference to and mention of Heyday of a Wizard

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Home, William Douglas

VII-33 Englishman who refused military order that resulted in killing of civilians-The Arts of Peace

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Home of the Brave, The

II-52 It and other Negro pictures reviewed in "Toward Racial Equality"

Home of the Free, A

VI-52 Frontiers-Bruderhof in Paraguay

Home on the Range - John Ciampa

XXII-53 Frontiers

Home to India - Santha Rama Rau (Harpers, 1944)

I-40 Review

Homebuilt Wind-Generated Electricity Handbook (Peace Press, 3828 Willat Ave., Culver City, CA 90230, $7.50) - Michael Hackleman

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Homegrown Sundwellings - Peter van Dresser (Lightning Tree, P.O. Box 1837, Santa Fe, NM 87501, $5.95)

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Honest Man, An

XXXVI-39 Review (James Baldwin)

Honest to God - Dr. Robinson (Bishop of Woolwich)

XVI-33 Reviewed and quoted in Review of same title

Honest Partisan, An

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Honey in the Horn - H. L. Davis

V-30 Reference to in Frontiers, "Vagrant Virtues of Non-Conformity"

Honnef, Franz

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Honor Among Thieves

XIV-42 Frontiers

Honor Roll

XXXII-48 Editorial

Honoring the Dead

XII-16 Editorial

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Hook, Sidney

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Hook, Sidney-(Continued)

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Sidney Hook Rides Again

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Hooper, Charles

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Hooton, Ernest A. (Harvard anthropologist)

VI-51 Quoted briefly in Frontiers, "The Race that Never Ran"

Hoover, Eleanor

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Hoover, Herbert

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II-13 Above book recommended reading for children, in Children

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Hoover, J. Edgar

III-35 His "How Communists Operate" discussed in Editorial, "Safeguards of Democracy"

IV-13 Reference to him in Donald Wilson's My Six Convicts

V-28 He said "Communism is Secularism on the march"-quoted in Lead, "The New 'Enemy'- Secularism"

IX-19 Would have every child compelled to go to Sunday School-Lead, "The Price of Freedom"

IX-47 Quoted from Federal Probation on delinquency in Children

XI-48 Reference to in Review, "Dossier on the FBI"

XI-48 Quoted from his This Week article on juvenile delinquency in Children

Hoover Commission (for reorganizing government of United States)

II-6 Reference to in Editorial, "Americans Don't Lose Locomotives"

Hope, Bob (Comedian and entertainer)

XI-18 Discussed re his arrival in Moscow in UP in Review, "Notes on the News"

Hope, Marjorie

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XXXV-19 Co-author of The Struggle for Humanity, quoted in Review, "No 'Mass Phenomenon'"

Hope Confirmed, A

IV-27-36 Results of reader approval of July-Aug. vacation--Editorial

Hope for Peace, A

XVIII-22 Review-An End to Arms, Walter Millis

Hope for the Middle East

XXVIII-15 Editorial

Hope in Hard Times - Paul Rogat Loeb (Lexington, 1986)

XL-2 Quoted in "Therapy for Tired Spirits"

Hope of the World, The

VI-44 Review

Hopi Dissenters

XXV-37 Editorial

Hopi Way, The - Laura Thompson, Alice Joseph (University of Chicago Press, 1944)

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IX-51 Incident from related in Editorial, "The Will to Surpass"

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Hopi Way, The-(Continued)

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XLI-18 Quoted in Lead, "Changing Ways of Thinking"

Hoping for a Day to Return

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Hopkins, Garland

II-14 Quoted from Christina Century articles about Indonesia

Hopkins, Gerard Manley (Victorian poet and Catholic priest)

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Hopkins, Thomas L.

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Hopkinson, Anthony

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Hoppock, Anne

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Hora, Thomas

XVI-18 Quoted from June 1962 Psychologia in Review, "Notes on 'Self-Realization'"


XXXIII-48 Quoted by Vico in "On the Heroic Mind" ("a whetstone, that an edge can put on steel, though itself cannot be cut") in Review, "Vico-Now a Contemporary"

Horatio - Eleanor Clymer

XXXIII-15 Mentioned in Children, "Probably Very Good" (about a cat)

Horcasitas, Fernando

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Hordern, William

VI-33 His Christian Century article on after-life quoted in Lead, "Types of Religion"

Horigan, James E.

XXXV-17 Quoted from Chance or Design? in Review, "Are We 'Evolving'?"


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Horkheimer, Max

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Hornblower, Margot

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Horne, Alistair

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Horney, Karen

I-3 The Neurotic Personality of Our Time- Review, "Boundaries of Sanity"

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III-48 Quoted on Hamlet in Review, "Shakespeare and His Symbols"

VI-18 III"

VI-42 Discussed in Children, "The Basic Structure of Neuroses"

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IX-43 Her views mentioned in connection with novels discussed in Review, "Notes on Novels"

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XXVII-18 Quoted Neurosis and Human Growth in Lead, "The Self and Knowledge"

Horning, Charles D.

XVII-40 His letter printed in Editorial, "Correspondence"

Horowitz, David

XV-39 His book Student quoted in Children, "Radicals on Campus"

XVI-3 His "The Question About Meaning" quoted, Winter 1962 Root and Branch in Frontiers, "Twentieth-Century Mysticism"

XVIII-2 His review of Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, Peace News, Oct. 30, 1964, quoted in Frontiers, "Through Lazarus' Eyes"

Horowitz, Irving Louis

XVI-20 His The War Game quoted in Editorial, "Out of Control"

XVI-22 Quoted April Newsletter in Lead, "Politics and the Moral Emotions"

XVI-22 Quoted in Editorial, "Captives of 'War Morality'?"

XIX-15 His introduction to The Anarchists (edited by him) quoted in Review of same title

XX-41 Quoted Sept. Trans-action in Frontiers, "Last Summer in the Cities"

XXIV-51 Quoted Power Politics and People essays by C. Wright Mills, in Lead, "Instead of an Apparatus"

Horrors of Urbanization, The

XL-50 Frontiers

Horse of Pride, The - Pierre-Jakez Helias (Yale University Press)

XXXII-16 Quoted in Lead, "The Garments of Mystery" Introduction by Lawrence Wylie also quoted

Horse's Mouth, The - Joyce Cary

III-10 Reviewed-"Disreputable Moralist"

Horticulture (Magazine)

XXXII-48 Article by Jerry Howard in May 1979 issue discussed in Children, "Building Community"

XXXVII-12 Quoted May 1979 issue in Children, "Community the Goal"

Horton, John

XXI-46 Quoted from Lindenfeld's Radical Perspectives on Social Problems in Review, "A Sociology of Value"

Horwitz, Elinor

XXVIII-23 Quoted from Mountain People, Mountain Crafts in Frontiers, "Need to Know"

Horwitz, Julius

XV-5 His book The Inhabitants quoted in Lead, "Where Wealth Accumulated"

XVIII-17 Quoted above in Lead, "A Society Worth Having"

XXI-41 The Inhabitants quoted in Lead, "Non- Political Politics"

XXIII-41 Mention of his The Inhabitants in Lead, "Vision and Reform"

XXXI-36 The Inhabitants quoted in Children, "In Spite of Everything"

XXXI-44 The Inhabitants quoted in Review, "Our Town"

Hoskins, Lewis (AFSC secretary)

III-37 Explained how 38th Parallel was established in Korea in Frontiers, "The Koreans Themselves"

XXXIV-23 Quoted his N.Y. Times, July 31, 1950 article on North and South Korea division in Frontiers, "Visits to the Far East"

Host of Community, The

XXVI-23 Editorial

Hostages of Civilization - Eva Reichman

III-16 Reference to her study on Anti-Semitism in Lead, "The World is Not a Village"

Hougan, Jim

XXVIII-5 Quoted from Dec. 1974 Harper's in Lead, "Old and New Dramas"

XXX-37 Quoted July Harper's in Frontiers, "A Misbegotten-or Misdefined-Frontier?"

Hough, Henry

I-46 Quoted his Country Editor in Lead, "Dilemmas of a Free Society"

X-47 Quoted his contribution to the Autumn American Scholar's symposium "Faiths for a Complex World" in Frontiers, "Faiths for a Perilous Life"

Hough, Lynn Harold

VII-28 His Great Humanists reviewed in "The Humane Perspective"

Hour of Freedom, An

X-27 Editorial

Hour of Man, The - Harold Maine

IV-5 Lead

House at Otowi Bridge, The - Peggy Pond Church

XVII-27 Subject of Lead, "Great and Perilous Times" re Edith Warner

House Judiciary Committee

XVII-47 Dennis Farrar's summary of hearings quoted in Children, "Religion in the Schools- Legislative Questions"

XVII-48 Above quoted in Children, "More on Religion in the Schools"

House of Intellect, The - Jacques Barzun

XII-21 Quoted from review by Joseph E. Evans in Wall Street Journal in Review, "The Mindless Mood"

House of Sixty Fathers, The - Meindert DeJong (Harper & row, 1956)

XXVI-6 Discussed in Children, "Three Books"

House of the Dead, The - Feodor Dostoevsky

XXXVI-52 Quoted from N.Y. Review of Books story by Joseph Frank, Jan. 29, 1983, in Lead, "The Men and the Boys"

House of Three Turkeys- Anasazi Redoubt- Anasazi Redoubt - Stephen Jett (photographs by Dave Bohn)

XXXII-8 Quoted in Review, "West Coast Americana"

House that Hitler Built, The (1938) - Stephen H. Roberts

I-26 Reference to in Review, "The German Problem"

Household, Geoffrey

IV-37 His The High Place reviewed-"Angry Utopians"

Houses in Between, The - Howard Spring (Harper, 1951)

V-28 Reviewed, "The Other Kingdom"

Housing by People - F. C. Turner (Pantheon, $10)

XXX-47 Quoted in Frontiers, "Ugly Duckling Housing," also Colin Ward quoted from preface

XXXI-1 Colin Ward's preface to and text quoted in Lead, "Ways of Turning Around"

XXXII-13 Quoted in Lead, "The Great Modern Superstition"

Housman, A. E.

XXXIV-11 His poem re spring quoted "Loveliest of trees, the cherry now. . ." in Children, "Spring Fever"

Housmans (London Book Store)

XXV-6 Frontiers, "The Business and Crimes of War"

Hovemann, Glen

XXV-45 Quoted from Communities in Frontiers, "New Community Magazine"

How Adults Learn - J. B .Kidd

XVIII-16 Quoted in Children, "Education and Religious Study"

XVIII-39 Brief quote from in Children, "Can Students Pick Teachers?"

XVIII-52 Brief quote from in Children, "Education and Dr. Maslow"

How Are Things in Tanganyika?

II-43 Lead

How Can I Help? -- Ram Das with Paul Gorman (Knopf, 1986)

XXXIX-7 Quoted (the spirit behind the initiative) in Lead, "The Real Problem"

XXXIX-8 Reviewed in "Helping. . . Hereticking"

How Children Fail - John Holt (Pitman, 1964)

XVIII-35 Subject of Children

XVIII-44 Quoted by John Holt in his Children, "Education and Peace"

XX-29 Quoted in Children, "Grades and Other Signs"

XXV-21 Brief quote from in Lead, "The Quality of Men"

XXX-38 Quoted in Children, "Some Verities"

XL-50 Quoted in Children, "The Quality of Jane"

XLI-12 Quoted in Children, "Holt's Diatribe"

XLI-14 Quoted in Children, "Teachers and Pupils"

How Children Learn - John Holt (Pitman, 1967, $4.95)

XX-40 Time (Sept. 1) preview of quoted in Children, "The Principle of Reform"

XXI-27 Discussed, quoted in Children of same title

XXII-2 Quoted in Children, "A Child-Watcher"

XXII-9 Quoted in Children, "Babies at Work"

XXIII-42 Briefly quoted in Children, "Discipline and Delight"

XXIV-20 Quoted in Children, "Liberal Education for Young Children"

XXIV-48 Quoted in Children, "Incidental Learning"

XXXI-18 Quoted in Children, "Looking at Children"

XXXVI-16 Quoted in Children, "Schweitzer, Holt, Postman"

XL-24 Quoted in "What Children Are Like"

XL-35 In "Learning from Holt"

How Come You're Alive?

XL-51 Frontiers (medicine)

How Complicated We Are

XIII-33 Review

How Did I Get Here?

XI-42 Review, Ned Calmer's The Strange Land

How Differences Arise

XXXIX-25 Lead

How Do They Fool Us? Let Us Count the Ways

XXXI-44 Frontiers

How Does One Help?

XXXI-37 Editorial

How Effective Are the Peace Movements? -- Bob Overy (Harvard House, Ltd.) "How Is It Possible?"

XXXVIII-3 Editorial ("Why Men Love War")

How Far Back Shall We Go?

XII-47 Lead

How Great Religions Began - Joseph Gaer (Dodd, Mead)

VI-2 Quoted in Children

How Great Works are Wrought

XXIII-9 Review

How Green Was My Valley - Richard Llewellyn

XVI-32 Quoted in Editorial, "Mirror-Image"

How Green Was My Valley

I-15 Unitarian religion and a vigorous trade unionism are not enough, in spite of thesis of above book-Lead, "Challenged Assumptions"

X-52 Mentioned in Lead, "The Things That Matter

How It Happens - Pearl Buck (1946)

I-26 Reference to in Review, "The German Problem," quoted

I-32 Reference to in Children

XXXIX-45 Frontiers (George Nelson)

How Ho Became a Communist

XXIV-1 Frontiers

How Knowledge is Acquired

XXII-41 Editorial

How Life Is Known

XXXV-5 Review (The Body of Life)

How Long. . . How Long. . . ?

XVI-30 Lead

How Long Will It Take?

XXXVII-51 Lead (theological mind-control, etc.)

How Men Think

XXV-2 Lead

Mow Much is Enough?

XXVII-45 Editorial

XXVIII-20 Frontiers How Nature Works - Michael J. Cohen (Stillpoint, 1988)

XLI-37 Reviewed in "Inadequate Medical Theory"

How Opinions Are Formed

XXXIX-17 Lead

How Others Are Deciding

VIII-45 Editorial

How Peace Was Discovered

XXXVIII-46 Lead (essay by Richard Heinberg)

How Peace Will Come

XXXVI-46 Editorial (WRL Calendar)

How People "Grow Up"

XLI-6 Editorial

How Public Decisions Are Made

XXXIII-5 Frontiers

How Rational Can Religion Be?

XIV-22 Editorial

How Responsibility Is Developed

XLI-41 Lead

How Shall We Define "Knowledge"?

XXIV-49 Lead

How the Amish Do It

XXXIX-42 Frontiers

How to Appreciate Mr. Faulkner

V-40 Review

How to be a Machine

XXIII-48 Editorial

How to be Sensible


How to Begin

XXII-46 Editorial

How to Begin

XXII-46 Editorial

How to Change Colleges - Harold Taylor (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, $4.95)

XXIV-16 Discussed, quoted in Children, "On Radicals and Revolution"

XXIV-24 Discussed, quoted in Children, "Redesigning Colleges"

How to Commemorate Orwell

XXXIX-8 Frontiers

How to Grow More Vegetables - John Jeavons (Ecology Action, 2225 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA, available from Syntex Corp.)

XXXIII-38 Noted in Frontiers, "Things to Do"

XXXIV-6 Mentioned in Children, "Jefferson and Some Jeffersonians"

XXXIV-12 Quoted in Frontiers, "East and West. . ."

XXXIV-16 Quoted in Frontiers, "Gardening for Beginners"

XXXVII-5 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Lost Dimension of Life"

XLI-49 Discussion of his work in "Bountiful Yields from the Garden"

How to Have a GreenThumb Without an Aching Back - Ruth Stout (Cornerstone Library, distributed by Simon & Schuster, 1972, $1.45)

XXVI-44 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Not That, But This"

How to Kill a College - Theodore L. Gross

XXXI-16 Article appearing in Saturday Review, Feb. 4, reviewed in Children, "It Happened in New York"

How to Make a College (Cunningham Press pamphlet)

XIX-31 Alvin Duskin and Paul Goodman quoted in Lead, "Does Education Require 'Administrators'?"

How to Poison a Large Region

XL-16 Frontiers (Church Rock, New Mexico)

How to Raise a Healthy Child-In Spite of Your Doctor - Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

XXXVIII-11 Review in Growing Without Schooling by Mary Van Doren quoted in Children, "A Community of Parents"

How to Read a Book

XXXIV-35 Review

XXV-51 Review

How to Save the World - Nicholas Albery and Yvo Peeters, eds. (Fourth World Education and Research Assn. Trust, 24 Albercorn Pl., London N.W. 8, U.K.)

XXXVI-8 Quoted in Frontiers, "A Book to Come Back To" John Papworth's keynote speech and Jill Tweedy, especially quoted, also Leopold Kohn, and John Seymour, J. V. Uxkull

How to Start Your Own School - Salli Rasberry and Robert Greenway (Distributed by The Book People, 2010 7th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710)

XXIII-52 Briefly quoted in Children, "Elementary Readers"

XXIV-2 Discussed and quoted in Children, "On Starting a School"

How to Stop War

XXXIII-40 Frontiers

How to Survive in Your Native Land - Jim Herndon

XXXI-52 Quoted in Children, "Great Odds and High Ends"

How Touchy Can You Get?

XI-19 Frontiers

How We Learned to Grow Grain

XXVIII-45 Frontiers, Greg Whitten

How We Think

XXXVIII-42 Lead (Huston Smith)

How Will They Understand?

XXVI-52 Lead

Howard, Ebenezer

XXXIII-51 Quoted article, Oct. 1979 issue in Town & Country Planning in Children, "Origins of Adult Education"

Howard, Sir Albert

I-31 Founder of organic gardening movement- Review, "Monopoly"

I-45 Reference to in "Periodical Notes"

II-50 Reference to in Review of Picton's Nutrition and the Soil

IX-9 Reference to work in Frontiers, "Recent Correspondence"

XXV-39 His The Soil and Health discussed and quoted in Review, "Teacher of Organic Gardening"

XXXI-4 The Soil and Health quoted in Review, "Loaded with Promise"

Howard, Jerry

XXXII-48 Re project described in Horticulture, May 1979, in Children, "Building Community"

Howard, Joseph Kinsey

VI-25 Quoted his foreword to Strange Empire in Editorial, "The Great Reunion"

Howard, Michael L.

VII-33 British businessman who, having witnessed aftermath of Hiroshima, spoke out against Civil Defense in England-"The Arts of Peace"

Howard, Ted

XXXIII-47 Co-author of Entropy (with Jeremy Rifkin) quoted and discussed in Review, "An Intermediate Outlook"

Howard, Toni (former Newsweek correspondent)

VIII-45 His Shriek with Pleasure quoted in Review, "Conscience Among Writers"

Howard, Vechel

X-38 His Sundown at Crazy Horse recommended as better-than-average western reading in Review, "Western Adventure"

Howard Fast's Latest Fiction

XIV-37 Review

Howard's End - Forster

XXVII-15 Reader's quotation from given in Review, "A Poet and the Human Condition"

Howart, David

X-40 His articles "Secrets of the Unknown War," Aug. 3-31 about Nazi invasion of Greenland in World War II discussed in Lead, "Changing Allegiances"

XII-26 His We Die Alone quoted in Children, "Perilous Adventure"

XIV-26 His Sledge Patrol quoted in Frontiers, "Epic Struggles Through Privation"

XIV-35 Sledge Patrol quoted June 28 MANAS Review in Review, Soviet-American Harmony!"

Howe, Charles

XVII-36 His Valley of Fire subject of Review, "A Fine 'War Novel'"

Howe, Florence

XXVI-49 Quoted her review of eight feminist books from American Scholar, Autumn 1973, in Children, "Where Destruction Begins"

Howe, George

IV-4 Quoted from his Call It Treason

Howe, Helen

XII-22 Her The Success quoted in Frontiers, "Cultural Criticism"

Howe, Irving

XV-21 Briefly quoted from April 23 New Republic in Lead, "The Reconstruction of Reality"

XVII-21 His article in Dissent, Winter 1963-64, quoted in Children

XXV-26-35 Quoted from Politics and the Novel in Frontiers, "A Distortion of Thought and Criticism"

Howe, Quincy Jr.

XXXIX-13 Noted his Reincarnation for Christians in Children, "Religion versus Creeds"

XXXIX-14 Quoted (Plotionus) in Lead, "The Lost Dignity of Man"

Howells, William Dean

XXVIII-53 His The Rise of Silas Lapham quoted in Review, "The Need for Roots"

Howitt, William

II-14 Reference to his History of the Supernatural in Lead, "Man Against Orthodoxies"

V-25 Reference to above book in Editorial, "The Psychic Factor"

Hoyle, Fred

III-28 Quoted in Lead, "Death and Rebirth"

Hoyle, Fred-(Continued)

V-8 Discussion of his The Nature of the Universe in Frontiers, "Cosmology According to Hoyle"

X-22 Brief reference to his theory concerning the generation of matter in Lead, "Eccentric Memories"

XII-34 His The Black Cloud quoted in Review, "'Science-Fiction' Metaphysics"

XXX-22 His Ten Faces of the Universe reviewed in "Original Sin in Education"

XXX-23 His Ten Faces of the Universe quoted in Lead, "The Vocabulary of Technics"

Hromadka, Joseph (Dean of Comenius Theological Faculty in Prague)

XXVI-40 Quoted from conversation with Milton Mayer in Review, "Buddhism in Today's China"

Hau, Francis L. K. (anthropologist)

VII-21 Discussion of his book Americans and Chinese in Review of Eastern World, "An English Perspective"

Hu Shih (Chinese Ambassador to U.S. in 1942)

XX-42 Quoted in Review, "Extremes in the East"

XXXVII-20 Quoted on impact of Buddhism on China in Review, "They Don't Kill Anyone"

XXXV-19 Quoted from The Buddha Eye re cultural takeover of China by India in Review, "A Buddhist Anthology{

Huang Po

XII-38 Discussion of in Lead, "The Sea of Samsara"; also translation of The Zen Teaching of Huang Po by John Blofeld quoted in same

Hubbard, Elbert

III-2 Reference to in Children-suggested it should be easy to secure legal divorce, but hard to secure marriage license

Hubbard, Ethan

XXXIX-39 First Light discussed in Lead, "The Lost Joy of Life"

Hubbard, Harlan

XXVIII-16 His book Payne Hollow discussed, quoted in Children, "How to Write a Book"

XXX-44 Wendell Berry's foreword to reprint of Shantytown quoted in Frontiers, "Two Kinds of Rules"

XXXI-1 Shantyboat reviewed in "All This Was Good, Too"

XXXIII-5 Mentioned in Children, "Changes of Taste"

XXXIII-16 Quoted from Payne Hollow in Review, "The Spread of Seeds"

XXXVII-42 Quoted Payne Hollow in Lead, "A Matter of Taste"

XL-42 Reviewed Journals 1929-1944 in "Personal Saga"

XLI-4 Quoted Journals in Lead, "The Matter of Taste"

Hubbard, L. Ron

III-34 Review of his Dianetics in Frontiers, "Superman-New U.S.A. Version"

Hubbard, L. Ron-(Continued)

VI-27 Reference to in Lead, "Wonders of Memory"

Hubbell, Sue

XXXIX-44 Quoted A Country Year in Editorial, "In the Ozarks"

Hubbuck, Eva M.

II-6 Statistics from her The Population of Britain in Letter from England

Huckins, Jan (co-author with Carolyn Weston)

XIII-25 Face of My Assassin quoted in Review of same title

Huddleston, Sidney (Sisley)

XV-51 Quoted from May 1920 Atlantic Monthly in Lead, "Politics, Religion, and the Agnostic Spirit"

XXXI-17 Self- Defeat"

XXXVIII-13 Quoted May 1920 Atlantic on effects of war in Lead, "Where Responsibility Lies"

XL-6 May/Nov. 1920 Atlantic re war in "On Making Wholes"

Hudiburg, Edward

X-25 His book Killer's Game quoted from in Review, "Last Days of the Wehrmacht"

Hudnut, William H.

V-35 Discussion of his Christian Century article, "The Scandal of Dogmatism"

Hudson Review

XXIV-23 L. L. Whye's article, "Towards a Science of Form" quoted from Winter 1970-71 issue in Lead, "Rebirth of Science"

XXIV-24 Extract from Wendell Berry's The Unforeseen Wilderness quoted from Winter 1970-71 in Review, "On Rivers and Men"

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XXVIII-53 Wendell Berry quoted, Spring 1975 issue, in Review, "The Need for Roots"

XXIX-3 Wendell Berry quoted from Spring 1975 issue in Lead, "Matrices of Change"

XXIX-4 Wendell Berry quoted, Spring 1975 issue, in Editorial, "The Obligations of Poets"

XXX-39 John Gardner's article, "Moral Fiction" quoted from Winter 1976-77 issue in Review, "The Writer's Science and Art"

XXXI-45 Robert Martin Adams quoted, Spring 1978 issue, in Review, "Signposts of Change"

XXXI-47 David Kubal's account of Lionel Trilling's Beyond Culture, quoted from Summer 1978 issue in Children, "A Splendid Impossibility"

XXXII-20 Leslie George Katz quoted, Winter 1978-79 issue, in Review, "In Behalf of Eyes"

XXXII-41 Clara Claiborne Park quoted, Summer issue, in Review, "On Mental Health"

XXXIV-18 Quoted Wendell Berry, Winter issue, "Standing by Words" in Lead, "Character and Will"

Hudson Review-(Continued)

XXXIV-24 Quoted above, Winter 1980-81, in Lead, "Notes on Language"

XXXIV-43 Quoted above in Lead, "A Task of Rectification"

XXXIV-45 Quoted Wendell Berry from above in Lead, "Restoring the Balance"

XXXV-37 Quoted Spring 1982 issue on Ezra Pound (drawing on Hugh Kenner's The Pound Era) in Lead, "A Long Hard Road"

XXXVI-20 Quoted Summer 1982 on Wendell Berry by Richard Pevear in Lead, "Religion in the Future"

XXXIX-10 George Watson's "Tocqueville and the Burden of Liberty" Autumn 1985 in "Two Prophets"

Hudson, W. H.

XXVII-52 Harold Goddard's discussion of quoted from Alphabet of the Imagination in Editorial, "Something Better Than Art"

XXVIII-17 His Far Away and Long Ago reviewed in Children, "New Stuff for the World" in re to Goddard's Alphabet of the Imagination

XXXIII-6 His A Traveller in Little Things quoted by Harold C. Goddard in Review, "Morons or Men?"

Huelsenbeck, Richard

XXIII-4 Quoted from Winter 1969 American Scholar in Lead, "The American Dream"

Huey, Edmund Burk

XXXV-4 His The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading (70 years ago) quoted in Children, "Ignored Advice"

Hughes, Charles J.

XXXIX-5 His review of Lovelock's A New Look at Life on Earth from Ecologist in Children, "An Alternative Philosophy"

Hughes, Emrys (MP)

VII-50 Quoted in Review, "Notes on the News" re British Civil Defense Bill

X-36 His book Keir Hardie discussed in Lead, "Keir Hardie"

Hughes, Everett C. (Editor, American Journal of Sociology)

VIII-30 Frontiers, "A Criticism of Religion" discussed reprint of article from Journal re sociological approach to religion

VIII-38 Quoted in Review, "Notes on Religion"

Hughes, Frank C.

IX-2 Minnesota "atheist" who brought suite against treasurer of U.S. for having to pay tax month for military chaplains in Frontiers, "On Religious Freedom"

Hughes, G. Edward

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XXXI-13 Quoted New directions in Teaching, Spring 1977, in Editorial, "The Trouble With Education"

Hughes, John D. (J. Donald)

XXXVI-16 From Contemporary Education in Children, "Schweitzer, Holt, and Postman," Fall 1982 issue (the media)

XXXVII-4 An Ancient View of Our Planet" in Frontiers, "Gaia and Her Followers"

Hughes, Peter

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Hughes, Richard

XI-9 Quoted his article "China as It Is" from the New Republic, Nov. 18, in Frontiers, "Political Ferment"

XVIII-1 Quoted from A High Wind in Jamaica in Children, "The 'I Am Me' Experience"

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XXIV-23 His In Hazard discussed, quoted in Review, "Stories of Sea and Land"

XXXI-46 Quoted from A High Wind in Jamaica in Lead, "Not on the Couch"

Hughes, Stuart

VI-7 Quoted from An Essay for Our Times in Frontiers, "Unavoidable Dilemma"

XVI-4 His introduction to Cuban issue quoted from Oct. 1962 Newsletter in Lead, "Anti-Human Powers That Be"

XIX-47 Quoted from Consciousness and Society in Lead, "A Stubborn Breed"

Hugh-Jones, Stephen (staff writer for Manchester Guardian)

XIV-11 Quoted from Jan. 7 Nation on British Peace Drive in Lead, "The Issue is Disarmament"

Hugo, Victor

XXVIII-7 Quoted in Lead, "The Most Difficult of Things"

Huie, William Bradford

XIII-37 His The Americanization of Emily quoted in Editorial, "The Synanon 'Family'" under subtitle, "Subversive Character"

Hull, Bill

XXIV-23 Quoted from Occasional Paper in Children, "The English Infant Schools"

Hull, Clark L. (Professor of Psychology, Yale Institute of Human Relations)

II-33 Brief reference to in Frontiers, "The New Witchcraft"

Hull, J. D. (Health, Education and Welfare Dept., Washington)

IX-47 Quoted re delinquency in Children

Hull, Richard T.

XXVII-47 Quoted from Sept/Oct Humanist in Frontiers, "Are the Cults 'Occult'?"

Hulme, Kathryn

X-3 Review of her The Nun's Story, "Morality and Virtue"

Hulme, T. E. (English essayist killed in World War I)

I-33 Mentioned in connection with Richard Weaver and Ideas Have Consequences- Hulme a Christian who believed in Original Sin; Weaver, a Platonist, who does not

Hulsker, D. J. (Editor of Bert Bakker's study of the life of Vincent Gogh)

XIII-32 Quoted in Lead, "The Trouble with Genius"

Hultkrantz, Ake

XXXI-21 Quoted on beliefs of American Indians in Review, "Anthology of Religion"

Human Affairs - Pamphlet series

I-17 Published by Henry Regnery Company of Hinsdale, Illinois-most intelligent thinking and criticism of our time, Review, "Channels of Free Expression"

Human Behavior

XXX-38 Interview with Ivan Illich quoted Feb. issue in Children, "Some Verities"

XXX-39 Same interview as above quoted in Lead, "A Designer's Approach"

XXX-40 Ivan Illich quoted from same as above in Review, "Sad Thoughts About a Career"

Human Behavior in Extreme Situations - Brume Bettelheim, Politics, August 1944

I-16 Mentioned in Review, "The World in Shadow"

Human Complexity


Human Condition, The - Hannah Arendt

XXX-9 Quoted in Lead, "Platonic Symmetries"

XXXV-16 Quoted (on the way we think) in Lead, "American Thinker"

XXXVI-40 Quoted in Lead, "Hardly Welcome Allies"

XL-22 On "man and his place in the world" in Lead

XLI-52 Quoted in Lead, "Some Heroes"

Human Condition, The

XV-34 Lead

Human Cougar, The - Lloyd Morain (Prometheus Books, 1978, $8.95)

XXX-8 Reviewed in Children, "Cougars and Autodidacts"

Human Destinations

XL-45 Frontiers (Abraham Kaplan)

Human Dilemma

XXIX-23 Lead

Human Destiny - Lecomte du Nouy (Longman's 1947)

I-2 Review

I-7 Mentioned in Lead, "The Real Issue"-du Nouy used prestige of science to rehabilitate reputation of organized religion

I-15 Tom Johnson's criticism to MANAS review of du Nouy's book answered-Frontiers, "Religion and 'The Church'"

I-26 Referenced to in Lead, "Has History a Meaning?"

I-30 Reference to Ferdinand Lundberg's review of in Journal of Philosophy, March 1948

I-46 Reference to in Review, "Anything is Possible"

Human Destiny-(Continued)

II-40 Brief mention in Lead, "The Human Situation"

III-6 Reference to in Lead, "The Coming Generation"

III-12 Reference to in Editorial, "Argument from Design"

Human Development-Selected Readings - Morris L. Haimowitz

XIX-5 Quoted in Children, "What is a Good Child?"

Human Differences

III-7 Lead-fallacy of "equality" idea unless taken as metaphysical characteristic

Human Diversity

XXV-9 Editorial

Human Ecology

XIX-10 Review

Human Enterprise, The

XXXVIII-52 Definition of ourselves, the "I," Editorial

Human Events

I-4 Random Notes

I-17 Published in Washington by Frank Hanighen, one of most successful of newsletters- Review, "Channels of Free Expression

XXVIII-37 Henry Beston quoted from Aug. 21, 1946 issue in Frontiers, "Farming and Food"

XXXII-16 Henry Beston quoted Aug. 21, 1946 issue in Lead, "The Garments of Mystery"

XXXVI-37 Quoted Aug. 21, 1946 on "mechanization of farms" in Lead, "The Victims of Development"

XL-36 Quoted in Lead, "The Persuasions of Nature"

Human Evolution

XXXIX-2 Editorial

Human Excellence, The

XXVIII-2 Editorial

Human Family, The

XXX-20 Editorial

Human Frame of Reference, The

XIII-41 Lead

Human Geography - Ley and Samuels, eds.

XXXII-43 David Seamon's words on Goethe quoted from in Lead, "The Restoration of Reason"

Human Immortality (1898)-William James

XXXVI-46 Quoted in Review, "An Undated Thinker"

XXXVI-48 Long quote from re the "veil" of material things keeping back the world of reality, in Review, "Assumptions of Psychology"

Human Imperative, The

XXIV-5 Lead

Human Meanings of Crisis

XVIII-7 Lead

Human Mind, The - Karl Menninger

XI-23 Quoted in Editorial, "Religion or Neurosis?"

XI-30 Quoted in Frontiers, "Objections and Notes"

Human Mutuality and Communism - June Miller

XIII-3 Frontiers

Human Nature

II-48 Editorial

Human Nature and Conduct - John Dewey

III-32 Quoted in "Men With Ideas"

VII-9 Quoted in Lead, "Human Resources"

VIII-22 Quoted in Lead, "In Behalf of John Dewey"

XXV-12 Some Comparisons"

XXXI-47 Quoted in Lead, "Some Inconclusions"

XXXII-48 Quoted in Lead, "Ranges of Selfhood"

XXXIX-22 Quoted briefly in "Our Uncertain Identity"

Human Nature and the Human Condition - Joseph Wood Krutch (1959)

XII-50 Subject of Review with same title

XIV-44 Review of by Richard Dettering, July 1961 ETC, quoted in Frontiers, "The Intermediate Area"

XVI-18 Quoted by David Newhall in Frontiers, "Some Ground to Stand On"

XVIII-36 Quoted in Review, "'Values' and the Acquisitive Society"

XVIII-41 Quoted in Review, "The Issue of 'Reductionism'"

XXX-19 Quoted in Lead, "The Irrepressible Question"

XXXVIII-15 On results of "value-free" society in Lead

XXXVIII-18 On price we pay for things, in Lead

XXXVIII-26 On goals and education in Lead

XXXVIII-42 Quoted summary in Lead, "How We Think"

XXXIX-8 On man's low estimate of himself, in Lead

Human Nature-Theirs and Ours

III-42 Frontiers

Human Organization (Quarterly of Society for Applied Anthropology)

IX-46 Afif I. Tannous article quoted in Frontiers, "The Puzzle of Islamic Culture"

XVIII-29 Joan Bondurant paper, "Traditional Polity and the Dynamics of Change in India" in Frontiers, "The Satya Yuga-Karis" (Spring, 1963)

XXI-16 Joan Bonduarnt again quoted in Editorial, "Return of the Golden Age?"

XXII-34 Quoted from John Bondurant's Spring 1963 issue, in Review, "Who Can Go Home Again?"

XXIV-44 John Bondurant paper quoted, Spring 1963 issue, in Lead, "Ancient Prophecies, Some"

Human Personality - essay by Simone Weil

XXXVI-1 Quoted in Lead, "A Thread of Self- Knowledge (expectation of good)

Human Potentialities -- ed. By Herbert Otto (Warren H. Green, St. Louis, Mo. 1968)

XXI-16 Dr. Maslow paper quoted from in Editorial, "Return of the Golden Age?"

Human Predicament, The - George W. Morgan (Brown University Press, 1968)

XXIII-50 Quoted in Lead, "Plateau of Understanding"

Human Presence, The

XVIII-40 Frontiers

Human Prospect, The - Robert Heilbroner (Norton, 1974)

XXVII-39 Discussed in Editorial, "The Hard School"

XXXV-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Lost and the Saved"

Human Relations - Else Frenkel-Brunswik

XIX-6 Quoted in Children, "Prejudice and Authority"

Human Relations Magazine (Quarterly)

XVIII-42 Jean Gregg article, "The Crenshaw Story" quoted from Vol. I, No. 5 in Frontiers, "The Long Road"

Human Requirements, Supply Levels and Outer Bounds - John and Magda McHale (Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies)

XXVIII-46 Harlan Cleveland's Introduction to quoted in Lead, "Retrospect and Prospect"

Human Resources

VII-9 Lead

Human Scale - Kirkpatrick Sale (Coward McCann & Geohagan, $15.95)

XXXIII-36 Reviewed in "Progress Report" re big institutions; also discussed quoted in Editorial, "Successful Failures"

XXXIII-38 Quoted from Next, May/June 1980 in Lead, "Levels of Disclosure"

Human Situation, The - W. Macneile Dixon (Gifford Lectures, 1935- 37)

I-33 Favors idea of pre-existence-Lead, "An Important Disagreement"

I-39 Reference to in Children

II-48 Reference to in Frontiers, "Canon of Knowledge"

III-8 Quoted in Review, "Warning on Tidiness"

III-40 Quoted from in Lead, "Men with Ideas" (series of articles on Dixon)

IV-48 Quoted in Frontiers, "The New Scientific Spirit"

VI-5 I"


VII-1 Long quote from in "Discussion-Books for Our Time"

VII-5 Quoted in "Discussion-Books for Our Time"

VIII-52 Quoted in Frontiers, "Art and Philosophy Again"

IX-10 Quoted in Lead, "The Idea of Progress"

X-38 Quoted in Review, "Western Adventure"

X-39 Quoted in Lead, "Toward Natural Philosophy"

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XIII-23 Quoted in Children, "Religion and the Individual Child"


XV-6 Quoted in Review, "World Opinion on Reincarnation"

XV-16 Quoted in Children, "The Individual Youth and Religion"

XV-22 Briefly quoted in Frontiers, "American Disenchantment"

XVI-7 Quoted in Children, "A Poet's Vision on Education"

XVIII-11 Quoted in Review, "On Philosophy and Poetry"

Human Situation, The-(Continued)

XVIII-41 Quoted in Review, "the Issue of Reductionism"

XIX-15 Quoted in Review, "The Anarchists"

XX-45 Quoted in Lead, "Planning and Growth"

XXIV-43 Discussed and quoted in Lead, "A Star of Some Magnitude"

XXVII-9 Quoted in Lead, "To Make Things Go Right"

XXVIII-20 Chapter title, "Ourselves" quoted in Lead, "The Possibilities of Man"

XXXIII-17 Quoted in Review, "Man and Nature"

XXXIII-22 Quoted in Lead, "The Blessings of Inefficiency"

XXXIII-45 Quoted in Lead, "A Pivotal Inquiry"

XXXIV-6 Quoted in Lead, "The Theory of the Monads"

XXXIV-36 Quoted in Lead, "Grounds for Persuasion"

XXXV-17 Quoted in Lead, "A Larger Audience"

XXXVI-46 Quoted (on concept) in Lead, "A Natural Religion"

XXXVII-15 Quoted on the self and Plato in Lead, "Trials of Strength"

XXXVII-21 Quoted on "ideas" in Lead, "A Needed Inquiry"

XXXVIII-18 On Plato's idea of reincarnation in Review, "Inner Discovery"

XXXVIII-43 On Plato, Tolstoy, Plotinus, etc. on life after death in Lead, "The Cumulative Force"

XXXIX-15 On foundations of morality in Lead, "The Writers"

XXXIX-38 Quoted extensively in Lead, "On Books Worth Reading"

XL-51 On immortality in Lead, "What Determines Our Decisions?"

XL-38 On selfhood in Lead, "Grounds for Hope"

XLI-11 Quoted in Lead, "A Foray of Faith"

XLI-38 Lead, "Plato's Doctrine"-all quotes from him

XLI-47 Quoted in Lead, "The Puzzle of Human Nature"

Human Situation, The

II-40 Lead

XII-29 Lead

Human Spirit at Bay, The

XVII-9 Frontiers

Human Teaching for Human Learning- A Introduction to Confluent Education - George Isaac Brown (Viking 1971), $8.50

XXIV-8 Quoted in Children, "Educational Reformers"

Human Undertaking, The

XLI-6 Lead

Human Underground, The

IV-5 Editorial

Human Values and Advancing Technology (ed. By Cameron Hall, New York, Friendship Press, 1967)

XXI-13 Prof. Huston Smith quoted from in Frontiers, "A Heroic Task"

Human Way Out, The - Lewis Mumford

XI-27 Reviewed in Frontiers, "A Work of the Imagination"

Human Way Out, The

XIV-48 Lead (adaptation of address by Lewis Mumford at University of California, Berkeley)

Human Welfare- Two Communications

XVI-48 Frontiers

Humane Education - Roger Scruton

XXXIV-11 Article in American Scholar, Autumn 1980, quoted in Lead, "The Tangible and the Intangible"

Humane Perspective, The

VII-28 Review-Great Humanists, Hough

Humane Spirit, The

II-36 Frontiers-Review of The Life of Science by George Sarton

Humane Temper, The

IV-22 Lead

Humanism as the Next Step - Lloyd and Mary Morain

VII-19 Reviewed in Frontiers, "In Behalf of Humanism"

Humanism in the Renaissance --

XXVII-18 Discussed, quoted in Review, "Reaches Toward Synthesis

Humanist (American magazine)

II-49 One of the magazines discussed in Review, "Modern 'Rationalism'"

VI-34 Remarks on excellence of magazine in Frontiers, "Complete Was the Circle"

VII-2 Kermit Eby article in quoted in Frontiers, "The Captive Culturists"

VII-26 Clyde Kluckhon article quoted in Lead, "Enlarging Common Ground"

VII-34 Their release on "God clause" in Children

VII-43 Quoted from Millard Everett article in Lead, "A Mood in Scientific Thought"

XI-29 Quoted May/June, on the effect of advertising on our commercial culture in Frontiers, "A Messy Mess of Pottage"

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XVI-29 Symposium, "Reconstruction in Religion" edited by Alfred E. Kuenzli quoted in Review of same title

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XVII-46 John Morris' "Failure in Teaching Virtue" quoted from July/Aug issue in Children, "Education and Religion"

XVIII-8 Quoted from Review, "Religion in the Public Schools" Jan/Feb in Lead, "Who Will Persevere?"


XVIII-11 Steward Pahl quoted from in Children, "Support for Educational Reform"

XVIII-39 Colin Wilson quoted, July/Aug issue in Lead, "Behind Socratic Ignorance"

XIX-15 Quoted May/June 1964 issue in Lead, "Images and Iconoclasts" Tolbert H. McCarroll and Hal Lenke quoted from Mar/Apr issue in same Lead

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XX-23 John Somerville quoted, May/June issue, in Lead, "Kings Must Become Philosophers"

XX-49 Roy P. Fairfield, William Bachrach, Jerry Gambill quoted from Fall issue, in Frontiers, "The American (Indian) Dream"

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XXVII-47 Ethel Romm quoted, Sept/Oct issue in Frontiers, "Are the Cults 'Occult'?" Also Marjorie Clay and her quote from Robert Cohen, Richard T. Hill, quoted from same issue, in Frontiers, "Are the Cults 'Occult'?"

XXVII-48 Ethel Romm quoted from "The Yinning of America" in Sept/Oct issue in Children, "The Vacuum and the Filling"

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XXIX-50 Dr. Maslow quoted, Sept/Oct 1970 issue in Lead, "The Psychological Virtues"

Humanist Case, The

XVI-1 Lead (reprinted from American Scholar, Vol. 31, o. 4, Autumn 1962)

Humanist Home, Bringing Up Children In A - Virginia Flemming

VIII-1 Reviewed in Children

Humanist Reading

XXII-24 Frontiers

Humanist Renaissance, The

XIX-37 Frontiers

Humanist Themes

XXIII-1 Review

Humanist Biology

XVIII-25 Review-Rene Dubos American Scholar title

Humanistic Education and Western Civilization - collection

XVII-23 Arthur A. Cohen quoted in Children, "Education and Metaphysics-I"

Humanistic Psychology- A Source Book (Prometheus Books, 1978, ed. by I. David Welch, George A. Tate, and Fred Richards)

XXXI-45 Abraham Maslow's paper "Some Educational Implications of the Humanistic Psychologies" quoted in Review, "Signposts of Change"

Humanistic Psychology for Education - Ronald R. Bringle

XIX-21 Lead (includes Children space)

Humanistic Science

XXXI-13 Frontiers

Humanistic Viewpoints in Psychology - ed. by Frank T. Severin (McGraw-Hill paperback)

XVIII-30 Quoted from in Editorial, "Man as Given"

XVIII-32 Severin quoted in Lead, "The Great Shakedown," also quoted D. O. Hebb

Humanists on "God"

XXVII-12 Review

Humanitarian Freedom

VI-4 Editorial


XLI-22 No. 4, 1987, Ed Lazar on conditions in Tibet and Dalai Lama's plan in Frontiers, "The Ordeal of Tibet"

Humanities as a Moral Force, The

XXXV-19 Lead (by Jacob Needleman)

Humanity in Politics

XVII-4 Editorial

Humanity Uprooted - Maurice Hindus

I-43 Mention of in editorial, reported enthusiasm of Russian youth during first decade after revolution-Editorial, "The Yugoslavian Railroad"

Humanization of Man, The - John Julian Ryan (Newman Press)

XXX-22 Reviewed in "In Praise of Purpose"

Humanized Science

II-50 Frontiers-Nutrition and the Soil by Dr. Lionel James Picton

Humanized Society Through Trusteeship (ed. and pub. for Trusteeship Foundation by G. B. Deshpande, 12 Puunam, 67, L. Jagmohandas Marg, Bombay 400 006, India - three rupees 50¢)

XXIX-48 Quote from Gandhi in given in Frontiers, "Trusteeship of Earth"

Humanly Significant Authorities

XXIII-51 Editorial

Humans Are Complicated-and Free Agents

XXXVIII-49 Frontiers

Humberger, Edward

XXXV-38 His article in April 1982 Rain quoted in Frontiers, "Ill and Prescription" re Puerto Rico

Hume, David

I-13 Confused all of modern psychology with his denial of egoity-Frontiers, "Science and Freedom"

Hume, David-(Continued)

I-16 Made barren field of psychology for centuries, whereas if Swedenborg had been listened to, he might have pointed way to genuine discovery-Frontiers, "Soul and Body"

II-32 Found no trace of soul, so concluded it was an illusion-Lead, "Moral Power"

III-4 Leibniz"

III-6 Quoted on "I dine, I play a game of backgammon," etc. in Frontiers, "Freedom for Psychology"

III-24 Reference to in Frontiers, "Religion and 'Men of Affairs'"-he hid away his Dialogues Concerning Religion in desk drawer, Godidea found wanting

V-14 Quoted re personal identity in Lead, "True Confessions"

VIII-18 Quoted on immortality in Lead, "The Question of Survival"; discussed in Editorial, "Lapse of Materialism"

XVI-18 Quoted his Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion in David Newhall's Frontiers article, "Some Ground to Stand On"

XVI-28 Quoted his Treatise of Human Nature, I, Part IV, in Lead, "Psychological Trends"

XIX-33 Sydney Shoemaker's quote of in Self- Knowledge and Self-Identity in Frontiers, "A Sample of Linguistic Philosophy"

XXVII-18 Quoted on self-knowledge in Lead, "The Self and Knowledge"

XXXII-15 Quoted in Lead, "The Difficult Subject"

XXXII-48 Quoted in Lead, "Ranges of Selfhood"

Hume, E. Douglas

II-24 Reference to his book Bechamp or Pasteur? in Frontiers, "What is a Germ?"

II-41 Brief reference to above book in Frontiers, "Science and Moral Freedom"

Hummelinck, M. G. W. (co-author)

XXXIII-11 The Economics of Mother Earth in Frontiers, "A Good if Trivial Book"; discussed in Editorial, "Counter-Revolution"

Humphrey, Senator Hubert

IV-26 His campaign for "Friendship Grain" to be sent to India--Editorial

XVI-11 Brief quote on our economy in Lead, "Moral Men and Amoral Society"

Hundred-Yard War, The - Gary Cartgwright (Doubleday and Dell)

XXIII-36 Quoted in Review, "Notes on Novels"

Hundreth Monkey, The - Ken Keyes, Jr. (Vision Books-quotations)

XXXV-46 Quoted its quotation from Nuclear Madness in Frontiers, "Some Comparisons"; also story of "the hundredth monkey"

Hungarian Living Architecture pamphlet

XXXIX-6 Contents from Hungarian reader in Frontiers

Hunger Power

XXXIV-22 Report on Somalia, Africa, in Frontiers, "Currents of Change"

Hungers of the Heart

XVII-12 Lead

Hungry Hide, The

II-24 Editorial-about hunger in Berlin

Hunt, Albert R.

XXI-4 Quoted from Wall Street Journal in Children, "Growing Up Into Life"

Hunt, James D.

XXXIII-12 His Gandhi in London quoted, discussed in Review, "Gandhi and the English"

Hunt, Morton

X-2 His Reader's Digest article on Dr. Howard Lane's inquiry into classroom cheating quoted in Children

Hunter, Dard

XXIII-44 Editorial, "On Papermaking"

Hunter, Edith F.

XV-23 Her Conversations with Children quoted in Children of same title

Hunter, Evan

VIII-27 His Blackboard Jungle reviewed in Children

Hunter and the Whale, The - Laurens van der Post (William Morrow, 1967)

XXIII-41 Quoted from in Review, "The 'Primitive' Faith"

Huntington, William R.

XI-7 He and Albert Bigelow to sail Golden Rule into bomb test area in Frontiers, "In Behalf of a Choice"

Huntsman, A. G. (Toronto)

VII-45 Reference to in Lead, "The Great Temptation"

Hunza Land - Dr. Allen E. Banik

XIII-32 Summary of by George Rosenberg in N.Y. Mirror Magazine quoted in Children, "Living Close to Nature," June 1

Hunzas, The

XXXVI-8 Brief discussion of their health and books about them, in Lead, "A Long Way to Go"

Huppert, George

XXVIII-22 His The Idea of Perfect History reviewed in Review, "Lost for Centuries"

Hurcan, John

IX-3 Quoted from The Cambridge Review in Lead, "The Disenchanters"

Hurley, Judith

XLI-7 From Food First News, Summer 1987 (with Kevin Danaher) in Frontiers, "A Matter of Accounting"

Hurley, Roger

XXVI-3 Jonathan Kozol's discussion of his Poverty and Mental Retardation quoted Dec. 9 Saturday Review in Lead, "The Question of 'Wholeness'"

Huron, The - Voltaire

II-45 Brief reference to in Frontiers, "The Indians Were Not Perfect-Either"

Hurry Sundown - K. B. Gilden (Kaya and Bert)

XIX-29 Discussed and quoted in Review, "The Agony of the Races"

Hurry Sundown-(Continued)

XX-9 Quoted in Children, "Everybody's Task"

Hurst, John

XXXII-2 Quoted from in L.A. Times, Sept. 13, 1978 issue in Frontiers, "Champions of the Home"

Hurst, Roger

VI-48 Quoted briefly from Humanist in Frontiers, "The Seeds of 'Counter Revolution'"

Hurttlen, Christa

XXXII-20 Letter to editor re Theodore Roszak quoted in Children, "Revival of Gaia"

Hurwitz, Deena

XXXVI-40 Her recollection of pacifists during WWII quoted in Children, "On Peace and Honor" from Newsletter, Winter 1982-83

Hurwood, Bernhardt J.

XXII-48 His review of re Theodore Roszak quoted in Children, "Revival of Gaia"

Hurwood, Bernardt, J.

XXII-48 His review of I. F. Stone's The Hidden History of the Korean War quoted, Nov. 1 Saturday Review in Editorial, "What Happened in Fifty Years?"

Hurzeler, Dr. Johannes (Basle Natural History)

IX-20 Quoted in Lead, "The Fear of Loose Ends"

Hu Shih, Dr.

XXXI-52 Quoted in Lead, "The Shaping of Culture"

Husik, Isaac

VI-11 Quoted his Medieval Jewish Philosophy in Review, "The Christian Fathers"

IX-44 His Medieval Jewish Philosophy quoted in Lead, "Religion and Philosophy"

Husserl, Edmund

XXXII-15 Quoted in Lead, "The Difficult Subject"

Husserl and Phenomenology

XXI-47 Review

Hutchens, John K.

XVIII-23 His introduction to Joseph Wood Krutch's essays, If You Don't Mind My Saying So quoted

Hutchins, Robert Maynard (Chancellor of University of Chicago)

I-2 American Magazine article, "The Bomb Secret is Out," Dec 1947-Editorial, "Atomic Potentials"

I-7 Crusader for popular renaissance in disciplined thinking through Great Books seminars-Lead, "The Real Issue"

I-8 Quoted in Letter from England, from Committee on Social Thought, Chicago, document sent to England

I-15 Trying to tell us endless scientific objectivity plus a little humanism is no education for free human beings-Lead, "Challenged Assumptions"

I-17 His "The Atom Bomb versus Civilization" pamphlet published by Human Affairs Pamphlet series-Review, "Channels of Free Expression"

Hutchins, Robert Maynard-(Continued)

I-18 Reference to in Review of The Earth's Surface and Human Destiny-Frontiers, "The Health of the Landscape"

I-19 Hutchins and Conant-Frontiers, "Educational Controversy"

I-22 He and Arthur Morgan important to future of U.S., stressed need of individual moral judgment-Lead, "A Brief Accounting"

I-45 Reference to his American Magazine predictions as to glories of an atomic age, Lead, "Questions-Not for Experts"

I-46 Reference to his Great Books drive in Review, "Anything is Possible"

I-48 Said Communism should be studied in schools so people would not become Communists

II-3 Definition of "Great Book" contemporary in any age-Lead, "The Individual and the World"

II-5 Reference to in Lead, "The Project of Education"

II-14 Children devoted to discussion of his educational unorthodoxies, quoted his Education for Freedom

II-17 Quoted as antithesis to Truman in Editorial, "Manifest Destiny-Again"

II-21 Review, "Lucid Prose" quoted his The Higher Learning in America and Education for Freedom

II-26 Reference to in Children in connection with Bronson Alcott and Caroline Pratt

III-2 Reference to his Satevepost statement that Communism ought to be studied in schools

III-11 Reference to his Measure analysis of T. S. Eliot's Idea of a Christian Society

III-22 Quoted about only a few are qualified for a good education in Frontiers, "What is 'Liberal'?"

III-29 Brief reference to his comment on U.C. Loyalty Oath fracus in Editorial, "U. of C. Loyalty Purge"

III-41 Brief quote from in Lead, "Concerning Schoolbooks"

III-49 Subject of Lead, "Men with Ideas" series, quoted The Higher Learning in America (Measure, Fall 1950), Education for Freedom

IV-11 Frontiers composed of his farewell address to University of Chicago-"Educational Credo" Mentioned in Editorial, "Advance Notice"

V-4 Quoted from Christian Century UMT issue in Children

V-11 Children deals with Progressive article, and an earlier address, "The Administrator"

V-43 Quoted on Great Books in Lead, "The Great Books"

Hutchins, Robert Maynard-(Continued)

V-47 Quoted in Lead, "Educational Objectives" from Measure and Education for Freedom Quoted in Editorial, "Education is Indivisible"

V-53 Children discussion of by L.A. Examiner sports writer

VI-1 Discussed in Dwight Macdonald's New Yorker article on Great Books

VI-7 Mentioned in Review, "More on 'Great Books'"

VI-29 V" deals with his Higher Learning in America

VI-32 Quoted in Editorial, "Who Runs the Schools?" re L.A. Board of Education

VII-1 Review of University of Utopia in Children

VI-43 Robert Ulich quoted from SRL on Hutchins' The Conflict in Education in a Democratic Society

VI-45 His The Conflict in Education reviewed in Children

VI-49 Review of his The University of Utopia

VII-19 Review of his Look article, "Are Our Teachers Afraid to Teach?" in Children

VII-39 Discussed by Sidney Hook in "Education for Vocation"

VIII-13 Quoted on Reece Committee in Review, "The Political Mania"

VIII-14 Quoted in Frontiers, "What Will People Say?"

VIII-38 Quoted from report as President of Fund for the Republic in Frontiers, "Democracy at Work"

VIII-46 Quoted in Editorial, "Toward General Understanding" from address to American College of Hospital Administration"

VIII-51 Editorial, "Wasting a Good Man's Time" Children, "Dangerous Dan Hutchins"

X-14 Children, "The Philosophy of Robert M. Hutchins"-Freedom, Education and the Fund

X-19 Quoted in Children, "The Debate on Disarmament re Oberlin College"

X-46 His "Some Observations on American Education" reviewed in Children, "Hutchins Views from Abroad"

XI-30 Children quoted Hutchins and Meiklejohn Esquire article

XI-34 Quoted his Education, Freedom, and the Fund in Children

XI-46 His Esquire article, "The Age of the Interchangeable Man" quoted in Children

XI-49 Reference to in Review of Some of My Best Friends Are Professors in Children

XII-9 Quoted in Frontiers, "Notes on Transition" his hopefulness for future

XII-12 Editorial, "A Failure in Purpose" re him and "'Great Dialogue" and Children, "Is Democracy Possible?", Feb. 1959 Bulletin, The Fund for the Republic

Hutchins, Robert Maynard-(Continued)

XIII-23 Brief quote from The Higher Learning in America in Oliver Reiser's The Integration of Human Knowledge given in Review, "Toward a Scientific Metaphysics"

XIII-27 Quoted from The Higher Learning in America by E. I. Hayakawa in Winter 1960 ETC in Lead, "The Little Foxes"

XIV-16 His speech in honor of Jane Addams quoted in Lead, "The World's Work"

XIV-18 Quoted from annual report (1959-60) of President of Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Lead, "Two Levels of Reply"

XIV-36 His address honoring Supreme Court Hugo L. Black quoted in Frontiers, "Law as Education"

XV-3 His comment on an interview with A. Whitney Griswold given in pamphlet The University, quoted in Lead, "Education for Tomorrow"

XVI-5 Briefly quoted by W. H. Ferry in Lead, "What Price for Peace?"

XVI-44 His paper Science, Scientists, and Politics quoted in Review, "Critics of Science"

XVII-15 Quoted from Center Diary in Lead, "The Prophetic Agonizers"

XVII-23 Quoted from Higher Learning in America in Children, "Education and Metaphysics-I"

XVII-26 Quoted in Lead on Baldwin, "Devotion to the Human Being"

XVII-27 Quoted his The University of Utopia in Editorial, "Toward 'Understood Diversity'"

XVIII-5 His debate with Brent Bozell quoted from Henry Regnery's Dialogues in Americanism in Children, "Training for Citizenship"

XVIII-13 Quoted from L.A. Times, March 1, in Frontiers, Signs of Health"

XVIII-22 Frontiers, "The Continuing Dialogue" about him and the Center

XIX-4 Quoted from The Higher Learning in America in Children, "Religion and State- Synthesizing Perspectives"

XIX-21 His address, "The Administrator" quoted in Editorial of same title

XIX-31 Quoted from "The Administrator," Journal of Higher Education, Nov. 1946, in Lead, "Does Education Require 'Administrators'?"

XX-1 His comment on Harper's article by Russell Lynes quoted from Dec. 5 L.A. Times in Children, "Light and Shadow in Public Education"

XXI-6 Quoted from Oct. 31, 1966 in L.A. Times in Children, "Factory-Schools?"

XXII-16 Wrote Lead, "The Future of American Education"

XXII-18 Briefly quoted in Children, "Guilt and Atonement"

XXIV-42 Quoted from The Learning Society by Ronald Gross in Children, "Free Learning"

Hutchins, Robert Maynard-(Continued)

XXV-48 His quote of T. S. Eliot in article in Great Ideas Today in Children, "The Public Schools-A Qualified Defense"

XXVII-39 Quoted from Great Books in Children, "The Help We Can Get"

XXXI-44 His idea of preparedness quoted from Convocation address in Lead, "A Not Yet Settled Controversy" Also quoted from Higher Learning in America

XXXII-1 Quoted in Lead, "Various Warnings"

XXXIV-13 Quoted the Conflict in Education in Children, "Approaches to Paideia"

XXXIV-23 Quoted The Conflict in Lead, "On Self- Evolvers"

Hutchinson, Dorothy

VIII-45 Her Pendle Hill pamphlet, "From Where They Sit" quoted in Editorial, "How Others Are Deciding"

Hutchinson, G. E. (Sterling professor of Zoology at Yale)

VIII-4 His introduction to Modern Experiments in Telepathy quoted in Review

Hutchinson, Paul (Christian Century editor)

VIII-29 His Life article quoted in Lead, "Is It 'Religion'?"

VIII-30 Reference again to Life article, "Cult of Reassurance" in Lead, "In Case of Misfortune"

Hutchison, Bruce (Editor of the Victoria Times)

XI-29 Quoted from his article "Why Are Canadians Turning Anti-American?" in Review, "An Issue of Harper's"

XXIV-40 His open letter to Pierre Trudeau quoted from July 1971 McLean's in Frontiers, "Canadian Comment"

Hutchison, Dr. John A.

XXI-27 Quoted from June Journal of the Blaisdell Institute of Claremont, in Review, "Where the Initiative Lies"

XXI-52 Quoted June Blaisdell Journal in Editorial, "Religion 'Right-Side-Up"

XXIII-16 Quoted from June 1968 Blaisdell Bulletin in Review, "The Great Restoration"

XXVI-39 Quoted June 1968 Blaisdell Institute Journal in Lead, "Men and Gods"

Hutchison, Dr. Ralph (President, Lafayette College)

V-29 Christian Century article quoted in Frontiers, "Psychology and Athletics"

Huxley, Aldous

II-16 Letter from England mentions a broadcast of his in connection with his newest book Ape and Essence

II-38 Brief reference to his Brave New World in Lead, "The Man Betrayed"

II-49 Quoted in Letter from England-silly to talk of human dignity and four freedoms in relation to a country like India

Huxley, Aldous-(Continued)

III-1 Reference to his anthology Perennial Philosophy in review, "Digests and Anthologies"

III-2 Reference to his Ape and Essence in Letter from England

III-12 Recommendation on jacket of Prison Etiquette-Review, "Rebels with a Cause"

III-13 Reference to his Brave New World in Lead, "Our Frightened Utopians"

III-15 Quoted from Science, Liberty and Peace in Frontiers, "Rules for Peace"

IV-14 His Ends and Means quoted in Letter from England

V-13 Review of his Music at Night in "Miscellany"

V-26 Quoted his Themes and Variations in Review, "The Golden Feast"

V-27 Quoted Ends and Means in Lead, "The God- Idea"

VII-11 His Life article, "A Case for ESP, PK and Psi" quoted in Frontiers, "New Role of Mind"

VII-13 Mention of his Doors of Perception in Editorial, "Mysteries of Consciousness"

VII-47 "Aldous and Heaven Too" quoted in Review, "An Issue of 'Antioch Review'"

IX-26 His Art of Seeing discussed in Children

XI-24 Quoted from Themes and Variations on the connection between one's ability to treat Nature respectfully and one's ability to respect his fellow man in Frontiers, "Point of View"

XI-33 His Tyranny Over the Mind discussed in Lead, "They Men Are Born"

XI-46 Review, "The Bite of A. Huxley" (review of The Genius and the Goddess)

XII-20 His Brave New World Revisited quoted in Review, "Huxley for Discussion"

XII-28 L. J. Rather's discussion of above in Nation, Feb. 28, quoted in Frontiers, "Commonplace of Our Age"

XIII-38 Quoted from Paris Review (No. 23) in Children, "Notes on Reading"

XVI-37 His Introduction to Prof. Frederick Mayer's New Directors for the American University quoted in Children, "Education and the Career"

XVII-24 His Brave New World referred to in Lead, "Which Things Are True?"

XXIII-48 Brief mention of his Ends and Means in Lead, "Twilight of the Gods"

Huxley for Discussion

XII-20 Review

Huxley, G. L.

XX-39 Review of his The Early Ionians quoted from Aug. 24 London Times Literary Supplement in Frontiers, "Ionian Philosophy"

Huxley, Julian (biologist)

I-4 Man's so-called supernormal or extrasensory faculties in their Ice Age-Lead, "Psychology Currents"

I-7 Debated Willard Sperry in Fortune-Review, "Periodicals in Transition"

I-11 Reprinted Huxley's Romanes Lecture, "Evolution and Ethics" with one of his own on same subject, Frontiers, "Emergent Evolution" Thinks he accomplished reconciliation of T. H. Huxley's antithesis between ethical and cosmic process-

I-29 Quoted re broadening of gap between man and animal in Frontiers, "The Ancestors of Man"

I-37 His suggestion that yoga be studied practically subject of Lead, "A Scientist Looks Eastward"

II-19 Quoted re necessity of dropping idea of God if religion to continue as element of first-rate importance in life-in Review, "The Moral Law"

II-40 Reference to his remark, "Man's so-called supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are in the same case as were his mathematical faculties in the Ice Age"-in Lead, "The Human Situation"

III-28 Long quote from What Dare I Think in Frontiers, "The Balance of Nature"

III-38 Quoted in Lead, "The Changing World" re increase in population

IV-14 Quoted on Mohenjo-Daro civilization in Frontiers, "Ancient Esperanto?"

IV-26 Quoted in "Great Questions III," re man's extra-sensory, etc.

IV-48 Discussion of his William Alanson White Memorial Lectures, "Knowledge, Morality and Destiny" in Frontiers, "The New Scientific Spirit"

V-2 see MANAS I-25

V-41 Quoted in Lead, "Outward and Inward Religion" from talk to First International Congress on Humanism and Ethical Culture

VI-1 Quoted from Man Stands Alone in Frontiers, "The Conditions of Freedom"

VI-52 Review of his Evolution in Action

VIII-47 His Man Stands Alone quoted in Lead, "Romance in Anthropology"

IX-33 Brief reference to in Lead, "What Is Happening to Man?" (Ice Age of man's supernormal and extra-sensory faculties)

IX-46 Quoted "Body and soul not separate entities. . ." in Lead, "Science and Morals"

XI-1 His article in Saturday Review, "A Religious Outlook" from his book Religion Without Revelation, discussed in Review, "Religion in the Future"

Huxley, Julian-(Continued)

XI-53 Review of his New Bottles for New Wine; quoted in Editorial, "Man and Nature"

XII-8 Review of his Religion Without Revelation

XV-19 His introduction of Joy Adamson's Living Free quoted in Children, "Education Transcending Savagery"

XVI-19 Quoted March 31 London Observer in Lead, "The Principle of Human Survival"

XX-3 Quoted his Man Stands Alone in Review, "On the Side of the Angels"

XXXV-52 Quoted from Evolution in Action in Lead, "Several Kinds of Sense"

Huxley on Evolution

VI-52 Review - Evolution in Action

Huxley, Thomas H.

I-5 Thought man an animal-Lead, "Who Are the Reactionaries"

I-11 Reference to Romanes Lecture on subject of "Evolution and Ethics" (Man unnatural intruder into mechanical world) in Frontiers, "Emergent Evolution"

I-29 Reference to his ape drawings in Frontiers, "The Ancestors of Man"

I-51 Quoted in Lead, "The Scientific Spirit"

I-52 Asserted that mind and thought were wholly derived from and dependent upon physical body-Frontiers, "Mind and Brain"

II-13 "Black beetle" quote in Lead, "The Other World"

II-16 Popularized theory of evolution in modern acceptation

II-17 Reference to his address, "A Piece of Chalk" in Lead, "Fronts of Science"

II-24 Said molecules of dead matter cannot rearrange themselves into living bodies- Frontiers, "What is a Germ?"

IV-38 Reference to his "black beetle" in Editorial, "When Guesses Are Important"

VIII-46 Quoted Science and Christian Tradition in Review, "Believers and Agnostics" Quoted in Editorial, "The 'Spiritual' May Be 'Natural'"

XIV-12 Briefly quoted in Frontiers, "Transcendental Influences"

X-22 Quoted from book Science and Culture in Lead, "Eccentric Memories"

X-31 Briefly quoted on agnostic position of science in Lead, "Unpopular Questions"

XVIII-51 Briefly quoted on Science and the Christian Tradition in Frontiers, "Science as Consensus"

XX-27 Quoted his paper Evolution and Ethics in Frontiers, "Learning from 'Nature'"

XXI-32 Quoted from Evolution and Ethics in Lead, "Conscience and the Man"

XXII-12 Quoted from Romanes Lecture in Frontiers, "Redressing Balances"

Huxley, Thomas H.-(Continued)

XXIX-25 Quoted from Essays on Some Controverted Questions in Review, "The Tumult of Transition"

XXXIV-9 Quoted Evolution and Ethics in Lead, "Instructions for Human Beings"

XXXV-38 Briefly quoted in Editorial, "The tyranny of Proof" (Our task is to combat the cosmic process)

XXXVII-15 Quoted in Lead, "Trials of Strength" from Essays on Some Controverted Questions

XXXVII-16 Quoted on from The Riddle of Life in Lead, "The Will to be Oneself"

XXXVII-19 Quoted letter to Kingsley in Lead, "Question for Our Time"

Hyatt, Bill

XXXVI-47 Quoted from Parent's Bulletin in Editorial, "Yes, You Can"

Hyde, Dayton O.

XXVII-25 His book Sandy discussed and quoted in Review, "A Great, Big Bird"

Hyde, Lawrence

III-2 Long quote from The Learned Knife in Frontiers, "A Question About 'The Soul'"

XXXV-3 Quoted from The Learned Knife in Lead, "Attractions of Ideology"

Hyde, Lewis

XL-42 From The Gift in Children, "Our Society"

Hygea School (Orange City, Fla.)

XVII-49 Brochure quoted in Children, "Notes in Passing"

Hygienic Nemesis - Ivan Illich (publication of CIDOC)

XXVII-24 Discussed, quoted in Frontiers, "The General Delusion"

Hyman, Lawrence

XX-32 Quoted from July/Aug Dissent in Frontiers, "Art and Morality"

XXI-2 Quoted July/Aug 1967 Dissent in Editorial, "The Law of Self-Reference"

Hyman, Mac

XI-25 His No Time for Sergeants reviewed, "Criteria for Reviewing"

Hyman, Stanley Edgar

XVI-50 His review of Jules Henry's Culture Against Man quoted from New Leader, Nov. 11, in Editorial, "A Bitter, Brutal Vision"

Hymes, James L. Jr.

IX-2 His Behavior and Misbehavior quoted briefly in Children

Hymns and Hypocrisies

XI-22 Review

Hynes, Prof. Samuel

XIV-41 Quoted from August SSRS News Letter in Children, "Teaching as a Confusing Profession"

Hypnotism - George Estabrooks

I-4 Use of hypnotic suggestion in crime and war-Lead, "Psychological Currents"

I-33 Reference to in Frontiers, "The New Witchcraft"

Hypothesis of the Soul, The

I-48 Lead

I-52 Reference to in Editorial, "Architect of Living Form"

Hyslop, Constance

XVI-48 Quoted in Lead, "Private and Public Thinking"

Hyslop, Dr. James

IX-39 Quoted from DeWitt Miller's reincarnation book in Review, "Immortality-Shades of Viewpoint"

X-18 Mentioned re his Contact with the Other World in Dr. Ducasse's article in Frontiers, "Science, Scientists, and Psychical Research" 405